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RadioShack gives thanks for Android phones, win a free Sprint EVO Design 4G


This week RadioShack has a big holiday sale that includes over 20 phones for free and they teamed up with Android and Me to give away a few units. Read on for the full details.

RadioShack’s giant free phones sale

Through Wednesday, November 23rd, RadioShack has over 20 different phones from Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint, all available for free with upgraded or new 2-year contract. Not sure if you are eligible for a free Android phone? Just head over to the RadioShack Upgrade Checker and see if you qualify.

The Prizes: Sprint HTC EVO Design 4G

For the third prize, we are giving away the HTC EVO Design 4G. Highlights of the device include a 4-inch Super LCD qHD display, 5 MP rear camera, 1.3 MP front camera, 1.2 GHz processor, and support for Sprint’s 4G WiMax network.

How to Enter: US Residents Only

To enter the contest, just leave a comment and tell us what you plan to do with your new HTC EVO Design 4G. Since the phone is locked to Sprint, we are limiting the contest to US residents only. Comments are also limited to logged in users to cut down on the spam. Don’t have an And Me account? Join today.

The contest will remain open until Wednesday, November 23rd at 11:59 PM PT. Winners will be announced shortly after midnight.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • zwdude2890

    If I win an HTC EVO Design 4G I would give it to my girlfriend to replace her old out of date phone

  • anikko

    I’d use this the EVO Design 4G to travel to Europe to visit my extended family. I haven’t seen them in ages.

  • alee

    I plan to us this to write apps to sell.

  • charliethesuperturtle

    I would to it to my dad who still has a flip phone

  • cyanslowly

    I’m gonna give it to my dad, he loves the evo series.

  • tamar

    Well, my Epic 4G got super slow to the point that I recently transitioned (albeit temporarily, I hope) to Windows Phone 7. It’s a decent OS but the lack of app development is seriously making me question my motives!

    The problem is that my Android is just too slow. I think I’d be happy with the Design 4G as it will give me a chance to enjoy all the apps I love with a faster processor and more storage — which will hopefully help eliminate the real significant lag I experienced day in and day out on my old phone.

  • czonin

    I plan to use it to contact all my friends/family for the holidays. And add a couple mods while im at it!

  • Gurka123

    If I win this phone I would use it to contact my family back in Sweden!

  • Techrocket9

    This one I would probably use.

  • jeff_dunn

    I would sell it to offset the cost of buying a Galaxy Nexus. Gotta have my vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich experience, there’s just no other way to eat ice cream.

  • spintrex

    ‘Tis really be the season of giving at AndroidandMe in which I feel I should follow suit. If won I’ll give the Evo Design 4G to my lovely significant other in hopes that they can finally enter the smartphone world alongside my Epic Touch 4G on Sprint. She has been with in the basic realm for far too long and I have been wanting her to be able to jot down all her artistic ideas on the go with Android’s vast selection of apps. It’s always great to see people discover some Android lovin

  • cj100570

    I plan to make calls. That is what phones are designed to do right? All the other stuff is just an added bonus.

  • SPARTAN914

    If I won an EVO design…id give it to my lovely girlfriend who needs to upgrade from her prevail…

  • Alex Carlson

    I would give it to my mom who is still rockin the flip phone… she hates it

  • LukeT32

    As a paper weight until the Nexus shows up! :)

  • erikiksaz

    I would give it to my girlfriend, she is still using a janky feature phone on sprint

  • la_resistance28

    Would love to pass this along to my mom to replace her old flip phone!

  • shiftid

    I love HTC and The Shack!

  • evelio

    I’d use it for testing my apps :)

  • Jake

    My mom would absolutely love this phone. Hook it up so I can be the coolest son on Christmas day!

  • victorianobatista

    I will use it to help people in my church especially for Christmas as there is such a need.

  • amosque57

    i would give this to my girlfriend shes looking to ditch her blackberry and i need a gift for christmas so win win for me lol

  • sphereskr

    Honestly, I just need a transitional phone until January, because my HTC Hero is on it’s last leg

  • Iceman

    I would finaly be able to use my phone and stop using my iPod all the time, texting would be so much easier and my phone wouldn’t restart it self while I’m on the phone basically I would be able to use my phone

  • victorianobatista

    I would also use the phone to let people know that Jesus loves them & god showed that love as his son was born in Christmas time. So a good way to share the gospel , the GOOD News .

  • gigstarr

    If i won, I would donate my Blackberry and jump up and down in joy!

