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RadioShack gives thanks for Android phones, win a free Verizon Samsung Stratosphere


This week RadioShack has a big holiday sale that includes over 20 phones for free and they teamed up with Android and Me to give away a few units. Read on for the full details.

RadioShack’s giant free phones sale

Through Wednesday, November 23rd, RadioShack has over 20 different phones from Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint, all available for free with upgraded or new 2-year contract. Not sure if you are eligible for a free Android phone? Just head over to the RadioShack Upgrade Checker and see if you qualify.

The Prizes: Verizon Samsung Stratosphere

For the first prize, we are giving away the Verizon Samsung Stratosphere. Highlights of the device include a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 5 MP rear camera, 1.3 MP front camera, 1 GHz processor, full QWERTY keyboard, and support for Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

How to Enter: US Residents Only

To enter the contest, just leave a comment and tell us what you plan to do with your new Samsung Stratosphere. Since the phone is locked to Verizon, we are limiting the contest to US residents only. Comments are also limited to logged in users to cut down on the spam. Don’t have an And Me account? Join today.

The contest will remain open until Wednesday, November 23rd at 11:59 PM PT. Winners will be announced shortly after midnight.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • harningt

    Develop sore thumbs playing some good ol’ legendary classics.

  • skokefoe

    I’d plan to talk on my new phone. And browse to websites like The Google.

  • Alan Reboli

    Use it at work!

  • ranwanimator

    I’d use it as a portable media device. I may even sign back up with Verizon to get mobile data. It’d have to be rooted and Cyanogen’ed of course.

    • ranwanimator

      Plus it’d be a nice replacement for my aging G1

  • YellowDucati

    Type on a keyboard that is also a fast phone. #OGDroidUser

  • jd317

    If I won this device, I would let my girlfriend have it because she totally deserves it. You see, she’s an iPhone user, and for a while, refused to touch anything Android because it was too complicated for her.

    Then I started putting custom launchers, and making my old school HTC Droid Incredible look very nice and she has been pheening for some Android ever since. Now, she even uses my device quite frequently just to play with .

    Thanks guy! I hope I can win.


    im not on Verizon…. :(

  • kebesing

    Browse at blistering speeds!

  • keklar

    This would be great to replace my glitchy phone right now, especially love the full keyboard phones :) Would be great to be able to take advantage of the 4G LTE network and stream some Netflix too!

  • bdbraaten

    It would replace my original droid 1 that seems to be dying.

  • diverbelow

    If I won this device, I would let my wife have it, so she can fell the power of VZW”s LTE network.

  • b00sted

    It would replace my OG droid that works when you beat it like a read headed step child.

  • asmodeus5

    Going to my daughter so that she can keep in touch during her busy life.

  • jaredsk74

    Def would go enjoy some retro goodness since I would have physical buttons =D

  • AvantGuard

    Since I’m on Sprint, I’d pass on the giving spirit and make my Dad’s Christmas merrier!

  • mjc2251

    I would use it to brag to all my friends about the sweet new phone I won!

  • thenefield

    I will show my IT department that they can not keep me on my original Droid forever. I am so ready to upgrade, but since my service is through my company, I can’t qualify for upgrades unless our IT department feels I am worthy to have it. Please save me!

  • reistar

    I would use it to compile kernels on to help the ROM community for this phone!

  • uknowme

    I would probably give it to my girlfriend so she can experience Android for herself.

  • salomog

    I would use it as a test device for the game that indie game company I work for is releasing in March next year!

  • evelio

    I’d use it fo testing my apps :)

    • evelio


  • alee

    I’d use this to try to develop apps to sell.

  • Rockstar323

    I’d give it to my friend who has been stuck with an env3 for a while.

  • erikiksaz

    I would surf the inter webs like a madman, frequenting sites like android and me pobbly more often than a sane person should.

  • androinerd

    I would give this phone to my sister.

    She has been having some serious troubles with her OG Droid2 handset and isn’t up for her upgrade yet.

