• http://goo.gl/tQ2E Josh McAllister

    So use the tweet link above and I can win a device?

    • fartyarty

      If all in life was so simple

    • inviolable

      c’mon man tl;dr?

      • http:/?360itp.com TexZen

        Are you serious??? This is a way for you participate in the comunity and by doing so win free things and you can’t even muster the 5 minutes it takes to read the particulars? /facepalmx2

        • WowoW

          Some people are just born lazy. I mean: “GET FREE STUFF IF YOU DO THIS” and still not motivated enough to read a bit of text?

          I think he’s on the wrong site.

          • punshkin

            so true…

    • http://sean-the-electrofreak.blogspot.com/ Sean the Electrofreak

      …really? :p

      • http://androidtidbits.com Androidtidbits.com

        I think you’ll have to wait for specific rules on December 1.

  • http://about.me/patrick.connelly pcon

    I wonder how many “spam” comments will be added in the next 3 days to try to get rank up…

    • http://keridel.blogspot.com james bricknell

      i’m guessing a lot lol.

      nice to see us power users getting some extra perks. it’s why i love you guys :)

      • elijahblake

        what number qualifies as a Power User?

        • Aaronneyer


          • gqgk

            I see what you did there… Someone’s been watching hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Or been asking google the meaning of life…

          • kingrounds

            Best number to be used for a best device.
            I really do not see anything better than a Tegra3 for some time.

          • http://androidtidbits.com Androidtidbits.com

            That’s a lot. gotta catch up! :D

          • charliethesuperturtle

            Ho ho holy crap
            All the good kids get galaxy nexus
            All naughty kids don’t get coal,
            They get a shitty as hell iPhone 4Shit

      • sdtrinity3

        Yeah, smart way to build Android & Me’s SEO. The better A&M looks to Google, the better freebies we’ll get. Win Win!

      • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

        Yeah, but it leaves out lurkers like me who’ve been following the blog *forever* but don’t usually join comment discussions. I share posts like crazy though.

        • mojeda

          Yep, same boat here. Been lurkin’ for a while now just never jumped into discussions.

          • rrmimms

            i’m there with ya bro

          • WowoW

            Aaaaand, that would count me in as well.

    • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

      As always, we’ll need you power users slapping some downvotes on spammers.

      • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

        ho ho holy crap that sounds like work ;)

        • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

          If you’d like, I could assign it to staff ;)

          • http://keridel.blogspot.com james bricknell

            me and merf will be all over the spammers :)

          • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

            and allow me to take another opportunity to shirk my duties? ;)

          • BiGMERF

            I have my timberlands ready.. no problem STOMPING spam!

          • Steven Nutt

            spam, spam, spam, spam and chips… [- Tegra chips ;)]

          • Dragonithe

            Awesome contest :)
            Now I curse those times that I didn’t realize I wasn’t logged into my a&m account :(

            And just to be clear, Everyone from Everywhere can compete in this challenge?

          • spintrex

            Already been on the hunt for those whackas

          • theirishboxer

            steven nut reminded me of a monty python skit

            Spamity spam wonderful spam

      • RRR

        Yea, good idea, otherwise Dick Fartell would get all 25 of them

      • Xallies

        I dont log in much, but i have comments in the name of xallies spread out through the posts. Is there anyway to combine those points with my account? I am a power user i just never logged on.

      • charliethesuperturtle

        I ain’t staff but
        Spamers gth!!!!

    • Kaote

      But isnt spam the traditional holiday meat?

    • Alex

      Think of it this way: if we don’t win, at least we have a better ranking on Android and Me to be proud of!

    • WarDrake

      Enough to put it at the top of the most discussed topics ^_^

    • amassingham

      Well, it’s enough to draw me out of RSS Lurkerville.

      • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

        Agreed, if I must…

    • amassingham

      Well it’s definitely enough to draw me out of RSS Lurkerville.

    • stenzor

      What have you got to say about my favourite meat product?

      • cmorris

        only good if you are in hawaii? and you are pretty far from that in the great white north.

