Nov 11 AT 5:06 PM Edgar Cervantes 21 Comments

Verizon Galaxy Nexus training has started, release coming in two weeks?


In the midst of all the pacing around and hair pulling in desperation to find out when the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be released, a small spark of hope has just hit our inbox. A Verizon tipster sent in a screenshot that proves device training has begun (also includes the Rezound).

This is a normal sign of a device to be released soon, but we still do not know the exact date. It could take a week, two weeks, or maybe more (if we are in bad luck). We certainly do not expect the device to be delayed past November, though.

This unbearable waiting game should not be lasting too much longer. What do you guys say? Are you ready for some ICS action?

Thanks, Anonymous!

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  • Ytram

    Why would you say two weeks? If the training for the RAZR and Rezound is lumped in with the Nexus, and those devices are out already, then it seems like the release is imminent.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Devices normally go on sale within 2 weeks of training. 2 weeks is also the rumored window for the Nexus launch. I’d be surprised if Verizon delays it till Dec.

    • chris

      I think they said and meant 2 weeks at most.

      • Andy Roid

        This just in. Verizon is delaying the launch until all devices have been retro’d and re-packaged. A last minute decision was made to add the Verizon logo to the back of the device forcing Samsung to open, reprint battery doors and repackage. Apparently the 4G LTE wasn’t enough branding since the screen was void of any markings. After all, it is Verizon we are talking about here!

    • mrdunnehy

      galaxy nexus contest starts tomorrow and ends NOV. 21st(humm).In the past contest usually ends when the device is released.

  • Dale Bebeau

    I’m ready! I’m ready! I wan’t those boot- I mean, phone!

  • Mfg68

    To me this means it can be released at any moment because the Razr and the Rezound are both basically out, even though training is going on at the same time as the Nexus.

  • @BiGMER F

    Wow man what an epic fail when it comes to the release of this phone


    I bet I know more about GN when it’s on my hands..

  • Me

    Could we please dispose of the “Must always end every blog post with a question” bull? I think the community is always vocal enough- no need to prime discussion.

  • federalreserve


  • joejoe509

    Sweet! I refuse to get myself too excited, but this certainly makes me think it must be very soon. Here’s hoping for some official word sometime next week!

  • Postal Jim

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. VZW. Congrats to all of you on Big Red. Looking for some Orange love. Come on Sammy! Let that cat out of the bag already!

  • Richard Yarrell

    We are 14 days or less away from the Galaxy Nexus. My Verizon line is active effective today and I am using a temporary LG Revolution until the Galaxy Nexus arrives before November 25th 2011. I am excited for the Droid Razr and Htc Rezound they are great device no question but the true excitement will begin on day one of the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Max

    Good luck trying to live without an SD Card.

    Kies doesn’t work period.

    I sure as hell, tried connecting a laptop with the Galaxy S2. And this is a freaking SAMSUNG brand laptop. #irony-yes?

    • chaoscentral


      Kies wouldn’t work with the Nexus anyways, its STOCK ANDROID you plug the device in and it works like a USB thumb drive. I also wanna bet that itll act as MTP so it can sync between WMP or any other music player that supports MTP standard protocol just like Honeycomb does already. Negating the need for external software.

    • chris

      Kies has nothing to do with cdma phones and more so the nexus since samsung has nothing to do with software updates. Maybe you just don’t know how to use Kies properly.

  • Nathan

    Well it can’t come soon enough

  • Mark

    Way to sell out, Google!!!! All of us that supported you from the beginning with the G1 on T-Mobile and this is how you pay us back. By making your phone exclusive to one of the most expensive, greediest, tightest carriers available.

    • chris

      It is only exclusive for a short period of time the same way the nexus 1 and nexus s were “exclusive” on tmo at first.

  • pritams