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ROM: MIUI finally functional for the HTC Thunderbolt


Fans of custom ROMs have definitely heard of MIUI, one of the most popular custom ROMs available. With an iPhone-esque look, this ROM is one of the most customized and differentiated from stock Android. If you’re into that and are a proud owner of an HTC Thunderbolt, then you’re in luck.

The unofficial MIUI port to the Thunderbolt is now fully functional (yes, even 4G), except for MMS. (They’re working on it). DroidVicious from RootzWiki has been working hard at this for quite some time now. The port had many bugs and problems, but his hard work and commitment has finally paid off.

As if this wasn’t enough good news, the developer has been in touch with the MIUI team, and this port has the chance to be officially supported. The Thunderbolt might be joining the list of MIUI officially supported devices soon.

Those who would like to test it out can head over to RootzWiki to download and install the ROM. You should know this by now, but we’ll throw in the disclaimers just in case. These procedures are not supported by HTC/Verizon, and there is a risk of “bricking” your device and/or voiding your warranty. If you decide to flash this custom ROM, you are pretty much on your own.

That being said, let us know if you’re trying this ROM out! There will be an update every Friday, so things should get even better. Have you guys been waiting for this one? I know I’m definitely trying it out soon. Check out the video of the ROM in action, and let us know what you think.

P.S. Try to tip DroidVicious if you can, he’s been working very hard on this.

Via: Phandroid

Source: RootzWiki

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  • grant

    Well that is interesting….hadn’t seen that before. They are right about that strap being horrendously beautiful.

  • Slith

    I’m going for it. I unrooted my TB in anticipation of ordering the Nexus this week, but who knows when that will happen now.

  • snowbdr89

    The tbolt has alot of dev support it seems, alot of nice roms like das bamf cm an now miui makes me want to start using my tbolt again.

  • Stella

    I’m using MIUI on my Vibrant and love it because it’s so customizable. The only thing con to me is the lack of an app drawer so I use LauncherPro Plus, too.

  • pritams

    Loving the UI…