    • stenzor

      What have you got to say against my favourite meat product!?

  • mountainmaniac

    Great competition! Definitely the best ive seen on the web. Good luck to everyone!

  • jamieboy88

    :( feel bad now for reading everything through Greader! Im no spammer I swear!

    • toering

      I am thinking the exact same thing :(

      • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

        Me three. But look how many upvotes you two have on those posts alone! Off to a good start I’d say.

        • toering

          Holy crap! Maybe I should have been posting all along, I could be way more than 35% of the way to world domination.

  • kainthedragoonx

    More importantly, how many people will come out of the lurk mode?

    • AndroidJunkie

      that’d be me (my first post right here!)

      sounds like it deserves a thousand welcome +’s :)

      • Justin Underscore

        Me as well. :-)

        I’ve been reading A&M for a while, and even had an account here for a while too, but mostly haven’t posted much. I really like the idea of this sort of contest though, rewarding the longtime loyal members (and of course throwing in a bit for the rest of us). Good luck everyone, power users and otherwise!

        • theirishboxer

          i will third that i think ive commented 5 times in the last year after i found this site. i read all the the comments on every article i read but i dont comment much. (mostly cause im stuck in iPhone land till i can afford a new phone :( )

          • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

            Add me to the coming-out-of-lurker-mode. All of us formers lurkers must unite and upvote each other’s posts! :P I know I have been.

  • triangle

    Sounds great! I really appreciate that the giveaways have never involved “likes” on facebook in the past. Hopefully, that will continue. Thanks, guys! You guys rock and the re-design is amazing, especially on mobile devices.

  • Stacey0313

    How fun! I’ve loved the site for a while, just signed up last week. Glad to see that you’ll be rewarding members who have been around a long time. It’s great to treat those who are genuinely helping the Android community. Or ya know are just full of opinions. Good luck all!

  • WarDrake

    HAHAHA!!! the spam is gonna be nothing copared to the downvoting to make high ranking users drop ^_^

    • http://keridel.blogspot.com james bricknell

      hahha good point we already get neg’s for nothing lol

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Only high ranking downvotes will lose you points. A down vote from a newbie will not change your score.

      • jdwme

        I should have created an account a long time ago

      • Nathan

        well that nice to know =)

      • charliethesuperturtle

        Am I a newbie???

    • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

      Don’t forget everything works on a sliding scale. To downvote someone and have it really matter, you need to have a certain score to begin with. We’d like to believe our power users aren’t that catty, haha.

      • WarDrake

        we all like having a little faith in humanity every now and then :P

    • BiGMERF

      negatives dont count toward your score, for that reason alone


    absolutely incredible! you guys are awesome.. Good luck to everyone! I think everyone here knows who the most powerful users are and who truly contributes the site! I get tired of seeing users come and post once with a ” posting for entry ” useless post and actually win! Im sorry if some take offence but there always should be rewards for those ho show Loyalty, even when contests are not involved.. Just my 2 cents

    • http://keridel.blogspot.com james bricknell

      well said my man. well said.

    • WarDrake

      Yeah, but then again, some people do want something back, and some are just marked as guests for a long time… i know i posted a lot as a guest before i finally opened my account.

  • brookmarin

    Yay for more giveaways! only one question… is there an update to the zeemote giveaway? I know the last update said everyone will be notified shortly. have those notifications gone out? no one on that thread has mentioned that they received a notification, so i figured this thread was semi-relevant…

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      We sent the list of 150 winners to Zeemote over the weekend. Prizes should be shipping out soon. We didn’t collect emails in the contest entry form, so we are not able to email all the winners.

      • charliethesuperturtle

        Thanks androidandme
        I can finally play r type the way it was mentioned to play
        That is if mine arrives on the mail

        • charliethesuperturtle

          Has anyone’s zeemote arrived yet?

  • Richard Driese

    Great idea for a competition…I would like to win one for my nephew. I would set up his mom’s account to it and let him wreak havoc in the Android market on games. This would be payback for the $99.99 worth of smurberries he charged to my account this Thanksgiving lol.

