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Logitech getting out of the Google TV game…for now


Earlier this week, Logitech hosted an Analyst and Investor day, during which the CEO of Logitech indicated that his company made a gigantic mistake when they went all in on the Logitech Revue with Google TV last holiday season. When Logitech decided to be the first company out with a Google TV device, they wrongly anticipated people would line up at Christmas time to purchase a Google TV device, even at the $300 launch price.

To make the long story short, we thought we had invented (sliced) bread and we just made them. (We made a commitment to) just build a lot because we expected everybody to line up for Christmas and buy these boxes (at) $300. That was a big mistake.Guerrino De LucaLogitech

We all know how that move worked out for Logitech. At one point, the number of returned Revue devices outnumbered the devices still in consumers houses. By De Luca’s own account, the Revue was a “mistake of implementation of a gigantic nature.” By gigantic, De Luca was referring to the company losing well over $100 million in operating profits on the Revue business line.

So how is Logitech responding to this loss? Logitech will be letting all inventory of the Logitech Revue run out, and has no plans to replace the Revue with another device. Logitech is getting out of the Google TV business, at least for now, though they did leave the door open to get back in once Google is ready for prime time.  Logitech doesn’t see that happening for a few more iterations of Google TV, however.

What do you guys think? Anyone out there have a Google TV that they use religiously? Or have you been holding off until Google TV has had a chance to get more content?

Source: The Verge

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  • Josh McAllister

    I don’t have a Google TV, but I won’t lie… I’m very interested in them. I would buy one, if the funds permitted! lol. But really, I do want one and I do plan on getting one some day.

  • Jake

    We have a home theater, and we use the GTV quite a bit for Netflix. We all have Android devices, so we control the whole setup from phones or tablets, and that’s cool.

    But the interface is shit, and despite many promises of updates, it remains shit. I’m really looking forward to the update that gives me market apps so I can play local content from my server.

  • JAGDrummer

    I love my Revue and, for lack of a better phrase, I’m getting very p.o’ed in Logitech’s inability to release the honeycomb update. “Shortly after” Sony devices has already come and gone and the latest I’ve heard is Google gave the update to Logitech but they’re doing some “tweaking.”

    Now I have a feeling Logitech could care less.

  • Dwayne

    Logitech charged too much for the device’s limited functionality. I do have one of the devices (picked it up once the price dropped to $100) and it has some promise, but the software makes all the difference. Even if the networks don’t play along, why not give it DVR functionality or Slingbox-like functionality? Else forget about charging the big bux.

  • JAGDrummer

    I’ve been holding off on installing the Honeycomb leak in hope Logitech would release the update soon but I just might have to install it now.

  • Travis

    I bought one at $300 and ended up returning it, it just wasn’t worth it.. It’s a shame that Logitech was left with such a sour taste. I’m sure the honeycomb update and market will make a big difference.

  • nick

    I may be one of the few remaining believers!

    I got my revue for free from google’s initial developer offering.

    at $299, it just wasn’t worth it. the hardware isn’t there. the software wasn’t there.

    at $99, the logitech revue is still a great deal and I still recommend it strongly for anyone who consumes a large amount of web content.

    I’m a big follower of professional starcraft II. professional starcraft II represents roughly 80% of my video media consumption a week at 10-15 hours/ week.

    Since 100% of professional starcraft II is delivered over the web, the logitech revue makes the perfect eSports companion.

    I consume content from (live streams from professional gamers), (the world’s biggest and most prestigious starcraft II league, run in korea), youtube (recorded matches from virtually all major tournaments).

    To those doubting the legitimacy of video games as Sports, Starcraft II tournament winnings have totalled over $5 million USD for the game’s first year of life. The biggest tournaments get 80-150k live viewers, and those numbers are steadily increasing every quarter.

    the first Starcraft is now 13 years old and is still played professionally in korea with the top players earning salaries to the tune of $200,000/year besides tournament winnings, 10′s of thousands of fans at live events, and TV stations dedicated exclusively to Starcraft matches.

    I personally could not be happier with my revue for web content consumption. as more content becomes available on the web (hint: google’s working on it) google tv should appeal to more and more people.

    the cable TV integration is nice too, though not a huge selling point for me.

    the single most underrated/overlooked feature for the google TV is its ability to turn your android (or iOS) phone into a universal remote controlling your cable box, google TV, TV (and anything else with an IR remote control)
    note: logitech now sells a device (harmony) which does JUST this universal remote functionality for $99.

    I cannot repeat enough: the logitech revue may have been a bad decision for logitech, but at $99, I cannot recommend the device enough.

    • JLix

      Holy Nerd Alert!!!

      This is awesome. Lets turn my review of a Google TV into me telling you that Starcraft is a sport! Man, sometimes one never knows what gems we are gonna find on this website!

      Yes, Starcraft is a sport. Also, COD is a sport. Hell, everything XBOX, PS and NES should now be considered a sport. Back in my day, we laughed at cheerleading being a sport, but now this? This is some classic stuff right here my friends.

