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Dual-core Android computer fits in your pocket, turns any screen into an Android device

FXI-Cotton-Candy-i2 Image via: Avram Piltch from

Last month at AsiaD, Andy Rubin mentioned that he wanted to see Android on every screen. This might very well be possible soon, even with screens that were not designed to run Android. FXI Technologies has recently showed off a little gadget code-named the “Cotton Candy,” (weighs the same as a cotton candy bag – 28 grams) which can run Android on any screen.

This little device is the size of a USB flash drive. Do not be fooled by its look, though; it actually packs some great specs and potential. Aside from its USB 2.0 connector, the Cotton Candy comes with a dual-core 1.2-GHz Samsung Exynos ARM CPU, 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI-out and a microSD card slot. It’s no weak device, and it can even play 1080p video.

Packed with all the components you’d need for computing, this device works with any screen. It can be plugged in to an HDTV via HDMI and use its USB port for power and bluetooth for connecting a mouse, keyboard or tablet. You can also plug it into a computer via USB, and a nifty program would allow you to run the Cotton Candy’s system in it. It also works with both Windows and OSX, which really breaks the boundaries of compatibility.

As if this wasn’t enough, CEO Borgar Ljosland also mentions that the Cotton Candy will be able to run on tablets, smartphones and set top boxes via both USB and bluetooth. This means that this device would be able to run on Android tablets and phones (what would be the point?), iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches, etc.

The Cotton Candy packs the same processor as the Samsung Galaxy S II, which is ARM based. The current device runs Android 2.3, but Borgar also mentions that there’s no limitations to the OS. You could install Ubuntu Linux on this device, as well as the ARM version of Windows 8, once it is available.

The possibilities are endless, and devices like this could turn computing into a whole different universe. You could simply carry this little thing around, and instead of actual computers, schools and businesses could simply set up monitors. The company/organization would save money on PC components, while the user would be able to keep all his information with him, wherever he may be. It is always nice to see your own files, wallpaper, icons, etc. And now your set up would be available on any screen.

The Cotton Candy can even be turned into a mobile file or web server. Quite the package for such a small gadget. The device will not hit the market just as it is, though (or anytime soon). FXI Technologies will be offering this product to developers and letting manufacturers take care of the business. FXI expects it to cost less than $200, which is a great price for what you’re getting.

What do you guys think? Is this the future of computing? Would you purchase one of these little computers?

FXI-Cotton-Candy-i2 Cotton-Candy-Connected-to-m FXI-Cotton-Candy-lp FXI-Cotton-Candy-on-Mac FXI-Cotton-Candy-side FXI-Cotton-Candy-side2

Via: LaptopMag

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  • WarDrake

    how exactly do you use it on a non touchscreen???

    bt mouse???

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Yeah, you pretty much have to connect a bluetooth mouse/keyboard to use it.

      • S

        Actually, i like the point with this device running on an android smartphone. So that a decent working man can have his goddam privacy without having to download app locks and crap that dont even work straight in the end!! Heres a flashback for ya: -Hey man can i play some games on ur phone? -Well… yea sure but just dont touch anything else. And then u get nervous the whole time he’s holding ur phone.

  • Andrew Huff

    I got to admit this is pretty cool. I would only worry about losing it or breaking off the connectors half the time though.

  • Nathan

    wow this actually could be useful, but why would I get that when I can get a phone with the same things and more and still connect to a TV

    • Adam

      yeah that’s true.

    • AsakuraZero

      this is when fragmentation comes in handy, you just can connect this magic dongle on any screen and work on it, and still have your phone free to your own use.

      and with ICS its just get better imo

      • akjax

        I had that issue with my Moto Atrix. TV dock was cool but I couldn’t text people..

  • Dan

    Now, put a couple of IR-leds or something on that dongle and give it a wiimote type of controller for input. That is, on the TVs that will have the dongle sticking out on the side. It would be quite nice.

  • bug_monster

    Needs Kinect-type hardware so it can be used on non-touch devices w/o mouse & keyboard. That would be pretty cool.

  • Droid Dewd

    I didn’t see any mention of storage on the device (not surprsed with its size) unless you connected it directly to a laptop or desktop of course so if connected to HDTV where would the apks for the apps be stored? Or maybe I just missed something. Looks cool though.

    • jonas

      Looks like its a sd card on the side in one of the pictures.

      Btw this would be awsome this little thing with ICS on it and a something like this with you.

      You could do pretty much with it then or if you just dont want to clutter your tv set with a google tv from logitech, you could also take it with you to the bedroom at night.

      I for one would love this thing :)

  • charliethesuperturtle

    Nice device but its more expensive than cotton candy…

  • Dale Bebeau

    -I have a TV but nothing to plug it into…
    -Big problems…
    * puts on sunglasses, pulls out “cotton candy” *
    need small solutions.

  • cb2000a

    As long as it fits on my key chain…this is pretty cool tech!

  • Nan LaPorte

    …interested… ;)

  • Norma Price

    Would this be a good solution for people in poor African countries? If people took it in turns to share a suitable TV they could carry their portable computer with them.

  • KatSelezneva

    The idea is really great. But I wonder how many Android applications will be able to run e.g.on a TV screen. Some Android apps require not only touch control but also accelerometer, camera, GPS and so on. Should I shake my TV to play a game? My Top-10 Android applications

  • theicebergx

    andriod can make any device better :-)

  • akjax

    That’s the size of my N wifi usb dongle.. and it has n wifi. I am amazed.

  • pritams

    Goo gadget ..would love to buy one if price is not insane…

  • louis

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