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HTC’s plans for 2012: No cheap phones, better tablets


 HTC is undoubtedly thinking about 2012. This year was great, but next year shows more potential with quad-core processors, Ice Cream Sandwich and even better technology on the horizon. Companies will have to step up their game, especially with Windows 8 tablets entering the arena.

The tablet market is not exactly the surest way to turn a profit right now. These devices are still considered a bit of a luxury, and many users cannot justify spending $500 on a device that can more or less do the same as a smartphone. That’s why HTC has focused mostly on smartphones.

The build quality HTC brings to the table is undeniably outstanding. These devices are usually very well built with some of the best specs in the market (up there with Samsung and Motorola). HTC’s Peter Chou stated that they believe in only manufacturing quality devices. Sure, such smartphones will be more expensive, but people are willing to pay extra for premium quality.

Customers are willing to pay more, that's why we have grown nearly five times in China this year. It shows that customers support our philosophy.Peter ChouHTC

As busy as the company has been with smartphones, HTC has not been very active in the tablet world, at least not compared to other manufacturers. HTC launched only the HTC Flyer and the HTC Jetstream, while companies like Samsung released a plethora of tablets.

Peter Chou said that the tablet market is something they’re still keeping an eye on. He mentioned that HTC plans to release a tablet in 2012. With so many tablets fighting for your money, though, it’s necessary to make new devices a bit more alluring. HTC’s tablet would need to differentiate itself from the crowd, not be another “me too” product.

Tablet is a market we would like to try and test, to see whether we can make ourselves stand out and prevent a me-too product.Peter ChouHTC

In the midst of Apple‘s lawsuits, HTC has managed to do a great job keeping us satisfied. This is a battle we do not see ending soon, but things are definitely getting better. HTC will keep an “open mind” about patent acquisitions, and eventually the bullying should stop.

HTC’s plan is to continue to make premium smartphones, as well as tablets (even if they are very few). Their product quality and innovation is always a plus. Even though “cheap” devices are great for the entry-level smartphone/Android users, HTC’s commitment to quality and being “different” is definitely something to admire.

We expect some great devices coming to CES, so let’s stay tuned and see what HTC (and the others) has to offer. What do you guys think? Will HTC have a good year in 2012? Do you agree that they should keep a mid- to high-end lineup?

Source: Reuters

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  • Brandon Peters

    Well it’s about time

  • uknowme

    I admit I love HTC products. Mainly for the build quality. I have dropped both my Evo and Evo 3D from around 15 feet and both survived. My old Nextels shattered from that height. Mind you that was not a test, I just work on ladders quite a bit.

  • Paul Atreides

    Give me a quad-core tablet with a projector, virtual keyboard, kickstand, and I’ll push it and say stock ICS too BOOM!

    • andremorua

      Yes, and portable refrigerator must be built in.

  • Cosmos

    Absolutely! In a short time frame HTC have really gained strong brand recognition and identity, as well as healthy profits but I do feel it is time for them to move to the next phase. The Next phase I envisage for HTC is to reduce the amount of products they produce so as to focus on the quality of those they do release. HTC have had some popular cheap phones such as the Wildfire but I do feel in the long-term phones like that which have obvious limitations (lack of internal memory, slow processor etc) will damage their product brand so I do feel keeping a minimum standard (of specifications) will maintain a positive image for the company going forward. If HTC can achieve this transition I think they could even become a genuine alternative to companies such as Apple, if not in sales then in desirability.

    • ymmit

      Not everyone needs a high end device. Just because the specs are lower for entry level devices doesn’t mean their name will be tarnished, particularly if the build quality is maintained. I think catering for a larger demographic is beneficial. Diversity is the spice of life, otherwise we would all have the same apples. :-)

  • Harvey

    I love HTC products, greatest build quality if I might add. The only deal breaker for me is the SLCD display. It’s just not quite up there. So now… are they moving back to AMOLED displays? ;)

  • Nider

    I beg to disagree..
    HTC was never an innovator..
    We all know, Apple has changed the Mobile Industry, bringing the new type of Touchscreen and Cool Interface and Quality Apps..
    Its all Apple that makes HTC looks Great..

    What make HTC a Great Phone Maker?
    Poor Quality Display?
    Sub-par Quality Camera

    thus HTC Brings any Revolutionary Features?

    • Nider

      Mind you, im an Android Fan

    • Nick

      Your delusional. HTC is a pioneer in the smart phone industry, they we’re making smart phones over 10 years before Apple even entered the mobile industry. They have thousands upon thousands of mobile related patents, everything from wireless technology, power management solutions to materials/design and interface patents. Without HTC there would be no iPhone. Sorry.

