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ITC rules in HTC’s favor in former Apple subsidiary patent dispute

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Nokia, RIM and LG are probably feeling a bit foolish today after hearing that the US International Trade Commission ruled in HTC’s favor in the FlashPoint camera patent case. FlashPoint (a former Apple subsidiary) filed suit against HTC, LG, Nokia and RIM in July of 2010, claiming that the four companies were infringing on its intellectual property patents relating to digital cameras. LG, RIM and Nokia were hit with two separate patent disputes (patents 769 and 606) and chose to settle the case out of court in order to prevent a possible handset ban in the US market.

HTC decided to stick things out and fight the single 769 patent dispute claim and has been rewarded with a victory in the case. Yesterday’s ruling by the ITC states that HTC’s products do not infringe on FlashPoint’s patents.

The Commission has determined to affirm the judge’s determination of no violation of Section 337 with respect to the ’769 patent on the bases that (1) the accused HTC Android smartphones and the accused HTC Windows Phone 7 (WP7) smartphones do not infringe the ’769 patent, and (2) respondent has established that it has an implied license to practice the ’769 patent with respect to the accused WP7 smartphones, James HolbeinSecretary to the Commission - ITC

A patent victory for HTC means US consumers will continue to have a wide selection of Android phones at their disposal that are not taxed with unnecessary licensing fees. We don’t know how LG, RIM and Nokia will react to this news, but we hope they go back to the negotiation table with FlashPoint to restructure the settlement or licensing fees they agreed upon earlier this year.

Via: The Register

Source: US International Trade Commission

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  • aykutb

    awwww yeah!

    • erikiksaz

      I’m too old to be saying this, but…

      SUCK IT, stupid patent trolls!

  • Lane Montgomery

    Seems like a minor case, but it is a perfect example of why software patents need to be reformed at the least, and ideally banned.

  • jamieboy88

    I’m seriously lost these days when it comes to all the court cases and rulings. Wish someone would make an Infographic!

  • james bricknell

    Its why companies shouldnt just rollover on every patent suit that comes knocking

  • Toonshorty

    Patent lawsuits: If it’s not Apple, it’s somehow related to Apple.

  • MarkT

    Hmm – comment just disappeared. try again

    Smaller companies won’t spend the money on evaluating risk and liability exposure. They are far more likely to roll over, pay a licencing fee if asked and pass the cost on down the line. Larger companies like Samsung/HTC etc can fight a little harder, and maybe sometimes they defend when they should pay and vice versa.

    I just wish the software patent system wasn’t a mess.

  • melvinjavier

    it seems little but it talks about a heck of a money $$, goodluck to nokia lg rim and the others :D they settle it off court while htc fights and standsout :D oh yeah!

  • Nathan

    Yes! in your face apple =)

  • roamdeus

    These bullsht lawsuits need to stop so we the consumers can benifit from the things that a company can bring to the table without infringing on someone pantent ….. just imagine the things we could possible have …..but then imagine all the Chinese knock offs we would have …. this is y they need to do a patent reform to control this sanity

  • stenzor

    Patent lawsuit wins are patented by Apple! Awaiting patent lawsuit for infringing on their patent lawsuit win patent.

  • stenzor

    but patent wins are patented by Apple!

  • Brandon Peters

    Seems the tables are turning slightly

  • NegativeOne13

    I can’t wait for the day some Android phone manufacture gets back at Apple and bans all iOS phones.

  • aj

    SUCK IT APPLE!!!!! Seriously though im glad. Apple is starting to lose everywhere now. Maybe there will counter suits and drain apple. Stupid patent troll. Afraid of competition.

  • Marcus Nolasco

    Finally the courts get some sense! Take that, Apple!

  • desean

    A loss for Apple is always good news. Hope they wake up soon and innovate instead of fighting patent wars.

  • gwb

    Umm – the headline says *former* Apple subsidiary. Flashpoint is no longer part of Apple.