    This would be the perfect gift for her. I am sure you would make her cry.


  • aconner22

    I’d call my mom everyday and tell her how beautiful she is.


    Text all my b*tches to see if they’re DTF.


  • keralatigers

    it will be my dedicated And Me device. Used only for reading And Me News

  • gigstarr

    After 20 yrs of AT&T service, I’ve been looking for any morsel of an excuse to switch to Verizon. Winning this phone would be it! Even more,..a life altering experience :)

  • techvudu

    I have VZW for my work line, with the Stratosphere I could show the boys around the watercooler what Android thinks of their company issued clamshell phones. Nothing like an LG dumbphone to ruin the party. thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • mmsr5

    I would definitely give it to my brother so he can upgrade from his old phone. I currently own a Droid Charge and want him to experience a 4G LTE phone. This phone would be perfect for him.

  • lotbass

    Replace my Droid 2 Global! That thing has gotten worse with every update. Have to pull the battery about 4 or 5 times a week now.

  • smisa27

    Since I am not on Verizon, but my girlfriend is. I would actually give the phone to her so she would be another addition to the great Android World since currently, she is residing in the Feature Phone World…AKA the Dumbphone World. haha

  • euio

    I would give it to my father-in-law or brother-in-law.

    Spread the Android!

  • benmarvin

    Root it and install something other than TouchWiz.

  • sungam

    Show off to friends

  • E-man

    I would take this phone 50k above the earth’s surface. ;)

  • Techrocket9

    Not gonna lie, I’d sell it on Ebay to put towards a Transformer Prime.

  • jacobgomez

    I would give it to my wife to replace her OG Motorola Droid!

  • RiverDog

    I would give it to my son. He is just about to graduate high school and just got his first real job. I’m very proud of him!

  • fartyarty

    I would actually browse the web because this would be my first SMART phone!!!

  • neil154

    I plan on giving the Stratoshere to my wife

  • pcon

    I’d take it and give it to my wife. She’s been using my old HTC Eris since she broke her HTC Incredible. She deserves to have a nice phone now that she’s graduating from her Masters program.

  • fradster

    Sweet! A 4G phone – I would use it to connect to xbox live at the office (it’s blocked on the work network) and play multiplayer games over lunch!

    • fradster

      -1? really? COME ON (Michael)!

  • Jake

    I would replace my (much outdated — but still kickin’) OG Droid. I love it, but it’s time to move on. I always enter these contests, but never win anything, so hook me up!

  • charliethesuperturtle

    Give it to my mom who has never had a smartphone before

  • dwilson6

    Give it do a friend that needs a new phone.

  • LukeT32

    Like the rest of the commenters I would like to replace my OG Droid…. they just turned on 4G here in Des Moines last week, would love to test it our first hand. :)

  • bulletproofheeb

    Give it to my wife as a GPS unit.

  • osc707

    I’d give it to my brother, who still uses an old school dumb phone (Motorola L6)

  • kentrburton

    Let my 3 year old play plants vs zombies that’s what i would do

  • Alex Carlson

    I would give it to my mom since shes still using her ancient flip phone that she hates with a passion.

  • andyv05

    I would use it as a replacement of my LG Ally, I would have an upgrade in screen speed camera and keyboard. Would be awesome!

  • BartJJ

    I want a Samsung stratosphere to have a phone with decent hardware on Verizon with a physical keyboard!

  • Bryan

    Tether forever!

  • MoneyMike

    If I win I’ll give it to my wife who really needs a new phone.

  • Lekz

    I just to replace my old phone! The physical keyboard is a nice plus :P

  • krtlarson

    Give it to my mom as a christmas gift. She’s been stuck on the eris. lol

  • myandroid99

    I want this phone so I can keep up with android and me because so far its just been android but with no me I want to give the me part a meaning

  • MJM128

    Any android smartphone that I win i would spread the love and give away as a Christmas present to a friend or family member (depending on the carrier). Got to spread the androidness!

