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Ice Cream Sandwich source code hits AOSP; custom ROMs are a go!


Modders, hackers, developers and lovers of all things root, your time has come. It has just been announced over on the Android Building Google Groups page that the source code for Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0, is available now.

Now that the source code for Ice Cream Sandwich is available, it should only be a matter of time before custom Android 4 ROMs, like CyanogenMod, start making their way online. Not only that, but it means that the official update for the Nexus S should be available soon.

The exact version of Android that hit the Android Open Source Project today is Android 4.0.1. According to Google developer Jean-Baptiste M. “JBQ” Queru, it’s the build that will ship with the Galaxy Nexus.

According to a poll we ran here at Android and Me just a couple weeks back, a lot of you out there like to root and are all about the custom ROMs. So what do you think, who will be the first dev to publish a legitimate ICS ROM from source? And what kind of goodies are tucked inside the code? There will definitely be some surprises to come out of the release, so be sure to stay tuned for any updates.

Source: Google

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  • Alex

    If someone can get a working copy on the RAZR or Rezond before the Galaxy Nexus comes out I might be swayed..

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Wouldn’t be a total-shocker if some half-working ICS ports show up later this week. And we still don’t know the US release date for the Nexus, so anything is possible.

      • touchpad please

        Please think of my touchpad. I would love a $100 dollar ICS tablet!

      • WarDrake

        Actually the first half-working ICS roms have been arround for weeks…
        ports of the SDK.

        i’m betting tomorrow we have the first ICS rom from source out.

  • RockinEvo

    I’m looking towards CM I tried others synergy, miui but love CM I can see a stable release within a month n a half

  • ben dover


  • Nathan

    Sweet but my old phone probably can’t handle it though.

    • Dustin Earley

      What phone do you have?

      • Rey

        I hope my g2 cab handle it

        • noriega713

          It should…the G2 and the Nexus S are alot alike…

  • AsakuraZero

    its still a waiting game, but at least we have the hope to see ICS before the nexus at this rate

  • DroidSamurai

    My Nook Color has been waiting for a real tablet ROM for so long. Finally, it’s here!

    • hnn

      my nook color, too. the honeycomb SDK build i have on it is a fun preview, but a real build from source? drool.

      my nexus one eagerly awaits, too.

  • @johnsin

    My Galaxy S2 has been waiting..

    • Jimmy M

      All of a month? I’ve got one too, but c’mon.

    • Cwalden21

      My GS2 Has been waiting as well!! :)))

  • Nate B.

    Exciting for all. I want a pure port to my Epic Touch 4ag :). If anything over clocked feature but ice cream itself looks fine as is. I can wait for the official update for my Nexus S 4G. Man I wish the Galaxy Nexus was ready for all. Well, this is the story of our lives lol.

  • Apo

    Holy cow!! This I didn’t expect.. Way to go google, you’ve finally reacted to our disappointed toward nexus delay :)

  • alex

    My old WM HD2 is crying for a ICS rom….No WM for a long time, now is a Android fuc**ing Machine!

  • WarDrake

    I’ve been using SDK ports for 2 weeks now, I’m so fallign in love with the first dev to get me a source port for my phone ^_^

  • Steven

    one question: can we get this on the Rezound?

  • Kevinthebox

    MT4G handle it? (Second Generation Snapdragon, ~750 MB RAM)

  • Scotter

    Yay ICS! I have been sporting a Nexus One since the end of 2009 and just couldn’t wait any longer. Also, I’m still a little distrustful of Samsung. So yay I snagged an HTC Amaze. I thought I would give Sense a try. Ick. Not like. Slow, too. Rooted the phone and put BeastMod (by XBoarder) on it and woohoo it flies now! But I’m super glad to hear ICS source is out because I’m sure XBoarder is already looking at it to base his next ROM for the Amaze on it. Excitement!

    Random thoughts so far about the Amaze:
    - I like the size. The phone does not seem thick as it sounds on paper.
    - I love the screen’s 960×540 @ 4.3″ combo. It’s great in sunlight, too.
    - The 1730 mAh battery lasts about half a day for me away from charger. I already ordered a couple 1950 mAh ones.
    - The camera is AWESOME (fast and clear). The burst mode just ROCKS. FINALLY a phone that has a passable camera.
    - The phone is heavy in my pockets when wearing lightweight shorts. Otherwise OK.
    - Placement of buttons and stuff I do not like. For example, the USB is on the left side of the phone and is often awkward for me. The dedicated camera buttons I use sometimes and not even sure I will consistently. We’ll see what routine I settle into. But between having the camera buttons and the volume rocker on the right side, It’s sometimes awkward to hold the phone. I’m sure I’ll get used to that.
    - WiFi widget mis-reports actual speed of the WiFi. If I go into settings and look at the speed I see the full 77 mbps or whatever but looking at the widget shows only 1 to 8 mbps. This happened before root and after root. I’m not an Android coder so I can only guess there is some layer on this phone that widgets tap into for info and either the widget makers need to update for some changed API properties or the ?HTC? API is buggy. I say HTC because even after rooting, there are many elements of Sense :( still on this phone. Bring on the ICS!

  • Scotter

    I really doubt Samsuck/Google will release an official ICS update to the Nexus S before the Galaxy Nexus is out on T-Mobile. Why? Because (a) If Nexus S owners get ICS, they are less likely to buy the Galaxy Nexus or other shiny new Samsuck phone; and (b) Look at how it worked last year. While yes, this is smart business practice, it bugs me and contributes to my reluctance to put money in Samsuck’s pockets.

  • Rising33

    All Im saying is I could definitely use some ICS on my G2x, hahaha. Nice cant wait…..

  • Priyank Sharma

    This is great news I’ve been waiting for. Cannot wait to get my hands on the ICS.

  • Legend

    Come on MIUI! Make me proud! :)

  • Rashad

    My Nexus One needs this! I can’t wait for some Cyanogen Mod!

  • KatSelezneva

    Finally! Can’t wait to have a look at it! But my old smartphone surely won’t handle it :( Probably I should borrow a Samsung Galaxy from my colleague ))) “A dessert for developers: Some Ice Cream Sandwich, please!”:

  • Varun

    Waiting for CM or MIUI to come up with ICS for my Desire Z

    • -Dante-

      MIUI has a build for ICS since a few days. More info here

      • Gary

        that rom only updates the framework so pulls in a few minor features, still generally looks and behaves like gingerbread miui.

        Generally miui roms tend to be built over CM once all the hardware issues have been sorted.

        • -Dante-

          I dont like MIUI cause i am CM loyal user, but i installed on my Moto Milestone just for test it and it feel really smooth, isnt just the framework they it has power management and ram management from ICS, so loocks the same MIUI but with better performance.

  • GeauxLSU

    What’s the minimum space needed for ICS? I’m hoping the Liquid team can get it working on the OG Droid

  • TheBoracle

    As well as space, I am wondering about minimum processor requirements

  • pritams

    yeah…can’t wait for CM9