  • Shay D. Life

    Sounds fair enough. I’m not going to enter, but just wanted to say it’s a nice contest. Good luck everyone.

  • fletchtb

    Although I am not a power user here yet, I like the idea of rewarding those who use the site the most.

    I am another one of those frequent readers who gets all of this content through GReader.

  • kazahani

    I am a fan of this!

  • http://AndroidandMe.com DroidHead

    I guess lurking for 3 years will get you nowhere in this contest …. oh well.

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      Glad you could find something to complain about. Hadn’t heard much grumbling from you yet this morning, Ryan.

    • krtarnold

      I’m in the same boat as you ryan lol. I’ve had an account for so long but never had time to do much more than read an article and get offline haha

      • Kainoah Arnold

        Aw man I seriously just checked and I’ve been a member for 3 years too! 875 days, and yet my score is only 4 lol awful! I’m gonna miss out on some of these because of it

  • tengo

    Androidandme finally did it! After years of guest posts and resisting the urge to tweet some of your stories (and contests), I finally activated an account and sent a tweet about this contest.

    • WarDrake

      HAHAHA!! this is what it took?
      you certainly are a resilient lurker then ^_^

  • ososxe

    So the contest is open for everyone or just the US?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      It depends on the device we are giving away. Most will be available to the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Others are locked to US carriers.

      • http://keridel.blogspot.com james bricknell

        woo hoo UK baby!!

      • ososxe

        Too bad for me and the rest of the continental Europe followers :(

    • http://keridel.blogspot.com james bricknell

      please be everyone. please please please please

  • Steven Nutt

    I wonder what will be the 25th device, what will the magic be…

    p.s. Here’s hoping that work goes quiet so that I can actually find the time to respond on some of the articles and maybe even change my avatar, who knows… ;)

    • kazahani

      Transformer Prime??? It has Tegra 3!

  • bourjua

    It’s interesting how many different Tegra devices are there? Will they be enough for 25 days?

    • WarDrake

      Doubt it.
      they’ll probably do a couple repeats here and there.

      • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

        Dude there are tons of Tegra devices! If we do any repeats it will be for the most popular ones :)

        • WarDrake

          Prime repeat then please :D

          • Nathan

            good call I second this one

        • http://www.mikeytusa.com mikeytusa

          I think it should just be the Transformer Prime every day. :)

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Please let me win before my pre-order ships! lol

  • SCJaredJ

    Love the contest…especially the power user angle. I’ll never be a power user, but it’s good to see the site take care of its own.

  • spintrex

    I wish more sites were like this, where users are excited through news updates and potential prize giveaways. This has made the android experience so much better. FUS RO DAH

  • asuman1179

    Sounds like fun!

  • Coltsfan74

    Fantastic Contest. Bring on the devices

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002275344855 luiek20

    This contest is f’ing sweet!! Hope I can snag some ztetga goodness! Lets hope they keep the spam low too.

  • dokholiday44

    Im excited and not worried about spammers. The comments worth reading are always voted up

  • YellowDucati

    Woo hoo. My avatar pic finally posted. Thanks to the help from @clarklab. I updated my Gravatar account and poof!

  • malejko

    Long time reader, first time commenter… this contest finally gave me a reason to sign up!

    Hopefully the devices are unlocked, and hopefully not limited to US members (‘specially for us Canucks!)

  • thekaz

    Forget black friday, cyber monday, etc — I love the “winning free prizes” season best!

  • enyce36

    hey thanks for offering the contest i look forward to the coming weeks to see what they offer good luck everyone !!

  • jcunwired

    Both of my parents are eligible for upgrades on Verizon, and I’m delighted that despite my offer to help, neither is interested in leaving Android for iPhone! A huge win from the 60+ crowd!

    Its between the HTC Rezound and the Droid Razr. Tough choice!

    Thanks for the new contest, BTW, even though I never, ever win anything!