      While we are at it, will you all consider me BBQing in my patio and drinking beer till i pass out in a lawn chair a sport? Or. Picking my kids up from school a sport? Or. How bout me trying to pick up drunk chicks at the local pub, can this be a sport? (Sorry Starcraft guy, this one is probably not gonna happen for you, but you have fun with that Startcraft, Mmmmm-kay?)

      • nick

        maybe one day someone will call your trolling a sport.

        note that my comment was actually relevant to the article. in fact, i’m directly responding to Anthony’s closing questions.
        yours is just a bunch of panty-bunchery and mockery.

        as for sporthood:
        do you consider curling a sport? bowling? bike racing? vehicle racing? what about pocket billiards? poker? chess? scrabble?
        you can draw the line wherever you please. some people may only count curling and bowling, of those listed above. you may not even count those. or maybe you do and include bike racing and vehicle racing, but not billiards, chess, scrabble.

        i say if you have a game with fixed rules and objective winners and losers, you’ve got a sport.
        if people are paid to play it, and fans will show up by the thousands to watch it, you’ve got a professional sport.
        check out the first minute or so here: to get an idea of the production value that goes into starcraft, and the magnitude of the crowds that show up for live games.

        but after all, trolls gonna troll.

        • DK

          …please don’t call playing games sports. Whether it’s poker, bowling, video games, driving in circles, over eating, etc etc, these are not sports! They are simply competitions. Sports are more so athletic competitions.

          Also you might want to turn off the electronics, step outside and discover the sun..

          • nick

            would a rose if called by any other name smell any less sweet?

            don’t get so hung up on the word. whether they’re sports or esports or just games is immaterial really.

            you’re uncomfortable about the fact that people play computer games professionally for serious money? get over yourselves.

            as for the ad hominen attacks, grow up. I see plenty of sun. I have a beautiful wife and a beautiful daughter. they’re not starcraft fans themselves, but im working that.

            again, that you’re attacking a person you don’t know on the internet because his interest in professional video games speaks volumes more about you than either professional games or their fans.
            again, grow up.

          • JLix

            Speaking of trolling, didn’t you as well come back to the site to see if anyone had responded to your great Starcraft post?

            And becasue you have a wife and a daughter, does that make your Starcraft post any more viable? And becasue you have a wife and a daughter, how does that prove to us you have seen the sun since the last Star Wars film?

            Also, you were defending your “sport” in your very first post knowing darn well that you were going to hear from the peanut gallery so take your lumps Starcraft!

            My attacking you may speak volumes about me, but I am still ok with it. I will still be on the balcony of the frat house biting through beer cans with my eyes crossed screaming “Nerds! Nerds! Nerds!” so happy gaming to you Wormser.

          • DK

            I’m uncomfortable that people play professionally for money? lol. Oook, where the hell did that come from? Of course I don’t care at all what goes on in that world of yours, and I’m sure no one else here does. This would be an android site, not starcraft. Stop trying to promote unrelated crap.

            Playing Starcraft is not a sport.

  • niterider804

    I have two google TV. Sony 46inch in my bedroom, and a sony blu ray player. I love using the TV with my FIOS Box. Wish it had more content though…

    - More content/apps
    - AirPlay would be so awesome

    besides that I like using my google tv. Just think it should have used a Tegra processor and more content. I hope it survives.

  • Ricky

    I love my Revue. I was one of the people that bought it the day it was released and I still think it’s the greatest thing to happen to T.V. since a remote. It has revolutionized my home theatre system and when my friends see how I am using mine they pretty much all go out and buy one. I take advantage of the games like wedraw and play with all my friends, watch netflix, listen to pandora, find new t.v. shows, search the web, watch YouTube. Since purchasing the Revue I would estimate probably 80% of the television I watch now is on YouTube (I use the YouTube Leanback feature). I also love that I can now control my t.v., stereo, DVR, etc all from my phone. I don’t think Logitech or Google has spent enough time explaining the benefits and showing consumers how to really take advantage of this. I have a Boxee, apple tv, roku, etc and the only one hooked up to my main television is my Revue.

    • larry p

      Hopefully Sony will take them over or better yet Google will take them over. It is such a promising component to have and use. I like the full size keyboard much better then the Sony

  • Ironzey

    Sad news. I really like my Google TV. There is a ton of content. Just not NBC, ABC and CBS, they suck anyway.

    At $300 it ain’t worth it but for $100 you get a browser on your TV ( youTube, Vudu, Amazon…), a really good IR blaster and you can do voice commands with it I guess if it had a bitten apple on it people would have flocked to it. Too bad.

    What does this mean in reference to the update?

    I just may pick up another one. Yes, I like it that much.

    P.S. Why can’t I log in?

  • 666

    Google TV is a huge flop. Sad but true. The software was unintuitive but the lack of content was even worse.