      • dave tezka

        Hey didnt that stuff come from doopod ?

    • Ser

      I agree with you nider. Too bad that hardcore htc fanboys are anoying as the iphone ones. Says one that used htc for years. People, there are way better android smartphones than the ones from htc. In case of htc you pay for a premium device bur with under-competition quality. See video camera, speaker, dust, internal memory, etc.

      • nAnHnS

        To support your claim and allow people to defend their favorite brands, you should name a few of those “better android smartphones”. I guess we will all have a good laugh hearing what you define as “better”.

    • odunayo atunrase

      I totally agree you. Iphone is so boring. I used to debate with iphone until mine fell in water and i used an HTC phone as a temporary phone. I fell in love with the complexity and multi directional and advanced approach of the android operating system. My customization on my Htc desire simply makes the iphone 4gs look so boring. I dont even type any more, and i have Jeannie app that is comparable to SIRI.

    • madcapsk8er

      Take off the apple blinkers, open up your perspective…I’m currently running gingerbread 2.3.7 on a HTC hd2 with a custom 3d interface and a fully customised app tray and background set (just so you know this is a window based device that I’ve reinstalled android too) but proves that an older HTC handset can keep up with the new school releases by other brands, to the ROM programmers out there keep up all the great work, bring on ICS!!! HTC keep rocking your handset you have a massive fanbase here!

    • Saj

      have u ever even used a HTC Phone??

  • mikeyDroid

    Flagship phones or go home! Of course we’ll pay for them.

  • jlschulz

    The problem with high cost high end phones is that today’s market moves too quickly. Buy a new phone today and it’s obsolete in 6 months or less but the software keeps evolving and you quickly get left out of the update cycle because the makers don’t care about customer support. Just ask anyone with a Samsung epic 4g. With lower priced phones we can dump them and buy a newer one without spending $500 or $600 more.

  • Melissa

    Don’t forget the Evo View :)

  • Melissa

    Oh and I would love to have an HTC Android phone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard (I know, but I’m a fast typer and I miss it), and a screen that’s at least 4″. That’d be awesome.

    • stevos

      Totaly agree with you!!

    • Jo

      Happy and fully satisfied with my HTC Desire Z…

  • Sturoid

    HTC, please tell me how many people actually bought one of the Flyers before they started getting prices slashed? Oh and while you’re at it let me know how many people actually spent ridiculous amounts of money on the Jetstream?

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    Excellent web site. Lots of helpful info here. I’m sending it to some buddies ans also sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you to your sweat!

  • andremorua

    I add briefly. Thank you very much. It is a really good product and right directions.
    I hold your phone and my feeling is it is not cheap. It is a solid and good working device.
    Thanks for good product.

  • Damian

    I wish the HTC Zeta was real, to bad it’s only a concept I immediately fell in love with the design .It looks fantastic and makes iPhone look like nothing. Please HTC make this thing a real!!!

  • AK

    dude you have not mentioned htc evo view 4g tab!

  • pritams

    This is the way to go for them now actually..

  • Andrew Corder

    My very first android powered smartphone was of course the HTC Droid Eris, shortly after that I moved to sprint as my carrier, but my brand didn’t change seeing I purchased the HTC Evo 4G, on its debut day. At this Current time I have the Evo 3D, and and looking forward to see what you guys at HTC have in store for the ever expanding Evo family. HTC Evo 4G+ coming to the States? How about a name like the HTC Evo Max, for an upcoming Evo line phone? ;-)

  • everist

    I own awonderful evo 3d smartphone but this is really abrilliant handset one must not miss.

  • everist

    Is htc evo 3d ,a 4G enabled smartphone?.If it’s true where’s 4G application located.

  • jez stix

    Next gen phone for me would have, built in hands free to match the quality of the parrot pmk5800 this also allows me to transmit music (via FM transmitter) to my car stereo. Kick stand for watching films whilst on a plane etc., quad core over 1gig of ram. 5” plus screen, 4g capable, android base as I am no longer a fan of windows mobile, And come on HTC how about making accessories for your phones that meet our needs, like a docking station that charges the phone along with capabilities of playing sound that is in stereo with volume controls for our music (I like listening to internet radio using the Tunein Radio app) and film needs

  • Serg

    One this everyone is missing is the support HTC continually supports its products for years after its released. Companies like Samsung, LG make one and just move on to the next and don’t support there products. For example the EVO 4G started on 2.1, then went to 2.2 and then 2.3 and now there’s talk about ICS. …..while Samsung’s (with the exception of the Nexus series) are lucky to see one new upgrade and when it hits it bricks half there phones.