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Quad-core Exynos 4412 could power Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy Rumor

What kind of mobile processor will you find inside the Samsung Galaxy S III? Chances are it will be one of Samsung’s own Exynos application processors, but we still don’t know exactly which model will be used. According to the latest leak, we might get a quad-core beast. Read on for the full details.

The current Samsung processor used inside most versions of the Galaxy S II is the dual-core 1.2 GHz Exynos 4210. Samsung recently announced the newer dual-core 1.5 GHz Exynos 4212, but we don’t know if that will offer enough of a boost to be considered for the Galaxy S III. The Exynos 4212 is basically a more efficient 32nm version of the 4210, with 30 percent lower power-level and 50 percent higher 3D graphics performance over the previous processor generation from Samsung.

A more likely candidate for the Galaxy S III could be the newly discovered Exynos 4412, which is 32nm quad-core design with ARM Cortex-A9 cores running at speeds up to 1.5 GHz. Evidence of the new chip was spotted in the Linux Kernel archives and Samsung already appears to be testing it.

One of our regular tipsters informed me that Samsung has a few devices coming in early 2012 that will “blow minds” and they were a “big step past the Galaxy Nexus class, in every way.” Based on that description, I believe Samsung will likely go with a quad-core processor that includes a few surprises.

Hopefully one of those surprises will be an upgraded GPU. The Exynos 4210 featured the ARM Mali-400 GPU which offered the fastest graphics performance of any Android device when it debuted, but it has since been passed up by Apple’s A5 chip and its PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU.

We expect that Samsung will use the Mali-T604 GPU, which delivers up to 5x performance improvement over previous Mali graphics processors and is scalable up to 4 cores. ARM announced this tri-pipe architecture GPU back in 2010 and Samsung was the first partner who gained access to it, but we have yet to see it being used.

At this stage we are just going to have to sit and wait, as Samsung isn’t expected to announce the Galaxy S III until next year at Mobile World Congress in late February. The quad-core Exynos 4412 CPU and Mali-T604 GPU sound like the perfect combination, so we will keep our fingers crossed.

Samsung might end up giving NVIDIA and their quad-core Tegra 3 some real competition with a more efficient process technology (32nm vs 40nm) and a more advanced GPU, but only time will tell.

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  • AsakuraZero

    honestly if the exynos give out a lot more battery love and excelent performance i will buy the GS3, if not im going more for a S4 phone … but still i have time to think about it

    • AsakuraZero

      ah it was battery life not love damn typo

      • ags29

        Battery love still correlates positively with battery life, so you’re good either way :)

  • Ryan F

    The only true ARM Core chips out there, I don’t see why you would want anything different. Ti – is darned close, but it’s no Sam-Silicon. To bad it’ll be 2 and a half before anyone like Verizon will be carrying anything like that.

  • Louis91

    This is crazy. I never thought I’d think of a different phone to buy that wasn’t the galaxy nexus…

    • pekosROB

      But at least with the Galaxy Nexus you get OS upgrades before anyone else… that isn’t a Galaxy Nexus owner that is.

      Then again most people just flash the most recent update of their beloved ROMs.

  • wuwoze

    That is why I mostly won’t buy Galaxy Nexus.

  • Vmax77

    This news makes feel “Not bad” waiting for till march for end of my contract!!!

  • fixxmyhead

    Just got the galaxy s2 but gonna give it to the wife cuz i really want the nexus and now i hear about this, damn u Samsung stop making it so hard for me. I gotta get off this having the ” latest and greatest” .Going crazy here

  • wait and wait??

    for those who like to play waiting game for new upcoming models, I have solution for you.

    Why don’t you buy every new flagship phone that your favorite manufacture and google offer?

    you won’t have a headache debating whether to wait or not, if you buy every damn new models as they come out.

    come on, this will definitely work and will allow you have the latest hardware and latest software and until you die….


    • asdfghjkl;’

      Because we’re all as rich as Bill Gates.

    • Patty

      Yo Mamma’s so fat every time she turns around it’s her birthday!

    • Whippler

      Here’s an idea buy the phone you like, and stick whit it as long as it works, then buy the best thing.

  • bin artyte

    guys, remember 4chan’s post on galaxy s3 specs? I have a reason to further believe in that post more. not only did that guy correctly leak most of galaxy nexus’s specs, he even leaked the name correctly. and this further convinces me that the specs that 4chan rumours of s3 is true because he did specifically mention a 1.5ghz quad.

  • grayhaze

    “The Exynos 4210 featured the ARM Mali-400 GPU which offered the fastest graphics performance of any Android device when it debuted, but it has since been passed up by Apple’s A5 chip and its PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU.”

    Which Android device is the A5 chip used in…?

