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CyanogenMod 9 with Ice Cream Sandwich now being buttered up, release coming January?


Custom ROM fans had a blast last Monday, when Google released the source code for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). This means that developers can now download the source code, and get to work on those awesome ROMs.

One of the most popular custom ROM developers in the Android world is the CyanogenMod team. These guys work strictly from source, and have been waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich to be set free, so they can start working on CyanogenMod 9. As expected, it did not take long before these guys started to make things happen. Yesterday, Steve “Cyanogen” Kondik himself let us know that they have started their long hours of coding, and to wait at least 2 months before checking up on CyanogenMod 9 (Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a stable release in January?).

If you like being adventurous and jumping into the game earlier, Beta and Alpha versions should be coming out eventually. Nightlies, anyone?

Stay tuned for more news on this. We are sure the Cyanogen team will be letting us know how things go. Will you guys be flashing CyanogenMod 9, or would you rather purchase a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (or any device with ICS)?

Via: Engadget

Source: Cyanogen (Twitter)

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  • Alex

    My nexus one is waiting!

  • SuperAndroidEvo

    I am flashing this as soon as possible.

    CM9 Ice Cream Sandwich will be a great blessing to my 1.2GHz dual-core HTC Evo 3D. With its optimization for multi-core processors Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will be sweet. Especially gift wrapped in CM9!

    Win & win! :-)

  • Rubrewskey

    I’ll be flashing the first alpha release that Cyanogen puts out for my Sensation because I’m loco!

  • ben dover

    I started flashing kanged CM7 roms about two weeks after gingerbread source hit.
    the CM teams work is public, they just don’t start building the alpha nightlies until everything is stable.

    Hopefully we’ll have some kanged versions of cm9 within a couple of weeks!

  • Laslow

    I think you might be taking the “check back in 2 months” comment a little too literally. It sounds to me more like a generalized comment to try to keep people from asking about ETAs. I think it might be safe to assume that nightlies (likely in alpha form) might be available by around then, but I doubt that the final version of CM9 will be available anytime close to January.

    I can see pre-alphas cropping up in December, but look how long it took to get alpha quality builds of Gingerbread out after the source was published.

    • Laslow


    • Jeff

      Of course, I wouldn’t put nighties on your main phone.

      • elijahblake

        I run Nightlies on BOTH of my main phones… Just wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache between flashes. I’ve never had to restore and never had a boot loop.

  • Angela

    I’ll definitely flash CM9 on my Vibrant. I don’t really want to buy a new device at the moment – if I really feel like I need Face Unlock, I could probably root and flash my mT4G. The other feature I’m craving is NFC, but until that’s more widespread it’s not worth worrying about.

  • PhaseBurn

    There’s likely going to be a 7.2 GB release before 9 comes out, and due to limitations on the build infrastructure, I don’t know if there will be nightly releases. ICS takes twice as long to compile as GB does. I would think there’ll be at least weekly builds though. I need to try to get my bbslave back up and running.

  • Rising33

    flashing, flashing, flashing…. hehe falshing?????? FLAAAASHING hehe……

  • Black Kristos

    I can’t WAIT to flash CM9 on my MT3G! ;) It’s damn near a brick these days anyway.

    And I doubt we’ll be looking at 2 months, as Laslow said, Steve was being sarcastic. Whenever new source is out, people all over twitter ask when the final will be done. He’s pretty much saying there will not be any news for a while, so check back later.

  • Nathan

    I’m using their creation now and it so much better then stock 2.2 that came ota n better yet I have ics simulator on my phone so im a happy customer =)

  • Varemenos

    Rule #1 of CM, no estimates. if you believe that its going to take exactly 2 month then i laugh at you.

  • Tico4674

    Even if I did get the Galaxy Nexus I would absolutely run CM9 instead of regular stock ICS. I’ve been using cm since the g1 although back then it probably wasn’t cm but just cyanogen roms.

  • Droid Dewd

    I am planning to put this on my MT4G once it is available. I have tried other ROMs but I always go back to CM. Nothing but the best for my phone :O)

  • Salty

    If some sort of alpha or nightlies drop for the OG Droid before the Gnex comes out (I know it’s not very likely), count me in. It might help relieve some of my impatience and frustration with Verizon’s delay tactics.

  • Brandon Peters

    I don’t like this article, It is bordering on the line of reckless and irresponsible, it was based sorely on a tweet and has now created expectations that these developers try very much to avoid.

    That tweet could also mean *at least* two months, one very well known and particularly brilliant developer has already frowned on the story over at Engadget for using the phrase “January Release” in their article, statements like “let us know that they have started their LONG HOURS of coding” is very assuming and a slightly disrespectful to the fact that these guys have lives, just like the rest of us.

    And also it is just plain disrespectful that these sort of articles are not written with the same assumptions from the manufacturer of the device, i.e the people we actually buy the phone from and support financially with their million dollar profit margins….

    Why not write an article on HTC, Samsung and the likes getting hard at work and dedicating the necessary manpower to get ROMS ready, I have not even read an article that is remotely close to putting the same kind of “pressure” on the actual manufactures of these phones since ICS was released….


    • Angie Wimberly

      I don’t think the author meant any disrespect for the amount of work it takes to do this for everybody, or to put an unnecessary amount of pressure on the team. However, I made a few edits to reflect a more general projected time frame.

  • Nate B.

    I hope the epic touch 4g gets love this time around

  • Alankrut Patel

    judging by the skill level of the CyanogenMod team, they will be done by the end of this month

  • R3dij3i

    I will be flashing nightlies of cm9 the moment they are available. Ive been running nightlies on my evo (my only phone)since the first cm6 nightly was made available and I’ve had very few problems…

  • BigCiX

    please cyanogen…..make a mod for my Thrill! someone has already been testing it:

  • charliethesuperturtle

    HP touchpad ftw!!!!

  • BlindWolf8

    Can someone link me to the full image used in this article? I want it as a desktop wallpaper. :-D

    • Cristian

      I think Angie made it but don’t quote me on that, maybe she would release the full image and we can all use it as a background because its freaking sick!

  • rhY

    I have a Dell Streak, so I should have ICS in the next few weeks a la #djsteve. Cyanogenmod isn’t out for the streak. I loved it on my old Mytouch though, back in the day.

  • Marcus Nolasco

    Whoo! Can’t wait for CM9 on my Nexus!

    • rs

      I had a G1 since 08 and cyanogenmod since cyanogen rom 3. CM6 was on my phone when it died a devastating death. Well… I got an SGS4g, the worst mistake in phones is getting a none AOSP phone. Should have waited. Well I haven’t ever used CM7 because it has only just become possible a few days ago when we got GB source. So Cm7 will take a few weeks, then somehow I hope we will get CM9, maybe 11 months late!

  • justin

    prolly will b getting the Galaxy Nexus before an CM update comes for my Nexus S. need my 3D gamez!

  • pritams

    can’t wait….