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Rumor: Galaxy Nexus to launch on Verizon December 8th


Twitter user TechFanatix has tweeted a screenshot of what appears to be a Verizon internal email which suggests that the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be finally launching on December 8th.

Since we’ve seen launch dates come and go, even in Verizon’s internal systems, we’re throwing the rumor tag on this post for now, though we can’t imagine this date being too far from the truth. If the December 8th date holds up, that gives us 20 agonizing days of waiting for the flagship Ice Cream Sandwich device that was launched in the UK yesterday.

Regardless of when the device actually launches, the next iteration of Android is right around the corner. Soon you Verizon customers will be relishing in the sweet taste of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Who out there plans to pick up one of these bad boys when they finally hit the market?

Source: TechFanatiX Twitter

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  • Joshua Naylor

    Yeah……. I like the Monday rumor much better…

    This rumor can go jump off a bridge.

  • @BiGMER F this is rumor #784645389038. LMAO

  • Ricky

    The problem with Verizon and every decent phone they launch is that they take SOOO LONG to release it that it’s no longer the latest and greatest by the time it comes out. The Thunderbolt is a perfect example. When it was first supposed to come out it was the greatest thing since sliced bread but it fell short by the time it was released. We also know that quad core phones could be coming out in the first part of the year. Samsung even had the Galaxy S3 in a slide back in October which will probably release before those quad core devices so I’m willing to bet the S3 is out in January. Another big fail when it comes to Verizon. They really need to step up their game.

    • Craig

      I agree, when a phone is announced, it should come out one week later and not 3-6 months later.

  • xoldier

    WTF!?!? They should AT LEAST let us know what the hell they are planning to do about other carriers. TMO, the original Android carrier…seriously. This is a bullshit game. Announce the device, give exclusivity when it should have been widely available, then wait for Verizon to crap it out. SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING abandoning Android …not because its a bad product. Because, it is managed by a bunch of incompetent assholes who can’t get their shit right after 200,000,000 activations.

    • @BiGMER F

      wow and some think i was stressing the whole Nexus thing to much? lol

    • ddp

      Google has NOTHING to do with Verizon’s release date. Things were right on time as planned overseas. It’s these fck ups we call American carriers that always have to fck up a good thing. Galaxy S2 releases overseas vs here in the US are a perfect example. Just watch where you place the blame.

      • AsakuraZero

        actually ddp is right, SGS2 launc was pretty good in many parts of the world even panama got the i9100 on its carrier MONTHS before USA and that was quite batshit weird honestly

    • xoldier

      Verizon carries the iPhone, so does AT&T and now Sprint.
      Have we seen that ever getting delayed? Nope…because they have their shit together.

      • Nate B.

        Your exactly right. People think Google have nothing to do with it but thy can have a say and possibly make it happen. Apple never had this problem.

      • Brian

        Why doesnt apple ever delay there phones?
        Because there the only company who re-releases the same phone and still gets respect for it. Yet way better androids come out and get bashed for the dumbest of reasons
        Apple is garbage always has been on the losing end just like in the 90s with windows.
        They had a few good years in the inital smartphone/Ipod era.
        Im sick of hearing about an “iphone killer”
        The iphone was killed with the original motorolla droid and just continued to get slaughterd from there in my opinion.

    • T-MO:SGSII

      Haha… Verizon’s constipated… lol

  • Nathan

    Yea a Verizon, stop pushing the date back it’s F ing annoying and you are holding everyone else up so hurry the F up already!

  • Warden Chinbach

    I feel nauseous.

  • Kwills 88

    Come December 8th…Galaxy nexus set to launch January 1st. Why can’t we have our ice cream sandwich and eat it too?

  • OOMatter

    No more Verizon exclusives. They need some competition to keep them on their toes.

  • joe

    WTF verizon, W.T.F.

  • Ryan

    This actually makes sense. I just read the rules for the Nexus give-a-way on Twitter and they said that winners of the contest would be listed/announced on December 5th. So assuming shipping and everything, winners probably wouldn’t get the phone until around the 8th or after.

    I just want the damn phone already.

  • Anthony

    Well that date shouldn’t shock anyone the nexus s was December 16 2010 so one year later
    I really wanted this phone but all the bullshit and no T-Mobile date insight.
    I will pass and just add ice cream to my nexus s.
    I personally think the sg2 and ice cream will hold its own as well

    • Nate B.

      Yea but why the hell would they announce something way ahead and get it months later.

