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AT&T: T-Mobile’s spectrum will be ours, one way or another


AT&T appears hellbent on getting T-Mobile’s precious spectrum, even if the FCC doesn’t give the full merger its blessing. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that should the deal between AT&T and T-Mobile fail, an outcome which is heavily favored at this point in time, AT&T and T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom are already in talks to develop a joint venture which would pool AT&T and T-Mobile USA’s resources together to create a sort of combined network.

Details are obviously scarce at this point as to what the joint venture would look like, and whether the two companies would continue to operate largely independent of each other, or whether the companies would pool their staff resources as well and operate as a cohesive unit.

One thing’s for sure, despite seeing the writing on the wall, it appears AT&T is not backing down from this deal anytime soon. We’ll bring you more information as we get it.

Via: The Verge

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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  • oddball

    If the fcc refuses this deal and AT&T goes this route customers will still end up screwed. I can only hope the fcc has some effective response they can level that won’t effect the end user negatively.

    • ranwanimator

      Nope. T-Mo Customers were future screwed the instant this whole mess began. We may not get the whole shaft, but any shaft is already too much.

  • jd092

    Poor T-Mobile, then AT&T will ruin their network like they did their own.

  • kest009

    So if att uses the 1700 frequency for lte can tmo still use it for their 3g or would this not work? If that doesn’t work what are all the tmo 3g customers going to do? This just seems like an equally crappy move by att and dt.

    • dfmckay

      any market with both att and tmobile needs 2 separate frequency to operate. Think of it like 2 TV stations operating on the same channel, they would interfere with each other.

  • lazaro

    So the buyout gets blocked (for now) and their response is a merger? Hows that any different from the GSM monopoly we’re trying to avoid in the first place? All articles now will carefully replace the word buyout with “joint venture” or “merger”.

  • kest009

    Just seems like us tmo customers are going to her screwed no material what happens.

  • Mark

    The deal will drop. Just like their calls.

  • BlkSquad

    Hopefully they go through a quasi-merger and share spectrum so it doesn’t matter which company you buy from you have coverage and good phones. This could actually benefit TMo in my area since they have 0 coverage here.

    • brookmarin

      sure there might be more coverage out there with a “quasi-merger” but they will have to decide on what technology for their network to run on [read: att LTE] so if it goes through, one customer base or the other [read: t-mobile's] will be forced to get new phones to work just like if att does a full buyout of tmo…

      • WarDrake

        not necesarily, phones have dualband support so you can still continue to use one or the other, a new phone of course would make things easier, but it won’t force yuo into getting a new one jsut yet…

        or being ATT they just might…

        • brookmarin

          i guess i should have further specified what i meant by “work”, yes most phones on the market right now should work with voice and basic gsm data. However, your “high speed” “4G” [as defined by whichever carrier you choose] is not compatible between carriers. Since ATT is going to LTE, they will more than likely [this was the original plan] use tmo’s HSPA+ bands to do so causing any “4G” customer of tmo to lose their “4G” speeds.

  • iamXiV92a

    I don’t understand the gripe about lousy cell coverage. I get excellent coverage in the DF-Dub area. . .

    • Tangent

      Most savvy cell customers know blanket statements like brand x has better coverage than brand y are worthless. I also have excellent coverage from T-Mobile while my wife’s old Sprint phone used to drop calls all the time. I’m sure there are other cities where that’s reversed though.

      Done right this spectrum sharing could be great for customers. You get the best coverage of two separate providers in one. Let’s just hope it’s done right if it happens…

  • MoSDeeb

    A pooling of assets may have the benefits most people desire in a network- fast and reliable. I do question if they can stay at arms length of each other if such a deal succeeded.

    I thought about this scenario before and it looks great from a high level, but who knows what back room deals they may have going on at the same time.


    this may not be a bad idea.. as long as the prices remain competitive. its what should have been proposed to begin with

  • AndreaCristiano

    why would anyone trust the government? This is the same government who allows cable monopolies and almost stopped verizon from getting in the game

  • Frenchfry

    AT&T(Cingular at the time) and T-Mobile did a joint venture to build the GSM network when AT&T moved away from TDMA. The government made them split up that joint venture. I wonder if the government will block this new joint venture also.,-T-Mobile-sever-joint-venture/2100-1039_3-5219679.html

  • ndub21

    I’ll admit I have AT&T for my cellphone and home Internet & TV, however I’m not a fan of the company. Maybe I should consider switching, but I just feel like Verizon is just as evil.

  • SCJaredJ

    I probably need to read more on this, because like a few people above me, I’m not sure how this would work/be different than the buyout. As a faithful TMO customer, it saddens me to see all of this mess. But, with the deal that I’m getting on my cell bill from them, I’m not surprised that they’re having a bit of trouble. Wicked cheap!!

  • cmorris

    When was the last serious anti-trust case we had in the US? I think its a bit overdue imho.

  • charliethesuperturtle

    Poor tmobile custumors
    I really feel sorry since I have tons of friends on tmobile hell I know 10x more people on tmobile than att and don’t see anyone at all with cricket here in (can’t tell you).

  • Astria

    isn’t this what we got in Australia years ago?

    Telstra and Hutchison-3 have been sharing their UMTS 2100MHz spectrum in a 50-50 deal… where the 2100MHz fails to cover, 3 customers will roam into Telstra’s 850MHz spectrum instead (which means, extra charges when calling/dataing when roaming)

    so, more charges for T-Mo users in the future if this gets through?

  • Jorge89

    AT&T needs to leave T-mobile alone, all they want is to get rid of competition so they can raise prices even more.

  • teecruz

    I think DT needs to start acting like big men…..
    if only somebody in the US could purchase the franchise.

  • spintrex

    At&t and t-mobile merge to form AT-AT….hmmm a walking piece of destruction, sounds about right

  • Mighty_O

    Empire strikes back!

  • Frenchfry

    For once I think the government should stop all of this. This is all about AT&T knocking out competition and not letting any body else buy T-Mobile.

    There are plenty that will buy T-Mobile, but they do not have the money.

    Bottom line is AT&T and Verizon need to have a strong nation wide competition. Sprint needs to get its act together and become stronger.

  • Sonicjam

    actually guys analysts are saying that if this falls through t-mobile will be come a wealthier and healthier company.

    “f the deal falls through, about $3 billion of the breakup fee – and their nationwide roaming agreement and additional network spectrum – will go to T-Mobile, Lipman says. “T-Mobile will be wealthier and more substantial of a company than when this process started,” he says.”


  • Rashad

    I can only hope the FCC has some kind of response for this

  • charliethesuperturtle

    Att should of just payed the $4 billion help us get out of our national debt…..

  • blaseb

    I kind’ve hope it happens..

  • phaet2112

    What kind of information is there on the AWS spectrum which ATT is going to give up as part of the breakup? Are the frequencies pretty near the Tmo freqs (which these were)? Regardless, this deal has been brewing for probably 6 months, so there was little chance of Tmo swooping in and getting this.

  • JC005

    AT&T just wont take no for an answer will they. They are almost as bad as my 2 year old.

  • jimmy_bones

    AT&T MOBILE OR AT&T&T… epic fail

  • deez1234

    I just hope that any deal that comes of this will benefit T-Mobile users to the fullest extent. We shall see I guess.

  • myandroid99

    i dont like att

  • djnumarv

    Sorry at&t no deal

  • pedSorapperty

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