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Get a free HTC phone when you buy Call of Duty MW3 at Best Buy


If you’re planning to buy Call of Duty MW3 when it makes its debut on Tuesday, we suggest you do so at your local Best Buy and pick up a free HTC smartphone at the same time. The promotion is intended to raise consumer awareness of Best Buy’s mobile offering while cashing in on the hugely successful Call of Duty franchise.

Anyone who buys Call of Duty MW3 and is willing to sign up for a new two-year contract will be able to walk out of a Best Buy store with a free HTC EVO 4G, HTC Inspire 4G or HTC DROID Incredible 2. It’s not surprising that Best Buy’s promotion features phones that are past their prime, but I don’t think anyone will be complaining. We’re just wondering why T-Mobile doesn’t have a phone available for the promotion.

We’re assuming many of you are already planning to purchase call of Duty MW3 on Tuesday. Will any of you be getting a free phone with your purchase at Best Buy?

Source: CNET

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  • Jeremy

    Sucks that it requires a contract and many purchasers of the game already have phones with contracts (who doesnt really?) or are to young. Now if it was no contract then we could talk.

    • Nick Gray

      Anyone who’s eligible for an upgrade on Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint would be able to take advantage of the deal. Honestly, this deal is probably best suited for parents who were planning on getting their kids their first phone for Christmas.

      • Jason

        Still seems kind of silly. Especially on AT&T, where one could get the Atrix 2 for $49… so much better than the Inspire for free, it’s not even funny.

  • R.S

    “We’re just wondering why T-Mobile doesn’t have a phone available for the promotion.”

    I’m guessing it’s probably because many Bestbuys don’t actually carry any T-Mobile phones. They’ll sell it to you and sign you up for a contract but the phone has to be delivered.

    The only stores I’ve ever seen carry T-mobile phones (in stock) are the ones that are Bestbuy mobile stores.

    • @BiGMER F

      what he said…….

    • tyler

      Best buy doesn’t sell tmobile

      • gisreal

        yes they do it just depends on which carriers are stronger in your area
        -former bby mobile employee

      • mike

        how the hell are you getting thumbs up
        lol or course BB sells tmobile that’s were i got my nexus S

        • mike

          and im not talking about BB mobile im talking about BB retail

  • chris

    Offer it without a contract and then maybe I would consider. Not going to get stuck in a contract with phone’s that may only have another 4 months until EOL.

    • revs



  • Richard Yarrell

    Great way to remember the frist 4G android device the granddaddy of all android devices my beloved Evo 4g. The best smartphone you can have if it’s your first time getting into android. I will always remember my evo 4g.

    • NotRelevent

      I’d say the OG Droid is probably more of a granddaddy android than the much newer evo 4G

      • snowbdr89

        The dumb dick is referring to a 4g device being the grandaddy of all but since other carriers 3g is faster then the now slowest networks so called 4g, I really wouldn’t consider it the grandaddy..

        • Vulf

          I’ve only been browsing this website for an hour or two, but I see this Richard Y. guy on every post containing an EVO 4G. Every single one of his responses gives off a very dickish egotistic attitude, and feels like he’s entitled to something because he owns an EVO. I have an EVO 4G and I love it, but really, there’s no need to go on every article bragging about the phone. The EVO isn’t very special anymore. Especially since there won’t be any real support for it anymore. I feel like you bought the EVO recently and are trying to make yourself feel better when there’s a 3VO and a GSII running around on your network. If you really must gloat so much, why don’t you just upgrade?

          • Richard Yarrell

            Oh brother …Another new DWEEB on androidandme. They must be taking out some kind of add for INTERNET TROLLS or new LOSERS please leave any USELESS comment. I can’t help but laugh at all the REJECTS that seem to populate here on this site on a daily basis. Where do these THROBS come from?? Gosh …@snowbdr89..then @squiddy20…now another useless troll about being lost…This guy has no clue at all which on this site seems to be the common goal with all these trolls…If you want total stupidity look to these three fools whenever you can they are all over the place not just here…

          • snowbdr89

            I think dicks mom bought his gay ass an evo3d since he’s jobless an living at home..

