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HTC loses pivotal patent battle against Apple

android-apple Image via: laihiu with Creative Commons

Back in July of 2011, HTC bought a company known as S3 Graphics for $300 million to help bolster their patent portfolio. Among one of the many cases between the two companies, was a case where HTC claimed Apple was violating patents they held after the S3 acquisition was completed. A ruling on that case has been handed out, and HTC has lost.

There was little to no explanation behind the verdict, but HTC can still challenge the ruling in a court of appeals. HTC General Counsel Grace Lei said that HTC was understandably disappointed, but that they respect the ITC’s decision. She continued on to say that, “while the outcome is not what we hoped for, we will review the ruling once the commission provides it and will then consider all options, including appeal.”

HTC has several other court cases against Apple being processed, but this victory for Apple raises doubts about the usefulness of HTC’s S3 Graphics purchase. Despite the huge numbers HTC put up for the third quarter, analysts are saying that this loss may have a long-term negative impact on HTC’s stocks.

The next case between the two companies to be decided involves HTC infringing on two of Apple’s patents. A decision is expected to be handed out December 6th.

Source: Bloomberg

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  • ben dover

    I still think all this is going to come to an end at some point.

    There are way to many overlapping technologies out there now that everyone is going to have to pay everyone to bring a product out.

    car companies aren’t suing each other for having the same features!

    • Angie Wimberly

      Nissan invented the cupholder! Haha jk.

  • Tankfantry

    As a recovering Apple Fanboy I think this has gotten out of hand. People are right, tech is moving at such as rapped pace there is NO way a company can claim one invention over the other.

  • sylar

    We need to redo the patent process or soon nobody will be able to do anything because someone else will own the patent for it.

    • inviolable

      Pretty damn much

  • Richard Yarrell

    This patent BS..needs to be revamped

  • pekosROB

    I wonder how many people think Apple would actually sell MORE stuff if other companies didn’t “rip off their IP.”

    The fact that a phone uses the same technology (obscure or obvious) as another probably doesn’t make them buy it. How many people have you heard say, “I was going to buy an iPhone, but I bought a ___ instead because it does the same thing.”? Is it just me or is it completely ridiculous?

    If it actually cannibalized their sales of their devices fine, but I doubt it does. Even though the Galaxy Tab resembles the iPad (and about a million other devices with screens, both in use and in design) I don’t think too many people bought the GTab thinking it was an iPad. Sure there might be some, but not that many.

    • pekosROB

      Surely Apple spends more on their legal team than the amount of revenue they lose in sales because of IP infringement…

    • joe

      Jobs made it crystal clear in his Bio that this is a personal vendetta against Android that he was willing to squander tens of billions of dollars on.

      • pekosROB

        Yes, I know this, but what I don’t get is why Jobs felt like Android totally ripped him off? That would almost be like Bill Gates saying Jobs ripped off Windows Mobile…

        I mean sure they kinda like similar and they keep ripping each others’ features so I don’t see how you can say you need to “destroy” something that makes it more competitive and is NOT an exact replica or clone.

  • charliethesuperturtle

    I know this is on the wrong post so dont down vote me because i typed this
    i just came of the phone of a logitech revue tech
    the reason we dont have 3.1 yet is that there are a lot of bugs on google tv devices with it.
    logitech said they were taking out some SOD issues and added for compatible apps for google tv.
    just wanted to let you know

  • charliethesuperturtle


  • Adam

    It’s hard for me to feel bad for HTC here. Buying companies to bolster your patent portfolio, then using your cash reserves to pay for a legal team that the bought company never would have had to do, is a complete drag on the economics of consumer devices. Apple, Google, Oracle,etc. They are all guilty of it. These guys need to compete on TRUE innovation.

  • mark d

    In all fairness to HTC, Apple started all of this nonsense. As a technology fan, i am really beginning to hate Apple. They act like they started off the smartphone world, but in fact they didn’t. They just brought out a phone with a touchscreen, big deal. I really hate them, they are in the news every week with another patent war. Good riddance to Steve Jobs, an overrated moron imo – apparently he vowed to destroy Android, which i don’t respect.

    I can only pray that everyone else sees Apple for the massive overly powerful evil controlling company that they are, and stops buying their overpriced junk.

  • nexus15

    where Can I get that bag?

  • KatSelezneva

    To avoid other firms’ claims entirely, a company should produce spherical phones without displays but with a lot of physical buttons. There are always many reasons for beginning lawsuits. I think that instead of this, the companies should develop new technologies and not hinder the market. Clash of the Titans: Samsung vs. Apple

  • Deepak @ MCX Today

    apple technologies are much better than others ….