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[Update] Google+ Pages and Direct Connect available now


In the continued drive to make Google+ a more engaging and valuable product, Google has announced two new features today that will directly impact how you get information on companies online. Pages and Direct Connect.

Google+ Pages has been one of the most anticipated features since Google+ was first announced. Finally, companies can have real, official business accounts. Back in late July, Google started doing away with business accounts on Google+ because they weren’t ready to introduce the feature yet. Here we are, some four months later, and Pages are just now going live. Not everyone can create a business page yet, but the ones that are out there are pretty straight forward. They’re exactly the same as a normal Google+ profile, just under a company’s name. For a first hand look at how they work, check out the Android or Amazon Google+ page.

So now that Google+ Pages are live, you may be wondering how you go about finding them. That’s what Direct Connect is for. Instead of searching around online or on Google+ for a business page, all you have to do is put a “+” before any company name and search on Google. That will automatically bring up the company’s Google+ profile. To give Direct Connect a shot, head on over to Google and search for “+Pepsi” or “+Google”.

Since Google has not opened up business account creation for everyone, the official Android and Me Google+ account is not available yet. As soon as it is though, we’ll be sure to let you know. For now, feel free to connect with any of the Android and Me staff by using the links below. And while you’re at it, you can share a link to your Google+ profile in the comments.

+Clark Wimberly
+Angie Wimberly
+Taylor Wimberly
+Anthony Domanico
+Alberto Vildosola
+Nick Gray
+Sean Riley
+Edgar Cervantes
+Dylan Andersen
+Dustin Earley
+Chuck Falzone
+Jess Blanchard
+Justin Shapcott
+Joseph Carrington


And just like that, the Android and Me Google+ page is live. Check us out!

Source: Google

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  • mattcoz

    Ahh, so this is why they changed the + modifier in searches.

    • The great google+ desert

      Agree, google+ is dead

  • WarDrake

    About time i’d say…
    i actually saw one of NASA’s accounts tell it’s public circle on G+ to go back to facebook to see updates because Google sent them a warning and told them their profile would be gone in 8 days…

    talk about driving people away…

    • Futureboy

      You’d think that the people at NASA would be smart enough to hold off on running back to Facebook because… I mean, really… anyone who reads the internets knows that Google+ is still in development. It’s like sending people up in a rocket without making sure that the boosters… um… wait. Never mind.

  • brookmarin

    according to a post in +, pages are open to everyone now…

    I wanna see a&me on +!!!

    • brookmarin

      and i just checked twitter to see that the page is up… yay!

  • leonhitchens

    Yes I just made a page for my site!

  • pritams

    didn’t know…