  • jjsink

    I have been sitting on the edge of my couch (yes, I DO have a life — that was only figurative), checking everyday for the much anticipated Honeycomb update to my Logitech Revue…. sad to say, I’m honest and expect others to hold true to what they say and promise.
    Logitech has been promising a Revue update “…in the coming weeks…” for quite some time now so this news disappoints and disturbs me very much.
    However, be apprised, Logitech, I can be a vindictive person… when Jack-in-The-Box overcharged me for a burger one day… I didn’t go back there for over a year — they are not the only company.
    Looks like the same will apply to Logitech as well… no more Logitech keyboards, mice, trackballs, webcams for me — there are other vendors and they’ll get my business now.

  • Daniel

    I use boxee box and am pretty happy with it. Very good UX, features and services. Thought about Google TV but saw no good info about how it would work with my network files (video, music, etc…)

  • kinderdm

    I really want to get one of these but only with the Honeycomb update. After reading this article it makes me wonder if it really will ever make it on there as Logitech seems to no longer have an vested interest if it does. Im tempted to buy one now for when it comes but I dont want that day to never come and to be stuck with a near useless device (i dont have cable or satellite and want it for its streaming from comuter and web)

  • F1apjacks

    I use my Sony Blu-Ray/GoogleTV box daily. The honeycomb update has improved the interface and functionality dramatically. I am disappointed with the cable box integration though. I don’t use Dish network and likely never will. The comcast dvr integration has improved, but still isn’t what it should be. Overall I like the unit.

  • logan

    I recently picked up Sony’s Blu Ray / Google TV combo for $200, which I thought was a great deal. It replaced my old Sony Blu ray player and has all the functionality (minus Hulu Plus) plus more. My wife and I mostly use Netflix and Pandora, but I’m hoping something will happen with Sage (Google’s purchase) software making its way to Google TV to provide a better media center experience, which severely lacks as of now. The honeycomb update sure did improve the usability, but I find that it is still lacking.

  • Josh P

    I use my logitech revue as my sole means of TV entertainment and cancelled my satellite. It’s 95% Netflix and a mix of everything else like Revision3 (Tekzilla and Hak5 are actually great shows!). I watch live TV over the air with the free digital broadcasts and an amplified indoor antenna by the window. Not having that huge monthly bill for hundreds of channels I will not watch ever feels VERY VERY good. Try it for a month or two just to see if you can “live” without it. I watch some things on the day after it airs if I absolutely have to – but most of the time I can wait.

  • KevinN

    Logitech just give us the update and be on your way!!

  • Mike Ankener

    Does anyone know if Logitech is going to work with Google to update its OS to Android 3.1? They announced an upgrade around October 31st, and it has yet to hit my box. For those of us who did purchase the product, we welcome the improved user experience! Has anyone seen an update yet?

    • EmeryLee

      Nope, haven’t seen an update yet. Hopefully they’ll have something for us before the end of the year or prior to Thanksgiving. Before Thanksgiving would be really cool because I’ve already convinced a few of my relatives to get one of these as a substitute to their old computers for browsing the internet for information.

  • EmeryLee

    I have the Logitech Revue and we use it all the time at home. I find myself catching up with my website reading as well as watching or listening to my recorded shows on the DVR at the same time using the PIP function. If Logitech wants to get out of this business so be it. I bet you that Sony, Samsung, and other vendors could probably create a better device. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes with the Honeycomb update. If a manufacturer succeeds to create an affordable unit that can act as a decent media integration device they’ll have a hit.

    Disregarding price this is what I’d like to see in a Google TV device:
    1) Tegra 3+
    2) At least 8GB RAM/ROM, with the ability to add more storage space via usb or internally adding a micro sd card 8GB+ Class 6 or greater.
    3) A dependable media center that can detect any shared folders or shared hard drives on the network with an password access prompt for security purposes.
    4) Consistency between the Google TV menus and those you see on the Android phone (I think they got this one with the latest update)
    5) The ability to use other Logitech or other brand webcams, as wells as, other wireless peripherals with the unit. Such as printers, scanners, etc.

    I don’t think this is asking for too much but I do realize that in order to keep the developers and programmers, who help create the programs and functions for these units get paid the units have to be priced correctly. Hence the $300 intro price.

    • EmeryLee

      Please excuse me for the typos and grammatical errors.

  • pritams

    Sometimes u miss…

  • jomolpo

    On en a marre de vos discutions,qui ne servent-à rien.Donnez-nous des infos sur le prix et làchez-nous le grappe.

  • Bazkur

    I’ve had my Google TV since Xmas 2011 and I use it almost every day. I don’t see my life without it. It is so much easier to use GTV over the netflix software on my blu-ray player, the WII, or even the PS3. I’m dismayed to learn that they are not producing any more of them, I would have bought another one in a heart beat if anything happened to mine.

    That said, $300 is a big pricey when you think about a PS3 going for about the same price and offering a great deal of the same (and more) services. The real value in GTV comes from the ease of use and nifty keyboard!