  • Benjamin M. Strozykowski

    I got ahold of an HP TouchPad that I’m giving to my son for Christmas (now running CM7 Alpha 3) to use with some educational apps for a bit of a supplement to his “normal” education path.

    On a side note, does anyone have any good recommendations for elementary-school-appropriate educational apps or games?

    When I was a kid, I loved playing things like Math Blaster on my Macintosh, or Number Munchers, Oregon Trail, etc. on the Apple IIgs. Are there any decent versions of these or similar educational games out there?

  • http://facebook.com/jestertx2001 Jes

    So I was going to put a clever comment here about switching from voyeur mode to exhibitionist in hopes of getting more up votes…until I dictionary’d both terms and saw they had to do with naughty bits. :/ My bad.

  • http://attackofthetech.com Wayne

    Long time reader. Never registered. Figured better late than never! Will be looking forward to contest!

  • erikiksaz

    Not gonna lie, it’s more fun leaving comments when you have android-haters aboard =p It’s not as much fun when everyone is on the same team, hah.

    Either way, the contest idea is a good one.

  • http://www.lifequill.com Canterrain

    Firstly let me say that it’s great androidandme does so many contests.

    But it’s even better that the site has been listening to its readers. I’ve seen the complaints over using twitter and such for this, and this is a great solutions that meets that need and encourages discussion.

    Hopefully there won’t be too much spam, and I like that the contest is designed to discourage that. Overall, fantastic stuff.

  • thekaz

    how does this rating thing work, exactly? I was a +5 on another thread, and had a rating of 2.. I realized, while attempting to log in, that I never changed the default password from registration. Once I changed my password, it appeared to lose the link to my comment on the other thread (which is now showing me as a “guest”).

    Is your rating linked to your uname/pwd combination? If so, I’d suggest any of the leaders not change their password anytime soon! :)

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      User scores are supposed to update every 24 hours. I see you have several comments and 25 points, so there might be some temporary weirdness. Thanks for the feedback. We will look into this.

    • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

      should be working now, yes?

      • thekaz

        looks good. thanks!

        • Angie Wimberly

          You’re nice :)

  • rkumarfun

    What happened to the Tablet Fight contest?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Samsung knocked out Sony haha.

      • WarDrake

        Yet sony kept comming back for more…
        Definition of insanity : Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

        • kingrounds

          Sorta like entering contests = insane. Or buying lottery tickets?

  • Hemdroids

    wow,nice man..this will definently Bring out the community and social aspect in all of us..

  • hurric

    let me guess..US only?

    • Futureboy

      That’s not entirely correct…

      “It depends on the device we are giving away. Most will be available to the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Others are locked to US carriers.” – Taylor Wimberly (several comments above)

      There is often valuable information in the comments.

  • Tankfantry

    Man you guys are rocking the Holiday giveaway contest. Good show.

  • T.C.

    Love the contests, but don’t you think that some lurkers may stay lurkers with the “power user” perks of this contest? I know that I generally frequent sites with forums, but don’t really see the necessity of commenting on articles, that and I read them through a reader 99% of the time. Oh well. Good luck with the contest fellas/fellettes.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      There will be plenty of giveaways for all registered users. Even those with a score of 0.

      • Nathan

        Beside a page update, how will we know who wins?

        • Angie Wimberly

          On this page: http://androidandme.com/tegra/, it will be displayed on the calendar date block once the contest is closed, and the winner will receive an email.

  • nailBnny

    Lurkers, emerge!

    • NegativeOne13

      I brought the Crown Royal!

  • Aaronneyer

    Wonderful idea. Been hoping to get a tablet, so hoping more of those are given out than phones. Would be awesome if some Tegra 3 devices were given out as well :)
    Also great to see the points be used. I’ve been lurking for a while but now that I know points are useful, I might start actually posting :)

  • thekaz

    I think all the “unlurking” is making the comment system flip out!

