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Samsung Galaxy Nexus pushed back until after Black Friday?


As if we’ve not been waiting long enough for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, things seem to be getting a bit more frustrating. After all the hype and speculation we’ve been hearing, the device was finally announced last month. Now that we’ve seen a bit of what the first Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone will be, the next step (and the hardest) is to wait for it to be released.

Well, guys, it seems like we’ll have to wait a bit longer than we expected. It was bad enough to hear that the Galaxy Nexus would not be hitting shelves come November 10 alongside the DROID RAZR and Rezound. Then we heard it wouldn’t be until after November 17. Now the Galaxy Nexus is not expected to be released until after Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving).

Our good friends at Droid-Life have their hands on a nifty chart from Big Red, which displays Verizon’s release plans for its latest devices. This chart clearly states that the Galaxy Nexus will not be released until after Black Friday. You’ll have to look elsewhere for Black Friday savings.

As for us Android fans, we’ll save our bucks and wait some more…

Bonus video: As you patiently wait for the Galaxy Nexus, check out the latest hands-on video from Stuff Magazine.

Via: Droid-Life

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  • triangle

    This blows! Say it ain’t so, Verizon!

  • BiG MERF

    wow that means the GSM version wont come until probably until after Christmas. If Verizon got some sort of exclusivity i am sure its through th holidays. Glad I will have mines around the 17th of this month

  • SherlockHomeboy

    Gives me more time to save up for it. Personally I think that Ice Cream Sandwich wasn’t done and that was the reason for the original delay in the announcement of the Galaxy Nexus. Maybe Google found some kind of major bug in last minute testing and they’re pushing back the device launch so they can fix it?

    • ben dover

      I doubt it. Did you watch the video posted above? said 4.0 is perfect. that’s a bold statement for something that hasn’t come out yet. you can’t even say that about Honeycomb even after 3.2!

      It’s most likely more due to manufacturing holds up. There was a typhoon/flooding down where a lot of these phone parts are made so that could very well be the hold up.

    • Black Kristos

      My thought is that it’s the LTE. That is why there were no LTE handsets shown off in Honk Kong. Still, I wish it weren’t the case. I’ve been ready to throw my Saphire for ages.

  • geiko

    I can’t seem to log in to my account.

    Anyway, I don’t believe this. Google must be the stupidest company if this is true. Anyway, I won’t believe it until the 10th and 17th come and go and the Nexus isn’t out. The fucking Nokia WP7 are coming out before the GN (whether it’s really delayed or not). I’m embarrassed that this is how the company manages it’s premiere device. They went from being able to really rock Apple after a lackluster announcement, to allowing the 4S to get a full month lead in release date, and even let the first halfway decent (hardware wise) WP7 to come out before them.

    This is the 3rd Nexus that can’t get things right, with what we expected before launch, and what we’re actually getting.

    The Nexus One was supposed to be a revolutionary way of buying a phone, getting it off contract or really cheap without signing a contract. That was a big fail.

    The Nexus S was delayed, had GPS issues even with Samsung having those same issues with the same type of phone they’d released in the Galaxy line, and continued launching on only one carrier.

    And now we get this piece of shit news. Apple fans only had to wait a fucking week before they saw the product and got to play with it. There were two hype machines with the phone: the presser, and the release. You got to see what was coming. Talk about it all week (hate it or love it), and the following week or so, you had an iPhone in your hands.

    Google does this over and over (Google +), and they just don’t get it!

    • AppleFUD

      Yeah, maybe Google should just turn it over to MOTO to handle. . . oh wait, that would be even worse.

      It’s sad just how bad these idiots can make things. Seriously, is it really that hard to set a launch date, keep things quiet till then, and then make a frackin announcement and put the fuckin device on sale within a week of the announcement?

      IS IT Google?

    • R.S

      Lol, talk about a cluster @#&$!

      When sales of the Nexus end up being lackluster, Google will have no one to blame but themselves. Though I doubt they’ll see it that way.

      I wonder though, if Verizon really does have a timed exclusive, does them delaying their release push back the other carriers’ release date as well? If so then I truly hope that Google realizes how STUPID it was to sell the exclusivity to Verizon.

      While Google continues to dick around with the release date, the average consumer will be out buying the RAZR, the Rezound, the Amaze, the Galaxy S II, so on and so on as well as the iPhone.

      • WarDrake

        the average customer gets those phones anyways, people who want a nexus will buy a nexus, and 2 weeks more on the wait, no big deal…

        • Anthony Domanico

          Yep. The Nexus line is targeted to the hardcore users, you know, the ones that will stay up late to watch a Google announcement from Hong Kong. Google is getting closer, but they still don’t quite know how to launch a flagship device.

