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LG announces Ice Cream Sandwich for four Optimus devices


LG has had quite the run with Facebook stories about whether or not certain devices will receive an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). Today, it’s taken to Facebook to announce plans to bring ICS to their top-tier devices. So far, the named devices that will see the update are the Optimus 2X, Optimus Black, Optimus 3D and Optimus LTE.

Though this does not suggest the US variants of these devices, we have a strong feeling that the US versions will also see the ICS update. It’s likely that LG simply used their internal names for these devices in the announcement rather than stating all names carriers have chosen to give these devices.

The full statement from LG:

LG confirms today that the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) OS will be initially available for the following high-end LG smartphones which were introduced this year: the Optimus 2X, the Optimus Black, the Optimus 3D and the Optimus LTE. We are also continuing to evaluate the ICS OS to determine whether it is compatible with the functionality, features and performance of other LG smartphones to make the ICS OS available on as many LG smartphones as possible.

In December this year, the forthcoming upgrade schedule and additional specific models for the ICS OS upgrade will be posted on our LG Mobile Global Facebook page ( and on our local LG websites. Please stay tuned for more updates from LG.LG's Facebook PageLG

If you happen to own one of the named LG devices, you should be happy to know that your device will likely see the ICS update over the next few months. Stay tuned.

Via: Android Central

Source: Facebook

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  • Jamie Scott

    As an owner of Optimus Black – since we didn’t get our Gingerbread update – I think we’ll have ICS in the next 12 months or so. Do they really expect us to believe that?!


    i have no faith in anything LG says!

    • melvinjavier

      i almost lost my faith too, but them BOOM my lg optimus 2x gets updated, still waiting for my Black and 3d to get updated :) lol until the hopes are gone :D

  • OnIn2

    OK, they are committing to have a schedule outlined in December. I’m listening, but rooted G2x just in case.

    • Anthony Domanico

      rooting is the way to go with the G2x :)

      • melvinjavier

        i am very much happy because here in asia the updates rolls out, and we got gingerbread :D waiting for ics for the nex few months (6 months?) lol

  • Tico4674

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Either way, I already sold my G2X and bought a sgs2 on craigslist.

  • Nathan

    As long as the G2X get it, then I’m a happy camper.

  • rantmo

    At the risk of belaboring the point, if the G2X doesn’t get the ICS update, I will be so pissed off that I will become incoherent. And then I’ll probably just learn how to root the damned thing.

    • Anthony Domanico

      If you do go ahead and get incoherent, post a youtube video. ;)

      • rantmo


  • jamieboy88

    Sure they’ll release it, but will it be up to scratch or buggy? Im going to go with the latter.

  • tengo

    I’ve learned not to trust manufacturer’s promises. LG promised a Gingerbread update to the Optimus line but when certain models didn’t receive the update, they claim the carriers are at fault. This might be true but they need to handle their expectation management a little better with these statements.

    • BigCiX

      If it’s a U.S. carrier then I believe it is the carriers fault.


        Agree, the final decision always rest with the Carriers, whether the phone will come with an unlocked bootloader or will be receiving updates.

  • Chuxter

    This is promising news. Let’s all hope they pull through. If not, then I propose we remind them of their broken promises by throwing ice cream sandwiches at their faces.

  • BigCiX

    Good stuff LG! You make great hardware but lack in the software department. This is a good sign. Now update your UI or just go straight vanilla.

  • erikiksaz

    I have little to no faith in LG. It took them nearly 4 months (memory is hazy) for them to load up gingerbread on the g2x in the US. From my understanding the o2x equivalent in canada doesn’t even have it yet. AND considering that the euro o2x was released months before their north american equivalents, they had plenty of time to conjur up the needed updates.

    LG can go to hell.

    • Core Memory

      Yes, no GingerBread for Canada, ever!

  • Canterrain

    As an owner of HTC phones, the question has rarely been if so much as when. And will the update do more harm than good.

    This among other reasons is why I’m honestly considering a nexus phone for my next phone. If it comes to my carrier.

    At Least LG is trying to communicate. That’s a start.

