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Video: Samsung asks Apple fans – Why don’t you guys just get 4G phones?

iPhone 4S line

We have all seen those long lines at Apple stores during product launches. People camp out there for long hours and days to get what many (especially Android fans) believe to be a trivial update of the iPhone 4. Whether it is due to brand loyalty, the ethos, or actual preference, Apple fans simply tend to prefer sticking with “iDevices.”

This is something that we Android enthusiasts always wonder about, right? Why go through such a struggle to get a device that (specs-wise) is about a year old on Android standards? Apple users usually mention that the specs do not matter, though. Which is quite true, the iPhone 4S provides a great user experience, and it definitely gets the job done. There are so many factors to consider, though. Apple’s locked down nature and lack of 4G connectivity are only a couple of the extensive list of reasons why we prefer Android over iOS.

We have stumbled upon this video, and while it looks like it is a legit Samsung commercial, no Samsung official source has released it. Whether it is official or not, though, it is definitely something to have fun with for a minute (and 1 second).

The commercial pretty much touches on the stereotypes that characterize the typical iPhone fanboy. Check it out for some giggles, and sound off in the comments section. Would you wait in line for a Galaxy Nexus? If you are an iPhone user, let us know why you would prefer an iPhone 4S over a Samsung device (or any Android device, for that matter).

Via: ToddWasserman (YouTube)

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  • Aaqil Mahmood

    Haha and the phones war continues.

    Btw I also prefer Samsung Android phones.

  • darkhorse166

    This is full of great zingers, it’s awesome.

    Probably won’t convert anyone from the other side – and the ad doesn’t show much of the user experience of using a Galaxy S2, compared to the typical iPhone ad.


    love it!!! Thats what everyone needs to do.. Attack apple with common sense!

    • Me_Jarhead

      That won’t work, common sense doesn’t work on Apple fans.

  • Tony

    Reason I got rid of my iPhone is because I didn’t like what it represented and I didn’t want to be associated with it.

  • kingof9x

    apple users won’t respond to this. They probably won’t even get it.

    They don’t subscribe to common sense, unless apple tells them to.

    • Darkstriker

      All these comments about common sense are such bs. I myself don’t like iphones but that is because I like to mess with my tech in a way that simply doesn’t work with apple. BUT, for >99% of consumers, this simply is not a selling point. If I didn’t know how to fix my stuff I would in all probability join the iUsers out there because, let’s face it, the iPhone is a very well designed phone. The cpu may only run at 800Mhz, but it’s a dual core just like the Galaxy S 2 I own. Add to that, that iOS is gpu accelerated and you will find that any more is just unnecessary.
      Android needs a 1.2Ghz CPU to run smoothly. Hell, in fact it would probably need upward of 2Ghz to come close to the smoothness of the interface of iOS (which by now have similarly powerful SOCs) or WP7 devices (which run on hardware used in Android devices more than a year ago).
      Not to mention that the gpu of the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S is way faster than any android phone out there has with the SGS2 being the closest contender at roughly half the performance.
      Lastly: 4G in the US is not actually faster than 3G HSDPA+ in the rest of the world. In fact the advertised 4G LTE tech isn’t really a 4G tech since its theoretical maximum speed is limited to 100 Mbps (roughly the same as theoretical maximum speed of HSDPA+).
      LTE Advanced is a real 4G technology and NO provider in the world is deploying that.

      • mimogear

        First off let me point out that you never stated your opinion regarding why these comments about common sense are bs. That first mistake really detracts from the integrity of your rant. It’s also concerning that you did not factor in the underlying reasoning behind their response. So to clarify for others, the reason I believe apple product users have no common sense is because a lot of them don’t do their homework when they are buying into tech. Rather, they go based off of name and hype. Any other beneficial information they may hear is white noise.

        The smoothness of the Android interface all comes down to what version of Android you are running. Honeycomb in my opinion is very smooth. So is gingerbread. But honesty, it doesn’t help that some manufacturers just stick their modifications on way to heavily and give a bad name to vanilla Android OS.

        Regarding this roughly stated performance comparison you mentioned; let me remind you the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been out for 7 months. The iPhone 4s has been out for a month. Once we see updated benchmarks then we’ll talk.

        Even if 3G HSDPA+ is faster than current “4G” technology it is the fact that you have the ability to transition into true 4G once it comes into fruition. Give the carriers a break. Creating an entirely new infrastructure isn’t easy or cheap you know.

        I’d really love to have a site where people like you don’t come to rant. Especially if they have a light sense of understanding, context issues, and poor grammar.

        • Darkstriker

          The point about no common sense in apple users should be fairly evident. There are plenty of valid reasons to buy an iPhone over an Android device. Not the least of those points is one that Steve Jobs pointed out at the launch of the iPhone 4S regarding the fact that in reality 4G phones are not the slightest bit faster than the iPhone or similar HSDPA+ phones.
          And yes LTE phones will be able to use LTE networks but the underlying tech with broad coverage will still be GSM/CDMA 2g and their compatible 3g derivatives for at least 10 years (by which time you won’t be using you 2011 Android phone anymore).
          The bottomline is that even if Apple customers would be enlightened as to the hardware “advantages” of most Android phones, they would still reasonable choose apple.