        • Jason

          I don’t know. I’m starting to wonder. The Galaxy Nexus has some chinks in its armor. If a phone were to come out shortly after the Galaxy Nexus (but be announced before I buy the Nexus) with a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor (Nexus = 1.2 GHz), an 8 MP camera (Nexus = 5MP) and would get ICS shortly, I might be tempted to hold out for it if it had the other specs of the Nexus (NFC & display).

    • lostsync

      Yeah, this is stupid. Instead of getting free marketing from me (and the rest of you, I’m sure) to about 50 of my friends and family during Thanksgiving, 90% of whom are on Verizon, they’re going to…not do this? What? If you release it the week after Thanksgiving, that means you’re releasing it almost a full month before we all get together with our friends and families again for Christmas, which is juuuuust enough time for all the new to have worn off. It’ll just be our [very, very nice] phone at that point, not necessarily the object of our burning technolust. Instead of “Is that your new phone?” “OH MY YES IT IS HERE LET ME SHOW YOU EVERY SINGLE LAST THING IT DOES RIGHT NOW” it’ll be, “Is that your new phone?” “Yep.”

      It’s like they put Netflix’s head of customer relations in charge of this product launch.

  • Nao Nozawa

    The iPhone’s time is marked as after Nov 14th, but it’s out already. So maybe the Galaxy Nexus will be released before that (like we’re all hoping for) and Verizon’s just planning on doing some hardcore marketing after black friday?

    • Tony

      You are amazing and have given me hope! Maybe false hope but all I want is some Nexus goodness to play with at the Thanksgiving table :)

    • Josh

      Yea, I’m pretty sure this is just a marketing plan. I’m really hoping that it’ll come out before that, because that is a ridiculously long time to wait for me, my OG Droid is on life support right now.

    • Anthony Domanico

      I highly doubt it. I sent out a feeler to my Verizon contact last week, who has not responded. In a normal sense, this wouldn’t be enough to cast a shade of doubt, but she ALWAYS responds that she can’t comment on things. She’s been eerily quiet on this for about a week. Something tells me this is not a good sign for the device being released before thanksgiving.

  • AppleFUD

    Looks like Google & Samsung are having a contest for “how not to launch a device.”

    And they look like clear winners about now.

    They really need to get their shit together and launch the frackin device when they want, not when carriers want. Grows some fuckin’ balls!!!

    • Tony

      Maybe if since google’s releasing in Europe on 17th if they release the source code that day I could have a consolation prize and in a few days have a ROM on my old device.

  • Tony

    If this is true I will hurt you Verizon!! All I want is to have something to play with and show off while spending thanksgiving day with the entire family, and now you pull this?! I feel like they delayed it cuz HTC payed them to delay it so the Rezound can have its day in the sun, and same for Razr. Whatever the reason I blame verizon not google since apparently ICS is ready by 17th in Europe. Ugh sorry pent up frustration here!!

    • AppleFUD

      No, we should blame Google and Samsung. If apple can pull off a decent launch on multiple carriers then Google & Samsung need to grow a fucking pair and launch the device properly.

      • Tony

        True, verizon is always going to be evil, google could prob have dropped some more money in their lap and made it happen. Quote from Tron, Google you’re messing with my zen thing!

        • AppleFUD

          That was my favorite line in the new Tron. . . cracked me up and I use it often lol

  • BiG MERF

    Kind of makes sense to me.. they must know there are more people willing to wait for the nexus thus they want to squeeze as much as they can to push the razr and or the rezound.knowing damm well the loyal google following are going to come anyway for the galaxy nexus.
    I hope i am wrong. I really want an announcement made ,I case the GSM version picture becomes more clear. I can cancel my pre order right up until the 17th, if i need to

    • Kevin

      I think they want the early razor buyer to out of the 14 day return window!

  • alex

    No one ever announced a release date here in the U.S. Anyways if it is not out on t-mobile by December, then i will just buy a quad-core phone. It will have all the features the Nexus has (except the Super Amoled HD). I will buy the first quad-core phone out which i am sure will have ICS.

    • BiG MERF

      dont forget about the ton of bloatware..if that matters to you at all. To me the nexus is a contract one. Meaning it will be relevant still, through a whole contract. You will never be behind when it comes to software.

  • kazahani

    I have been waiting to get this phone for over 6 months now. Google and Samsung have officially botched this up. I swear if there was any other way for me to get ICS I would say screw the Nexus after all this.

    • WarDrake

      There are plenty of ways for you to get ICS ported SDK’s to current devices (Nexus S and Samsung S) buggy, but sort of workable, soon enough CM9 and MIUI and a number of other ports that are popping up all over the place.

  • Arber

    This is probably for some discounts or something

  • Nathan

    I’m just disappointed and the funny thing is I don’t know who to blame it to.

  • nory826

    Is it just the US galaxy nexus that is being pushed back? Or is it also the UK version? Because I have to import mine anyway from the UK so I hope its just Verizon’s that’s being delayed

    • BiG MERF

      only u.s. European still on target

      • nory826

        Awesome. I was worried for a second.