  • cyanslowly

    Honesty, I’m gonna sell it. Gsm is freedom.

  • kelphonic

    take a shower in that sweet android goodness,

  • ozzzy3z

    I’m an old man. I need a keyboard so I can actually send a text without any errors!

  • JMusselwhite

    I am thankful that the android platform empowers me to run gingerbread on my OG Droid.

  • SheldonS

    If I won the Samsung Stratosphere I would finally get my wife off of her ancient and almost dead LG EnV Touch.

  • dancow

    Play some awesome games.

  • la_resistance28

    Would pass this along to my mom so she can replace her decade old flip phone!

  • jsmilie

    I would cruise the internet on the fastest network.

  • Ps3y3Ops

    I plan on increasing my knowledge and abilities with the Android open source OS to develop quality apps. I intend to utilize every feature to it’s maximum ability. The timing is perfect to use the camera for the holidays, as well! I will be able to do most everything I do now…Post to twitter, google+, facebook, download apps, stream YouTube, surf the web, utilize Google Maps…mostly everything I can do with my laptop. I am really looking forward to the processor and 4G experience. I can’t wait to do all I do now and more…only much faster!

  • taragee

    if i won this – i want to give it to my dad for xmas because he has an ollld samsung BLACKJACK! I dont even know how he uses it :D but he wants a new phone with a keyboard – i know he’d use and love this – he loves txting :)

  • Jon_shiflett

    I’d replace my bing’d out Fascinate. It sucks so bad. It freaks out if I try custom roms. I need a new phone.

  • bowrycrue

    I would replace my daughters LG Ally!

  • spintrex

    I will pitch an idea to Samsung and Verizon, called “Status Here with Stratosphere” which will involve the processing voodoo of Android with Samsung. I will go across seemingly desolate places and show to the public that a high speed connection could be made in the places you’d least expect. I would blog, post pics, videos all across the country proving why Verizon is the #1 carrier. Samsung and Verizon would be so intrigued that they will sponsor me THROUGH AndroidandMe and we will both instantly become internet superstars. This will also all be done while on a unicycle. Here’s to the first million viewers.

    • spintrex

      The End

  • matanderin

    My wife has a crappy LG Ally. I’m keeping it alive with duck tape and a pocket knife. I’d like to get something I don’t have to McGyver for her.

  • n1p5

    Replace my Droid Charge. I’m really missing the keyboard on my OG Droid :(

  • crosscountry139

    I would use the Samsung Stratosphere as my personal phone while programming apps on the Android Market. I have been creating apps for the past 4 months, but sadly I still do not have an Android of my own and have been forced to use an emulator.

  • davehuze

    This would definitely be an excellent replacement for my cracked Droid Incredible!

  • pny0985

    I’d get my first smartphone and stop using my roommates

  • Rafael1

    I’d give it to my mom for Christmas

  • eddiemcinerney

    I’m using a 3G phone on Verizon, and although I enjoy the phone I have at the moment, I would like to be able to use 4G and have a keyboard.

  • Bigtop77

    I’ll give it to my girlfriend since she still uses a dumbphone.


    This will replace the original incredible

  • themanwithsauce

    I’d use it in the interim while waiting for a nexus since my razr went and ate it……screw motorola!

  • Fusci

    I would probably give this phone away to a friend! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Silver

    Hmm… I actually don’t know what I will do with this one. My mom uses Sprint. I use AT&T. I just use it for fun! Actually I might actually sell it and use it to buy something for Christmas.

  • datajosh

    If I won this I’d give it to my friend who refuses to upgrade his phone because he’s too cheap :)

  • Alpha_X80

    I plan on rooting debloating and possibly loading up some ported #ICS on it!!!

  • Granter

    I would use the Stratosphere to play all my media in my office.

  • dunner87

    I would use it to retire my current phone, and root and flash it to my heart’s content.

  • kdittyr

    If I were to win this phone, I would see what it is like to use a hardware keyboard on a phone… and decide if I like it or not – rather than read the flame-posts that always seem to pop up over the issue.