  • osc707

    lots, cause I need some rank

  • http://amriilmma.blogspot.com ilmma27

    I see a lot of zero rank, including me… too bad that I just be a silent reader all this time… :((

  • ChuckUSA

    very nice. Glad I found this site, glad I found it now. LOL. I look forward to running thru the pages to find interesting stuff.

  • Dlux

    Well this will be fun, I love that Nvidia is doing this for the readers.

  • jakymiwm

    This is awesome! I love this site!

  • bruce080

    Will there be a big finally on December 25th?

  • Sway_212

    I don’t think that it’s mentioned wether it’s only for the US or international…someone knows please?

  • DLX1

    Looks great like the new site design, keep up the good work

  • Vmax77

    a transformer prime please….that is all ..thank you :)

    (this should count ;) )

  • Wunako

    lol sounds great and yes im hoping for maybe a free transformer prime!

  • Shadowlore

    Trying to add ‘Android’ to my holidays for both my wife and I, however Verizon is making it somewhat difficult in their unwillingness to release the Galaxy Nexus.

    Thing is, I don’t mind if they push it back so much.. but I really WOULD like to know a date. If they’re going to have it out prior to her Birthday or Christmas, then I’ll be getting her a Nexus.. however, if they’re NOT going to, I have to arrange other gifts.

    It’s the constant rumors that get leaked, and then retracted, and then added to another date, and price, and such that is going to drive me nuts.

  • mackster248

    I hope I can win something! Android&Me has always been the best Android blog site!

  • akareem89

    ^^^^ If you are getting a transformer :D

  • Charlesbrown79

    so who currently has the highest ranked account?

    • Futureboy

      Hey Charlesbrown79 (and everyone else). Welcome to the androidandme community!

      The current (and probably for a good long time) leader is BiGMERF.

      Spend a bit of time here and you’ll get to know him and some of the other usual suspects that provide a ton of input/advice/valuable commentary.

    • Futureboy

      Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to one of the “usual suspects” I was referring to in my post above.

      Arron with two R’s is in the top 3 (non-staff) commenters/community members, consistently providing quality posts.

    • charliethesuperturtle

      Im catching up Arron so be careful ;D

  • inviolable

    I can’t even believe it’s December already. Thanks guys for another great contest.

  • Umarfaruk M

    please. open the door for all. i’m from india :(

  • azswift

    Tried for a Asus Tranformer on Black Friday, but missed out. Tegra awesomeness for Christmas please.

  • OutofPlace

    Consider me kicked convincingly in the pants to actually create an account.

    You guys have a great mobile site, by the way – looks awesome and loads quick!

  • usafjaco

    Time to start working on my rank! This is going to be fun!

    • Alex

      Think of it this way: if you don’t win, at least you have a better ranking on Android and Me to be proud of!

  • pikahatonjon

    LOL. androidandme you better not give away 25 Zune HDs. it is a tegra device after all

  • Nathan

    this will be so much fun, let all wait to December 1st, and just maybe this rank I gain will actually come in handy for once =)

  • Deeds

    Cool, can’t wait til Thursday

  • reycito

    Hi everybody, proud to be here finally. (another long time – silent reader)

    Greeting from Veracruz, México

  • bd1212

    Its things like this that make this site so much better than all of the other Android blogs. Yeah, any blog can post Android news, but only this site does so many giveaways to reward its users, other Android blogs do one or two giveaways a year, this site does at least one or two every WEEK it seems!

    Freakin’ love you guys! Thanks for everything AndroidAndMe!

  • http://www.the-wolf.co.uk mabroid

    Is this open to us UK Droid fans?

  • Jeb

    Just awesome, been reading A&M for awhile now and you guys always have great articles and your contests are too cool!

  • Kwills 88

    I’ve entered almost every contest on here and I’ve never won a thing, I hope my luck changes

  • http://tcfpodcast.tk/ John

    I always wonder how they pick the random winners, I always thought those people were the ones who made like 20 accounts.

    • Futureboy

      Typically the androidandme staff uses RowFeeder when they randomly select a winner.