  • Savitt

    If i win, i plan to replace my current phone, the Sanyo Inneundo (which has a cracked screen) and be very very happy. i have one other device i love, and that is the ipod shuffle. i would be so happy and my fingers are crossed

  • rhinosruin

    If I’m lucky enough to win, I’d give to my 15 year old son for Christmas. His EVO 4G has had it, this would be perfect.

  • matanderin

    I would give it to my wife to replace that terrible LG Ally she has.

  • billyjohnson

    Plan to pass this onto my mom if I win! She needs to see what a smartphone can do for her everyday life!

  • mikeluongo15

    I would finally have a HTC, and an android phone back in my hands. I had the Evo, and it got ran over by my buddies truck, so i now im back using my old samsung instinct and completely hate it. I love android, its the best moble operating system yet. I would be so greatful if i could win this HTC Evo Design 4G. I also love the 4in screen it fits to well in your hands.

  • mobijew

    please pick me. I have a sprint i4 and hate it. I would use this as my life. email, contacts, navigation, and i would root the heck out of it and put the fastest and best looking rom on it and make it the best phone in the world.

  • dillonb93

    I’d give it to my mom to replace her horrible blackberry style.

  • jacobgomez

    I would use the EVO Design 4G as my primary phone to replace my OG EVO 4G.

  • gu1dry

    Plans if I get an Evo Design 4G? Replace my old HTC Hero & start work on possibly portiong CyanogenMod to it. Also I could use it for some of the “secret” projects I’m working on…

  • MdKnight

    Sweet. If I win…I’m flipping a coin and bumping either my mother or my brother into the smartphone era.

  • simpysimp

    Would like to try HTC after having a Samsung!

  • harningt

    I’d replace my aging Samsung Moment!

  • Rafael1

    I would show off how much style it has

  • IceCreamHoneyBread

    If I win it, i would finally have an Android device I could use in Europe when I visit family and I was gonna port Windows 8 to phones and this would help!

  • crosscountry139

    I would use it as my main phone that I would test my apps on. I have been creating Android apps for the last 4 months, but have had to use an emulator since I don’t have an android of my own. This would be incredibly helpful!

  • mecstarz2

    I have had a cracked screen Sprint phone for over a year now. as a single mom there is always something more pressing that my limited funds go to. If i were to win this phone, I would have something that is just for me. It would be the best Christmas gift!

  • YellowDucati

    for fun 3D games.

  • raymond

    I would like to win this phone so I can give it to my brother for Christmas he nevered own a nice phone ever

  • Sketchy alx

    If I won, I’d finally be able to replace my og EVO and have something to take a crack at some Android development. I’ve enjoyed some great things from the Android community and would love to give back.

  • steve19137

    If I won this phone… I would simply replace my EVO 4G :D

  • mecstarz2

    Have had a cracked screen on my current sprint phone for over a year now. been a rough year for me and the girls…I am a single mom. if I won, I would wrap it and put it under the tree to myself from Santa! Best gift a girl could get this year!

  • MJM128

    Christmas present to one lucky friend/family member!!!

  • Alan Reboli

    Give it to my sister in law because she still uses a hero :’( feelsbadman.mpg


    My wife Will get this one so we both will have smart phones.

  • Truckerniner

    OK my wife is ready to upgrade from her Samsung moment which is on its last android legs, it would be a great gift, and wow what an upgrade that would be for her. She plans to travel out of the country in the next few months and it would really be useful. Thanks for your informative news.

  • jiggybyte

    I’ll finally update my HTC Hero if I win the Design!

  • Tazdeviloo7

    I’d give it to my little sister so she can upgrade from her HTC Hero and start using video chat apps like Tango to keep in touch with the family. She recently moved across the country so being able to communicate like this would be great. I couldn’t afford a good 18th birthday for her in September and she rarely gets presents these days since our parent’s aren’t around anymore. Something like this would really cheer her up!

  • Tazdeviloo7

    I’d give it to my little sister so she can upgrade from her HTC Hero and start using video chat apps like Tango to keep in touch with the family. She recently moved across the country so being able to communicate like this would be great. I couldn’t afford a good 18th birthday for her in September and she rarely gets presents these days since our parent’s aren’t around anymore. Something like this would really cheer her up!

  • Fusci

    I would gift the phone to my friend who needs an upgrade on Sprint. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • UntakenUsername96

    I plan to use my evo design 4g to customize it to my liking.

  • TFJ4

    So I can marvel at that beautiful Super LCD screen

  • Silver

    If I win this I will probably give it to my mom since she uses Sprint. Thank you!

  • akareem89

    Currently in Ithaca where T-mobile has no reception and my only life line is wificalling, getting the Evo Design 4G will give me an incentive to switch carriers

  • slimx30

    If I were to win the htc evo design 4g it would become my main phone!