  • jwseris

    Give it to my wife

  • moelsen8

    i’d give it to my wife to get replace her flip phone and get her on Verizon blazin LTE network!!!!! this would be awesome for her as she’s only interested in phones with physical keyboards!

  • OpenIntro

    I will be honest. I would most likely sell this phone on Craigslist and use the money to buy Christmas gifts for my wife and daughters!

  • DreamScar

    Give it to my brother so he could smash his old flip phone.

  • Craigle

    I’d use it to finally replace my dying OG Droid.

  • Kpageisgreat

    I’ll just give it to my mom since we just got 4G in Hampton Roads. She already has a fascinate so it wouldn’t be that big of a jump for her.

  • Futureboy

    I would give it to my mom. She really needs a new phone.

  • jimmypop13

    I’m going to have a blast streaming Netflix over 4g!

  • Jorge89

    This would be what I need to switch to Verizon, I’ve been wanting to try their 4G speeds myself.

  • eid3tic

    I’d use it for anything and everything!

  • josegb2011

    I plan to show off my blazing 4g phone ..currently own sadly an lg ally

  • djarnow

    I will root it and install me some ics and say adiós to touchwiz

  • twin5098

    First of all, I would use the camera to take pictures of all the great things I see and always wish I had a good camera for. Then I would probably make an awesome video for my YouTube channel, all giddy like a school kid, showing off my new phone. Next, I would download NFL mobile and watch every single Packers game live from my phone, even if it’s on a TV as well. Finally, I heard something about a RadioShack app that give me free tech support, so I would go and download that too! =D

  • ralphwiggum1

    I would use this to replace my wife’s phone i dropped and broke. Luckily it was an Android phone and I managed a Android backup, so i will restore most of it back.

  • ralphwiggum1

    That’s nandroid backup

  • aj34

    I would love it and hug it and take it with me everyday!!!

  • LeePlaya

    I would love to use it as a mini tablet. lol

  • rchao

    I would give it to my girlfriend to use. She is stuck on a Samsung Rogue and complains about it daily, especially when it turns off when sliding the qwerty open. Sometimes she wont catch it and we can’t communicate :(

    Also, she takes my phone constantly to play games on it. All.the.time. So an Android phone for her would be ideal :)

    And she totally deserves it as well, everyone deserves to have a smartphone!

    And I would pledge allegiance to Androidandme.

  • mazz0310

    If I won an Stratosphere I would get rid of my old Blackberry

  • enderdad

    If i won, I’d give it to my wife so she could finally have an amazing 4g phone from Verizon!!

  • Kingsigel

    I would get the phone and give it to my daughter. She is 9 going on 25 but it is a os that she is use to. At times she does things with my phone I didnt know it could do myself. She is always on my phone it starts off as daddy can I use your phone so I can do my homework and when she is done cheating on her homework it is play time. Then if she has an android phone I can know her where abouts at all times. The world isnt as safe as we think it is.

  • Kyle

    If I won, I’d use the slide out keyboard – I’m tired of fat-fingering the on screen keyboard with my current phone!

  • robertlwalters

    I would replace my wife’s OD Droid. The power button and phone just doesn’t work like it once did.

  • teknqe

    if i win the stratosphere, i plan to give it to my wife to replace her env2

  • cecilyen

    If I can’t get HTC EVO 3D, this phone is the second choice!

  • jwoolz48

    I would give it to a family member who has Verzon and really needs a new phone!

  • Functi0n13

    If I won the Stratosphere, I would use it as my new everything (phone related). My phone is my MP3 player, communication device, notepad, to-do list, contact management, etc.

    I’m still running an OG Droid (and a G1 before that)…

  • Dlux

    I would begin to enjoy the 4G usage that ATT seems to want to forget about in my area.

  • mvndaai

    I would use it as a phone, and rub it in the face of my roommate that was fooled into buying a thunderbolt.

