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Turn off accelerated page loading to speed up web browsing on your Kindle Fire


Remember Amazon’s all-new Silk Browser available exclusively on the Kindle Fire that promised to deliver a faster web browsing experience? Our friends at Anandtech put the “split browser” architecture through a series of test and discovered that Silk does consume less bandwidth as advertised, but the performance is actually slower.

A series of popular sites were tested and it was found that accelerated page loading actually added 1-3 seconds of loading time. Anand went on to say, “Silk’s ‘cloud based’ caching is not only meaningless, but it’s a detriment to the overall user experience.”

The good news is that you can dive into your browser settings and just turn “accelerate page loading” off, but it’s still pretty surprising that the setting which produces slower load times is on by default. I tested this on my Kindle Fire and I noticed a small performance boost after accelerated browsing was off.

Anand speculates that Amazon left the accelerated page loading feature on by default so they could mine the data of millions of users and learn from their usage patterns to further optimize the browsing experience over time.

The Kindle Fire has only been available for a week so hopefully Amazon will issue an update that improves loading times, but in the mean time I’ll leave “accelerated browsing” off and enjoy the boost in performance.

Source: Anandtech

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  • olentz

    “accelerated browsing” using silk cloud based caching would be faster if the internet connection itself is fast. if the internet connection is slow, the caching would help tremendously.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      You would hope so, but Anand also tested this over AT&T 3G and he got the same results.

      • olentz

        Amazon is not being honest then. They must be doing something that adds the lag time. I thought Silk is just glorified OperaTurbo.

  • sylar

    Really? I thought it would make things faster, guess I will tell my friend about this.

  • evelio

    I use Dolphin browser in my Kindle ;)

    But maybe they added this “helpful feature” for WebViews too…

  • charliethesuperturtle

    its not going to get any faster if everyone turns accerlerated browsing off, rofl.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      That’s true, but I would wager that 95% of Kindle Fire owners do not read Android blogs.

      • olentz

        Time to start guys haha

  • msgnyc

    “but it’s still pretty surprising that the setting which produces slower load times is on by default.”

    I dont know about you, but whats surprising is that a feature called “Accelerated Browsing” slows down the browsing instead of accelerate the browsing like it’s name suggests…….

  • matt

    anyone know how silk stacks up with opera mini?

  • FSFatScooter

    Just a tad ironic, isn’t it?

  • Ron

    Ok, so how do I turn off “accelerated browsing”?

  • Kevin


    Open browser, open the button on bottom that look like a sheet of paper with 3 lines. Then, select settings and then uncheck “Accelerated page loading” (5th from bottom). hit the back button to the webpage and it will surf like you expect or better.

    I was having issues with pages loading, foxnews would time out after 45 seconds or so. Now they load in 3-5 seconds.