  • cyberelli

    If I won this I’d plan on throwing my Evo 4G against the wall and let it just TRY to reboot on me while getting an important phone call.

  • Rgbarret

    I would use 4G to send all my family and friends a christmas card with my girlfriend, cat, dog, and myself all in christmas hats… If the dog stops chasing the cat back upstairs.

  • datajosh

    If I won this I’d give it to my sister for Christmas!

  • Llopez87

    Well I’m going to give it to my wife for her bday so I can put her on my plan because i can’t afford a new phone for her. And I no she would really love it.

  • Granter

    I would use the Design 4G to play cool apps and keep up with my family!

  • Blitzkrieg808

    Being stationed with military in texas, would use to call family back in Indiana.

  • AvantGuard

    If I win this phone, I’d replace my Optimus S with a contender for the best phone on the Sprint network. The family only gets one upgrade this year, and my lovely wife is using/wasting it on an iPhone. Please help me re-establish Android superiority in my house!

  • kdittyr

    If I win this, I will get the opportunity to see what android is all about. I love the look of the Sense UI and hope to use my developers prowess to write new apps for it.

  • Kenzzx1

    I would give it to an under privilege kid at my son’s high school.

  • Sathariel

    If I win this, I would use it as my primary phone and give my current one to my sister.

  • themanwithsauce

    I’d…..well I’d have an EVO design 4G……I suppose I could use it as a sweet paperweight or perhaps a wifi tablet. Maybe give it to my little brother and have him leave prepaid on metro pcs or whatever hes on

  • mecstarz2

    I cracked my screen a year ago still using same phone-single mom of 2- money always goes to something for the girls. I would love something for me.

  • moelsen8

    i would give it to my wife to try to bring her into the new millenium! :)

  • FireFrost

    If I win the HTC EVO Design 4G, I’ll use it as my daily driver so that my trusty HTC Hero can finally retire.

  • TheRafeSCV

    root and overclock all the way

  • ifindbargains

    I will use my phone as a paper weight at the office. I like to keep the windows open. Oh, and I will use it as music player and media streamer!

  • OpenIntro

    I would definitely love to upgrade my HTC EVO 4G to the HTC EVO Design 4G. My EVO has been so good to me and I would love to stay in the EVO family! I wonder how many times I can say EVO in this EVO contest related comment?

  • kris7778

    I would play with the 3D awesomness!

  • DreamScar

    Give it to my brother so he could smash his old flip phone.

  • jad_va

    If I won this phone, I would help a friend retire her Palm Treo.

  • TheJohnLD

    Honestly, I would use it to replace my old samsung moment which would then be going to the gf who still has a feature phone. After all of this I would closely incorporate the new evo in my plans for world domination as well as the cultivation of fungi. what, that totally makes sense…

  • elisabeth33

    If I win, I will replace my slow blackberry.

  • tnolte

    I’d give my EVO Shift 4G to my friend that is stuck with his Samsung Moment.

    • tnolte

      ignore this double post, was having problems commenting via my phone.

  • Artificial Bacon

    If I were to win this phone, I would give it to my roommate to replace his Evo Shift 4G which has been crapping out on him lately. It locks up randomly, doesn’t alert him to when he gets calls, randomly reboots every now and then, and he got a little sand in it so he can no longer hear what anyone says when he has a phone call unless he plugs in his headphones or puts it on speakerphone but even that has been sounding like it’s going downhill. Anyways, he needs a replacement and his renewal isn’t up until January so this would be a huge help until then. Thank you for the opportunity to win it for him.

  • sturatt

    I would take a picture with this phone in a mirror with the phone. Then post it on twitter. Then laugh.

  • skokefoe

    I’d hand over my current phone to my wife.

  • tnolte

    I would enjoy the upgrade while giving my friend my EVO Shift 4G so he’s no longer stuck with his Samsung Moment.

  • Futureboy

    I would give it to my mom who really needs a new phone.

  • aniruddhabarapatre

    I will replace my Symbian phone and be happy…

  • jaymcp

    If I were to win this phone I would most certainly give it to my wife. I’m unemployed from a back injury and she works 70+ hours a week just to keep our house from going into foreclosure. She smashed the screen on her EVO 4G a couple weeks ago and could really use a new phone. However, because of our finances we can not afford a new phone, so she makes due. She works hard and I can not think of anyone more deserving. I would really love to give this to her!