  • l0g0s

    With this sweet little device, I would look at the interwebs on the beautiful AMOLED screen and then troll the twittersphere! Then I’d probably give it to my niece who is still using an Eris. :-)

  • GeauxLSU

    I would upgrade from my OG Droid and be able to spread the news when my daughter is born in a few months at 4g speed.

  • phssthpok

    Have some pity on my nephew who has a *KIN*! If I won the Stratosphere, I’d give him my DX.

  • NeoDaNeenjah

    I really need a good reason (free phone?) to leave At&T. I would use this phone to surf Android and Me all day! ;)

  • martymar3200

    My sister just opened up a Bakery, I’d give it to her for Christmas so she can use it to help spread the word about her new business.

  • bitz

    I would use the phone for doing fun stuff one the road, using the blazing fast 4G!
    That and talking to people, I actually still use my phone as a phone as well.

  • ryancl

    I’d do some stratosphering.

  • vueaskew

    I have a dear friend who is on Sprint and feels she HAS to have a QWERTY phone AND needs to feel the VZW network love…WiMAX just ain’t happening out here.

  • tbhall77

    Upgrade my wife’s Droid Inc

  • sprunka

    I’m going to be honest, I would use it for every thing I use my current Droid Incredible for, until the Galaxy Nexus drops. *then* I’ll give it to my kids to replace their old Blackberry Tour. I can almost feel the 4G love.

  • mothy

    I would use that blazing fast 4G to stream the hell out of anything and everything I could find, then send my allotment of texts and emails on the blazing fast qwerty keyboard. I need this phone. Please!!

  • securifirm

    I plan on switching back to Verizon

  • oddball

    Give my wife a nice phone for a change. She has problems with touchscreens so sliders are all she will use

  • elastoplastic

    I would use the ffc and cross platform apps to video chat with all my iphone 4/4s friends.

  • eallan

    I would eat the phone.

  • cavell219

    If I were to win the stratosphere I would switch to verizon from sprint and maybe actually get data speeds sometimes haha. Thanks!

  • T1392

    If i won the Samsung stratosphere from raidoshack i would give it to my mom cause she would love a new phone especially one with a QWERTY keyboard, beautiful super amoled screen,(almost as beautiful as her),what better to give to someone who is constantly on Facebook, ebay, & craigslist though i try to convince her and her friends to get Google+.

  • jawabba

    I would use it to replace my Tbolt, then continue working on the ICS port for the Tbolt.

  • ohmyitsjen

    I would use it like no other! haha, I’m very into twitter, I tweet everyday, I’m on facebook all the time so my verizon data package very much comes in handy! I’m a huge textaholic & talker.
    I would browse the internet more on the Stratosphere, I have a Blackberry but not liking to browse on it that much. So, this phone if I won would replace my laptop no problem :)

  • tavella

    Enjoy some LTE.

  • logan_jinx

    I would use it to replace my Droid Charge since Samsung has yet to update my Droid to Gingerbread. I love LTE, but its really frustrating when I can’t use specific apps because I’m not running the right software on a phone that has pretty decent specs.

  • chris james

    I would use the mess out of that blazing fast 4G LTE!

  • geiko

    I would use the phone to eat ice cream sandwiches all the time!

  • JAGDrummer

    I would use it to replace my OG Droid that is crawling in the muck on it’s last leg. This would be also known as a life saver.

  • droseum20

    I would plan to use it to browse using Verizon’s blazing-fast 4G LTE service; make quick calls using the speed of the phone; create and send quick texts using the handy QWERTY keyboard; get quick updates from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more; and finally I would enjoy watching videos on the beautiful display! I have never owned such a high quality smartphone and it would be awesome to start with this one!

  • ricardo_c

    To give it to my wife so she can stop nagging me about how her phone sucks!

  • Cereal_Killer

    I’d love this one, as trying to type on an lcd screen is getting to be a pain. Having an acutal keyboard would be great.

  • XsceneXhippieX

    I would say I’m leaving att right now buying a pizza and punting my last att phone ever out of a window!