    • charliethesuperturtle

      its not in the gs2, Samsung just manufactured it
      droid ftw

    • Fergus

      The Apple A5 chip isn’t used in an android device. It’s used in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S

  • Anthony44

    Google that’s why the nexus should have launched on all carriers instead of this Verizon debacle.
    I right now will not be getting your phone this bothers me since I have a N1 and a NS. I was your favorite customer so to speak.
    I can surely wait a few months now besides ice cream will probably be on my nexus s within weeks so here’s some good advise for you google. I suggest you hire the proper people to release your phone, stay true to Nexus no bloatware you’re better than that.
    I purchased the nexus line for vanilla flavor every time you let Verizon shit the bed so I’m no longer as interested in this particular nexus.
    The last note here is for Verizon and their new nexus whenever it comes. I give them the Rock.
    Verizon take that nexus and shine it, shine it again, turn it sideways and shove it up your candy Ass.

    • Nathan

      And we all are still waiting for the thing, at this point don’t be surprise that people will start to skip the phone

  • Sp4rkR4t

    Well that sounds like a beastly chip, still need a new phone now though so might just get a slightly older model before grabbing one of the quad-core monsters once they are all out next summer.

  • nate

    So glad I went for the SGS2. last August. Its future proof untol the next two years. by then a fully pledged Galaxy Note will be sporring this quad core processor.

  • Nate B.


  • jenskristian

    This very well could be my next phone. Got the SGS2 in May when it was released in Norway and haven’t regretted it for a second. The Nexus Prime looks really nice though. Had they only launched the next Nexus next spring or summer I probably would have gotten one. Too early to replace the SGS2 now…

    I wonder when the next Nexus will arrive. Probably like 6 months after the SGS3 :-P

    • lilmoe

      That’s why i LOVE samsung’s galaxy (s,s2,s3) line… you NEVER regret buy it if you’re an android fan like myself. i have a galaxy s since last year and it’s still running great. i also believe that they’re future proof, at least for 2 generations, (smartphone generations). i’ll skip the s2 and wait for the s3, just hope the make it out of better materials next time (although i don’t mind plastic).

      friends who bought other devices always switch or bought newer models pretty quick. samsung is doing a surprisingly great job with their phones though. they, at least, go all out when releasing a flagship model, and don’t leave anything out.

      i don’t mind delayed OS updates either. besides, the Galaxy line has the LARGEST community (custom roms) out their, and samsung always provides unlocked bootloaders with their internation versions, not too far from a nexus if you ask me.

  • ags29

    Very nice job on the mobile site redesign. It’s probably the best looking mobile site I visit now.

    • Nathan

      That was the first thing I said to =)

    • Aladdin

      It looks like a native app or something!

  • Nathan

    This make me feel like passing up the nexus even though I want it so bad.

  • Kwills 88

    I’ve only had my Galaxy S II for 2 days now, don’t tease me bro…All i can say is, if this turns out to be fact, i hope t-mobiles takes exynos

  • Orion78

    I want this to be my next phone. The U.S. carriers should know by now how popular the Galaxy phones are. Hopefully these mental midgets get their act together and release this phone earlier this time.


    I think it would be wise for samsung to release quad-core processors to be able to compete with other processors for the next year.

  • lorne

    With no USB mass storage support, only MTP.
    With only 16gb (rumor) available on VZW.
    With VZW boat ware apps. (yes, gives them the opportunity to hold up releases to add their apps back in).
    With this coming not too long after, I’ll wait for it.

  • spintrex

    Will the GS III debut make a late US debut like the S II? Let’s hope the S III will provide some serious competition to its competitors.

  • Mike

    Basically what people need to understand is that the smart phone industry is advancing so fast that no one can keep up. You buy the latest and greatest phone and there will be a better phone that comes out within a month. I dont care about a quad core processor because in the real scheme of things it wont matter. No phone will NEED a quad core processor, as some people know many quad core processors have 5 cores and only one core is being used for 90 percent of the processes. So in the rare case that your phone uses 4 cores it will be outstanding but that will barely ever happen. Its more for bragging purposes. I will never buy another Samsung phone that carries their bs UI “touchWiz” because it is awful and makes the phone look like an childrens toy aka like the iPhone with cute little boxes around everything so sorry Galaxy S III i wont be purchasing you. The reason that I have choosen android and will continue to choose android is to get away from apple and their lack of innovation (they put out “new phones” with 2 yr old technology). The NEXUS PRIME is what i will be purchasing, because of fast future updates and the fact that it is “Pure Google”. Who better to design an Android phone than the same company that created Android itself?

    • GAME

      Personally I don’t play game on my phone that much.

      You only need quad core to play advanced games otherwise it’s pointless

    • charliethesuperturtle

      um, its called galaxy nexus
      still waiting for that lg optimus prime :D

  • SuperAndroid

    It’s not out yet but I’m already jealous of the GS3.

  • mimogear

    They’re gonna have to start renaming these devices Superphones! Great leak by the way~ Can’t wait to see the debut ;)

  • katherin
  • Greg

    This phone is looking more and more appealing…

  • lorne

    64 GB Micro SDxC doesn’t exist. Only SDXC.

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