  • myandroid99

    i plan to find out what a true dual-core phone feels like and share that with my iPhone buddies and ask them if apple ever gave out free iPhones

  • babyboy8100

    i would give it to my wife who had her Evo 4g stolen a week ago. had no insurance on it yet so we have to get her a new one. plus its our anniversary next month it would work out great 2 birds with one stone.

  • ajs2677

    Root it, ROM it… learn more about Android and have one more phone to test apps with. Also, I’d love to hook a Zeemote up to it and play some games!

  • buddro69

    My wife definitely needs to upgrade to a smart phone, the old flip style just doesn’t work anymore. Thanks for the chance.

  • dt1982

    I would give it to my girlfriend since we are expecting our first child and could use the phone for quick pictures, videos and keeping untouched with famil members.

  • algee615

    I would either, root it and install a custom rom or give it to a family member who has yet to join the smartphone trend.

  • seven2k

    I would use this to give to my wife. Since we are expecting #2 she will something way better than what she has to capture the moments.

  • jenna728

    If I won the Evo Design I would give it to my fiance since he’s been using a horrible Samsung Moment with a broken screen and corroded USB port. Please pick me lol

  • yankeesusa

    I would love an evo design. Not only is it an evo but I could use it when I go to the islands. Just pop in a sim and your set. This phone looks pretty nice too.

  • Jorge89

    I would go to XDA and find out how to overclock it, then make some bacon.

  • applejay

    I plan to use it to dominate the world

  • 49ersfan2010

    If i win evo design i wouldn’t want anything for my birthday which is 11/24/11

  • 49ersfan2010

    If i win evo design i wouldn’t want anything else for my birthday which is 11/24/11

  • Hong_Peel

    I need to replace my VZW Droid (bought 2 years ago, the first android 2.0 phone) :)

  • ngtwolf

    If I won I’d give this phone to my mom who is still using a feature phone yet calls me all the time to look things up for her or to get directions :)

  • ICEx

    If I won, I would use it to replace my EVO 4G that seemingly at random turns itself off.

  • thechad

    I already have an htc sensation and locked into 2 year contract so honestly i am going to try and sell it or trade it to be able to buy an android tablet!

  • ghost114

    i would use it because im sick of T-Mobile and Sprint has 4g where i am but T-Mobile is only edge.

  • dwilson6

    I would give it to my sister, who desperately needs a new phone. She’s using the original Instinct.

  • edsondj

    Since I’m on Verizon, I’d probably give this to my friend on Sprint. He’s in need of a new phone.

  • ralphwiggum1

    Just like the other phones, i would replace my wife’s phone that i broke. I would use appextractor and restore all the data from the nandroid backup i did with a non functioning screen. She would use this for google maps navigation, Netflix, Google voice voicemail, texting, and lots of phone calls with me.

  • rgs007

    HTC evo design 4g will be used simply for everything with a simply everything plan.and a simply smile.

  • dancow

    I would love to play some games.

  • Y2Dre

    I’d upgrade my wife. After finally luring her over to the Dark Side last year with her first smartphone (LG Optimus S), I’d love to have her share in my EVO obsession. (Shout out to my OG EVO)

  • crossbowman5

    Finally replace my old HTC Hero… ugh. SO SLOW.

  • alii92

    If I could win this phone, I would give this to my mom. I am thankful my mom for everything she has ever done for me. My mom is stuck on the samsung cheap phones from 2.5 years ago… Much thanks to Android and Me / Radio Shack.

  • LeePlaya

    I can finally be unlimited.

  • aj34

    i would love it and hug it and take it with me everywhere I go!

  • pikahatonjon

    if i got this phone, id give it to my little brother for his 17th birthday (one month and 1 day away) :D

  • SRags

    Be entertained on the go

  • uknowme

    I would definitely give this to my girlfriend. She really needs a new phone and since we are both on Sprint it would be a great free upgrade!

  • bmxracer240

    If I win I’d use this to replace my slightly aging Evo…or give it to my gf.

  • mazz0310

    If I won an Evo I would finally get rid of my LG Envy

  • Charles Spivak

    I would definitely give it to one of my parents for a Xmas gift to replace their ancient (but precious) Palm Pre’s.


    I would give to my grandma on sprint :)

  • Jaymoon

    My brother is still using an Evo 4G, and I’m having a hard time convincing him that it’s showing its age. He’s not interested in 3D at all, which is keeping him from picking up an Evo 3D, so maybe the Evo Design 4G will be able to bridge that gap for him!

  • dandroid4g

    I would give it to my mom to replace her vibrant.

  • asmodeus5

    This would go straight to my mom. She is sooooooooooo behind on tech, still rockin’ a non-smart phone.

