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Motorola Xyboard (Xoom 2) pricing, release date revealed


An internal Verizon MAP document leaked both the release date and on-contract pricing for the Motorola Xyboard line of tablets. The device that could go down in history as one of the worst named products will land on Verizon Wireless on December 8th (hopefully alongside the Galaxy Nexus). There are a total of 5 different SKUs in the Motorola Xyboard family.

Though we’ve seen Amazon turn the tablet market upside down with the release of it’s incredibly cheap Kindle Fire, the announced price points suggest that Motorola is keeping in line with tradition with price points similar to the iPad2 and other high-end Android tablets.

  • 8″ screen – 16GB storage – $429.99
  • 8″ screen – 32GB storage – $529.99
  • 10″ screen – 16GB storage – $529.99
  • 10″ screen –  32GB storage – $629.99
  • 10″ screen – 64GB storage – $729.99

These high price points become even more astronomical when you consider you’ll have to sign a 2 year contract with Verizon. The entry-level Verizon tablet plan will set you back an additional $30 per month for 2GB of 4G LTE data, or $720 over the life of the contract.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think these things will be flying off the shelves this holiday season. Sure, the Xyboard can do much more than the likes of the Kindle Fire, most people are looking to spend much less than $430 for a tablet device. Especially when you consider that these tablets can’t quite replace your laptop or netbook just yet.

Anyone out there excited by the Motorola Xyboard, or do you think it’ll become another Android tablet failure story?


Source: Droid-Life

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  • Briareos

    Are they insane? Motorola is pricing themselves right out of the tablet market. I can understand prices like that if it was a standalone unit, but requiring a 2-year contract on top of that? This’ll be just as big of a hit as the Xoom was. Transformer Prime ahoy!

    • Brent A.

      Remember the HTC “Puccini” that ended up the Jetstream with ATT? that thing was upwards of 800 bucks. they dropped the price down around 700 if you signed a 2 year. What are these companies thinking?

      this thing doesnt even compare close at all to the stats of the Asus Transformer Prime (a.k.a. The most beastly tablet being produced currently), and its considerably more money. Congrats Motorola on being a gang of dipshits!

      • Legend

        Can you really blame moto for being dipshits? They want google/moto acquisition to go through so badly so they are showing the government they can’t run a company properly. :)

        What kind of name is xyboard anyway?

    • Met Fan

      The prices are not terrible at all honestly, the Tablet is the same price with the same contract, and the iPad 2 doesn’t require a contract for the same contract but lets face it it is a much older tech than both the Tab and this Xoom 2. The new Xyboard name that Verizon came up with is pretty pathetic, but this looks like a pretty sweet device. Will wait for the reviews next week, but this is making me hold off on purchasing the Samsung Tab.

  • Mil

    Who is going to want to buy this when the 32GB Transformer Prime is priced at $499. I have a feeling that the Prime will be flying off the shelf while the Xyboard will be left on the shelf gathering dust.

    • Anthony Domanico

      They’ll probably come out with a wifi edition that will mirror the prices of the transformer prime. Even then, it’s a tough sell.

  • charliethesuperturtle

    the xyboard is shit. how can they charge more for this than asus charges it’s transformer?
    at least the asus people know how to give there products names……
    transformer prime ftw!!!!!!!

  • Anthony

    Motorola needs to just get out of the tablet market all together at this rate along with HTC at this rate now wonder why Android tablets didn’t take off because they don’t know what there doing.

    I’m getting rid of my Xoom which I’ve enjoyed but have some complaints about so hello Transformer Prime just wish it had 2GB or ram

    • Vidur

      Hey Anthony, what kind of trouble did you have with your Moto xoom..?

  • SphericalPuma

    Motorola clearly didn’t learn from last year’s launch. If ASUS can market the hell out of the Prime they’ll sell a lot of tablets. Let’s see 500 dollars for a quadcore tablet with ICS and 32GB, or a “Xyboard.”

  • JIW

    I can’t say I’m surprised. I think Motorola is counting on the fact that most consumers aren’t that familiar with brands like Asus… and therefore see their products as ‘off-brand’ or ‘ second rate’ (for lack of better terms). Whereas Motorola is Motorola… and even if it’s technical specs might not look as great on paper, it ‘must’ be better. I also think we’ll see a price drop after the holidays.

    • Brent A.

