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Verizon’s Holiday gift: Return phones purchased tomorrow until January 9


The holidays have just become better for those looking to get a new phone from Verizon Wireless. Big Red has been enforcing a 14-day return policy, but is getting quite generous for the holiday season. As a holiday gift of sorts, the return policy is being altered to allow you to return your devices until January 9, 2012.

This policy goes into effect tomorrow, November 15. This would mean that those who purchase a device tomorrow will have almost 2 months to return it. Quite a nifty deal, right?

People have been waiting to get a phone that makes a 2-year commitment worth it. We’re all trying to see what our best options are. The HTC Rezound and the Motorola Droid RAZR are now available, but this will come as great news for those waiting to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Latest rumors indicate that the first Ice Cream Sandwich device could have been further delayed and might be released as late as December. Those dying for a new phone can now relax. Go ahead and purchase a good device now and return it once that shiny Samsung Galaxy Nexus hits stores.

What do you guys say? Anyone taking advantage of this deal?

Via: Droid-Life

Source: Verizon Wireless

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  • charliethesuperturtle


  • davetheAndroid

    I could go for a Droid Razr until the Nexus finally ships….
    There is no way Verizon could hold onto it THAT long…right?

  • Louis

    I don’t trust those f&$kers, there’s some hidden in there, the devil is in the details. Check the fine prints.

    • themanwithsauce

      You’d be surprised. I had a genuinely good experience with verizon recently after a pretty awful experience during the summer. It sounds like they are genuinely trying to make sure they make everyone happy this holiday season. The only major question to ask is if this offer still stands for people upgrading their line or if it only works for people opening a new contract.

  • Jonathan Harford

    It is tempting… though that $30 fee is a turnoff. As is the whole disposable-smartphone attitude. I think I can wait for a tasty 720p screen, especially when it doesn’t come a la mode. My Droid X is still pretty satisfactory.

  • The Kevin

    I may be renting a Rezound on November 22nd… then watching Verizon announce the Nexus coming Jan 10th

  • bruce080

    I might take advantage of this deal after I hear an official release date for the Galaxy Nexus. Otherwise, I don’t know if I can take the risk.

    • ZEROleaf

      Yeah same here man. After almost 8 months of waiting, I cant risk the chance of loosing the Nexus.

  • cb2000a

    So Hawaii does not have a restocking fee?

  • BW

    I guess we just found out the release date of the Nexus…my money is on 1/10. (or Thursday 1/12) :)
    I hope I’m wrong, though.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I have to say this sounds great for current or new customers arriving to verizon. Myself well I will wait till the new dawning of time if need be for the Galaxy Nexus. I still have 10days till I will be forced to keep my current Lg Revolution. I am ready to get real creative bet I could turn my revolution to a Razr or Rezound for a little while till the elephant breaks into the room..

  • Tony Murray

    No, we won’t have to wait that long for Galaxy Nexus. The ICS source is out now, so that means software is pretty much final.

  • bikerbill

    They actually extended it to the 15th of january

  • pritams I missed it./..