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Galaxy Nexus update rolls out complete with volume bug fix


If you purchased a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (or just heard about it), you probably know about the volume bug. Basically, UK users have been experiencing problems with the volume, which seems to sporadically turn up and down. (Read more details here).

This is no small thing. The Galaxy Nexus is the most awaited phone of the year. Such issues can be disappointing, especially for people in the US. People are already discouraged by the time it’s taking for the device to hit shelves. And now bugs are showing up?

Luckily, Google/Samsung promised to take care of this issue via an OTA update. We thought it would take longer, but the update is rolling out now. Users are reporting successful device updates all over the place. If you’ve been missing out on important conversations due to this volume bug, head over to Settings > About phone > System updates and get your phone all straightened out!

The file is a bit less than 1 MB, and it seems the only thing it does is fix this horrendous bug. There seems to be no other difference, and the version is still Android 4.0.1. Either way, it’s great to see this issue resolved. Thanks, Samsung/Google!

Check your device to see if your update is ready! Just wait and try later, if it doesn’t work. We know it’s hard to wait, but try to relax and not hit the update button every 2 minutes. Let us know if you received the update! Is everything working smoothly now?

Via: Android Central

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    I havent gotten an update yet. then again i never had a volume issue.. knock on wood

    • Toonshorty

      You on Three?

      They don’t use the band which caused the bug, only O2 and Vodafone use it.

      Dad’s Nexus doesn’t have any issues at all with volume.

      • MattL

        I’m on AT&T and HAVE experienced the volume bug. It’s NOT just 900mhz affected.

      • BiGMERF

        no im in the USA

        • JLix

          And he still hates Bricknell’s face!!!!

          • BiGMERF

            LMAO….He had it first!

          • james bricknell

            I have had the update :) now i will never have a problem i have never had woop! :)

        • mattlehrer

          I’m on AT&T and the bug reared it’s head today. This isn’t limited to the 900 mhz band. I hope the fix addresses more than that.

          • BiGMERF

            really? what happened? i havent had an issue yet.. one hap did however cause the phone to shut off

          • mattlehrer

            At my desk at work I get crap reception. When the phone switched to 2G, the volume shot down. I cranked it back up and watched it repeatedly go down. I applied the Google patch this morning, I’ll report back if it repeats itself.

    • baldypal

      i haven’t gotten the update yet either. Then again I never had the phone to begin with. :)

  • stenzor

    I’m more concerned about the “why is this phone not in my hands yet” bug

    • stenzor

      But really I’m just happy that they’re not trying to cover it up like Apple’s infamous reception issue… “just don’t hold it that way!”

      • Jes

        LOL would +1 both of these if the buttons weren’t grayed out.

        • stenzor

          Thanks :D
          Why are the buttons grayed out by the way?

    • James

      Ya, this “bug” needs to be fixed asap. At this rate my Sensation will have ICS before we see this phone here.

      • redraider133

        my fascinate has it=) now have something to pass the time until the nexus actually launches for those of us on vzw.

    • charliethesuperturtle

      I am too
      Wating since nexus s

  • WarDrake

    tho i’m happy for the bug fix… i’d be happier if i could buy the phone already…
    Get your act together Verizon!!!!

  • geiko

    If you’re so frustrated with the phone and don’t feel like updating, I can take it off your hands for you. I’ll even pay for shipping to the States.

  • Dee

    gee i wish my phone had this volume issue fixed…oh wait, i dont have it. *kanye shrug*

  • rojach

    Still Waiting………………………………………………..

    • charliethesuperturtle

      Go grab a juicy juice and calm down
      at this rate we won’t get the phone till 12-21-12!!!!

  • rojach

    and the waiting continues…………………………

  • spences10
  • jd092

    I wonder if Verizon may have been waiting for the update before they release the phone. They may have not wanted it to be like the “blunderbolt”.

    • Dev-CreativeReach

      Very possible! But what about the GSM version? where is it!

    • JLix

      True Dat!

  • uae smr

    Just checked, nothing

  • apo

    So this is what it looks like to have a Nexus phone? Really fast support from both google and manufacturer, nice…
    Looking forward to switching to the “pure” side

  • rojach

    Is that my update???????? No, just another spam mail. aaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh

  • ndub21

    Well glad all the issues will be worked out before I get it on AT&T. I get the feeling the GSM version won’t be released in the US until next year, which would suck.

