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CyanogenMod 9 alpha builds making their way online


Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs have been coming out of the woodwork for the past couple weeks now, but there are none as anticipated as CyanogenMod 9.

The amount of work that goes into a stable CyanogenMod release is astonishing. Not only does the build have to be fully functional, but bug free as well. With every new release, be it alpha or nightly, more bugs are discovered. So as time goes on, it becomes more and more tedious to perfect a single ROM. It’s going to be awhile before any stable CyanogenMod ROMs go up for download, but alpha builds are already finding their way online.

If you are lucky enough to own a Nexus S, then you can download and try out CyanogenMod 9 now. In its current stage, CyanogenMod 9 alpha 11 for the Nexus S is missing very few essential functions. There some issues with video playback and MMS isn’t perfect, but there are a lot of people using the ROM as a daily driver. As time goes on more bugs will be found and ironed out, and customization features will be piled on until you can change and tweak nearly every aspect of the device. But for now, this is as good as it gets.

If you’re looking to get CyanogenMod 9 onto your Nexus S, you can find all the info in this XDA thread. Of course the standard only you are responsible for hacking your phone disclaimers apply.

While we’re on the subject of CyanogenMod 9, what feature are you dying to try out? Personally, I’d love to see how themes work. The theme engine is CyanogenMod 7 was great, especially once you were sick to death of the orange highlights and black notification bar. The blue highlights in Ice Cream Sandwich will be a welcome change, but for how long? I’ll take my Ice Cream Sandwich in purple or gray please.

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  • james bricknell

    told my friend sam from xda tv to try it and he said it was really good for an alpha. a little slow but all in all good work so far.

    • WarDrake

      Problem is they don’t have a fully enabled Hardware acceleration profile just yet.
      so it’ll be a bit slugish here and there for a while, it’s the same for pretty much every rom out there.

    • AsakuraZero

      as far i know its the HW acceleration drivers that are being a pain on teh butt for all the developers

  • WarDrake

    Tho i was eagerly waiting for CM9 i think they took too long…
    i’m already on a beta for the Galaxy S and loving it…

    • CTown

      Don’t forget CM is not just a port of stock Android as there is many added features. Also, unlike other ROMs CM is one tree for all devices, and thus, they take care to make a system where one device does not break the tree for other devices. That way, a bug fix for CM go to all of the other phones automatically during each nightly. It’s a lot of work and it shows a lot, especially through CM7!

      • WarDrake

        I know, CM does very well on it’s build and everything, i’m just saying, that i am no longer interested in CM9 because i’ve got a build that works and i have been using as my daily driver for a week.

        I’ve got almost all my ICS goodness already.

  • AsakuraZero

    im waiting for cyanogen or others teams for the SGS2 ICS, but i since i got my xperia, loved Cyanogen roms, they are fast good battery life, and they make you feel like you are in your home in your phone home screen.

    if they are releasing this fast for the NS looks like we are getting ICS treats from other developers first than with google.

    • stenzor

      Also waiting for the SGS2 release… with the hardware of the SGS2 being arguably on par with GN, I’m hoping it will work just as amazing-ly

  • Toonshorty

    Can’t wait for CM9 and Oxygen 3 for the Desire.

  • F4

    I’m a little surprised it’s taking the Google so long to release ICS for the NexusS – espec since the Galaxy Nexus has already been released in the UK and the source code is out there. Google always gets “shady” when it comes to dates.

    • SCJaredJ

      Probably don’t want to release it prior to the new nexus coming out? Even though it’s out overseas, perhaps they still want the new nexus to be first on ICS….but then again I don’t remember if they waited until the nexus s was out before putting gingerbread on the N1.

  • ndub21

    I can’t wait for this to be released for the Captivate! CyanogenMod devs are incredibly devoted and talented. CM7 is great, and I know things will only get better with CM9!

  • lukerv4

    Can’t wait till I get this on my Nexus One!

    • Andrew

      I’ll give a try too but I guess I’d have to go back to CM7…

  • NegativeOne13

    Something else interesting….. Cyanogenmod now has the HP Touchpad under their supported devices!

    • Benjamin M. Strozykowski

      I’ve been using the CM7 alpha builds for a while now, and they’re fairly stable. I can’t wait for CM9, though!

      • NegativeOne13

        Very true. I flashed every alpha build and even on Alpha 1 I was like damn. Only had a few minor issues, but other than that stable.

  • sylar

    Woot I can’t wait so going to put this on my phone when it comes out. Well maybe I’ll just have to find the time first.

  • golfpedaler

    I’ve been using his ROMs since my G1. I can’t wait for Cyanogen 9 for my MyTouch 4G…

  • Mighty_O

    Is it coming out for the G2?

    • Alex

      I was just about to ask that my friend, I’ve been waiting for some new ROM flashing opportunities XD

  • mvndaai

    I just wish that my Samsung Infuse would get some love from someone. No one updates it. Samsung doesn’t. AT&T doesn’t even Cyanogen doesn’t. Next time I will just have to buy an Nexus because that way I know it will update.