  • The_Diz

    It actually looks like an advertising schedule as it’s a range of dates shown. This doesn’t necessarily preclude a Black Friday appearance, but from a marketing perspective, Black Friday(and the deep discounts associated with it) would be better utilized to clear older inventory than to launch a new product.

  • F1apjacks

    This picture doesn’t say anything about release dates. This is a marketing schedule, and shows which products will be highlighted by the sales reps.

  • DroidSamurai

    Tweet, people. If you want to see it earlier, you need to take action. I did and let Verizon know that I want to see it ASAP. If enough of us do the same, Verizon WILL know that they are doing something wrong.

    • BiG MERF

      or it can just make them more confident that it will sell, whenever they want to release it..

  • Nate B.

    What the hell are they doing? I’m not Verizon but this pushes other carriers back. Google needs to be in charge of more then just software.

  • sir1bmw


    The once a year ( December or January ) launch of a NEXUS Phone is great timing for most people…

    I bought my tmobile nexus one – January then my tmobile nexus s – December…

    So the best to sell it is before christmas or before new year, the latest – those are the weeks were getting bonuses and santas gift…

    Guys, my nexus one and nexus s are ok to be launch on January & December, so a galaxy nexus is ok to by December…

    I like google to fix every problem they have for galaxy nexus (hardware & software) before they will sell it to the public…

    So, there you go – I’m ok with December release for GAKAXY NEXUS…

  • CJ84

    still can’t understand the exclusivity to vzw and releasing a phone from a US company in the UK. this is outrageous! i’m about this close to getting myself a gs2! i probably wont get a a galaxy nexus until after christmas because of the exclusivity! if i do i’ll be lucky! you google idiots really disgust me!

  • mikeyDroid

    Android as a whole is very lucky it has an incredibly loyal fan base, and it doesn’t help we all refuse iPhones. Still waiting for my Galaxy Nex.

  • Chris

    This is an advertising schedule, NOT a release schedule!! Unless there is a new iPhone being launched on the 14th you are reading this chart wrong!!

  • DaBombDiggity

    I guarantee you all this is just marketing, and in the US both the LTE and GSM models will be released in a very short distanced dates if not the same day. GSM will be offered similarly to the Nexus One. Verizon however will be the only one offering it on contract. At least for now.

  • kevin niven

    What a cluster fu%k!

  • Richard Yarrell

    Personally none of us have any choice but to wait it is what it is rather we like it or not. Google needed verizon and their LTE NETWORK inorder to launch this device that’s the choice they made. Knowing verizon they will milk this wait as long as they can and so will I nothing else will be purchased by me in 2011 but the Galaxy Nexus END OF STORY..

  • mabroid

    Wow what a massive overreaction to nothing. If course 4.0 is ready otherwise would we in the UK be getting it earlier?

    As said above I believe this is just their marketing strategy.

    Calm down and stay true to Android!

  • PhyzX

    Google really need to get the Nexus phones out faster.
    Somehow some of the most important hardware in two Samsung Nexus phones seems to be going out of date as soon as they hit the shelves.
    I remember when Nexus S came out, they just missed out on the dual-core cpu technology.
    Now the Galaxy Nexus is missing out on dual-gpu tech, and possibly even the most recently announced quad-core cpu tech.

    When will the Nexus series be revolutionary again like the Nexus One was? The newest software along with all the most ground-breaking hardware. It just doesn’t feel like Samsung put in as much effort into the Nexus series compared to their Galaxy S series.

    • BiG MERF

      i agree !

  • KatSelezneva

    Wait again… I hope, this delay won’t mean a big bad bug discovered by developers at the last moment. However, ICS looks very reliable for developers. I made a short review of its new features in my blog

  • BiG MERF

    Im reading around that the delay is because VERIZON has not figured out to use voice properly over there LTE network

  • KG

    I just hitup tmobile about the galaxy nexus on facebook…

    • BiG MERF

      thats there copy and paste response.. if 10 of us do the same all 10 of us will get the same response. some variance but same response.

      how i know? cause it is the same response i got on twitter a few times in the past 2 weeks

      • KING_KG

        yeah, i do that job that the responder does so i mean i didnt expect much lol

  • Gold D Roger

    i Love the Galaxy Nexus since there is no hardware button on it makes its look sleek and sexy on the front..but the back doesn’t look too attractive….may be google could make the back look as sexy as the front…just a thought….

    P.S: I’m still getting this phone

  • dane cook

    O noes! GImme gimme ice sangwich ice cream sangwich!


  • Slith


  • Nathan

    cool video

  • Dr Smerk

    Just pre-ordered my nexus in the UK via phones4u on Orange network – Being dispatched on the 16th – scheduled delivery on the 17th!

    This will be my second smart phone – upgrading from my HTC hero. You have served me well.

  • pritams