  • http://[email protected] OrganizedFellow

    As a rooter of every Androidâ„¢ phone that sits in my hands, the question has rarely been if so much as when.
    When will is be shared by the amazing developers at XDAforums :)

  • myandroid99

    i hope the g2x gets the update the companion of the optimus 2x

  • techvudu

    the fact that the G2X is even in question is bad PR for LG. That was their flagship phone until recent and the fact that only a single baseband update and I think two OS updates since the release only proves the haters true that they sold as many as possible and moved on. This type of thing smears mud in the face of Android and allows the continued fragmentation debate to fuel on. There should be no question that the G2X gets the update. Without rooting and flashing that phone, it was a bugged out nightmare.

    • phaet2112

      The G2x is only in question if you sit and try to read between the lines. The phone works fine on stock GB with the *one* OS update it received. The nerd rage over the 2x and how broken it supposedly was is usually hilarious to read over on XDA. OMG Tmo is spying on me w/G2x! OMG it crashes and freezes with my Apps im bringing over from my G1. OMG the camera is total crud now!

      • tmsbrdrs

        As an owner of the G2X, it didn’t work fine with stock GB. The phone was buggy yes the cam was crud. I installed CM7 and the bugs mostly went away, my apps didn’t freeze and my cam was actually pretty good.
        I’m currently running android 4.04 through eaglesblood ROM and aside from the problems with the NVidia driver not being released, the phone runs remarkebly well. If not for XDA and custom ROM developers, I’d be seriously unhappy with my purchase of this phone. Its predecessor, the G2, was and still is a better piece of hardware due, if for no other reason, than the software support.

  • ben

    Is there any technical reason why LG couldn’t make Android ICS work on the humblest (yet most predominant) of the Optimus’

    (Optimus-T P509, Optimus-S/U LS670, Optimus-V Vm670, Optimus-U US670, Optimus-M MS690 )

  • KatSelezneva

    Android 4.0. has already offered a lot of useful features for developers. I hope it won’t disappoint anyone further. A dessert for developers: Some Ice Cream Sandwich, please!

  • sandeep

    Well …. the GB update containing the new baseband is making my battery discharge even faster and more network disconnections than i could notice before the update. Hope LG brings out a new kernel and also tries to adhere to the schedule it is going to reveal in december.

  • Core Memory

    LG has to date disappointed owners of their phones by being so slow at providing updates, if at all, and inadequate support to independent developers. When they first announced the Optimus 2x, G2X, almost a full year ago, they stated that the phone would be initially sold with Android 2.2 which would shortly after be updated to Android 2.3 which they didn’t do for quite a while and not all all for some such as in Canada. I own an Optimus 2X which is identical to the T-Mobile G2X and haven’t received an official update to Android 2.3 because I am in Canada so I flashed my phone with the T-Mobile G2X baseband and ROM which has, apparently, voided the warranty on my one month old phone. LG didn’t include the G2X in their list of phones which will definitely get upgraded to ICS which really pisses me and a lot of others off. The developers over at xdadevelopers have been valiantly working on porting ICS to the G2X but have hit a brick wall because of the lack of information about the NVIDIA Tegra 2 drivers and other information necessary. As this information gets disseminated more, there is an increasing expression of outrage against LG and NVIDIA which is resulting in present owners of LG phones to dump them and developers abandoning development for them. LG doesn’t appear to really care, promises, promises, promises. What a pile of B.S!

  • Just A Guest

    I realyy don’t care how fast they do it cuz I have 2.3.7. CyanogenMod 7.2 So that’s great enuff for me until they make ICS available for my LG Optimus V…

  • Techie8693

    Dont worry about stock ICS update for LG devices. CM9 gonna make it in our devices.. Which really dont have an ics update!!!

  • Zack Mitchell

    And stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllll waiting……………………………………………….?????????????????????? This is total BS! Apparently “LG” stands for Lasta’ Get….”last ta get” a damn upate!! Never ever EVER EEEEEEEEVER getting another LG again, they’ll be the “last ta get” any of my hard earned dollars again I’ll tell you that much!!