  • Doan

    I’d use it to keep up with the 100+ university emails I get spammed with every week.

  • aljohnson34

    use it all the time!

  • Tcuneo

    me and my new phone would have a viking funeral for the OG driod

  • MILKY7272

    This is awesome! It would be so great to win one of these.

  • douglasfamily

    I plan on using it to video chat with family and or giving it to my wife to upgrade. Thanks RadioShack and Androidandme

  • cxandroid

    Read Androidandme of course!

    Videochat with family.

    No need to run to the computer everytime I want to look something up.

  • Justin Underscore

    I would probably just use it to test the apps I write at first, until my current contract (with AT&T, unfortunately) is up, then use it as a phone full time after that.

  • azndnbdub

    The Samsung Stratosphere would be a great gift for my parents since they have flip phones and would like a new smartphone from you guys!

  • sdtrinity3

    Verizon LTE and Samsung Stratosphere would be great with Netflix.

  • ras209

    if i won i would be like yeah and everyone around me would be like ahhhh. Please help me make everyone envious of me by giving me a new phone. :D

  • Ak8s

    If I won, I’d be the biggest cheerleader Android and Me and Radio Shack have ever had. People would be like “Cool phone1″ and I’d be like “Heck yeah it is! I got it from Android and Me and Radio Shack!” You should go buy stuff from them and tell them Ak8s sent ya. Then, when you are looking for the latest in android, stop by Android and Me and catch up. If you are really cool, like me hehe, circle them on G+.

  • Phil

    I’d give this phone to my mother since she wants a keyboard on her phone. But then I’d be jealous that her phone is better than mine

  • bd1212

    What a great change it would be switch from this dumb-phone to a Samsung Stratosphere! If I won this, I’d definitely use it to upgrade from this crappy dumb-phone that I’m using at the moment. I’d also use it to browse this site! That’s one the worst things about this dumb-phone. I can’t visit this site or even read my Tweets to at least stay up to date with my Android news. Please, AndroidAndMe, have mercy on me and send me this Samsung Stratosphere… I’ll even give you my dumb-phone in return ;).

  • saraminda

    I would gift this to my son in college who has been expressing a need for an android!! Please let me be able to do this! :)

  • shimawn

    i would replace my aging motorola droid that is slowly crapping out on me

  • Sleepyheadedmom

    I would give the phone to my fiancé for Christmas. He would be thrilled. I’m a stay at home mom so it would be a little weird if I bought him a phone with his money.

    Sleepyheadedmom at gmail dot com

  • ncb1010

    I plan on using it to figure out how they fit a LTE modem and a Qwerty keyboard in one phone.

  • powdermilk

    with my new Samsung Stratosphere I would have a larger screen to develop with.

  • jakefans

    I adore QWERTY phones, and I would use the Samsung Stratosphere to find my dream girl on OKCupid! (That’ll involve a LOT of typing! :)

  • jmansocool11

    I would use this device as a boat. Promptly after receiving it i would use a lever to pull of the glass screen and put aside for later usage. After hollowing out the upper half of the phone I would use the glass as masts for my wonderfully convenient boat. The QWERTY keyboard would be rather convient as it would provide my boat with the ability to communicate to land. The 4g speeds paired with the Hummingbird processor would fulfill my dreams as it glidess through the oceans. Never will i have to worry about it breaking due to the wonderful durability it will provide as a transport. Thank you for viewing my post and i really hope you will grant me to use this phone in the way that my dreams beckons me.

  • xiaz

    I would use this phone as a replacement for my Droid Charge.

  • Jaxidian

    I need a couple more phones for testing development on. I would probably find somebody with a slightly “lesser” phone and straight-up trade this to them to give them a “free upgrade” while giving me a more-targeted phone to test on. (I plan on having a GNex so testing on Samsung phones will hopefully be covered by that.)

  • RobBull75

    I’d probably switch from T-Mobile to Verizon since I get a pretty hefty work discount. Otherwise, I’d donate it to a dev.