      The point made about them counting on people assuming asus is off-brand is actually a really good one, that I’ve not previously heard or read being raised before. Kudos to you for that. Unfortunately for Motorola, lots of android owners are android owners because they’re tech enthusiasts, and I hope that drives this product to flop harder than a fish out of water.

  • Nathan

    Not interested at all you know why because the Asus transform prime is on pre order and is cheaper let alone they it a more powerful tablet to begin with.

    • Nathan

      Sorry about the grammer, I should slow down when I am typing.

  • Ramshambo2001

    Uh, wow. They deserve whatever they get. DOA. It’s really too bad that Googe picked Motorola as the “nexus: tablet maker, they kind of give android a bad name.

    Should go with ASUS all the way, they actually know what they are doing.

  • Ramshambo2001

    Uh, wow. They deserve whatever they get. DOA. It’s really too bad that Google picked Motorola as the “nexus: tablet maker, they kind of give android a bad name.

    Should go with ASUS all the way, they actually know what they are doing.

  • Dr.Carpy

    Instead of xyboard or xoom 2 they should have named this the doom 2. Cause this thing is doomed to fail! The Transformer Prime is gonna eat it’s breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  • Donnieace

    They remind me of Sony; Always pricing themselves out of the market.

  • thaghost

    no one wants that p.o.s.

    • http://androidandme bill

      I think consumers will pay a premium for quality, as evidenced by all the pre-orders for the Prime (myself included) so their pricing plan isn’t so far off the mark. Plus, look how many 3G 64GB iPad 2′s were sold and they are pushing the envelope to nearly $900.00!

      Therfore, I don’t think Motorola has to discount this tablet further if it has an attactive enough package at launch. Especially considering Motorola has about every tablet price point covered all the way from $199 for a Xoom, $379 for the FE, up to $729 for a loaded 4G. So if you don’t want to pay a premium for a XOOM 2 4G then buy a Family Edition or older XOOM at the new more aggressive price points.

      If the XOOM 2 includes a processor that performs strong enough, is built like the Razr, and includes unique features like a digitizer and splash guard then I might look past a dual core and buy it instead of the Prime soley because I want the 4G and don’t play games and like Motorola’s build quality. Those features might be enough to pass on the Prime.

      But, if they release a XOOM 2 with spec’s like the one mentioned in the UK and try to get a premium price point simply based on brand identify and Verizon’s network, then I agree with what everyone is saying, they are insane and I will gladly accept my pre order of the Prime-whenever it ships.

      Can someone just confirm the darn delivery dates! It is killing me

  • inerdtia

    Apparently Motorola didn’t pat attention to the lessons learned from the HP TouchPad, that customers prefer lower prices. Everybody else seems to be lowering prices. Even the quad-core Asus Transformer Prime is cheaper than the XOOM 2.

  • SuperAndroid

    Ouch, look where that guy is kicking.

  • donger

    i’ll stick with my xoom

  • Chrislewissd

    What was their marketing department thingking???!!!

  • wontsttle4less


  • ericwilborn

    Hate the name, love the design

  • Will

    Sadly I think the sole benefit of the xoom 2 vs the asus prime is network capability. For a business professional it is more of the issue of having a network and not necessarily price or specs. 4g integration is built in on the xoom 2. Who knows how long and more importantly what extra pricing will it take on the asus prime to get 4g? For business the xoom 2 on the verizon network is exactly what i need. The ICS won’t even be shipped with prime so basically they are the same give or take a few points. IF and ONLY IF the asus prime was tied to a major cell company I might evaluate it as another option to compare, but as of right now I have seen nothing to that effect. Xoom 2 may not be the greatest if you are a tech fetish person, but for us non-geek practical people the xoom 2 currently outperforms in choice. Ipad 2 runs same prices but then you are tied to a terrible network for internet capabilities. And before everyone tells me oh Wifi is on all of them, you have to know that for my line of work there is hardly enough starbucks around in a lot of the places I go.

  • Craig Mogi

    I don’t think that this thing is going to be able to hold it’s own against the Transformer Prime. Sure it’s got network capabilities, but in all honesty, who’s not going to figure out a way to tether it to their phone and get what they need that way. I already pre-ordered the Prime, and I can’t wait for it, I just wish they’d settle on a release date.

  • motorola droid

    This is the best tablet ever! I hope they can keep them in stock for X-mas.
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  • guest

    The price on the xoom i would rather buy an ipad because then i could put my itunes and movies on it.