  • BigBadButcher

    For android holiday gifts i just bought myself a amaze 4g, my wife a gs2 and my mother a mytouch q. should be here tues cant wait.

    • BigBadButcher

      why would i get a negative one

  • ndub21

    I am so pumped for this! I will definitely be on here everyday trying my hardest to win something ( I never win anything, so surely my day has to come sometime soon)!

    Best case scenario for me is to win a Tegra 2 tablet so I don’t have to buy my wife an iPad. I try to keep as many Apple products out of my household as possible (she did manage to convince me to let her get her iPhone though…).

  • Arber

    Yes <3 <3 <3 Android&Me

  • Jake Siemer

    This is why I love AndroidAndMe.

  • sylar

    Sounds like fun now if only i had more time to spend on this site.

  • golfpedaler


  • baldypal

    I’m packing my kids stockings with Android figures. Wrapping up some Android t-shirts and Topping it off with a small Android tablet just right for their little hands.

    And my wife, she’s getting a Kindle Fire and a Samsung Droid Charge.

    I hopefully gonna bless myself with a Galaxy Nexus. To win one would be ACES!

    • charliethesuperturtle

      I hope that’s a typo

  • PapaLos

    Hey, I’m new! Can you tell?

    I really like the way you guys are rewarding users that have been around. Shows the strength and integrity of the community.

    I’ve been following on twitter for a while and finally decided to sign up. I hope I can be active around here and not like all the other sites I sign up for :(. Good luck to all on this contest.

  • Mighty_O

    Awesome!…Will you be giving away a galaxy nexus ..oh wait it doesn’t have Tegra.

  • http://aboyandhistv.blogspot.com mvndaai

    I am kind of sad about this rank thing. I read articles on here all the time. I just don’t comment because commenters are often annoying, but whatever.

    • Angie Wimberly

      It’s true, not everyone likes to add to healthy discussion – that’s why we’re hoping people like you are encouraged to participate more!

  • ihatefanboys

    Great contest, especially the rewarding of us “power users”, the ones that have been around a while and have high rankings, sooooo much better than liking on facebook or tweeting something, etc like another website has people doing….. love it

    Good Luck to all !!

  • enderdad

    Another great contest from a great Android site!! Great idea about promoting the veterans of the website but a lot of us do read the website and just not comment on it so that kinda sucks but y’all are still giving away free stuff and that’s just awesome!!

  • E-man

    There should be prizes for people who have been members for a specific amount of time. Like those who have been with AndroidAndMe for a year or longer. :)

    • Cole Loomis

      I agree with you there. Now I wish that I would have been more active since the switchover. But grad school does not permit enough time.

      • E-man

        I know! I have mostly just gone on the site without logging in. School has been keeping me super busy. :/ But maybe we’ll be able to grab a prize :D.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Cool idea. We will look into rewarding points for days active.

  • joshuamorgan

    I like that the holidays are bringing out the best in Android based websites. There are quite a few sites giving away awesome devices.

  • gstorrs

    What a great contest to win a Tablet this holiday season. Can’t wait to have the chance to win.

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus Nolasco

    Holy carp this is amazing. Too bad I’m not a power user :( haha. At least I don’t think I am…

  • jeepnie

    I hope santadroid gives me something this year

  • spintrex

    These giveaways are a great incentive to new users towards the site, keeps everyone on their toes

  • auronblue

    Well with an awesome giveaway like this I had to sign up. Thanks for putting up an informative and well done site. I’ve been a regular reader for awhile. Keep it up and looking forward to the next month.

    PS: The mobile site redesign came out great. Definitely my favorite mobile site.

  • myandroid99

    does tegra have good phones and tablets?

  • mimogear

    If it’s a challenge that involves creativity, count me in!! XDD

  • issac4760

    wow this sounds rigged. power users down voting other users that don’t comment much, or at all, but enjoy a good read. I mean I understand power users should have a better advantage, but down voting someone that is wasting his/her time commenting, & determined to win a B-E-A utiful tegra device should be allowed to.