  • Kingsigel

    I would give the phone to my daughter, she is 9 but seems like she is a teenager already. She has been around android phones and devices since they came to Sprint. Sometimes she even teaches me new things about my Evo 3d or my Htc flyer. Then the bonus part of her having an android phone I can track her and know where she is as long as the phone is on. The world isnt as safe as we want it to be.

  • ramenchef

    I’d give it to my friend as he doesn’t currently have a smartphone but was thinking about getting one.

  • mjforte

    If I win I plan on giving the phone to my sister. She has an Optimus S now that has been nothing but problems.

  • Kyle

    I would give it to my mom…she’s stuck with a crappy flip phone.

  • robertlwalters

    Tis the season to be giving. I would give it as a much needed gift.

  • nportelli

    I’d replace my EVO 4G with it.

  • 987mlb

    This would be perfect to win as i plan on switching to Sprint’s network.

  • Androidawg

    With a new Design 4G is would travel America visiting quaint out of the way places and recording my trip via extraordinary 5MP photos that would be uploaded exclusively to the Androidandme G+ account. OK that’s a lie. I’ll probably just get on YouTube and watch Tom and Jerry.

  • smalljacks

    I would simply enjoy it.

  • teknqe

    i would rock out on the 4g service

  • danshaffer317

    If I win the contest… As soon as my service has moved to my new phone, I will use it to make a video of the microwaving of my old, stuck with Android 2.1, Samsung Moment… then I’d call my kids to brag about the cool new phone that I’m keeping for myself.

  • ericwilborn

    Oh, this little thing? I’d probably hook it up and watch some movies on the crystal clear display…


    I def. plan to use this phone because my stupid ass got a nice $230+ fee to my bill… and that was about 45 minutes of use in Mexico.

  • jwoolz48

    I would replace my cracked EVO 4G!

  • cecilyen

    I like HTC the best!

  • rkumarfun

    I will make calls, listen to music, podcasts and browse a lot of web.

  • ibap

    The Design may trigger a string of phone changes. My daughter could use a new Sprint phone, and a friend of hers is having trouble with his. So I think she will get the new one, and pass hers along to her friend. Both of them are heavy text users and often game together.

  • Dlux

    I would definitely leave my crappy ATT contract and join up with Sprint to enjoy my new phone.

  • taz88ny

    I would switch from my Evo 4G and root the Design once ICS is available.

  • panth77

    I’d like to replace my dying Droid Eris and my fiance and I are looking to jump off of Verizon to save some money (a lot of money) that could be better spent on getting married.

  • ZealotOnAStick

    If I won this phone, I’d use it as an auxiliary phone, but primarily as a testing device for getting significantly better Android support for the home health software the company I work for writes.

  • Joshua22

    I would give it to my mom, who’s still sporting an old sony ericsson.
    Make a mom happy A&M =D

  • ben steel

    sweet…would love to retire my hero

  • rev2redlineguy

    If I was to win the EVO 4G Design, I would give my old EVO 4G to my mom and get her on the boat to Android and modern technology. She has been using a flip phone for years now and I recently just taught her how to use text messaging, picture messaging, and her browser (yeah, it’s pretty vanilla). She needs a “real” phone so I would give her my old EVO, get her on the Android bandwagon. Hey, it’s always good to add another Android fan to our already elite members!

    • jaybizza

      U should give her the NEW one if you WIN!! “SHE IS YOUR MOM U KNOW”!!!lol

  • ranwanimator

    It’d be so sweet to win this phone. I could finally ditch my G1. Yes, I still use a G1 daily. It makes me cry a little, but only on the inside. I don’t want to look like a sissy with tears all over my face all the time. Please help me join the future with this Sprint EVO Design 4G. Then, maybe I could use some modern apps and really find out what Android can do.

  • rjone26

    If I won this prize it would really be sweet. I just broke my original evo so I can get the new and improvced version.

  • NeoDaNeenjah

    I really need a good reason (free phone?) to leave At&T. I would use this phone to surf Android and Me all day! ;)

  • 84guy

    I would give it to my younger brother. He has the hero and no upgrade yet

  • vueaskew

    Seeing as how I’m the phone go-to guy for a number of my friends who are on Sprint, I’d have to bequeath this phone (as well as the 5 additional that I’ll also need to win, please and thank you,) to one of the number of people I know who are stuck on Sprint with non-contract-enduring phones (which will remain nameless at this time).

  • rbaldonado

    Root my old phone and pass it down. I’d keep this one.

  • ryancl

    i’d do some EVOing.

