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Gorilla Glassless Galaxy Nexus attacked by car keys, survives

It may seem like a distant memory at this point, as every day waiting for the Galaxy Nexus to launch feels like a week, but at the end of October we found out that the Galaxy Nexus wouldn’t be using the Corning Gorilla Glass that has been protecting so many of our phones from tragic run ins with keys and whatever other various and sundry items we keep in our pockets or bags.

This caused a minor outbreak of doom and gloom hysteria from some who apparently assumed Samsung had decided to go with Priscilla Glass, which is another little-known product from Corning that scratches in a light breeze. Samsung tried to assuage these concerns at the time, but all they really had to say was that they were using another fortified glass.

Well now that the lucky bastards folks over in the UK have their hands on the Galaxy Nexus, we can finally see whether the fortified glass that Samsung used can hold a set of keys at bay.

As you can see in the video, it does indeed survive a vicious keying at the hands of its new owner. So the pitch forks and torches can be put away for the time being, and Samsung can be forgiven for going with this mystery glass.

Since Samsung still isn’t fessing up to what they used, can we come up with a name for the Galaxy Nexus’ glass? I’m slightly partial to Megaunbreakableadamantium Glass, but that might be a little too lengthy for print ads.

Via: Droid-Life

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  • lament

    But it didn’t survive the keys-in-pocket test.!/P3Droid/status/137224984413212673

    • Sean Riley

      Interesting, we’ll keep our eyes out for other reports like that. It’s a little hard to know if keys were really the culprit there though.

    • Ricky

      I have the HTC Thunderbolt which supposedly has Gorilla Glass and I also have a scratch on my screen from accidentally placing change in my pocket. Gorilla Glass is tough and I’m sure whatever they are using now is also tough but all glass can get scratched by sand or other hard minerals that are in your pocket. If you need your screen to be perfect than add a screen protector… Personally, I think the screen protector looks just as bad as having a minor scratch on my screen.

      • buxtahuda

        Can’t even tell I have a screen protector on my phone (HTC Vision)…

    • Renato S.

      Anyway, just because the glass is not made of crystal like iPhone’s doesn’t mean you have to be careless…

  • er1289

    Duh. Don’t put your keys in the same pocket as your phone. Problem solved.

    • shadowxof

      i don’t think i can ever say i’ve had that problem either. keys are always on a carabiner in my back pocket and my phone is in the front pocket. The easiest way not to scratch is to avoid simple mistakes like that.

    • Tangent

      Yup, sometimes you just don’t need to overthink it. I put my phone in my left front pocket, anything else goes in my right front. My Sensation has never had a protector and the screen is still flawless.

  • mikeyDroid

    There’s a lot of surface to scratch there.. scary. Can I have it yet?

  • cb2000a

    Nothing goes in my phone pocket except my phone….

  • Nathan

    Well it nice to see the glass they use is strong enough to not get scratch by a key. Now if only the USA version of the phone can release over here, like soon.

  • Travis

    I think it’s called SoonToBeSuedForPatentInfringementByCorning Glass.

    • Antwan

      Their blend of Sand and Minerals is probably just as secret as the KFC Original Recipe Herbs and Spices (With the exception of splitting the formula into halves) so I doubt they will sue.

  • Counsel

    I know you all expect perfection from all devices and then rush to criticize bad items..


    I hate to tell you, but the screen is … glass.

    Get a protector or insurance

    Water-proof isn’t always water proof… Bullet-proof isn’t always bullet proof. Furthermore, glass will scratch…

  • pritams

    show to all apple fans…

  • afraaa

    nothing like this video could calm me down thank a lot man thanks alot ,,,

    wooooooooooooooooow :o even resistant than gorilla ,, oooh he is knocking n screen and he scratch it in way that ican hear sound :o :o

    amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing i am buying this baby

  • afraaa

    ooooooooooooooooooooooo i cant believe i just pull my galaxy ace screen cover off :d it is nonsense if u are not in factoy or in dangerous place for phone .