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Transformer Prime proves there’s a market for high-end Android tablets


That didn’t take long. The ASUS Transformer Prime is temporarily sold out after being on pre-order for just a single day. Now when customers visit the Amazon Transformer Prime product page they are greeted with a message that says “Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available.”

The 32 GB model in Amethyst Gray is now the second best selling Android tablet behind the Kindle Fire and when you add up the other three Transformer Prime models, ASUS holds 4 of the top 10 spots on Amazon’s list of Best Selling Tablets. Looking at how the different models rank, most customers went with the Amethyst Gray color over Champagne. The 64 GB Amethyst at #4 outsold the 32 GB Champagne at #5.

This is a good sign for ASUS and NVIDIA, but we are also concerned that they sold out so quick. Hopefully they are able to boost production and keep up with the demand. We still don’t have an official release date, but we expect the Transformer Prime to start shipping in the first week of December.

We expect to get our hands on a review unit soon, so be on the lookout to see how it stacks up against our stable of Android tablets. To hold you over, check out the mini video review that rubberotter uploaded to YouTube.

I’m sure you know that I’m excited after pieces I’ve authored like 3 reasons to get a Tegra 3 tablet this year, but I’ll admit I’m a little shocked that soooooo many of you pre-ordered this thing off hype alone. Let’s hope it lives up to our expectations. Are you surprised by the early success of the Transformer Prime?

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  • M3rc Nate

    Not shocked. Been saying it for a while everywhere that I (and I bet the majority of Android tablet wanters) are willing to pay a premium price for a premium tablet that has all the specs we need.

    I am like you, not going to preorder based on (amazing) pictures and hype, however I do plan on getting the champagne 32gb with keyboard dock once reviews come out and ICS is shipped on the tablet. I hope they get back in stock and that happens soon after release.

    In wake of all these rumors of tablets with amazing resolution, I hope next year the transformer prime 2 will use the same keyboard dock as this tablet so if I upgrade I don’t have to buy everything all over again.

    • rolando


  • 666

    Wake me up when it gets at least a 1080p display. The iPad 3 is getting a 2048 x 1536 display that will A) make me want a high res display, B) cause other Android OEMs to push for higher res displays in near future tablets. Both would lead to some serious buyers remorse with the Transformer Prime.

    • uknowme


    • xeod

      Yeah, because Apple makes all their own equipment…… Reality check, those high res displays are made from those manufactures that make Android phones (Samsung, LG ect). Plus why would you need a 10″ tablet with 1080p anyway? That’s to much for such a small display plus everyone knows that Apple is always playing catch up to Android when it comes down to specs.

      I’m sure (if it was necessary) a 1080p display would be available on an Android device way before an Apple device…

      • buxtahuda

        Absolutely agreed. Apple makes none of their parts and always tries to use cheap tech a bit behind the times to turn a more powerful profit.

        And the human eye generally can’t even tell the difference between 720p, 1080i, and 1080p especially on such small screens. You can’t even really notice a difference between the last two until you start getting into 50 or so inch screens… It’s all marketing technique to sell better, and I think that this will look just fine. Hell, most current-gen games are still only really 720p, maybe up-converted, a few titles being exceptions.

        • 666

          Cheap hardware? Say that to the Power SGX 543 that’s still outpeforming the Tegra 3.

          The DPI of all these resolutions is under 300, you can absolutely tell the difference. Tell that to medical and other professions that would greatly benefit from a high def tablet too.

          • ACR

            Cheap hardware like the best 8MP camera and best audio output on iPhone 4S. Oh wait.

      • 666

        It doesn’t matter where they come from or if it’s on the iPad. The next 6 months will be littered with hi DPI tablets. Why would I want a high DPI tablet? Why do you want a high DPI phone? Because it looks better.

        PS: If Apple is playing catch up why is their nearly year old A5′s GPU still out peforming Tegra 3′s GPU? A year old device falling behind current day hardware is not surprising, but still having an edge with year old hardware is.

        • daveloft

          The PowerVR SGX543 GPU is not their GPU, it was developed by Imagination Technologies,

          • 666

            Thanks for stating the obvious. I don’t think there’s any OEM that uses its own proprietary chip. Everyone pretty much uses ARM cores and a mixture of different GPUs (Mali/TI, PowerVR/IT, Adreno/Qualcomm, etc). The fact remains that Apple’s specific chipset design – the A5 still has a GPU that is better than the next generation competition. Just a stab towards the blinded masses who keep saying that Apple pumps out years old tech.

        • Nedjo

          Little school of basic stuff in handheld processing world

          ARM – design architecture of micro-chip as well as instruction set (ARM v7a in case of T3, and the rest of Cortex-A9 architecture derivatives)

          TI – uses ARM design, makes optimizations and additions and builds actual chips

          Qualcomm – makes significant changes on Cortex architecture (called “Scorpion”) but still ARM v7a compatible) and builds chips (actually TSMC produces actual silicon)

          Imagination Tech – just like ARM it’s British company that designs LowPower GPUs and licence those design to Apple, Samsung, Intel, TI… and numerous others!

