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SONY Ericsson Nozomi leak reveals pictures, specs, benchmarks


Over the next few months, dual-core phones with 720p HD displays will be the new standard by which all high-end Android phones will be judged. And it looks like SONY Ericsson is already at work on a new phone that will allow them to play with the big boys. Pictures, specs and benchmarks for the upcoming SONY Ericsson Nozomi (aka SONY Ericsson XPERIA Arc HD) made an appearance on the web this weekend, giving us a close look at what SE’s next generation handsets will look like.

Specs on the SONY Ericsson Nozomi include a 4.3-inch 1280×720 pixel display, 1.5 GHz dual-core processor (most likely the same Qualcomm S3 chip found in the HTC Rezound), 1GB of RAM, rear and front-facing cameras and an LED illuminated menu strip below the screen that wraps around the back sides of the phone.

The pictures we’ve been treated to also include Quadrant benchmark numbers. The 1,800 Quadrant score produced by the SONY Ericsson Nozomi isn’t going to impress anyone, but we’d like to remind you that Quadrant is intended for single-core devices and tests the device’s 3D capabilities based on its native 1280×720 resolution. Performance on the Nozomi should be on par with phones like the HTC Amaze 4G, HTC Vigor and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The SONY Ericsson Nozomi is currently running Gingerbread, but we suspect SE will have Ice Cream Sandwich up and running in time for its debut at CES in two months. Last year SONY Ericsson was the only OEM to show off a Gingerbread powered phone at CES, and we suspect their new focus on Android will drive them to keep pace with the competition.

What do you think of the SONY Ericsson Nozomi? Will SONY be a viable competitor in the Android space in 2012 or have they fallen too far behind to compete with Samsung, HTC and Motorola?



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  • Jeff

    I find it funny that everyone just decided in a time span of a month that 720p phones are really gonna be happening.

    Either that or Google told them that Android 4.0 will be getting 720p support and they decided to come out with phones with those screens now.

    • Arnaud

      It’s not the phone manufacturers or Google or Apple who really decide when 720p screens are gonna be available, it’s the hardware suppliers (LG, Sharp, Samsung) and their R&D departments. Although Phone manufacturers can catalyse their development and production by investing and signing contracts with them :)

    • 666

      Google specifically said that ICS was designed for 720p displays. Obviously it works on other resolutions but it probably looks and works best at 720p.

  • Apo

    Today’s phones are surely something else. But I’ll pass since I want to try the pure experience everyone has been praising, talking about nexus phones.

  • @BiGMER F

    nice looking phone, a lot of good specs..they better get ICS on it though. Otherwise it is pointless. Ill stick with my Nexus though. In fact I have come to a decision, I will not even upgrade to another phone until the next Nexus device next year.
    I have tried all the skins,and i waant my pure google back. period

  • Sway_212

    The lights on the back of the device look pretty cool. They could act like notification lights…and no matter where you place the mobile,you can always see the lights.

    • Nick Gray

      I’m digging the light strip too. I hope it will light up in a variety of colors for different kinds of notifications – or just for fun.

  • alex

    If they keep up i would not mind seeing a Sony Nexus with special connectivities with the ps3, and like the padfone :D

  • DroidSamurai

    Still no NFC? Google should dictate NFC as a requirement for all new Android phones.

    • Nick Gray

      this is the very first leak. We could see an NFC chip pop up at any time.

    • Greg Carron

      It’s been rumored for months that this new Sony device will have NFC in it – can almost guarantee since SE is a strong proponent of the technology

  • olen

    looks nice. not too fancy, sharp edges. would think of buying this one but i will get the nexus

  • AsakuraZero

    with FXP team created and some new antics of sony i would give them a chance you know?
    but lest see the new phone line up of the first half of the 2012… its going to be a good year for android

  • SydneyBlue120d

    Snapdragon S4

  • sith-rapist

    nice phones from the pearl harbor bombers, killers

    • Nick Gray

      sorry to disappoint you, but SONY Ericsson has its headquarters in the UK and was probably dreamed up somewhere in Europe.

    • sith-rapist is dumb

      Maybe you prefer Motorola Razr from the descendants of those responsible for genocide of Native Americans…

      /demagogy mode off

  • ser

    Hey SE, would you like to use other SoC beside qualcomm? Otherwise I just cannot buy your smartphones.

    An old SE/E fan.

  • Ian Kirk

    If the camera is way up there (like my Xperia X10 was when it came out), then maybe. The other big thing is a commitment to the dev cycle of Android. The X10 almost didn’t get Gingerbread, and even though (supposedly) if a phone runs Gingerbread, it can run ICS, the Xperia X10 won’t get it. However, my phone is almost at 2 years, so I won’t complain too much. I would have said (with the way some things have gone) that I would never by another SE phone (said that when I bought my 580i), but I just saw the picture and smile. However, I HATE the lights. If they insist on putting them there, give me the option to turn the stupid things off. They’re too bright at night, especially when driving.

    • AsakuraZero

      you know they turn off when the phone is on standby, even the x10 does it (i have one), but i agree there is too much light, but if you can get some notification light fun…. then… maybe… i give a f***

  • Zhi Hao

    Looking good! Here’s to SE’s revival! Cheers ;)

    Btw, I can’t seem to log in to my account…

    • Zhi Hao

      Oops, please ignore :)

  • Nider

    I think, this is not the Xperia Arc HD
    There is no sign of curve back.. .
    This may be just another phone.. .


    I like its glowing blue LED on the buttom. Xperia Arc HD or not, I hope this phone goes out soon.

  • jai

    it could be any time better than the other phones on the same category, SONY’S smart brand name &quality added to it.

  • jog

    Sony Ericsson Is good in looks and style. They are prevalent in the market because of brand image and looks. If somebody cares about long lasting performance then go for Samsung galaxys Nexus HTC or the Moto. Sony Has a head turning effect but it will go off within a year because of subnormal hardware and performance. Those who prefer only looks SONY is the prince. But HTC is the king. Samsung the emperor.

  • Ben Hayden

    I think that SE makes good looking devices but they seem to be one step behind. But i prefer HTC devices they are good looking and built well. Minus the Vivid they kinda dropped the ball on that one. Hopefully the Edge isn’t just a rumor because they phone will be a beast. I am due for an upgrade in about 6 months but if their is no device that really captures my eye than i’ll stick with my Inspire.

  • pritams

    Looking good..!