  • ethernetgeek

    If I won I’d use it to abandon the sinking ship that is T-Mobile and move over to Sprint.

  • Candlemann

    I’d replace my wife’s not-so-smart phone.

  • Sirjinx

    I would give the phone to my wife. She needs an upgrade bad!

  • securifirm

    I plan on replacing my broken EVO 4G

  • Mozes

    I plan to use it and get rid of my old blackberry

  • dclaryjr

    I’ll designate my wife’s Optimus as the family emergency phone and let her use this!

  • illest

    I Would give this to my brother in law as a present

    • jaybizza

      Get Him a TIE instead..”U should KEEP IT”!!! lol

  • eallan

    I would give it to a friend that has sprint.

    • jaybizza

      I’m your friend and I have SPRINT!!! I’m your ANDRIOD BUDDY!!! So HOOK a BRUTHA UP!! lol

  • cavell219

    If I were to win this phone I would honestly give it to my girlfriend who desperately needs a new phone. Her hero just doesn’t cut it anymore. Thanks!

  • noabsolutes

    I’d use it to get on this smart phone trend and not be so embarrassingly clueless!

  • Deter

    i’d give it to my father-in-law for Christmas. His flip-phone is breaking down on him and i don’t have any money due to unemployment.

  • aceoyame

    I woul develop and give back to the community like I have for the D2G, D2 and the X. I have developed for all 3 of those devices with just my D2G. I wish to expand my horizon past moto devices hopefully.

  • Mustin

    I would love to get this phone to complete my EVO collection!

  • geiko

    I would download some apps. I like apps. This phone would be a phone for apps.

  • elijahblake

    I would give this phone to someone that has an iPhone to get them to see how stupid they are ;) TRUE STORY!!!! I’ll even video myself doing it

    • jaybizza

      Well then…Let me get my hands on an I-phone and u can “GIVE IT TO ME”!!! On video of course!!

  • mvndaai

    Evos are my favorite. I would love to use it every day….

  • antonioortegajr

    Give to my uncle as he just figured out his Epic and resistent to all change, but wants new stuff. We all know someone like that and it’s fun to watch.

  • Josh McAllister

    I plan on putting it on our Sero account, and replacing my wife’s Epic 4G D700 with it!

  • clshores

    It would be a perfect gift for my daughter who is turning 16 in January. It would also give me some extra cash to spend on her other gifts.

  • Fief

    I’d surprise my girlfriend by replacing her cracked EVO 4G.

  • adolfo4590

    i would use it as a gift to my lil bro whos about to be 18,hes reading developers site and he always saying im so lucky for having this HD2

  • aconner22

    I would read Android And Me all day long! And share pictures using Photobooth!! :)

  • HexiJosh

    I would give it to my best friend who finally managed to kill her original Evo 4G this past month. Perfect Christmas/Birthday present for her!

  • clashcity

    I’d use it to relieve my dying Nexus One.

  • fartyarty

    I plan to use this with Pinky to take over the world, then nibble on Apples and cheese.

  • Doan

    I plan to use my new Evo to talk to people who are not within an immediate vicinity of myself.

  • jaybizza

    I LOVE to GIVE!!…BUT…THIS ONE IS MINE..I’m known to the Android Community as one of the BIGGEST Android JUNKIES!! So..with that being said..I will obviously Throw some ROM LOVIN to this phone as well as show it off along with my Epic Touch 4G…ROOT,ROM, and RECOVERY…Is ALL I NEED!!! Ohh YEAH….Plus THIS PHONE would HELP!!! Love you guys “Android and Me!!! I have you guys PINNED to my PULSE account in the TOP POSITION!!! I’m HAPPY NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!! As long as SOMEONE is ENJOYING an ANDROID PHONE!!! Thanx RADIO SHACK!!!

  • coggy9

    I would give the phone to a firend who still uses an old push to talk NEXTEL phone. And if he doesn’t want it, I’d try to flash it to Verizon.

  • jaybizza

    I’ll TAKE IT!! What day are gonna go to Sprint if u win this??? Ahhh haaa….lol

  • jaybizza

    I’ll TAKE IT!! What day are gonna go to Sprint if u win this??? Ahhh haaa….lol…Do I have to have BIG JUGGS to be that person…lol..I’ll just lend u my girl if thats the case!!!

  • SmithDroid

    I’m giving mine to my wife to replace her old HTC Hero


    I would sell it and get a nexus

  • Tcuneo

    I guess the first this would be get to a spring store and see want the rate for service is.

  • aljohnson34

    use it everyday!

  • toastybob

    I’ll probably design something.

  • motzvi

    If I win it I would probably use it to coordinate with my friends to visit sick people in the hospital.

