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Sprint’s holiday lineup leaked; no Nexus in sight


When Sprint first announced they’d be carrying the iPhone, it was rumored that they were “all in” with the device. If a leaked document from Sprint Feed claiming to show Sprint’s holiday lineup is accurate, then the nation’s third largest carrier just might be.

In Sprint’s “Jolly Happy planogram,” the only new device listed is the Samsung Transform Ultra, a┬árelatively low-end QWERTY device with a 320×480 display and a 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM 8655 single-core processor. The Motorola Admiral is listed as well, but that device is old news by now. And that’s about it.

Sprint already has some killer phones in their lineup –the EVO Design 4G, EVO 3D, Epic 4G Touch– but there’s one phone Sprint customers were really hoping to see make the holiday list that is noticeably absent from the planogram. The Galaxy Nexus.

We’ve been back and forth a couple times on if and when the Galaxy Nexus will make it to Sprint. Original rumors said the device wasn’t coming, but a leaked purchase order and a little common sense said it had to arrive eventually. Unfortunately, it looks like if it does, it might be awhile.

What do you think? Does Sprint have a strong enough lineup without the Nexus, or was that the device you were waiting for? Of course there’s still time for the Galaxy Nexus to come to Sprint before the end of the year, but at this point, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Source: Sprint Feed

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  • kazahani

    Apple announced the i4s and it was out on all 3 of their carriers the next week, and they’ve sold a ton of the damn things. Google/Samsung announced the Nexus almost a month ago and we still don’t know when the hell we are getting it. What gives, Google?

    • Nathan Dube

      Just posted the same thinking…not to mention the techcrunch interview with Tim Cook…calling him a supply chain genius…They will roll out to 70 top markets primarily, with 200 total planned. I cant recall when they will hit all 70…but it will be within a month of the announcement..hello Google #WakeupCall #LooksAbitAmateur #StillInTheDark!??

    • Justin Ziemba

      No kidding. Someone really needs to take another look at their marketing plan.
      If they released it the next week, I would buy it in a second.
      If I have to wait until January, then I’m at least going to think about waiting for the next best thing.

      • r3nd

        You really think their marketing plan has a problem? Have you looked at google vs apple stocks? The hype is a good thing. They don’t care if they miss out on a few customers.

        • brandon

          with Apple they are like “hey here’s our new phone, it’ll be out on att, verizon and sprint next week” Google is like “ummm here’s our new phone, we said screw it with that open handset alliance thing, verizon paid a bunch of money for the phone and they’ll ummm release it when they feel like it, thanks!”

        • Vulf

          Way to defend google. “They don’t care if they miss out on a few customers.” How is that in any way a good thing?

    • Sean

      Maybe one thing google and Samsung should copy is how to frickin release a phone the right way. I dislike apple but they do a great job at giving you a heads up on when there phone is Comming out.

      This launch is a FAIL


    Oh it’s definitely going to be announced. It’ll be announced about 31 days after I sign a new contract, and get a different phone. I’ll let you know when that happens.

    • Jason

      You only have 14 days to return a phone following the new ETF policy Sprint put in place. So… we should see the Nexus on Sprint 15 days after you get a new contract. Get on it!

  • triangle

    I think Sprint is all about the iphone right now. For android, the next interesting point is when they finally get the LTE network up and have LTE handsets. The Samsung Galaxy S II is probably the best device that Sprint will have for a while. And though it is a great phone, but it’s not a nexus…

    • JGreene

      …and the iphone 4s, similar specs just comes down to preference on size and OS. Im actually torn between the two right now, my wife has the 4s(Galaxy was to big) and my brother in-law has the Galaxy but im trying to hold out to see if theres gonna be a HTC beats phone.

      • JMcCain

        Ask HP Envy laptop owners how crappy Beats is.

    • mercado79

      I’m guessing the stream of phones will slow down dramatically until LTE lights up. It must’ve been hard enough getting manufacturers to make wimax phones for them… Now that it’s been replaced by LTE, fat chance the flagship phones will have built-in wimax radios.

  • Interpol91

    By the time the Nexus comes to Sprint there will be better devices out. So for those looking to switch carriers for a new phone, this could be there chance. If not, then the Epic 4G Touch should be enough for customers to hold off till next year.

  • UncleBenReady

    This has to be the most bungled mismanaged launching of a phone of all time! It’s increadible what’s going on here. If the phone wasn’t ready to go they should have just kept quiet until it was ready to go.

  • DaveC

    The delay between the Nexus S and the Nexus S 4G is probably a pretty good indicator of the wait we are in for. I needed to replace a broken EVO so I just bought a used Nexus S 4g to hold me over, hopefully for the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Nate B.

    I honestly think Google messed up when it came to getting this thing out. They need to do.more then just software relayed. Demand a global a timely manner. There honestly is no benefit of having a month or however long carrier then another. Its like backfire. I knew IC would deliver the experience we needed but I was only honestly scares.of Google not getting this thing out properly. I hope there’s a pure awesome hell of a port to my Epic Touch 4G until then. I have a Nexus S 4G so I’ll get the update but hardware wise I want to experience that. Smh. This is a bummer.

    I honestly believe when Google shows off the next version of Android any time, they need to have the phone ready and loaded to go a week or two at the most for public, and the update for previous nexus phones already ready so we can get it on.launch if we decide not to. Preparation is serious.

