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Crazy speculation: T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus announcement coming this week?

shocked Image via: CarbonNYC with Creative Commons

Could T-Mobile actually announce their version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus this week? Many industry insiders have speculated that Verizon might have some kind of limited exclusive deal in the United States, but there has been confusion on exactly when the Galaxy Nexus will launch in the states. Verizon initially advertised the Galaxy Nexus as “exclusively from Verizon” but later removed that tag.

T-Mobile is holding a big party Wednesday night.

Today we were informed that T-Mobile is holding their own media event on the night of November 16, so the press can “experience the world of T-Mobile & Google.” We already know November 16th is the same day Google is expected to announce music purchases in the Android Market, but Google’s event is at 2:00 PM and T-Mobile’s will start at 9:00 PM.

T-Mobile will definitely be celebrating the launch of music purchases with special appearances from Drake, Maroon 5, Busta Rhymes, Dirty South and R3hab, but they could also be announcing a big device launch. That might sound like a stretch, but T-Mobile was the launch partner of the Nexus One and also supported the Nexus S.

Many Android fans have been disappointed by the way Google has handled the Galaxy Nexus launch in the US, so hopefully some more details will be presented this week.

As a current T-Mobile subscriber, I’m probably getting my hopes up over nothing, but I would much rather purchase the Galaxy Nexus with HSPA+ than going with the more-expensive-data-and-battery-killer LTE model from Verizon.

Will T-Mobile fans’ dreams come true this Wednesday? Maybe not, but we can still cross our fingers and wish for the best.

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  • dommafia

    And Here I was all done with my galaxy nexus hype! I wasn’t counting the days/hours/minutes to any announcements any more. I wasn’t constantly refreshing my usual phone tech sites at all times… and now.. DAMN YOU WIMBERLY!

    • uzunoff

      I doubt that it would be e nexus related announcements.
      Other than this speculation nobody caught the phone going through FCC or took a picture of it with T-Mo markings..

      I definitely can’t wait for the Nexus to hit T-mo, but I don’t want to get my hopes up for nothing.

      Besides this is how Google announces new products, they have an event with a few partners on the stage that will support that product.
      Think Google TV and Nexus Prime.

      I am sure that Nexus Prime will be making its way to T-mo, the question is when?

      When Google, T-mo?

  • martin

    i am disappoint. they ruined the launch. between the price tag, and not having/saying anything since launch, i am no longer crazy about this device. yes i will still probably get the device and pay full price for it, but i don’t think im going to be a zealous for it. i really just see myself saying “ya its another android device, ya its big and pretty, meh”.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      No US carriers have announced their official launch plans, so we still don’t know the final price tag yet.

    • inviolable

      Yea uh what price tag

    • jimmy_bones

      I LOVE YOU FOR YOUR OH SO POSITIVE ATTITUDE… (sarcasm) lol guess what. Your still going to get it anyway.

  • @BiGMER F

    OMG I think i just sprayed all over my PC ! Taylor get on those sources! Wow this would be freanking awesome. O please please please !

    • ben dover

      didn’t you already order your galaxy nexus through Europe?

      • @BiGMER F

        i will cancel it !

    • JLix

      Ewwwww! Good Luck getting that cleaned up. Cotton Swabs and tissue to the rescue.

      • @BiGMER F


    • Mark

      Uhhhh….”what” exactly did you spray? Lol.

  • Kwills 88

    Idk how to feel about this, i just ordered t-mobile’s SGSII, 2 days ago because i thought the nexus wouldnt hit any time soon, or at least not this soon…Please tell me i wont regret my decision.

    • musaabi

      I did the same thing! I asked the tmobile guy from the store I went to and he said Tmobile isn’t going to have it so might as well get this, I do believe they have a 30day return policy not 100% sure

      • Chad

        Yes Tmobile still has a 30-day return policy so if this is true you should be good to take it back but I also hear there are nasty restocking fees so you might want to check up on that as well.

        • devine

          Its 30 days if u buy the phone retal price 15 on contract

      • Ironzey

        Don’t worry about it guys. The Galaxy Nexus started its life out spec’d by the SGSII. Almost every phone announced from here on will have better specs.

        SGSII = money well spent.

        • devine

          Its not about spec its about updates at this point. Nexus at this point is turning into the apple phone. I rather have a phone that will get updates then one that has good spec but will never see a update. And samsung does this the best. Updated for their phone. Will never happen. That gsx2 will never receive the ics update. Unless u root and add it ur self

    • dcormier

      Hate to tell you, but you probably made the wrong decision. I’m desperately in need of a new device, and I’m waiting impatiently for the GSM version that I know exists with T-Mobile 3G support. I don’t expect to have to wait very long.

      • Kwills 88

        Idk, when i actually think about it, The Galaxy SII is better spec’d out than the GNexus,

        Only thing the GNexus have over the GSGII are the following
        No capacitive buttons
        Higher resolution screen
        Ice cream sandwich

        Other than those 3, The SGSII is still a monster of a handset, when you think about it, we’re basically just paying to be first users of a fully ice cream sandwich phone.

        Then again, i might just be trying to convince myself that i made the right choice >_>

        • devine

          Plus updates come right away. My nexus s was on update 2.3.7 everyone else is on 2.3.5

          • Kwills 88

            True, i keep forgetting that not everyone roots and mods their devices

  • BJ

    Spoke to a Verizon marketing rep on 11/11 for the Razr launch. He confirmed that Verizon will not be releasing the phone directly on Black Friday, as he said that would be too chaotic; however, he did say that could mean the phone might be released prior to Black Friday; ie. the 21st. The only concrete answer he was able to give me, however, was that it would definitely be before Christmas. He gave me his personal contact info and said he would pass along anything that he hears.