  • indianzfan

    I finally gave up on the Nexus and got a Droid Razr. I love it!

    • Anthony44

      Thats fine what’s the return policy enjoy the Razr and when the nexus drops take it back :)

      • skipo

        Actually you can return it up to January 9th with a $35 restocking fee.

        • T-Mo

          I did exactly that with the Rezound and you actually have until January 15th. But it only applies if you got it on or after November 15th. I just wanted to play with something new while I was waiting to take the edge off. Now here’s hoping I don’t accidentally drop it in the toilet or something.

  • J-Man

    Getting mine next week. God save the Queen for us Brits!!! Sad to see it being delayed this badly in the US though, weird how we have all the major carriers on-board from almost day 1.

    • @BiGMER F

      i dont mind the brits getting it. what pisses me off is the Canadians seeing action before us. that is where it gets pathetic

      • J-Man

        Could it be because they’re still under British rule (as in their head of state is the Queen)? ;)

        There’s still time to come back, my little American friends… ;)

        • @BiGMER F

          nevvvvvverrrrr! USA! USA! Usa!

          • J-Man

            Then you leave us with no other option! We shall post opinions on local newspapers here in England, complaining about this, but still in a very polite manner.

  • mikeyDroid

    It’s a shame to wait so long, bounce back and forth with rumors, just to settle for a phone that has absolutely no future proofing to it anymore. Down rank me more but I should have jumped ship when the 4s came out, because this has become a joke.

    • zach

      Then get an iPhone and stop bitching. Ill wait for the nexus personally. Even tho it sucks to have to wait longer, it also gives me time to save up lol.

      • mikeyDroid

        Stop bitching? You’re clearly just biased. I’m a realist.

      • broham

        Not all of us our broke. I’ve had enough money… sick of the wait.

        • mikeyDroid

          Exactly. Lol.

  • Anthony44

    Well after this long wait I’m not sure I want this phone anymore. I have a nexus s and since its not coming to T-Mobile right now perhaps nexus s and ice cream will suit me just fine.
    The nexus comes once a year so I would be foolish to buy the Google nexus in lets say April or may if its offered then.
    I know we all want the pure Google experience but the sg2 running ice cream will hold its own to anything out there

    • mightyfo

      I agree with Anthony44. I am pretty sick of waiting. I still think this phone is bad ass and would love to get it. But I am pretty [email protected]#kin’ pissed Google signed exclusivity with Verizon. F#$K Verizon, their Droid ads are a lame. Let them keep their stupid droid’s. Keep Android and the Nexus open to the public. I love Google but you guys screwed up!

      • Orion78

        Yeah it amazes me that Google would give it to Verizon first. A greedy company of bloatware mania. All they care about is their Droid lineup to give 2 sh!ts about a Nexus phone. It’s a good thing my upgrade is not until next April or I would have been pissed. They are delaying other carriers from getting it.

        • BigCiX

          I agree the delay they are having is also delaying it to come out in other carriers. That’s why I’m glad someone is baking up a ROM for my O3D/Thrill. Therefore I can keep my microSD slot & flash.

      • Tornato7

        Hey I hate verizon just as much as the next guy, but their droid ads are freaking awesome. Most of them anyway. They are all cinematic and crap, like the one that’s a meteor or the thunderbolt one. Dont diss thier ads

  • Christian

    Fuck you Google. This is a Nexus device. It’s supposed to be the height of the open, pure Google experience. And you make it an exclusive. A version of the phone that is completely compatible with Tmo has already launched elsewhere, and we can’t have it because you fucked us over.

  • luiek20

    Ok as a t-mobile user i feel disrespected by Google for launching a nexus device on Verizon and not t-mobile and sprint from day one. The fucking phone is pentaband so they can easily sell it unsubsidized for t-mo/att users yet they give the greediest company first dibs? honestly i’ve been drooling over this nexus since way before the announcement (like many of us here), but now i don’t even want this piece of shit. Regardless of this phone being the latest and greatest, pretty soon we’ll be flooded with post nexus ICS phones with better features and hardware(not a fan of Samsung plastic) and by rooting we can use custom roms with less bugs on a constant basis (cm9 ftw) so i’m just gonna enjoy my mytouch 4g with ics untill something better comes out. And i know new and better phones will forever be around the corner but i feel google needs to learn that it cant just play with our nerdy hearts by not giving any info on price or availability then make nexus carrier exclusive, no i wont be supporting them this time maybe next year will be better for the nexus with jelly bean or whatever J flavor they use for android but im hurt as a loyal googler and android fanatic and i wont be getting this phone. I love android but seriously fuck you Google, Fuck you!