  • psylon

    I would use this phone to talk, to listen to podcasts, to read ebooks, to type in on board wiki all me thoughts and ideas.

  • Phelanjosh

    So that I can give my newly wed wife the Christmas gift she deserves. And so I can play with it when she’s asleep.

  • mitchsamuels

    I would give it to my sister! She has been through hell with her Ally.

    She got it August of 2010. Everything was fine. Fast forward to July 2011. It starts acting weird. Apps disappear, it shuts off, the screen randomly turns on in her purse, killing the phone very fast.

    Luckily it had a few weeks of warranty left, so she got a replacement.
    On the first replacement, only the left half of the screen worked. She got another replacement.
    The second replacement was doing the same thing as her original phone was doing.
    She got a third replacement. It didn’t turn on when she got it in the mail.
    She got a fourth replacement. A few buttons on the keyboard didn’t work.

    After the fourth replacement, she went into Verizon to complain. These are “Certified 100% working” phones. She got them to refund a month of service. She is now on her fifth replacement. She really wants a new phone (new model) because she is afraid it will happen again, and she will have to set up her phone, again.

    I told her to get a nice phone, like the Galaxy Nexus, when her contract is up. But that’s in a year, so..
    Yeah. I would definitely give it to her.

  • jvs8477

    I would give it to my sister so she can get rid of her storm 2 bb and get some Android

  • classic_hero

    If I won the phone, I would give it to my mom since she’s still rocking the droid eris, which is just painful to even think of.

  • BillyMaysHere

    I would use it for navigation because someone stole my gps and my blackberry, which is okay, ha, form my car last night so i need a new android powered smartphone

  • nightdragon70

    Will be able to do anything I want since the phone is just that awesome !!!

  • icu

    I need this! My wife’s BlackBerry is dying. A VZW rep has convinced her to get an iPhone 4S!! I feel I could sway her back from the dark side with this device’s keyboard. Help me, Android And Me. You’re my only hope! There is still good in her.

  • smwinn7

    my work phone is dying and this would be such a great replacement

  • drmbdrummer

    This would be a wonderful upgrade to my old incredible. I’d love to be able to use the 4G speeds on my train rides. Thanks for the contest! :)

  • smisa27

    i would give this phone to my girlfriend who is still using a feature phone..she has yet to upgrade to a smartphone..and i feel that android would be best for her..otherwise she might choose the iphone! =/

  • thepza

    I would use it to mak

  • thepza

    Eek. Id use this phone to watch netflix on the super amoled display.

  • felixb01

    I plan to finally join the 21st century! :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • mg19

    If I win an HTC EVO Design 4G I would give it to my mom to replace her Palm.

  • mg19

    I would give it to my mom to replace her Palm.

  • dtucker66

    I’d love this phone because of it’s full keyboard, it would make answering emails a breeze.

  • Zfwaeld

    I’d give this to one of my friends on Verizon. This is basically Verizon’s version of the Epic 4G, right?

  • DeLorean

    Give to my friend who has an OG Droid. Granted, he’s probably getting a Galaxy Nexus the day it comes out.

    Maybe just switch to Verizon and use this until Galaxy Nexus is available?

  • jilkat25

    I’d ask around… I’m sure someone I know is looking to upgrade

  • bigvincec

    I plan to wrap it, put it under the tree, and surprise myself x-mas morning

  • JetsteJ

    This phone would do wonders for my life. I love techology and love knowing about the newest tech. I plan to major in computer engineering and create the newest softwares for phones and computers. Unfortunately I dont have much money and my only android device is a severely outdated samsung Moment. That stratosphere would greatly help me out next year as i go off to college, since I can’t afford to buy one myself.

  • jjjjjjbbbbbbbbbbbb

    I wish to win the phone because my blackberry is super slow and its brand new and Verizon WONT do a thing about it. So i really need a new smart phone! I also need it to keep in touch with friends and family along with coaches and emails involving jobs.