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Android tunes into Google Music, adds free songs, Google+ integration, Artist Hub


Today Google held their special event to officially announce Google Music, which included a ton of mini-announcements. There was literally so much information that it could turn into a dozen posts, but we captured the hightlights in bullet form after the jump. Read on for all the latest details.

  • Google Music accounts are now open to all US residents –
  • Music purchases are live in the Android
  • Google Music Android app was updated to version 4.0.9
  • Music partners include EMI, Sony Music, Universal, and a number of independent labels
  • Users can upload up to 20,000 songs from your personal music collection to listen from any computer or on your phone, even offline. All for free
  • Once your music is online, it’s always available. Playlists are automatically kept in sync, and you don’t have to worry about cables, file transfers, or running out of storage space
  • Any song that a user purchases can be shared over Google+ to allow a full free play for their friends
  • Exclusive music from Rolling Stones, Cold Play, Busta Rhymes, Shakira, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band
  • Android Market has hundreds of free songs
  • T-Mobile announced a special partnership with Google Music that will allow customers to bill music purchases to their monthly phone bill
  • Google Music Artist Hub will allow artists to create their own account for $25 and start uploading music. Revenue split is 70/30
  • Google fans can buy the Android Concert T-Shirt in the Google Store
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  • james bricknell

    absolute shite.

    they released their flagship phone in europe then dont release their new project. so all of us who have a galaxy nexus cant use it.

    • @BiGMER F

      i will trae ya the delayed service for my delayed phone

      • Mark

        Jeez, you imported. Stop complaining. It’s getting old.

        • @BiGMER F

          o i am so sorry kind sir. I did not realize this was a closed forum and voiving your displeasure was not allowed. please forgive me.

          anyway, yes i did preorder an import. but that does not mean i would like to cancel and walk into a bestbuy to get one instead. that does not mean i am not frustrated with Google turning there backs on the company that gave them there break, along with those of us who flocked to tmobile believing that we would always be on the front lines of a nexus release

  • Toonshorty

    I was hoping just the beta would be US only, how wrong I was.

    I’m a huge fan of Android but it’s at times like this where Apple do it right.

    Stop making things US exclusive!

    • AsakuraZero

      damn straight google forgets that android its already a GLOBAL phenomena? they should look for ways to do a larger beta zone… US only its a pain on the butt

      • rantmo

        I suspect the US only launch relates entirely to the difficulties of negotiations with labels and artist’s unions. It took them this long to get any purchases at all; I’m sure they want global reach but can’t get it yet. Hell, they can’t even get all the major labels in the US yet.

        • Toonshorty

          That’s probably true. It’s times like these you consider joining the Wall St. Occupation…

          Don’t they make enough money already? How is putting music globally on Google Music going to cost them at all? Surely it’ll just bring in more money? Unless, as usual they are being greedy and want Google to pay them so they can make more money on their money.

        • Silgrond

          Ok, but at least let us download the app from the market in Europe.

    • JLix

      It’s US only because we are the best damn country in the world. Without us, you would not even have Google!

      Everything should start US Exclusive because we are the protectors of the world and we deserve it!

      Who you gonna call when Germany, Japan, Iraq, Afghanistan is knocking on your back door? The US! So stop whining about having to wait your turn and stand up for yourself the next time you want something first!

      • james bricknell

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was a joke right?? lol….. no?…. you actually believe you are the protectors of the world???? i’ll say again HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


        • JLix

          Without us you would be eating Kraut and have a tat of Hitler on your ass! Hell yeah I am serious! I don’t see anyone else defending the people of this world that can’t protect themselves! Or i should say you are not there until we have pushed first. Good try though, go fix your teeth.

          • james bricknell

            who are you protecting? the poor people you steal oil from? how about your own countrymen who have nothing? fixed up new orleans yet? no? sort yourselves out before “protecting the rest of the world”

            and if you want to sterotype lose some weight you burger munching mouthbreather

  • rantmo

    Well I’m conditionally excited. My Music app has updated but my Market app doesn’t yet have music offerings yet. The biggest thing for me (other than selection which will obviously take time) will be the availability of redownloading. I’ve never been a fan of Amazon’s policy, which as near as I can tell is that one can only download your purchases once. If this is smooth and well-integrated and especially if smaller, independent acts are able to get in and are treated well, Google will be my go-to from here on out.

    • Gr8Ray

      Amazon automatically puts your MP3 purchases in their cloud for streaming or repeated downloading. It’s been available for about a year now.