    • Orion78

      Exactly! Buy the time I upgrade, there will be better phones anyway. Hello Galaxy S III.

  • jlix

    Insanity. Don’t make the dam announcement if you are this far out. My blackberry is unraveling as i write this I am already five months over my contract dam it!!!

  • Curtis Nichols

    I cant stand this waiting any longer, its killing me!!!

  • DRA

    apple probably paid Verizon to delay the phone this late

  • Somethingsfishy


  • militarymedic23

    I think the worst part about the wait is we already knew Verizon would be the primary carrier. But even after the UK had the phone released, and people have gone to the reaches of obtaining internal email notices, Verizon still refuses to officially confirm any dates.
    Seems like Verizon is just shooting themselves in the foot with not letting people have a little planning room with the release.

  • counsel

    Wonders if Verizon is delaying hoping peeps buy razor or other android phones full of Vloatware…

  • thaghost

    I dont care anymore. I’ll just paitiently wait til the full pice is disounted around april and buy it then. Im really surprised google allowed a launch like this.

  • raver27

    I wonder if all this is gonna delay the nexus s update to ics…

    • Anthony44

      Raver I would think this will definitely delay ice cream to us nexus s users.
      Verizon and Google shit the bed on this one
      Verizon is holding back because of the razr and resound out right now this would piss off the other manufacturers.
      Verizon hasn’t even advertise for this phone yet. I guess still fighting Google to call it the Droid nexus which people will anyway.
      The annoying party is their exclusive probably begins from their launch.
      Verizon strategic launch will mean no other carrier will have a nexus for Christmas.
      Google + Verizon = take ur nexus and rub it on you chest

  • raver27

    I just want Google to give my nexus s ics….

  • raver27

    Yea this whole deal is lame..

  • Monochrome

    Time to import! Can’t wait on Corporate Execs on this one.

  • dreamdoggy22

    I’m just as tired of waiting as the next guy, but unfortunately I don’t think Verizon cares one bit about how we feel. They know the majority of Nexus fans will buy it anyway. No matter when it gets released. I just hope Google handles the next release in a more customer oriented manner.

  • counsel

    Having to move to Verizon from art due to where I live-att’s coverage blows. I wanted this phone, but Google and Verizon blew it. I’m going to look at uscellular now…

  • Steve

    The worst part about this is it will likely effect Verizons chances of ever getting another Nexus device.

  • E

    Yea we all are really agravated with the wait but kinda smart of vrz to pull this move on Dec just in time for holiday buyers n drive in a lot of people to Android with the intro of ICS

  • James

    What about us who waited for the nexus one to be released just to hear months later that we had to get an htc incredible i dont understand what vzw and google be doing

  • paul

    the longer this takes, the less i care

  • Richard Yarrell

    Talk about MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT WOW…I have to recollect myself and remeber why I switched from sprint to verizon and that was related to service issues with sprint as well as signal weakness. As far as that was concerned verizon has covered that problem 150% so I am extremely happy from a 4g LTE signal standpoint service is great. Now from a device standpoint I came to verizon DROOLING FOR THE GALAXY NEXUS even jumped on the double the data promotion 5gb for 50 dollars which was normal plan now I have 10gb for 50 dollars to me that is unlimited since I never went over 4gb when I had unlimited data on sprint. I came to verizon on November 11th with my 14days coming to a close on November 25th I took a gamble hoping the Galaxy Nexus would land between Nov 11 to Nov 25 rumor wise I was on course but reality wise looks like December 8th now. So what is a man to do I refuse to be stuck with the Lg Revolution as my main device when I had the EVO 3D when I was on sprint so what I will do is get the best HTC DEVICE on any carrier and yes that is the HTC REZOUND. So come this Monday since I know now there will be NO galaxy nexus before November 25th which ends my 14days I will trade in my current Lg Revolution for the Rezound and will be happy. The overall reviews of the rezound have been great and with 16gb of internal storage as well as 16gb sd card that can be expandable to 32gb I will have plenty of storage. Plus with all the current problems and issues with the Galaxy Nexus ie 16gb of internal storage INSTEAD of the 32gb, NO FLASH, and SOFTWARE issues I will ride it out until all these issues are resolved. The Galaxy Nexus will have to prove to me it’s worth adding a line to my current verizon account and based on what has been going on recently I seriously doubt the Galaxy Nexus can come strong regardless od ice cream sandwich. I will leave that possibility open but as of tomorrow I will be walking into a verizon store to exchange my Revolution for the Rezound and will continue being a happy verizon customer…..……

