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Latest HTC Sync update delivers iTunes sync capability


Getting music to your Android phone has always been pretty simple. Just connect you phone to your computer via USB and transfer your files from your music folder right onto your phone. While this option is quick and simple, it’s very primitive compared to the syncing options iTunes and Windows Media Player offer to transfer your media to a dedicated MP3 player. Fortunately, HTC has finally listened to its users and has released a new version of HTC Sync that allows owners of the HTC Sensation XL and the HTC Rhyme to sync music, contacts and pictures through iTunes and Windows Media Player.

HTC has not announced when it plans to roll out this new feature to other HTC devices, but we’re going to assume that it’s coming fairly soon. For now, HTC sync only works on Windows computers, so we suggest you get Windows 7 loaded up with Parallels if you own a Mac. There are quite a few other iTunes sync options available on the web, but they’re all a bit more complex than they need to be.

Is HTC Sync’s new iTunes and Windows Media Player compatibility a welcome feature? Or has Google Music Beta already freed you from the archaic practice of storing music on your Android device?

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Source: Taiwan News

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  • Canterrain

    Is this saying you hook up your phone and use itunes direct? If so I’m calling a matter of time before Apple blocks it. See also the palm pre debacle. If not, a very interesting thing to try… If I used itunes. I do not though.

    • Nick Gray

      The whole Palm debacle was that Palm was spoofing the device ID, tricking iTunes into thinking that the Pre was an Apple product. apple has an API for iTunes which other software developers have been taking advantage of for year, so I don’t think Apple will have an issue with HTC Sync tapping into that.

  • md

    Of course not, it probably reads the iTunes database from the .xml file.

  • Dr.Carpy

    This seems like a lateral move. iTunes is effectively Apple bloatware. With so many ways to get music on a device as the article states, why this, why now?

    • 666

      Maybe you have other iDevices are have a ton of stuff in iTunes already from previous devices.

  • Bpear96

    Well this would allow for iphone users to more easily switch to android when they have large music collections, granted there are other ways but this will be simple for end users

    • Nick Gray

      I think you nailed it on the head, as long as it works. HTC Sync has had a bad reputation over the years since the software seems to have a mind of its own. If HTC can get this right, they will probably keep current customers happy and delight new customers as well.

  • ndokami

    Im actually happy for this feature but i have to say i’ve moved to google music a long time ago.. If they release this for the Regular HTC Sensation i will be interested in it because i have my issues with Google Music

  • Valerie

    Google Music is already filling this need as far as I am concerned. I would check out HTC Sync but I don’t think it will have anything new. I agree with the above poster that iTunes is Apple bloatware. I wish we had another way of using our ipods other than itunes.

  • Paul

    I don’t get it. When I connected my AT&T Samsung Galaxy SIi to my Windows 7 computer, Windows Media Player detected it as a mp3 player type of device and allowed me to transfer music and videos to and from the device and sync and everything. Instead of a drive letter, it showed up as a media device of sorts. Anyways, it was slow and clunky and I prefer the traditional method of just putting my mp3′s into a folder on the device, luckily that media-mode went away when I turned on usb debugging.

  • pritams

    why on earth should we even bother about itunes..

  • toualbia

    itues synchroniser mise a jour

  • Don Emilio

    After so many years, HTC still surprises with such a crappy Sync software (Version: 3.0.5617). The bug lists starts right away, when you open it.
    - Very long time to find phone
    - Not possible to select a folder for HTC Locations on the PC (it just says: null)
    - Not possible to minimize window !!!
    - Not possible to select an option for automatic start up
    - Locations says it is downloading maps, but it is not.
    - Sync fighting with PC filesystem for the sd-card, even though phone is in HTC Sync mode
    - Very bad Interface layout, nothing is smooth here.

    And so on.

    If this was an untested beta release from a first year student from an IT university, you might understand, but this is a complete release to millions of users!

    You just wonder Why, Why, Why is a advanced phone company providing this software at all? Why the big difference between the pretty good phone quality and this Not tested software. The good thing is that a Android phone can live without a PC connection.

  • rasual rasual (@RasualLee)

    transfer itunes music to android tablets

  • Kidd Gugliotta (@gordonmarcus1)

    here is a tool for all android users to transfer itunes music to androi