      • rantmo

        I was never able to get redownloading to work, though maybe I was looking in the wrong place. Still, not a good sign.

  • AntonioFox

    Wow… at first I questioned the UI Layout, but then I got over my slight dismay like greased lightning on black ice and found that Google Music is indeed made of Awesomeness!! (…with Android sprinkles) Way to go Google!!

  • Sp4rkR4t

    Anyone have a link to the 4.0.9 apk for us poor non-us customers?

  • AntonioFox

    enjoy the Awesomeness!


    • http://None Javier Bastardo

      Thank you!

  • Nathan

    Lets go!! This will make thing easier for me.

  • jefmes

    You guys outside the U.S. need to chill out…I’m sure it’ll come to everyone eventually, but we all know how complicated all the stupid copyright issues are. Once they have everything ironed out I’m sure everyone will get it – it’s in their best interest.

    • AsakuraZero

      we know but the cloud services and the new app they could just trow it at us, i dont mind waiting for the service to be available over here in panama but… even rejecting the new music app download its kinda too much

    • John

      You’re only saying that because you’re in the US. If you lived outside of the US, you’d be the first one screaming “why can’t I get google music in my country, damn you google!!!”

      • james bricknell

        exactly just like you were all sure the galaxy nexus wouldnt be announced anywhere but the U.S. then went mental because it wasnt in the U.S first

  • Mark

    There’s also a huge drawback to this service — where are my MP3′s in case I want to move to a non-Android device? Well, you’ll need to mark them as available for offline storage, navigate to your cache folder, and discover that the files are all stored as RandomNumberHere.mp3. It’s an organization nightmare for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to the cloud.

  • charliethesuperturtle

    Shakira Shakira
    oh baby when you talk like thattt
    Yes free Shakira music

  • spintrex


  • Ironzey

    I pretty much can’t stand music. Today was another disappointment. Now I can resume my constant kvetching about the Galaxy Nexus on T mobile.

  • squidycent

    Ardour by “Teeds” .. haha they made a typo on Teebs

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    I use Google Music on the web and my Android, thanks to a handy proxy change for the registry, but it sucks I can’t even access the Music Store. yeah Google, I know I can’t buy the tracks but at least let me check the service. this goes for books as well.

    Anyway, the features sound amazing, I’m already rocking the latest app on my phone. I don’t know if I must wait for a roll-out but as far as I can see you can’t Share music you upload to the service (seems reasonable) and even those given to you for free by Google (Magnifier), which doesn’t seem right, specially since they have all the options of a purchased song from the Market.

    Artist Hub sounds like a great idea. An exclusive content just for Google? Right on, and T-mobile users must be twice as happy..

    I’ve been waiting for this for so long, and I’m happy to say I’m not disappointed, ‘cept for the fact is not available outside US, but that’s understandable, yet annoying.

  • Jason

    One thing that really makes me nervous about this is proof of ownership. I have mp3s dating back to the mid nineties from cds that I owned and ripped. When I was in college my car was broken in to and cleaned out. I lost all of my cds. Luckily I have the mp3 files and have kept them year after year. Yes I’m old and yes I have old music. Pearl Jam Ten is probably the best album ever made.

    But who is to say that mp3s kept in the cloud won’t be questioned for ownership? Do I really want to open myself up to the hassle of being questioned and explaining why I have the digital media from a cd but not the cd itself? I hate to be all scared of the ominous big brother watching everything I have floating out there, but is it really worth it to use the cloud on things like music when there is so much emphasis on piracy (even if you are not doing it)?

  • mshramek

    I love the new app and music store. Definitely a +1! Just can’t wait for the market to update on my phone.

  • magnum80

    Google Music is really sweet! Although pinning songs for offline listening on my Nexus One does not always work. (v4.0.9)

    Does anybody know how I can delete songs from my phone which I made available for offline? Just unpin them and they get deleted?

    For everybody who wants to use Google Music outside the US, just login once with an US IP address. There are many ways. It works.


  • SuperAndroid

    I am quite impressed with Google Music esp. the artist hub feature, hopefully it won’t be too long before europe get to join in.

  • pritams


  • Samson

    I’ve been playing with the app for about an hour now and still can’t figure out where the free songs downloaded to. The thing these companies don’t realize about apple is that it’s no longer just good enough to release a rubbish beta and hope people flock to it.

    The beauty of apple is that things WORK. People are willing to pay for things that work. If I can’t even play the free stuff, fat chance of me buying anything.

    Good try Google but FAIL. Uninstall app please immediately. Wasted my time.