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One Wallet to rule them all: Google Checkout now Google Wallet


In a move to further unify and consolidate their services, Google has announced that they are officially transitioning Google Checkout to Google Wallet.

From here on out, YouTube, Google+ Games, the Android Market and any other Google sites will use Google Wallet instead of Checkout. For other business partners still using Checkout, payments made with Wallet will be processed as normal. Beginning next year, Google will start transitioning merchant accounts over to “the Google Wallet logo,” along with giving them access to new and upcoming features.

By going to, you can move your Google Checkout account to a Google Wallet account right now. Once inside your Google Wallet account, you’ll be able to manage your payment methods, change your shipping address and view any previous transactions. I took a moment to convert my account earlier tonight, and things appear to have gone off without a hitch.

The differences between the two services are relatively minute, but it’s nice to see Google working to keep things organized. With so many services under their belt, Google will need to keep things tidy in order to create a connected feeling experience.

Source: Google

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  • bruce080

    I’m glad that Google is consolidating. They have too many services that are independent of each other, and it’s sometimes hard to see the value in using them. I like that you wrote it will create a more connected feeling experience, because that is exactly how I feel about them at times. I’m hoping to see more small changes like this in the future!

  • Stelios

    Now if only they would allow more countries to be able to sell stuff of there checkout they would be able to really have world domination …..

    Come on G …. at least ….at minimum …. you have to, absolutely have to integrate Europe !

  • Jim

    Yeah, I just made the switch on the site. I like the more consolidated feeling. Now if they would let me have the damn google wallet application on my phone. Nexus S FAIL.

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    Man, U.S. is THE country to be an Android fan, down here we can’t use Wallet/Checkout, Voice, Music, Books, and the Market is pretty limited. Even the most recent updates for Maps notify me they are not available in my country.

    As for the Checkout-Wallet evolution I say it was bound to be, no reason to have 2 similar services working side by side, they had to focus on 1 and make it big. Just as G+ ate Buzz. which makes me wonder, how long ’till they close Orkut and try to move their userbase to G+? do you see that happening?

    • bruce080

      What the heck is Orkut?

      I had to google it, and apparently it is a second social networking site that Google created 7 years ago to rival Facebook/Friendster/MySpace. Apparently most of it’s users are in India and Brazil though. Google will continue to operate them both for now, but they seem to be putting a lot of their money into G+ integration, so my guess is that they consolidate within the next couple of years.

  • mshramek

    I love Google Wallet. I can’t wait until it really picks up steam and takes more bank cards. I’ll be leaving my actual wallet at home.

  • KatSelezneva

    The idea is good, but how many smartphones will support Google Wallet? I’ve read the service runs only on Sprint Nexus S 4G phones, doesn’t it? Alternative ways of using smartphones

  • kevin blumer

    I wonder when they close google checkout will they go into competition with say like paypall and sage over here in the UK. They would make good competitors of pay pall it would be bnice to see a good competitor then us as eCommerce owners might get better rates.

  • pritams

    waiting to be adopted by more merchants..