  • Hacknet07

    Tegra is #1. Wouldn’t mind another one for my wife. :)

  • http://www.bossyman15.com bossyman15

    my rank is low. #sadfrog

  • http://sean-the-electrofreak.blogspot.com/ Sean the Electrofreak

    Yike, I haven’t posted in a while… guess I need to step it up!

  • asifriyaz

    let me win

  • Nicholas Fowler

    Here’s to some good stuff. :)

  • http://dylandersen.me/ Dylan Andersen

    Huge giveaway for the site. Clark and Taylor rule for scoring this.

  • Charlesbrown79

    Android sites are a dime a dozen these day with most being either simply or horribly designed. Not the case with Android and me. I love the contests, the informative news and most of all, the new mobile design. Keep up the good work. I look forward to December.

  • Charlesbrown79

    I access this site on my phone through an Android news app. Is there a better app to access this site with?

    • angie

      We think bookmarking the site and visiting the mobile version is ideal. We do have a widget in the works as well and will announce it when it’s ready.

  • natthompson72

    I’ve only been recently been reading this site (for about a month) and I absolutely love it! I’ve read sites like droidlife and engadget for about 2 years now, but something I love about this site is the well rounded android updates, and (my personal favorite) how freaking clean this site looks! I finally became a member today, and am happy to make this my first post here!

    Cheers androidandme! :)

  • dased14

    i’m just hoping that a transformer prime is on that list.
    or a really sweet 10.1 tab
    ok really just a tf prime

  • roamdeu

    So I think its about time I start leaving some comments from now instead of just reading articles and peoples comments

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      Ironically, you posted this as a “guest”, not signed into your And Me account…

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    I’ve been reading Android and ME for a while on my phone (on Pulse Newsreader) but I never got an account…and now I do!

    Quick Question: Is this going to be international?

  • jk0l

    I’ve just bought my first laptop, an Asus, on Thanksgiving/Black Friday
    It will be nice to get the Asus Prime on Christmas (I think that’s why the 25th box is so big)
    Sorry for being greedy, but the Prime with Tegra 3 looks so good right now

  • hellomateyboy

    Is this competition international?

    • MarkT

      Good point! I’ll still be visiting the 25 Days page just to see the goodies open up, but it would be great if this awesomeness was truly international.

      Kudos to you guys for tying up Tegra too.

  • Armas99

    i dont understand the methods

  • robbyp30

    Maybe tweeting, +1′ing and liking will give you a better shot at a device…

  • Droid Dewd

    Just tweeted for the contest. Look forward to seeing what kind of stuff I can get my geek hands on. Bring it!

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    One more days ’til 25 Days of Tegra,
    25 Days of Tegra, 25 Days of Tegra.
    One more days ’til 25 Days of Tegra,
    Silver Shamrock.

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    That is simply amazing. Its great you guys are giving preference to power users :)

  • wild

    damn, I don’t have good rank :(

  • weezeremo

    Nice! page marked, im ready and i need some sweet sweet tegra

  • jkinsey88

    This sounds really interesting. I can’t wait to see what the challenges are like. It’d be nice to get a new device. I’m still rocking the original Droid from Verizon. It’s been good for the past couple of years, but it is starting to show its age a bit. Good luck to everyone next month :)

  • aykutb

    i’ve been commenting as guest even though i had an account,damn if i’ve known.. :)

  • ranwanimator

    Transformer Primes for everyone! Huzzah!

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    Long time lurker finally decided to sign up when I saw the contest. I must say I enjoy y’alls android coverage over Engadget just wish yall did a few more reviews.

  • charliethesuperturtle

    Ho ho holy crap
    All the good kids get terra devices
    All the naughty boys don’t get coal,
    They get iphones

  • oddball

    Good luck everyone. Thank you Nvidia and Android and me for a great chance to win a new toy.

  • cwjones4

    well, guess this gives me as good of a reason as any to join. I’ve been following them on twitter for a few years now, but doubt i’ll get any points for that!