    • MehMeh

      Cool Story Bro, Tell it Again…

  • AnthonyRyan

    Holy shit really!

  • Jim Jam

    All signs pointing to T-mobile launching a subscription based plan with Google Music. I believe Cricket Wireless does this, but not sure of the media provider. They offer unlimited talk,text,web,streaming music. I believe T-Mobile will be offering the same. Maybe it’ll be an extra $10 a month.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yep Cricket offers Muve Music. Not sure how many people are willing to pay an extra $10 subscription fee for a streaming service that will eat up their data usage.

  • dcormier

    Wait, so is that image for the T-Mobile event real? ‘Cause it’s a picture of the same building, and the is in the same zip code as the Google event. Compare:

    • ben dover

      nice catch!

  • shadowxof

    For T-mobile to hold an media over a possible feature seems like something less likely to happen. For them to say “experience the world of T-mobile and Google” I think implies the nexus a little more. Why else hold a media event? I have high hopes and we’re only two days away

    • Galen20K

      I agree, if it were only for the Music aspect I seriously doubt they’d use that phrase “Experience the World of T-Mobile and Google”.

  • ben dover

    my heart just skipped a beat…

  • z0phi3l

    T-Mo needs to get it released ASAP, they have two handsets waiting to signup for a contract if the price is right.

  • charliethesuperturtle

    I am gonna laugh if google buys tmobile
    Its possible, Google has everything, their android, Gmail, TV, etc.
    Google’s 4g network, now bigger than ever

    • Joe*D

      With AT&T in the courts over their T-mobile acquisition surely there is a contract clause that would prevent that. I would imagine ATT would have to sign off on it and that would be bad for them. T-mobile isn’t such a threat to AT&T but T-Google surely would be. I’ve been considering an HTC Amaze because the construction is so solid, but I love me some vanilla android. Fingers crossed for my long time carrier to blow the top off this mutha!

  • Nathan

    Hopefully this is true since I’m been waiting for this for awhile now

  • Galen20K

    what I think happened was originally Verizon was supposed to have a one month exclusive deal but since they delayed the Galaxy Nexus I think that exclusivity went right out the window and that other carriers, seemingly T-Mobile first, will be launching the Nexus around the same time or shortly after Verizon.

    • Orion78

      Verizon is too worried about the Razr and Rezound to give a shit about the Nexus.

  • triangle

    The Nexus should just be coming out on as many carriers as possible. It totally makes sense to launch a T-Mobile version since they have the network for it. Just do it, Google!

  • sir1bmw


    I think if they will launch the tmobile unlimited streaming with a fee – it will not use your unlimited data (2gb or 5g before they throttle)…
    Because tube extra fee you will pay is for the music & it’s exclusive connection for the Internet.

    Believe me or not, that how it will happen..

  • ihatefanboys

    Id rather they announced the next phone in the “G” series. Its been a full year since the G2 premiered and its still going strong. Time for Google and T-Mobile to announce the next, more powerful iteration. Hopefully continuing the tradition of being HTC made, physical keyboard, stock Android, plus all the bells and whistles of new tech thats come out over the last year…FFC, NFC, dual-core or quad core processor, etc…

    Here’s hoping.

  • cb2000a

    I recently switched from Verizon to T-Mo pre paid and could not be happier. I love the fact that my HSPA+ phone’s battery will last over a day with moderate use. I really like the auto switching from wifi calling to cell tower. T-Mo seems in some ways to have it more together than Verizon.

  • Mark

    It’s the Nexus.

  • Marcus Nolasco

    That’d be so cool if it were to come to T-Mobile. The sad part is, if it does, I just recently switched to Cricket. I swear the good things always happen when I switch carriers. Lol

  • Tico4674

    I went out and purchased the tmo sgs2 because it seemed that I would have to wait until next year for the gnexus. If it arrives on tmobile in a more timely fashion, I’ll most likely have to sell the galaxy s2. So far I have no complaints about this phone but I would love me some ice cream sandwich.

  • koiutree

    Its funny that the guy is holding the book upside down… that’s why he has that reaction

  • Mcindallas

    If you invert the colors of that pic, the small blank square sign on the roof looks like an ice cream sandwich. just sayin…

  • Nathan Dube

    Well….the Canuks got their news yesterday…and it’s not coming out til Jan for them…timing is a bit uncanny..

    gives the Us market some exclusivity time before a Canada release…hmm…i think we’ll get what we have been waiting for today….#FingersCrossed

  • jamboy5590

    Thanks for nothing >:(

  • TheInfamousCJ

    I’m so over the galaxy nexus; don’t get me wrong its a lovely phone. T mobile is known for having the nexus stock android and the UI free vanilla g series. I’m hoping t mobile announces a new g series device. In a perfect world it would run ICS made by Samsung with exynos chip, 8 megapixel camera/2 megapixel for video chat, 4-4.65 screen (HD a plus qhd cool or somewhere in the middle super smiled advanced qhd), minimum 21 megabytes per download, 1gb ram 8 gb internal memory and a micro SD card slot. I would buy that over the nexus everyday. What do you guys think?

  • jimmy_bones

    T-Mobile had the first android phone in America, there’s no worries about getting the G. N. We just have to be patient and wait for pure awesome to come to us.

  • pritams