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Shadowgun DIY costume contest winner and honorable mentions revealed


Last week we kicked off a DIY cardboard costume contest with our friends from @NVIDIATegra to celebrate the launch of the new 3D sci-fi shooter, Shadowgun. While a handful of you wowed us with your submissions, there could only be one winner. And that man is Melvin Javier.

Melvin scored the victory with an incredibly detailed chest plate and hugeass gun. For the win, he’s picked up a brand new ASUS Slider, powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 2. Along with the tablet, we’re sending a Jawbone Jambox and an Amex gift card to get started in the Tegra Zone.

Honorable Mentions

We also liked the Jetpack inspired costume from Joseph Munoz:

and especially liked Bishop the RoboDog:

We wanted to give a big thanks to everyone that entered. This has been one of our favorite contests in quite some time. We’ve also notified all of the tweet for a t-shirt winners via DM, so check your Twitter inboxes!

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  • BiG MERF

    Congrats to the winner! awesome job!

    • Hatorade

      FUCK the haters!!

  • EightBitJoker

    This guy is from my country :)) Epic costume.

    • tills

      What country is that? Looks like a Latin American country…

      • Iknowwherethatis

        lol that would be the Philippines.

    • melvinjavier

      thanks men! proud to be!

      • Emil

        Congrats tol! Haha ayos.

  • Starship

    Hmm.. My login is busted –

    But those are some pretty awesome costumes!

  • Jon

    Congratulations Melvin (:

    • melvinjavier

      thanks men . appreciated!

  • erikiksaz

    =( I just realized that the link to my costume submissio was not working.

    Ahh well, here it is:

    • Angie Strickland

      This one isn’t working either… :(

      • erikiksaz

        Hah, holy moly I’m terrible at linking to these things:

        Can’t see all the details but I s’ppose it’s too late anyways =p

        • Angie Strickland

          Ah man! You did do a really awesome job :)

          • erikiksaz

            I wonder if I had a chance to win, the gf is bummed that I was such a dummy with the submission.

            Anyways, congrats to Melvin. The weather in the background of your pics looks warm, you lucky bastard (hah, it’s starting to get colder here is why)

  • Marcus Nolasco

    Congrats to the winner! The costume is amazing, haha. And also congrats to the honorable mentions! Great job everyone!

    • melvinjavier

      thanks bro.. and thanks to android and me :)

  • Geah

    Shitty costume, man you people don’t know good Cosplay at all…

    • melvinjavier

      ok man..thanks for the cheer ups. god bless you :D

    • melvinjavier

      and hey..this is not a cosplay. this is a diy costume. i supposed you know the meaning :DD

      • geah

        Cosplay is a general term that means you are in costume playing as a character. Again, these are terrible… it’s so easy to make high quality armored costumes with cardboard.

        • melvinjavier

          ok..god bless :D maybe join next time . thanks.

          • Geah

            Hmm… noticed I didn’t put an “s” after costume in my original post. I meant as a whole the costumes were shitty. Your’s is something worth wearing to a con, it’s just sad that the overall submissions in were so terrible.

  • pjax

    concrete hollow block construction
    tropical plants
    spanish sounding last name

    sounds like Melvin Javier is from the Philippines

    • melvinjavier

      yes i am :))

      • Android TidBits

        Congratulations, man. Your costume left the others in the dust. :-) But, to be fair, these guys are truly creative. Something really enviable. :-)

        • melvinjavier

          thanks boss. if there is negative comment on top.. yet this reverse it. thanks again god bless..

  • SliestDragon

    Wow, the winners costume looks awesome! Had I entered, I wouldn’t have even come close! Good job everyone. :)

  • pritams