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Paypal payments finally coming to Android Market?


Paypal is one of the most used payment methods on the internet, but it hasn’t yet reached the Android Market. We’ve been hearing about Google working with Paypal to make this possible. After all the hype last year, though,¬†news on the topic disappeared.

We had almost forgotten about the whole ordeal until recently, when the new Android Market (version 3.3.11) leaked. Google is in the process of getting this new Android Market pushed out. It has some cool new features, but that’s not the most interesting part.

AndroidGuys reader Victor checked out the .apk, and he found some unexpected bits of files laying around within the new Android Market. These multiple references to Paypal prove that the highly anticipated integration may be coming soon.

As for the new Android Market, you can download it straight from Android Police’s site. Or you can simply wait for your device to get the update.

Are you guys excited to see Paypal payments in the Android Market, or have you given up on the idea already? Took too long, or always welcomed?

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Source: AndroidGuys

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  • james bricknell

    i have never paid for an app from the market because i am aware that if i let them have my credit card number i will use it all the time and be poor.

    but the paypal connection is better as i can put a certain amount in my paypal account and that wil have to last me.

  • DroidSamurai

    While I haven’t buy any app myself, I think the Market uses Google Checkout. I don’t think the developer can see your card number with Google Checkout.

    • david

      Of course we can’t. All we see is the approval and the money which goes right into our adsense account. Otherwise it would be a childish thing from google… Can you imagine us giving our credit card numbers to someone in Nigeria?

      About the news…about time!!!!

  • Stephen Pulk

    I like the idea. I’d feel more secure using Paypal rather than my credit card. I frequently buy apps from the Market and would welcome the additional security.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Personally, I like to keep things organized. I usually pay for all the online stuff with Paypal, and it would be easier to keep track of things if I can use Paypal for my Android Market purchases.

  • BiG MERF

    about fk’n time!

  • Richard Yarrell

    I think the use of paypal would be a great option for all of us. I pay for apps using my credit card pretty often which till this have worked out. I like having this option also

  • 20hall

    I am always using my credit card to purchase apps or music, but it is still good to see there’s another option for people to choose from ;)

  • nrajesh

    Just one question. Is this the “real & final” finally?

  • SliestDragon

    Hope it comes soon. Would love to see Paypal finally be supported. Would definitely use it more than my credit card…

  • David

    Good news, I hope this will pull through.
    To me it seems Google forgot that credit cards are only really popular in the US.
    Many people where I live would not want to be caught dead with a CC in their wallets.
    I’ve been wondering why google is puzzled at the rampant piracy atm in Android, why be puzzled when you are alienating most of the world with your lack of payment options?

    Get this deal done, and those of us who want to, can finally pay for the apps.

    I’m quite poor but the odd 1 to 15 dollar app will not break my budget, the simple fact is I can not pay for them regardless if I want to or not.

    • Redimaster

      Credit Cards are the life blood of the UK economy as well, a lot of people live off CCs over here. I only use mine for big purchases, or for added protection, as buying things with CC affords you more protection than cash or other payment options. If you fail to receive the goods, you can get your money back from the CC company and they foot the bill etc.

  • Redimaster

    That will be because Credit Card security in the UK has got seriously tight and now they can’t use credit cards to commit fraud as easily as they used to here in the UK, so now they are looking abroad as cards outside the UK are easier to target. (Less security)
    We have chip and pin – security codes on top of card number and on-line security verification every time you make a purchase. So life is hard as a credit card thief over here :)

  • Redimaster

    paypal will be a welcome addition to the market as I refuse to give out my credit card to any Tom Dick or Harry. I have used paypal for years and never had one issue with it. No apps have been purchased until this option is added.

  • bolang

    Still waiting paypal more trusted

  • pritams

    It’s really an useful app..

  • Theophilus

    I got my kids Samsung Galaxy players (android version of ipod) but there’s no easy way for them to pay for market stuff. I’m sure not going to give them my credit card or allow them to charge to my AT&T account. Hey google, do you really want to compete with Apple for media sales? Then you need to give us an option that is as good or better than itunes cards. Support for Paypal would be a good start, but there has got to be android market cards hanging next to itunes cards in the store. #google #fail

  • Edgar

    Android Market 3.4.4 has come out and I still don’t see an option for paying with paypal

  • anouska

    I think get the paypal option on andriod market is a great idea as i have an android phone and tablet but no way of paying for new apps as i haven’t got a credit card

  • K.J. Mellow

    I too am searching for an alternate way to buy Android apps. Gift Card, PayPal, prepaid credit cards. Something please! I don’t want a credit card with a high limit just to buy apps! What’s wrong with Android? They should be fighting to stay with the competition!