  • Nathan

    And the phone is still not here!

  • thekaz

    I really hope this was all Verizon was waiting for… all these delays are just making me want it more.. it is all in the anticipation.. it is like standing in line for pizza @ Sally’s (for those in the know)..

  • Jorge89

    Damn you Google/Samsung release the phone in the US already so you can take my blank check!!!

  • itzxdjx

    Can we ask for a faster response that was really quick kudos Google!

  • Mighty_O

    all i want to know is when is it coming to t-mobile?

  • pikahatonjon

    this article would totally be relevant to us US readers…. IF YOU RELEASED THE PHONE ALREADY. GOSH DARN YOU GOOGLE/VERIZON/GOD/SATAN/BUDDHA.

    well. back to reading galaxy nexus reviews to feed this addiction :/

  • Dirge

    Wow, how long ago did this phone release in the UK? Like 2-3 weeks ago? Damn, that was fast!

  • Shay D. Life

    Need this device…

  • J-Man

    Got my Galaxy Nexus yesterday(here in the UK) from the stock that was ‘flashed’ by Samsung before shipping. No issues what so ever, loving my new phone!

  • avsnes

    I’ve got a UK-phone in Norway. Still no OTA for me… :(
    The phone is sweet, though! :)

    • Aleksander Avsnes

      Update recieved! Works like a dream… No volume issue since!

  • Quacktop

    Seems like the fix of Paul O’Brian, but either way good they fixed it.

  • JosephInEgypt

    Seriously???…. At this point why doesn’t the whole Android community
    show Google/Verizon how disappointed we are and just completely stop
    reporting on any Galaxy Nexus news? Like we haven’t had enough “news”
    and “updates” since the first rumors of this phone first “leaked” as far
    back as April or May,..or whenever the hell it was….my god what total
    debacle! HUGE FAIL! At this point they will be lucky if anyone even
    wants this phone when ever they do decide to launch,…. oh not to
    mention the fact that they haven’t even hinted at when it will be
    available for T-Mobile/AT&T.

    There are plenty of users who won’t
    buy it no matter how good it is just for the simple fact that it’s on
    Verizon,… So seriously people — STOP reporting on this device,…I
    think we can all agree it’s been beat to death already. I wish I had a penny for every Galaxy Nexus article that has come out in the last year — I’d be RICH!!! Never thought I’d say this but, this almost ranks up there with Duke Nukem Forever!

    LET’S MOVE ON! I know I have,…and many other people have as well. All I have
    to say is Good luck next year with the Nexus 4 because this year was a
    total disaster. I bet two weeks from today this phone will still not be
    out! Hahahaha,…wow,…EPIC FAIL!

    • thegross1

      The well informed people at my local VZW store said the 8th of december but I doubt it. I bought the locked down HTC rezound instead. Glad I didn’t wait.

    • J-Man

      How would blacking out ‘the people’ from Android news show them any disappointment? I’d think the community would suffer more than either Verizon or Google.

  • andrew9bernard

    I am guessing that Verizon is holding up the show until the volume issue was fixed. They didn’t want bad press on how the device was not working properly on their network.

  • punshkin

    Some sites were reporting a 4.1 update. is there something true about that?

    • wombas

      Verizon update for radio (baseband) performance and the ICS Android dreams feature

  • donger

    good to see samsung and google fixing this problem as it can be annoying and frustrating.

  • DroidPWNsApple

    I had issues with this bug on my phone and it was so annoying. 1mb to fix the bug, quite welcomed imo

  • wontsttle4less


    • zodiac38

      wow, so glad about the fix. was waiting soooo long for the galaxy nexus to arrive and then i hear about the volume but, an absolute no go. but am at peace again… :)

  • ILoveComputers

    Now they need to UPDATE us on when the phone is coming to the U.S, Come on, I’m waiting.

    • GUI_Center

      I hate playing the waiting game… nothing worse

  • FutureShock

    I just hope it comes to AT&T with LTE bands intact. I can upgrade from my Inspire in just a couple months and would love to have a Nexus device.

  • Vipitus

    It’s good that Google released this update so quickly ;)

    Google and Android FTW!

  • Dan13

    Hooray for quick updates! Now if only the carriers would approve these updates faster, then the isheep would have to find something else to whine about.

  • Tom Murphy

    Cant wait