  • Varemenos
    • Steven smith

      Your link says nightly builds. We are talking about alpha builds.

  • Heroine Headliner

    These thangs is always glitchy…..

    Like motoblur wit a shiny paint job…..

    Can’t put lipstick on a pig, ya dig?



  • Vmax77

    need cm9 love for my Desire and Touchpad!!!!! aaaaahhhhh…. its happening…. *runs around the house 3times*

  • luiek20

    I can’t wait till other developers can port this to more phones including my mt4g! That will hold me over untilled a phone better than the galaxy nexus is released.

  • Nathan

    I like what the team does but I’m runnnng a cm-6.0.0 since I’m still kinda new of this but once a get a better device I’m going run highest cm out there =)

  • NamelessTed

    Wait. CM9? Did I miss a whole version of CM? I still have my Nook Color and my brother’s original Droid on CM7.

    Well, if everything works out my brother will upgrade to the Galaxy Nexus and I might be able to grab his Droid and put CM9 on it.

    • Benjamin M. Strozykowski

      CM8 would have been Honeycomb, had the source been released. Since it wasn’t, they skipped to CM9 for Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • lonndoggie

    CM7 never made it on to the DROID Charge–there was an effort started, but real life interrupted the dev that was working on it.

    So now I’m hoping someone will pick up the ball again with CM9. At least I’ve had TBH’s Gingerbread leaks (the last couple of which are solid) so I’m not stuck on that slo-mo version of Froyo!

  • mikeyDroid

    I’d love to try cm9 or ICS of my Razr… before it’s returned for my Nexus!

  • Deeds

    Can’t wait till they release CM9 for the Sensation

  • BigBadButcher

    Today is the last day I have with my mytouch 3g, thats rightmytouch 3g and i always ran cyan. Tomorrow i recieve my amaze 4g and i cant wait for cyan 9. OHHHHHHHHHHH im so excited.

  • Fief

    I’ve been running the Alpha for two days, it’s awesome, I knew ICS was gonna be beautiful but I under estimated it. :)

  • Charlesbrown79

    Cyanogenmod never ceases to amaze me. The should really hook up with a manufacturer and create a phone that has Cyanogenmod running out the gate.

  • Marcus Nolasco

    I am so excited for CM9! Hopefully they will get this to the Nexus One. If not, then at least some features from ICS. I cannot wait!

  • Kwills 88

    The last time I had cyan was CM6 for my G1…I can’t wait for them to get on the US versions of the Galaxy SII (T-mobile).

  • charliethesuperturtle

    Where’s my HP touchier ics port???

  • spintrex

    By what it seems CM9 seems to be moving pretty quickly, then again I’m still new to the android world. Seems like a first quarter release of the final product. By then my GSII will be be hungry for some sweet desert

  • issac4760

    can’t wait for them to release a ROM for T-Mobile galaxy s 2

    • Tico4674

      There’s already an alpha cm7 rom. It’s really stable and I’ve been using it for a few days now.

      • Oreo

        Link please?

  • issac4760

    hope they come out with a galaxy s2 ROM t-mo version.

  • inviolable

    I’d like to see a build for the nexus one, as I don’t have money for a new phone right now. I know they can do it. Even the g1 has a running version.

  • bossyman15

    wish the xda would fully root the evo 3d so i could try this out! oh well :(

  • Heroine Headliner

    Vanilla motoblur or vanilla sense is >>>>> than this ish…..

    It is too unstable an bricked too of my phones…..

    Use it at your own risk…..cuz the next choice ya make might be ya last one…..


  • Aladdin

    I’m eagerly awaiting some CM9 goodness on my HD2 and Touchpad

    • Calvin Jackson

      Tytung has an ICS Rom for the HD2 out now. Not everything is working, but you can give it a try until CM9 comes out.

  • aj

    Really looking toward to it on my Samsung galaxy tab. Its going to be so sick

  • Aakash

    bless Cynogenmod! keep up the awesome work!

  • mountainmaniac

    cyanogen mod team are the best out there. They keep on surprising me with just how fast their work is without sacrificing quality. looking forward to it on my desire s (im hoping it is a supported device:)

  • Alex Pena

    I really wish I could get ICS on my phone! Shoot I’d be happy with a buggy Alpha!

  • ishbuggy

    I can’t wait for this to be ported back to older devices like my Incredible. Does anyone know a timeframe for the Nexus one getting it?

    • clschnei

      They claim full build by January, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a beta for Nexus One by end of December.

  • Alex Pena

    I wish my phone (HTC Inspire) had a Alpha build I could flash.

  • qkn snablarsson

    This is great news! I hope CM9 will be widely available, and not just on recent devices.

  • FSFatScooter

    *Crosses fingers* – Official Infuse 4G Cyanogenmod ROM

  • bhorstmann

    Way to go CM team!

  • ericwilborn

    Pure awesomesauce.

  • osc707

    The Cyan team is amazing!Their had work and dedication is an example of what one (team) could do when they really love something