    • squiddy20

      1. You’re an idiot. You really expected Verizon/Samsung to release the phone in a timely manner? What a joke.
      2. So much for all your emphatic statements about how the Nexus would be out on “x” date and you’d be getting it. All those times before were nothing more than rumors, and you soooo stupidly took them as facts. Again, what a joke.
      3. Good lord you’re a moron. You can’t even make a post with correctly working links. Way to be a screw up.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Go grow some balls loser..Don’t hate take your pathetic device and shove it up your flat fill in the blank…Guess times must be pretty hard for you..I am on cloud nine piss head very soon I will have both devices much better than you will ever do that’s for sure. Your posts are so useless here it becomes more comical everyday you pretty much a sad soul if you need a loan it me up because in the world of technolgy either your rolling in the direction it’s going or you being left behind. And knowing you as I do I already know your spitting nothing but blanks my friend….

        • squiddy20

          1. “take your pathetic device and shove it up your flat fill in the blank” Hahaha! And you tell me to grow some balls? You can’t even make a ballsy insult that might include cuss words! Please, before you tell me to “grow a pair”, do so yourself. You only serve to insult yourself with retarded statements such as that. Way to go.
          2. “if you need a loan it me up because in the world of technolgy either your rolling in the direction it’s going or you being left behind” And in what way does this make any sense? Me getting a loan from your bum self has absolutely nothing to do with keeping up with technology. You know there’s a little something called “reading” right? I don’t need to own “x” phone to “keep up with technology”, I just need to read about it. For instance, if you had actually read any of the articles about the Evo 3D when it first came out, you would’ve found out that not “all” bloatware apps could be removed. But noooo, you didn’t read, and even after owning the phone, you still kept on saying it. Talk about utterly retarded.

          • Richard Yarrell

            Your still the resident troll of androidandme guess you love your useless status. You will never take any of my joy here or in technology. I know you wish you can only wish you can be me you faceless fool. Get lost and off this site l will haunt your sorry butt till you leave this site ..The days are ticking LOSER..

          • squiddy20

            1. So what if am the “resident troll of androidandme”? (Btw, it’s “Android and Me”, dumbass. Learn to use proper nouns correctly) Give me whatever label you want, Dick, I don’t care. It doesn’t change the fact that YOU are the trolling, moronic, sycophant.
            2. What’s my “useless status”? Seems to me, you’ve got it backwards you stupid child. What with all your bitching and complaining about how Verizon/Google has screwed up the Galaxy Nexus, when in fact, Verizon has never set a firm release date. All dates given in the past have been nothing more than rumors that you have so ignorantly believed to be straight from the horse’s mouth (Verizon).
            3. “I know you wish you can only wish you can be me” Two things wrong with this quote: A) It doesn’t make any sense because of your repeated “you wish” crap, B) I DON’T wish I could be you. I wouldn’t want to be as uneducated, gullible, and utterly stupid as you make yourself out to be. I mean, you REALLY believed the Galaxy Nexus would be out on “x” date when Verizon has NEVER come out and said so? You have to be pretty gullible/unintelligent to take the rumors as flat out truths.

  • Zykan

    I could care less for this release – Only good thing out of all this is more publicity for Android and ICS.

    I am proud to say I ride the Nexus Fan Boy Train – I loved my nexus one – Pure – no BS/Bloat and simple -

    Now if you want a Nexus phone – Get your Mobile Tag whacked on the back – a few bloat apps and other things – I am sorry Google I will wait out until you release the next Nexus Device – Even if I am rocking a Sensation and not my good old Nexus one – I would rather not use a “Nexus” phone if it is going to release this way.

    And Samsung – I used to have higher regards for you but – HTC>*

    Hopefully one day HTC will get back in the Nexus train -

    All in all it is just a phone though – Sad that one good thing about being a Android nerd and have the few Nexus phones out there has gone mainstream and been sold out :(

  • berns

    people should just email bomb google contacts about their dislike of the situation. Nothing will probably come of it but they should know how bad they messed up with the community that supports them wholeheartedly

  • KatSelezneva

    As the source code of ICS has been already released, I think every single smartphone’ll run on Android 4.0. before Galaxy Nexus finally appears. A dessert for developers: Some Ice Cream Sandwich, please!

  • Andrew

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