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HTC reveals first wave of devices to get Android 4.0 in early 2012


Curious if your device will be receiving an update to Android 4.0 anytime soon? HTC just announced through Facebook the “first wave” of phones that will see upgrades to Ice Cream Sandwich in early 2012. Only eight models are listed right now, but HTC is continuing to assess their product portfolio, so more devices should be coming soon.

HTC phones that will receive Android 4.0 upgrades include:

  • HTC Vivid
  • HTC Sensation
  • HTC Sensation XL
  • HTC Sensation XE
  • HTC Rezound
  • HTC EVO 3D
  • HTC EVO Design 4G
  • HTC Amaze 4G

A quick review of the list shows these are all newer devices released in 2011 with either a Snapdragon S2 or Snapdragon S3 processor. Google already said that aging devices like the Nexus One with a Snapdragon S1 processor were “too old” to be upgraded, so don’t get your hopes up if you have the original HTC EVO 4G that features similar specs.

We don’t know exactly when these upgrades will be available from HTC, but Motorola set the bar at six weeks after Google releases the source code for Android 4.0. That should happen a couple weeks after the Galaxy Nexus hits stores in November, so look to February for the first upgrades to Android 4.0.

Did your HTC phone make the list?

Source: Facebook

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  • gnocchi

    I still love you nexus one.

  • Zhi Hao

    Unfortunately, no. Desire HD here, but once Cyanogen’s out, you can be sure that I’ll be flashing that!


  • Lane Montgomery

    CyanogenMod FTW
    -HTC EVO 4G Owner

    I previously had a G1 and I learned then that the CM team is the only group you can count on to mmake things happen. Now if only it wasn’t rocket science to get it installed.

  • Rob

    HTC might decide to update some older phones, but only have it available from their site. They’ve done it with devices like the MyTouch 3G Slide. There’s also precedent for them releasing kernel sources for devices that weren’t upgraded. I hope they do something similar with the G2!

  • Tim

    Yeah Sensation is on there but with the UI being revamped on ICS I wish I didn’t have Sense now cause that will take away from it IMO.

  • Mark

    So their stock Android phone the G2 won’t be getting it???

    • Andrew

      It better dammit! I will be sad if they pass it up.

    • Nick Gray

      This is just the first wave of updates. I’m pretty sure that the Desire HD, G2, Desite Z, Thunderbolt, Incredible 2/S and a few others will be added to the list. If the Nexus S is getting ICS, there’s no reason why these phones would be left behind.

  • Ryan

    You fogot the Amaze. That was on the list as well.

  • br14n


  • ben dover

    I can understand a phone like the evo not getting the update since it’s no longer sold.
    Thank God for the CM team!

  • ndokami

    Sensation is on the list =D

  • Karbide

    Good news for me just bought the Sensation this weekend. Hopefully the update will keep things running smooth, unlike what happened when my Mytouch 3g updated to Froyo which wasn’t terrible but still drug it down a bit performance wise.

  • Russell

    Is it crazy for me to hope they just update these phones to stock ICS?

    • Tangent

      Yes. As much as we might want that, the odds of it actually happening are virtually zero.

  • premo32

    I wish there were some way to start a petition to get them to Make sure they upgrade the G2. It was a wonderful phone……….and I’m under contract for another year :-(

  • Brandon Peters

    I really believe this list was put out to appease the buyers of these devices, I mean most the devices are new and many would assume it is upgradable, but the statement would appease the consumers that may be looking to purchase one of these devices, having a statement from HTC makes that purchase a lot easier

  • mabroid

    I’m tempted by the xl, but think sense will ruin the best bits I’d ICS

    Think HTC would sell more phones if you could switch sense ‘on’ and ‘off’

    • Nick Gray

      Maybe. There are probably 10 times more Sense phones sold than there are stock android. Yeah, they might gain another 100,000 if you include all the android fanboys who really want stock, but that’s just a drop in the bucket when you consider that HTC is selling millions of sevices ever quarter.

  • mabroid

    I’m tempted by the xl, but think sense will ruin the best bits of ICS

    Think HTC would sell more phones if you could switch sense ‘on’ and ‘off’

    • masterpfa

      Something the earlier HTC phones were capable of. The ability to choose the Home Screen, if you removed HTSense as the default you got stock Android. Oh reminding me of my earlier days with my HTC Hero

  • triangle

    It’s great that HTC is going to update a number of its phones, but I wonder how Sense will interact with ICS. HTC may have a bit of a dilemma in trying to offer the ICS experience together with Sense.

    HTC definitely differentiates itself with its hardware and software, but it almost feels like the rest of the industry is going in another direction. HTC phones continue to be a bit chunky and heavy, while the rest of the industry is moving more toward thin and light. HTC Sense feels a little bit like that as well, a little heavy, while others in the industry are going with a lighter overlay. It’ll be interesting to see if HTC continues on its current path or decides to shift toward where the rest of the industry seems to be going.

  • Rizzy Hendrix

    Well. Fuck you HTC. I guess I’m gonna have to get rid of my EVO 4G, since its starting to give me problems.

  • JacksTeller

    Triangle, all that you say sounds good but HTC is the only company I trust to make a device that is real world. By that I mean, you say thinner and lighter but those phone also have the ability to break easier than an HTC phone when dropped. I would never buy a phone that has a “til I accidentally drop it” life span. Frankly, I guess it is preference when it comes to construction of a phone you want. I want a phone that typically in the real world can take a drop or 2 and not be destroyed (causing for a refurbished replacement of the same type of phone that is dropped will be the same situation). Dropped my HD2 quite a few times and still had it functioning and aestectically in great shape til I got my Evo 3D. So to me HTC is what’s good.

    To each his own i guess.

    • triangle

      I agree with you on how solid the HTC phones are built. I just see a trend the other way. I haven’t actually held the Motorola Droid RAZR in person yet, but it sounds as though that’s thin and light, while also having a solid build. I think it’s possible to have it all. If only they could make the RAZR look better.

  • Nathan

    Well this is nice to see but I need a new phone to get ics, still have a mytouch 3g 3.55 lol

  • Julio Chavez

    Let’s hope Cyanogen can get ICS on the EVO 4G…

  • Ty

    I just wish Google would create a wed site that you can go to with your Android device and let it check the hardware specs to see if you can update instead of letting the carriers and phone makers do the OTA updates. Your computers OS software does this already for patches and services packs. Why not Android???

  • pritams

    Go …Go…Go.;..