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    Badassery to the max

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    Been reading this site for a while, finally creating an account and becoming active thanks to this contest.

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    OH man it begins today!!! good luck everyone!! Fingers crossed!!

  • mecstarz2

    My Samsung Moment has a cracked screen, and is really really slow. Looking at the Epic 4G. Any other suggestions for Sprint?

    • minimage

      I am enjoying my Motorola Photon 4G. I hated my Moment’s battery life, and I found the screen too small (although I understand that my insistence on having a slider forced me to choose a smaller display). I don’t have these issues so much with the Photon 4G, although I could wish for an even longer-lasting battery. If you’ve had the random reboot issue with your Moment, be advised that some Photon4G folks, myself included, experience Screen of Death issues (mine happen when my phone loses signal in the buildings at work, generally about once or twice a day). I don’t know much about the Epic 4G; it may be a better choice.

  • staryoshi

    This is a neat promotion and a good way to get new users more involved with AndroidandMe (Including me! :P)

    I’m looking forward to it! :)

  • legolas00

    Thanks for the big contest! I now read this page for over three months and today I have registered an account so that I also can put my opinion here :-). The great thing is that there is always something interesting. I also follow @androidandme on Twitter, that´s super because I can never miss something.

    Good luck everybody!

  • legolas00

    Great contest! I now know this site for more than three months and I am reading it each day and every time there is something useful. I also follow @androidandme so that I can’t miss something interesting and today I’ve registered an account so that I also can bring my opinion on this page :-).

    Good luck everyone for the contest!

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    I see that some new users already have an avatar. I still have no idea how we’re supposed to change it, I don’t see the option in the profile.

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    Will the calendar unlock at midnight?

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    umm..whats the minimum points you will need?

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    I’m thinking I may get a Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone as my Christmas present to myself from myself.

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    And let us all say, I LOVE ANDROID

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    The best thing of this contest is the fact that is open to Europeans :D

    Thanks Android and Me

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    Makes the Christmas countdown sweeter. Thank you.

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    This would be awesome. Thanks for doing this.


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    I would like it to be Quad core with a usb port and sd card slot.

  • aaww

    I will be a very good boy in 2012 if I will win :) i swear !
    I was a very good boy in 2011 too but didn’t win anything.

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    Always wanted to own a tablet. Just can’t afford it.

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    I have to disagree. I visited this site on a daily basis for more than one year informed my self and informed others about whats going on in the android world but because ive never made an account i wull be excluded of the cool prizes.
    So now I made an account and will leave this comment maybe u can give me a +1 but i feel i will get just like – 3451 ;)

    surprise me

  • J-Man

    Ooooooh, I see what you did there! It’s a pun on the Xmas song – who would’ve guessed. And yes, that was a terrible joke.

  • droid

    im feeling lucky punk!

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    yay! so excited for these chances, hope I win something for the boyfriend :)

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    I really wish there was an easier way to win even though my rank is oddly low. But I don’t always have something useful to say about the daily news.

  • SuperAndroid

    I just want to say thanks AndroidandMe for running this contest for not only the United States but also to Canada, Europe and Australia too. Not many sites do that, bookmarked!

  • Pj Richa

    Has Android made its way into your holiday gift plans: Yes, I am hoping to purchase the 8.9 4G lte Verizon!!!

  • gigstarr

    Q: Has Android made its way into your holiday gift plans?

    A: Yes, I am hoping to purchase the 8.9 4G lte Verizon!!!

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    Help? :D

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    Hope this is becomes annual event guys? – more traffic and users for you, some great exposure for Android products and a nice comp for us folks.

  • Jude

    How can noobs (Like me) rank up some points without spamming?

  • mcopeman23

    I already tweeted for a change to win, but I had a general question. Which of these devices is more than likely to be kept up to date but the manufacturer? Samsung hasn’t been the best at keeping things up to date (i had the epic 4g, sigh. but now have the nexus s), will asus and sony keep there cool looking devices up to date?

    would that be a factor for any device you pick?

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