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Microsoft now targeting Huawei for its cash

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You would think Microsoft would be happy with the money it is taking from some of the bigger Android manufacturers – but no. Now they are trying to get some money from our little buddy, Huawei. While this company is not among the most recognized, it is gaining its place in the Android atmosphere, and sadly, that can be a downside when it comes to Microsoft.

Claiming that Android devices are infringing on many of their patents, Microsoft has been taking $5-$15 per device sold from multiple Android manufacturers (now over half of them). Microsoft is currently making more profit out of Android devices than Windows Phone smartphones. It’s quite a shame.

This Chinese manufacturer’s growth has now come to Microsoft’s attention, and wants it to become part of its money-making trophy wall. Huawei representatives have stated that Microsoft has indeed reached out to them. Negotiations seem to be “in progress,” but Microsoft has already been winning these legal battles. We seriously doubt that Huawei can get away from this one without busting out its wallet for Microsoft.

We sure hope that this legal bullying will stop soon. Google is planning to acquire Motorola, and manufacturers are surely trying to protect themselves, as well. The patent wars should calm down at least a little bit once Google and its partners get stronger patent portfolios.

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  • Andro

    EXACTLY which patent is MS suing every Android OEM for ?

    • AppleFUD

      MS requires every company to sign a NDA form before talks begin. B&N wouldn’t sign it and told them to F’ off. . . to which MS said, we’ll sue, and they did.

      The whole thing is very thungish–a software company who’s founder and original CEO (Bill Gates) stated that software patents were a bad idea now wants everyone to pay them for software patents–F’n hypocrites. Sure, no software patents when they first start off so they rip every software idea off that they can find, make bank and are now crying that Android is kicking their asses.

      MS. . . F*** YOU!!! I won’t buy any more of your s***. . ..

      • Eli

        Remember, it’s not bill doing this anymore, He’s almost barely involved with MS from what I can see. He’s busy doing his Philanthropic work. This is all Ballmer’s fault.

        • AppleFUD

          Bill Gates is still the Chairman and he has the most stock in the company. If he said knock it off, they would stop it immediately.

          MS has never innovated without getting the idea of what to do from someone else first.

          • David

            In an economic crisis company’s will do what it takes to keep the cash flow. Company’s worth billions of dollars rarely have that sort of money it’s all investors and Gates/Ballmer have very little say.

            It’s easy to judge from so far away, but by the time your in their shoes you’ll be doing the same, you’ll put up a fight just like they did no doubt, but it won’t last long.

  • Nathan

    Vampire! Get the stakes!

  • user x

    Microsoft deserves what they have coming to them.

  • Julio Chavez

    It’s insane how Microsoft makes more money off Android than Google itself.

  • KC

    Yes, I despise bullying leeches who live off others, without working for it. My future purchases will DEFINITELY not be anything from MicroSoft or related to MicroSoft. They are already doing well now, living off the innovations and hardwork of others. No point supporting them anymore. No more MicroSoft !!!!!!

  • Queen Laqueefa

    This is some straight up mafia shakedown ish and the fact that it continues to go unchecked shows just how completely and totally out of control the patent trolls are.

  • alterSchw3de

    Oh kids start growing up! Yes the patent system is crap, yes there are so many patents which aren’t worth the paper they’ve been print on but honestly? The way Microsoft works is exactly the way it’s supposed to be.

    A develops x
    B uses x

    A requests fees from B because of x

    From my point of view this is way better than suing each other all the time.

    • Mr nobody

      Agreed. How this seems like bullying to people is beyond me. Am I a Microsoft fanboy? Not even slightly. However, if 50% of Android manufacturers are agreeing to pay Microsoft as this post states, it seems to suggest that Microsoft may just have a claim. These manufacturers are not paying out of the kindness of their own hearts, they’re doing it because their own legal counsel is telling them that Microsoft isn’t making it up. If Microsoft has a patent, they deserve to get paid.

  • Derek

    Not sure why you would state “its quite a shame”. Microsoft owns these patents. They could refuse to license them to Android manufacturers and keep them only for themselves and there’d be no Android period. Stop your complaining.

    Google has infringed on every major corporations patents; Nokia, Microsoft, Oracle, etc. They are the ones in the wrong here, not the legitimate owners of intellectual property.

  • Jorge

    They’ll ruin it for sure. Like everything else Micrsoft does!

  • pritams

    Son of a b*itch..