          • squiddy20

            1. The fact that a newcomer can tell how much of a trolling, repetitive moron you are is actually pretty sad. Something I’ve been saying from the very beginning.
            2. The fact that you are calling said newcomer a “dweeb” really shows your immaturity. A) Only children use the word “dweeb” B) He was only giving his perceptions based on a few minutes of looking around at the site, and he speaks the truth. You can’t go to practically any Sprint/HTC/Nexus/Verizon article without seeing something about how “legendary” your Evo is/was, how Verizon “sucks rotten eggs”, and other unintelligent (and rather absurd) crap.
            3. “I can’t help but laugh at all the REJECTS that seem to populate here” You mean like yourself? Because I’ve proven time and time again how wrong and utterly stupid you are. I mean, telling everyone that the processor in the Sensation is inferior to the same exact one found in your “legendary” Evo 3D, despite evidence being shoved in your grubby little face? That’s not stupid. That’s downright pitiful.
            4. What you fail to realize is that by calling him a “useless troll” and all your other childish insults, you’ve possibly made more of an enemy than if you had just kept your stupid mouth shut. No sir, you are the one who “has no clue”.
            5. “If you want total stupidity look” only at yourself, Dick. You have only yourself to blame for all the people against you. With the way you alienate and insult people who only have different opinions than you, is any wonder why no one likes you? I mean you’ve only got 33 people who have you in their circles in Google+, and about half of them are people who accept requests from anyone. It’s not hard to imagine your Facebook being roughly the same.
            6. “they are all over the place not just here” That’s right Dick. Because we haven’t been banned from those other websites (Android Central, Android Police, Phandroid, etc.) like you have. Shut up fool.

    • Mark

      OMG..STFU!! You’re so annoying.

  • Nathan

    Why T-Mobile out of the picture :,(

    • Vulf

      They don’t sell T-Mobile at best buy :(

      • Nick Gray

        OK, I think we’ve established that Best Buy does sell T-Mobile products at their stores but it does depend on which market you are in. The reason T-Mobile is probably not include in this promotion is because phones like the myTouch 4G and 4G Slide are already free at Best Buy stores and with a new two yer contract.

        It’s not really a promotion if you can get the phone for free even without purchasing the video game.

  • droidguru

    call of duty mw3 is gonna rock….but these guys are selling outdated phones alongside a soon to be superhit game here!

  • Mark

    BF3 >mw3. ‘Nuff said.

    • chris

      keep smoking that crack

      • chris

        thats if you’re saying battlefield 3 is the same

        • Mark

          I’m saying that BF3 is GREATER THAN mw3.

  • davetheAndroid

    The offers are crap with 2 year agreements, NUFF SAID. Richard Y, STOP HUMPING THE DAMN SPRINT EVO ALL READY! Yea Sprint is “better in some areas” sure then Big Red, but they are butt as slow all the time, so what is the damn point!? Verizon’s 3g is faster then their 4g in some areas, WEAK!

  • mike

    also lol MW3 sucks same shit every game

    Bf3 on PC FTW

    • chris

      pretty much this

      COD has not brought anything innovating since COD4 every game looks the same…shit because they are still using the same ID tech engine that is like 12 years old lol

      BF3 brings realistic graphics destructible environments huge maps and vehicles and actually requires skills

      • brian

        sucks for you then

  • pritams


  • 2cansamie

    this was a really good deal i never heard about it thought. i heard about the call of duty modern warfare jeep i heard of the call of duty elite and even cod headphones but not this deal wish i could get it now even know the game is already out. i was reading on about this and they say the devil is in the details and like with a iphone and other phones you really owe more then you know because of the contract fee and restrictions on it.