  • poosh2010

    if this is true, then sprint better make it worth the wait by offering some sort of souped up version of the galaxy nexus. Then i’d be fine with hanging onto my 2yr old hero for a little longer

  • Richard Yarrell

    Regardless of sprint not recieving the Galaxy Nexus anytime soon there overall line up of the Epic touch 4g, Evo 3d, Photon 4g and Evo Design 4g is definately a stellar line up nothing to be ashamed of that’s for sure.

    • Mark

      Sprint is a joke and so are you.

    • squiddy20

      “Regardless of sprint not recieving the Galaxy Nexus anytime soon”
      This coming from the moron who seriously believed not even 4 weeks ago that the Galaxy Nexus would be released at least to Sprint and Verizon “day one”? Riiiight. Whatever you say Psychic Dick.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Oh yes Mr. squiddward20 your so intelligent we all know you wont be getting anything close to these devices so do yourself a tremendous face GET LOST and go TROLL ELSE WHERE these forums are for potential buyers we already know THAT IS NOT YOU MY FRIEND and I do use that term very loosely..

        • squiddy20

          1. “so do yourself a tremendous face”???? I think the word you were looking for there was “favor”. I have a face already. Good try though. Come back with an insult when you can make sense.
          2. Last I checked, “these forums” are for anyone and everyone, completely open to the public, not just “potential buyers”. So, you’re wrong on that point (again). And you have no clue what my purchasing preferences are because you know nothing about me. Keep on assuming the same ridiculous crap though. You’re always going to be wrong.
          3. Try using periods once in awhile. Your entire comment is quite unreadable and rather unintelligent. What a joke.

          • P$

            you troll richard quite often. stop trolling dick.

          • Richard Yarrell

            The only thing wrong here is you being here for the rest of us to have to read your useless garbage. Your not buying period take that crappy feature phone you have and get lost. We all would love that so much

          • snowbdr89

            Who’s we douchebag? I’m pretty sure you stand alone dick the dummy..

          • squiddy20

            Wow. You’re wrong about not being wrong. How’s that for being wrong?

            And FYI, I don’t have a “feature phone”. I have a Samsung Moment which, may I remind you, was advertised by Sprint as a smartphone. So again, wrong on that point Dick. Keep up those “useless” guesses though. This is mere child’s play.

  • The_Diz

    Don’t compare Apples to oranges. Neither Google nor any of the carriers see the Nexus line as a direct competitor to the iPhone.

    Remember that first and foremost the Nexus phones are released as a development platform for the next product cycle. Presumably they only(still) release it to the public in order to offset the cost and showcase the capabilities of the Android ecosystem.

    As a result, it’s never gonna get “serious” marketing treatment unless Google changes it’s Nexus strategy. (BTW If they were really that serious about pushing the pure Android experience there are other more effective ways to do it than just through the release of a single handset each cycle)

    Sucks for us, but that’s just how it is.

    • Austin

      You know the galaxy nexus will be over of sprints lte launch phones early next year, they will not put Wimax in that thing, just be patiant

  • Jon

    Sprint just lost me as a customer. I waited 2 years for a $150 upgrade for nothing: I would rather not use the upgrade discount and keep a 2 year old POS phone than use it on a Galaxy S II that will be considered old and outdated in a month or two. Sprint’s unlimited plans were the only reason I stuck with them. If they can’t bring hardware to the table, I’m outty cakes.

  • Bellayer

    Where’s the love Sprint? Smash the Apple products and put some real sheet up for sale. Thanks.

  • Gekko

    this is disgraceful. this is an outrage. those new phones are shiiit.

    WTF is my Galaxy Nexus????????????? WTF is my EVO HD???????????????

    come on Hesse! get it together!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • avi

    so thanks a lot sprint. im stuck with my hero eagerly awaiting the galaxy nexus and its not even comin to freakin sprint. wtf do i do now cause i dont want to get a galaxys s 2 because it will be outdated soon. i agree with the others sprint and google need to get on the ball and release their phones in a timely manner. i have been watching the galaxy nexus since it was just a rumor and reading that it wont come to sprint is just heartbreakin. a big F U to sprint.

  • Michael Brynjestad

    I hate to say it but after 14 years with Sprint, I too am goint to move my phone to Verizon. They have always had better signal in my area anyway. I’ll just have to leave the rest of my 6 phones on Sprint until they expire one by one. So Sad. Galaxy Nexus or Rezound in my future. I knew this Iphone deal and LTE changeover would botch my upgrade.And to think, that extra $10 per month I’ve paid for the last two years was originaly suposed to pay for my 4G capability that never came. Now they say It’s because smartphones use more data. It always was to finance their 4G system that never reached my city. Sad and unfortunate.

  • Dboy352

    Honestly what is the big deal with the Nexus?? Is it the fact the screen is 4.7″, or is it that it will have ICS?? Or even the 32 GB internal memory (no SD SLOT :( What are you going to do with this phone?? Will you root it and put different roms on it?? Why not just get the Epic Touch, put a 32 GB memry card in it (giving it 48GB total) put ICS on it, which there are already some very nice ports for it) and take the lose of the .2″ on the screen and go about your day. The Nexus with no DLNA/HDMI, 5 MP camera, 1.3 MP front. Epic touch 4G with DLNA and HDMI, 8 MP camera that records at 30 fps in 1080P, and 2 MP front camera. Is it just because it is the new kid on the block?? Spec wise you are better of with the Epic Touch 4G then a Nexus any day.

  • pritams