          Adreno – GPU core that Qualcomm acquired when it purchased handheld division of ATI from it’s new owner – AMD

          TO answer your question under P.S – A5 is the BEST implementation of ARM v7a architecture, and the best designed Cortex-A9 processor! It’s designed by the most experienced team of ARM engineers that Apple acquired in one of it’s semiconductor shopping sprees, and it’s build using most advanced technology inside Samsung fabs! Besides many advances over Tegra chips, key one is usage of embedded DRAM – basically chip is “fused” with DRAM cells whose capacity is 256 MB! That gives to application cores an especially GPU cores (two of SGX 540 cores renamed in 543) enormous memory bandwidth – order of magnitude compared to anything else out there! The reason why Apple doesn’t produce chips in TSMC, like nVidia does, is that TSMC doesn’t posses this manufacturing technology yet! Only Samsung does… but this might change when TSMC starts manufacturing using 28 nanometers process!
          Hope this helps and educates ;-)

    • The Goat

      Having owned a Galaxy 10.1 for a while now, I have to agree with this comment to an extent. 1280×800 looks good, but not great, in a 10.1″ monitor. Next year will bring a wave of tablets with 1080p (or better yet, 1920×1200) screens. I was toying with selling the 10.1 and buying a Prime, because the speed is much improved, but I think I’ll hold off until the next round.

      I’m pretty picky about screens, though, and the average person doesn’t complain about the inferior (resolution-wise) iPad 2 screen. So for most people, the Transformer Prime will be more than adequate.

      • 666

        High res tablets are imminent. Why not wait an extra two months for that AND a Tegra 3. That’s all I’m saying and you’re the only person to see past the minor iPad reference.

  • evelio

    I was waiting for Friday to pre-order T_T to slow to late :| hope they put it back soon

  • AsakuraZero

    well i dont care about screen resolutions i just want a good hardware which doesnt let me down.

    after using a xperia X10 with its crappy 65k colors and its resolution, and having a TF1, i can live with the super IPS screen.

    I know having a nice FHD screen is nice but im not goin to die with a 720p screen

    • AsakuraZero

      forgot to add i preordered the tab, i know what im getting and damn its looks good, its sexy and its powerfull no wonder why it sold out so fast.

      good thing that i could pre-order it before this sold out notice, the dock … i will buy it later, i dont want it yet and its sold out too

  • protozeloz

    Great to see the tab is selling. I think is the best slate around so far it covers for both nerbook and tab

  • Chris
  • pjamies

    I have been looking for a Android tablet that has 3g capability .. and ideas, as the only 1 I see is the Asus Transformer (with a g added to the end of the model name), but only available in Europe ..
    I see nothing available in the US or Canada ..

    Need it to have a 10.1 screen please .. (I know the old Samsung Tab 7″ had it ..)

    What gives, or am I missing something ??

  • john davis

    I knew I should have preordered the first day, hopefully they will get some more in soon. The first one was great so I’m assuming this one will be too.

  • Anthony

    I just pre ordered the 32GB version from Bestbuy but sadly no 64GB in site but i have a enough time to wait before making a final decision. I’m not sure where you guys have been but there will be a 1080p tablet with 2GB of ram out before years in from Leno a think pad line which packs Tegra 3 but i don’t trust them with a tablet so Asus mind throwing in another piece of ram

  • Slith

    Wow! I ordered a champagne figuring it would be the most popular color. Oh well, still got it!

  • Nathan

    Wow that crazy in less then a day it sold out but I’m going get one eventually before the year end hopefully

  • E

    thank you asus for this im in love with the specs and looks only one hold back …. i want to see it in action before i just give up my money.. the nexus is starting to show its true colors unfortunately. hope this dont go down that row because i really want it

  • Sfr

    Asus knows when to make a call. EEE was a big budget device success, and invention of netbooks. Now they produce a novel laptop-smartphone hybrid which is, without any doubt, going to be a seller.

    Advantage is that it looks great as thin air-like laptop, and still is one of best tablets around, packed with newest tegra hardware (and could have a decent battery life with it). Unlike iPad keyboards, there’s a touchpad (have yet to see how this works on honeycomb/ICS – I plugged a mouse once into a 2.2 tablet USB and was surprised to see a cursor..)

  • Androidcrazed6

    If you look at the Galaxy Nexus, it is veryyyy and i mean like a hair line better the the Samsung Galaxy S2, plus the S2 does not have Android 4.0 yet, so imagine that.

    Besides that, if the S2 gets 4.0, can android and me please run a benchmark so we can know how does it compare to the Asus Transformer Prime because I am having a difficult time choosing between them for CHRISTMAS.

  • pritams

    Actually you can buy it from eBay right now.

    • secretaznman3

      this is for it’s predecessor…the article is for the transformer PRIME, the next one out. note the thickness

      • pritams

        Oops,my bad.The seller had put the term ‘Prime’ in the title..I didn’t even go through the details..can see they have removed the term from title now…sorry for the confusion..:((

  • Vmax77

    TBH all of are willing to pay premium price for premium product.!!

  • zedklind

    just bought it on…. dont know what ur talking about. got the controller and some cool free games too!

  • Perroloco

    Video is dead.

  • clement

    Pre-orders do not reflect the future mainstream success of a tablet. Firstly, we don’t know Amazon stocks, secondly, pre-orders are for fans, as you know. My mother will make the commercial success of android tablets, not you or me.


    video not working here. I was excited to see how fast this tablet runs.

  • cheeseasaurus

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Photoshop Touch runs on this. I’m not looking to replace a desktop for true photoshop needs. But a tablet with the power to do so, that can slip into my camera bag… It’d be my next purchase.

    Come to think of it… is PS Touch ICS compatible yet?