  • SCJaredJ

    I’d use it primarily for work, but also get my multimedia fix on-the-go with this blazing fast network!!

  • kekil

    I plan to use this phone when I travel to the Marshall Islands to adopt my baby! And while there, I can use the front-facing camera to Skype with family back home.

  • thacounty

    I would give this phone to my sister so we could video chat as she lives pretty far away.

  • jeepnie

    I would finally get to play with android.

  • cxandroid

    Read Androidandme of course!

    Videochat with family.

    No need to run to the computer everytime I want to look something up.

    Dance a Jig!

  • Justin Underscore

    I would probably just use it to test the apps I write at first, until my current contract (with AT&T, unfortunately) is up, then use it as a phone full time after that.

  • mjax208

    I plan to use the phone. HA. I already have Sprint and this clearly makes it easy. I am a perfect fit for this contest, and as such should clearly be the winner.

  • ts0cha0tik

    With my new HTC Evo Design 4G, I would try to get ICS to the Design faster but I would also replace my current phone as its a hunk of junk

  • sdtrinity3

    What can’t you do with a hot new Android phone like the HTC Evo Design 4G with Sprint’s unlimited plans? Web surfing, music playing, games, etc. will be freakin fast on this thing.

  • azndnbdub

    The HTC Evo Design 4G would replace my flip phone which is about 3 years old!

  • trex

    I would use it to make phone calls.

  • vjabarca

    If i got the HTC Evo Design 4G i would give it to my friend because she needs it desperately.

  • detectedbeats

    I currently have a Samsung Intercept: I would use the Evo Design 4G to take a video of me going all “Office Space” copy machine on it :) *…

  • SphericalPuma

    If I won the HTC Evo Design 4G, I would give it to my cousin so he could upgrade his HTC Hero

  • levelm

    Would make a great Christmas gift for my wife!

  • Mike

    I just got on Sprint! I would love to use the Evo Design 4G to try out apps, enjoy the Sense interface, watch movies, take pictures, and play games. I’d probably give it to my fiancee though. She could use an upgrade/new phone.

  • ras209

    if i won the evo 4g i would give it to my best friend because he is in desperate need of an android device. Help me help him android and me. :(

  • icecold678

    I would use the youtube app to watch the Chuck Norris W.O.W commercial :)

  • JetsteJ

    This phone would do wonders for my life. I love techology and love knowing about the newest tech. I plan to major in computer engineering and create the newest softwares for phones and computers. Unfortunately I dont have much money and my only android device is a severely outdated samsung Moment. That evo would greatly help me out next year as i go off to college, since I can’t afford to buy one myself.

  • Bxinvaders

    I would use to send pictures & videos to my daughter who is deployed Over Seas serving our country of her kids . She is missing too much

  • Christopher Bowley

    I would use it for internet related activities. My Cliq XT is getting a little old.. lol

  • Solicitous

    I would be able to give my Mom my HTC Evo 4g and keep the Design

  • Phil

    This would replace my aging HTC Hero so the first thing I would do is jump and brag to everyone. Then I’d use the crap out of the phone because, as you know, the Hero is rather slow and does not have a lot of internal memory. I’d download every app imaginable and be thankful when the phone doesn’t hang up on people when I put it to my face (lack of a proximity sensor in the Hero really sucks). I’d be a very happy camper :)

  • bd1212

    Man, if I won an HTC EVO Design 4G, I could finally upgrade from this dumb-phone that I’ve had to use ever since my family switched over to Sprint.

    Please, AndroidAndMe, rid me of this garbage phone!

  • kevinbcole

    I would be so thankful to win a new Android phone!

  • Androidcrazed6

    If were to win the HTC EVO Design 4G, I would call my family in Puerto Rico since my outdated Samsung Rant is having call complications and text my father in Seattle which was complicated on my phone also. Another thing was that my friend has spoken an app that you could jog down any poems and I was attracted to it, but I couldn’t download on my phone, obviously. Also, i would give my Christmas cash to my mother to help her out in financial cost.

  • Androidcrazed6

    If were to win the HTC EVO Design 4G, I would call my family in Puerto Rico since my outdated Samsung Rant is having call complications and text my father in Seattle which was complicated on my phone alo. Asnother thing was that my friend has spoken an app that you could jog down any poems and I was attracted to it, but I couldn’t download on my phone, obviously. Also, i would give my Christmas cash to my mother to help her out in financial cost.

  • Ramshambo2001

    If I were to win the HTC EVO Design 4G from Radioshack I would deck the halls of the android empire with joyful never ending glee! Side note: “joyful never ending glee” smells AH…MAZING.


