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Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets root access ahead of its release


There’s still no official release date for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Rumors point to a release later this month, though, and many of you will want your fair share of root access. Luckily, there’s already a way to do this.

MoDaCo¬†‘s Paul O’Brien has put together “Superboot,” which is a computer program that installs a custom boot image onto your device (or device-to-be). Superboot makes rooting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as easy as double clicking some buttons. No need to mess with codes, ADB or any other processes that may intimidate the common user.

It’s rare to see a device get root access ahead of its release, or even its release date announcement. Unless you’re a special person, you won’t be able to use this until later this month. Here it is, though! Just hit the source link to download Superboot, and you’ll be all set. Will you be rooting your Galaxy Nexus?

Via: Android Central

Source: MoDaCo

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  • Josh McAllister

    Someone on twitter retweeted his tweet about that. I can’t wait for this phone! Fingers crossed that it comes to T-Mobile!

    • Lux143

      me too man….if they don’t get it, I will be leaving t-mobile.

      • Me

        It will be on Tmobile and ATT we already know there is a GSM version that came through the FCC, expect it at Best Buy…………soon!

  • sdotunome

    Just did it and it definitely worked…. nice.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Are you one of those “special” people??? :)

      • 4n1m4l

        So are we still sure this is a real nexus? I thought nexus devices came unlocked

        • NotQuite

          They come with unlocked bootloaders. They don’t come rooted. If you’re smart enough to get adb/fastboot working, you can pull the phone out of the box, boot to fastboot, type in “fastboot oem unlock”, and viola your phone is now rooted. This just does all of that for average joes.

          • iamXiV92a

            o_O huh… I never knew it was THAT easy – Thanks!
            Be easy, the Streak is my first Android phone – it’s wonderful save for the random reboots using GingerStreak

          • eSo

            @iamXiV92a @NotQuite it’s not quite THAT easy… You’ll still have to install a custom recovery via fastboot and flash SU binaries. Still pretty easy though.

          • 4n1m4l

            Oh, ok. I was thinking that this was something different and that the phone had to be hacked open…

            I’ve been really disappointed with my dx2 and it not actually being unlocked.. losing root… having to sbf.

            If this is a real nexus, i may have to take it up. My only thing that makes me retain motorola is that they implement Bluetooth message access. Actually transmits the text file for sms and my car speaks it to me. We’ll see what they have done.

    • @BiGMER F

      im very jealous right now !

  • Mfg68

    I will be rooting so I can use Titanium Backup to restore my apps.

    • Josh McAllister

      Same here! Do you have the Pro version or Free version? If you are curious, I have a video on it!

      • Mfg68


  • G. Martinez

    With this superboot program, rooting will be easy as 1, 2, and 3–ideal to non-techy guys :)

  • Rovex

    A little correction, Paul is the MoDaCo founder and owner, not just a user!

  • Black Kristos

    95% chance that I’ll root out of the gate, but I really want some time with the handset first.

  • mabroid

    Why root? On a vanilla device is there really any reason?

    • Josh McAllister

      Titanium Backup, Root Explorer, CacheMate, Wifi Tether (for free) and so much more!

    • Interpol91

      Also don’t forget about the custom ROMs and themes that will be cranked out!!!

  • ben dover

    This is not the Verizon model though! While I fully expect Verizon to fall in line with the Nexus “requirements”, Verizon could pull a fast one a lock the bootloader on us!

    • dreamdoggy22

      It would not surprise me one bit if Verizon locked it down.

    • angermeans

      If it is I will be willing to bet it will be the fastest phone ever to be unlocked this phone will demand developer attention and we will see it unlocked it no time, but I am willing to bet Verizon will check for that little unlocked lock before they offer any kind of support you can bet that.

  • Nate B.

    Maybe over clock or be able to change the color of the notification light. Otherwise I don’t see why IC needs root. Its such a polished OS.

    • ben dover

      Being able to overclock, backup apps, tether, use root file managers. just a few things that some of us prefer not to live without!

      Some will be fine without root though. and yes, it IS a very polished OS!

  • poosh2010

    so will rooting still void the warranty? because I’ve always been scared to try it for that reason

    • NotRelevent

      That’s why you unroot it, if you ever have to send it off for some form of warranty claim.

  • snowbdr89

    I’m curious to see dumb dick yarrells thoughts on the nexus prime root since according to him you can only root devices that are 2 years or older or rooting is only for people who are cheap an have no plans on buying a device for another 2 years.

    • Dr.Jeckyl

      Are the insults necessary?

      • snowbdr89

        Ofcourse they are.

  • GeauxLSU

    Glad to hear this. Now I may buy it closer to release day instead of waiting a couple of weeks.

  • Nathan

    Sweet it makes it that much easier to buy at lunch =)

  • sylar

    And this comes as no surprise.

  • Lox

    Come on… it is not big news…. All nexus devices are bootloader unlockable, and thus easly rootable… Every one knows this…

  • WarDrake

    OH mine is getting rooted the day i get it!
    no root = not my phone.

  • SliestDragon

    Not much news, since it would have been fully root-able within the hour of it’s release. Still cool to see they’ll be fully ready now. :)

  • pritams

    That’s cool!!!

  • MadGeordie

    Can somebody point me in an easy step by step on how to root my Nexus please ?

    I rooted my SGS and learned to hard way not to dive in as I had to buy a jig to get it into download mode so rather than make a mess of the root process again I’m after an easy step by step if available … ?

    I want to root my Nexus to use Titanium Backup and Voodoo Control Plus as I’ve noticed the mic rec level is very sensitive again

    So can anybody help me out please … ?