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Verizon ad shows Samsung Galaxy Nexus priced at $199


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus rumor mill has turned up another juicy tidbit about Verizon’s forthcoming 4G LTE variant. A new flash ad has surfaced on several Android related sites, showing the Samsung Galaxy Nexus priced at $199.

The new price is substantially lower than the $299 price which has been floating around since mid-October and gives the Galaxy Nexus a huge price advantage over almost all of Verizon’s other LTE enabled devices.  We’re not sure if Google has anything to do with the price reduction, but it would be nice to have a high-end LTE device on Verizon’s network that doesn’t break the bank.

There’s still no word on an official release date for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but the possibility of a $100 reduction in the price should bring a smile to most of your faces. Consider it a Black Friday discount on a phone you can’t buy for a few more weeks.

Via: Engadget

Source: Samsung Galaxy Nexus Flash ad

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    word on the street is that ws supposed to be pat of a Black Friday sale, it may turn out to be 299. We shall see

  • Rockerito

    about time ^_^

  • Ben

    OR the delays this thing has experienced puts this at a price point it SHOULD be at with these specs against competing phones.

    • Dirge

      What delay? Something can’t be delayed if an official release date hasn’t even been announced.

  • charliethesuperturtle

    Wrong post but has anyone received an email about the zeemote controller?

  • Richard Yarrell

    The way I see it 199 would be a great idea under all these circumstances. This device based on all the complaints is something that needs to be seen in hand and played with before purchase. It’s almost time for us Verizon customers to see what all the hub bub is all about. With black Friday being today and my most recent tech junkie toy purchased today I want to exactly see how much better this galaxy nexus really is to the collection of toys I have here today. Meanwhile until that faithful launch day I am having so much fun with my toys…..

  • Marcus Nolasco

    I’m just really happy the price dropped! They wouldn’t have sold as many if it was $299. Hopefully they keep it at $199

  • Dylan

    Hopefully that’s the price of the 32GB phone because there are 2 different size phones I wouldn’t be surprised if it was $299 for the 32GB and $199 for the 16GB

  • Aakash

    even $199 for 16GB works for me :)

  • Dee

    199=verizon sayiny sorry for the delay this phone has got. Or so I hope…

  • ben steel

    Didn’t have much of a choice…did they? There will probably be some solid news about Tegra 3 phones before or shortly after this hone’s release date….
    And 4.0 should be readily available to new releases by Jan.
    No one wants to get stuck with a large inventory of a phone that won’t be at the top of the food chain for more the 45 days.
    With this botched release, this will be in the discount bin for $99 or less in 30days…maybe not through VZ, but dollars to donuts it will at Bestbuy & Amazon.

  • Nada

    $199.99… I would round that up to $200 and not down to $199.

    • julius

      U crazy bro? 199.99 is way less than a full 2.

      • Starship

        They should price it at 198 and then sales would really take off!

  • Anthony44

    Ok the GSM model for $750 just crashed and. Burned

    • joseph

      Now don’t quote me on this. But i think the gsm version be considerly cheaper once its officially in the u.s. or in canada at least. The gsm versions are bekng imported from europe. So its my belief that the high price is due to conversion rate. It was the same way with nexus s. $549 us but it was also 549 in euros. But the currency isnt equivalent. If you understand what im saying

  • CJ LaFleur

    Ok, now im switching carriers. I cant afford the unlkck gsm version.

  • CJ LaFleur

    Ok, now im switching carriers. I cant afford the unlokced gsm version.

  • triangle

    At this point, I’ll believe it when I see it. Verizon hasn’t announced a release date yet. For a company that talks so much about its network, they have a HUGE communications problem. Can you hear me now?

  • Nathan

    That a surprise O.o

  • dreamdoggy22

    The ad says “New two year activation required”. Does that mean new customers only, or does that include upgrades/contract extensions? I’m not holding my breath!!

  • mikeyDroid

    I still don’t and never will understand these debates.. will a $199 phone vs a $299 phone really change anything over a 2 year contract? Seriously? If you haven’t noticed, any flagship Android phone has been $299 at launch… It’s ridiculous, I agree – but it’s how it is, cause we pay.

    • mikeyDroid

      and just to add more hate… if you can’t afford $299, you shouldn’t be buying a phone @ $199.

      • kazahani

        I disagree on principle.

        If I am signing a contract for 2 years of service, then I think $200 is a fair price to pay for a top-of-the-line smart device. They make you pay $799.99 for an LTE device without an agreement, so they are pretty much forcing you to sign the contract, and now they want to juke you on the subsidized price? I won’t do it.

  • cheeseasaurus

    As gorgeous as the phone is, it’s tough for me to consider a contract to get that price knowing that quad core phones are around the bend… but then again, Nexus phones seem to carry a resell value that many other phones can’t.

  • Anthony44

    I really would like to purchase this phone. I got the N1 and NS both on day one. I enjoyed the fact that T-Mobile got that special Google love that all changed. I have 4 lines one off contract and the other 3 in January. I am not interested in any contracts . I figure since the nexus line is once a year and my special Christmas gift to me ill just flat out buy it.
    I am not a money tree but can easily afford this phone on all four lines.
    I say that to say you must set limits and 815.00 adding taxes for a phone that in a month will see another phone surpass it is not wise for me.
    The other side of the coin is its a nexus and the frankly the others though powerful just ain’t a nexus.
    The nexus will hold its own all year and after one year ill replace it with another nexus.
    I consider the current economy and all those out of work and thought that was just too much to pay for a one year phone.
    I will set my price at 650 Max but if that goal isn’t met by January ill pass since a new one will soon follow.
    Iwill just flat out buy some new monster quad core and just let the nexus life go (as I hold my credit card, I’m so weak)

  • dontgeturhopesu

    I am a rep for vzw…and there is no rumored release date, or price point. In fact, the trainings haven’t even been loaded for us to take yet. No need to get in an uproar just yet.