    I’d give the design 4g to my girlfriend for Christmas and add her to my sprint plan. She’s been having a lot of trouble with Tmobile lately.

  • shimawn

    I would use it as a coaster

  • ncb1010

    I plan on using the clock/weather widget among other things.

  • Dirty_Azkals

    I would give it to my gf so she has a decent phone and stop embarrassing me in public : )

  • cr8

    Dear Santa:

    …we would like to upgrade our phones so we can keep intouch via skype w/ the
    children who recently moved out of town due to their parents work situation.
    …yes they have been good!

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • cr8

    Dear Santa:

    …we would like to upgrade our phones so we can keep intouch via video chat w/ the
    children who recently moved out of town due to their parents work situation.
    …yes they have been good!

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Melissa

    I’d either give it to my boyfriend because he is still with his faithful OG EVO, or maybe I’ll give him my EVO 3D and take this one. I love the look of it. It’ll be a nice Xmas present. It’ll make him enjoy the holidays more.

  • powdermilk

    I would use my new HTC EVO Design 4G to have a larger screen to develop with.

  • jakefans

    I would use this phone to get Sprint TV and cancel my cable service! Hello, savings!!!

  • xiaz

    I would use this phone as an xmas present for my mother.

  • glockster

    I’m still using an old HTC EVO 4g. It’s a great phone but showing it’s age. Could really use an upgrade! :-)

  • Stacey0313

    I would gift this to my mom, she is finally ready to embrace the smartphone!

  • tindleaj

    I would donate this phone to someone who needs it the most

  • RobBull75

    I’d give it to my brother. He deserves it and he’s a Sprint customer.

  • mellanhead

    I would use it to watch movies, play games and surf the net

  • BillyMaysHere

    I would use it for navigation, bc someone stole my garmin and and my blackberry(witch is ok :) ). From y car last night!!

  • Fone_Fanatic

    I’d give this to my gf as her current Sprint phone is messed up.

  • triangle

    This would go to my wife since her phone is starting to succumb to random rebooting. Phones just don’t last very long any more. Definitely not 2 years!

  • wadhapal

    My cousin just got his Evo stolen, he wasn’t able to GPS track it :( So I would love to give him this one ;)

  • bugz_92

    If I won an HTC EVO Design 4G I would give it to my sister who has a Blackberry. Because this time of year is about helping the less fortunate. And what’s less fortunate than owning a Blackberry? She needs to understand the power of Android!

  • iamsoopaman

    If I won an EVO 4G I would start making calls because I have an old HTC Touch Pro 2 that is hanging on for dear life. :)

  • smwinn7

    new phones are so nice

  • evic

    If I won the EVO I would test the 4G speed and network of Sprint!


    If I won this device it would be used for development and I will give it to my 5 year old boy so we can skype every night before he goes to bed.

  • smisa27

    since i am not a sprint user..i would either give it to a friend of mine who would love an android phone or sell it to be honest =)

  • benmarvin

    I would give it to my dad, he’s a Sprint customer and needs a new phone.

  • thepza

    My dad really needs a new phone and he’s on Sprint! I’d love to be an to give him this awesome device.

  • kelphonic

    i’d want to keep the phone but with christmas coming on the thought of regifting and looking super generous is tempting

  • dylanlopex

    I really need this phone to upgrade my epic 4g thats cracked

  • IamCanadian888

    I plan to call all my friends with it to brag of the superior phone I have over them! muahahaha

  • mg19

    If I win an HTC EVO Design 4G I would give it to my mom to replace her old Palm.

  • Zfwaeld

    I’d give this to my dad, who is still using an ancient LG feature phone

  • DeLorean

    I’d give it to my friend who still has a Samsung Moment.

  • jilkat25

    Probably give to my daughter

  • bigvincec

    I plan to wrap it, put it under the tree, and surprise myself x-mas morning

  • phillouza

    if i won the evo i would use it for app development and wifi network testing.

  • JTTSprint

    If I won, I’d use it to create World Peace and call hot girls…

  • JTTSprint

    If I won, I’d use the EVO to create World Peace and call hot girls…

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    I think I’m too late :( But I’m on Sprint, and if I won it I’d use it to replace my Epic 4G, which would be delegated to ROM-testing duty for the XDA community :)

  • Santana

    Too late

  • Dboy352

    The Evo Design is a pretty solid little phone. I’m glad HTC finally got a middle end phone with enough hardware in it to actually be able to use it without lagging and slowing down. And a word phone on top of that, this phone is a middle end phone to beat.