          As for the benchmarks between iPhone 4S and SGSII you demand: The SGSII has got no significant performance improvements in terms of GPU speed since the release and comparing benchmarks are readily available. Not to mention that the iPad 2 has been out quite a while longer than the SGS and even longer than most Android tablets and the GPU in Tegra 2 devices merely performs at 1/5th of the SGX543MP2 that is in both the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S.

          I have to admit that Android 2.3 is a major improvement over previous Android versions, as is Android 3.0/3.2. But Android 2.3 has a completely software-rendered UI and the GPU acceleration in Honeycomb devices is simply not good enough yet (software issue) to achieve a smooth interface.
          This simply sounds as if you have no experience handling an iPhone 4(S) or a Windows Phone. There is no stutter while scrolling and animations are consistently rendered with 60FPS as opposed to Android 2.3 my overclocked SGSII at 1.8Ghz has issues with common launchers like Launcher Pro, ADW or GO Launcher.

          Lastly, you are really the one who has to qualify that Apple users have no common sense. The times when we assumed guilt until proven innocent are long gone. I at least qualified my statement that iOS users are in fact quite correctly guided by common sense.

          • mimogear

            The fact of the matter is, for the average consumer, there aren’t any valid reasons to buy the iPhone over an Android device. You’ve completely factored out hardware functionality, software flexibility, and price. Most Android phones feature a removable battery cover, removable storage, video out, and a mini usb. And most Android devices feature all of that while undercutting the iPhone’s price. I really shouldn’t have to touch on software flexibility. Plus there is a ton of variety when it comes to choosing an Android device. Every consumer loves choices. Most of them just seem to want to buy dongles, have the same phone as everyone else, overpay for a loss of hardware functionality, rely on first party software, and cracks from an anonymous glass substrate.

            A variety of US carriers are in fact accelerating their plans for 4G LTE rollout. It’s surely coming faster than the 10 years you have stated. So investing in this technology is not a waste. It really doesn’t hurt. Especially if each 4g device is priced competitively with the iPhone.

            And I did not demand benchmarks. It’s just not fair to compare a device that is outdated to a phone that came out a month ago. But I have to admit defeat when it comes to iPad 2′s performance. Though Samsung does manufacturer the A5 so you have to give credit where credit is due.

            You’ve completely generalized the Android experience. I’ve seen plenty of Android devices with a smooth interface. Even some froyo devices are relatively smooth. Yes they are not as smooth as iOS (yes I’ve played with all of Apple’s products) but Android devices achieve a very impressive framerate. The fact that each device has the potential to shine, given the right software, is what makes Android so wonderful.

            Given that Google has just entered the operating system market, they are doing a fantastic job. Plus they are giving their OS away to anyone who wants to tinker with it. In the right hands we can see drastic performance boosts.

            But what concerns me most is that a lot of consumers don’t even bat an eye when purchasing a smartphone. A good portion go directly to iPhone without even doing one comparison. That is why the other users and I are saying apple users have no common sense.

          • Darkstriker

            You are hilarious is so many ways.
            The average user doesn’t care about a removable battery (for obvious reasons he doesn’t want to carry a spare around), neither does he care for software “flexibility” as soon as the given software reaches a certain level of quality (which apple can reasonable claim to deliver). Video out is a minor feature that works mediocre on most android phones at best and requires an adapter. With an adapter, iPhones can do that just the same! (check your statements before blindly posting! As for mini-usb… What’s the advantage of having that? More cables lying around? Everybody has an apple cable at home.

            Even if there will be reasonable coverage with LTE sometime soon, it will still be around 10 years before anybody shuts down their 2G networks. Even if it were only 5, your phone would still be hopelessly outdated by the time we get there.

            Yeah, Samsung manufactures the A5 but Apple designed it. It’s like Foxconn assembles and manufactures most parts of the iPhones but Apple designed them. Like AMD designs CPUs and GPUs but TSMC and Globalfoundries manufacture them. It’s still an AMD product.

            Yeah, no doubt android phones have the potential and the hardware to provide a great interface. But average consumers don’t buy potential. They buy things for what they are. And even if ICS will make Android more or less as smooth as iOS or WP7, most Android devices out now will never see that Android version.
            And I think generalizing from the Android device with the most powerful hardware to date is not something that would weigh against Android.
            And yes there are smooth launchers out there like Samsungs and Sonys default launchers but those are really just as constrained as apples iOS interface so that doesn’t really count in Androids favor.

            And yeah, Google is new to smartphones, but Apple has a mere one year as a head start and iPhones had a smooth interface ever since the 3GS (cant judge the earlier versions) whereas Android still hasn’t gotten there. So iOS took at most 2 years to get to that while Android still doesn’t have it after 4 years.
            Performance boosts know their limits. I have tried any number of custom ROMs for my SGS/SGSII/Sensation/DesireZ. None of them manage to beat iOS.

            As for consumers buying iPhones without thinking… Yeah but that is something that applies to just as huge a number of Android users. They have no idea what they buy but they buy it because it’s being advertised like hell and everybody has one. This isn’t a valid point against iOS users specifically but more against our consumption-driven society in general.

          • mimogear

            First off that’s a removable battery cover is an extremely valuable option. A lady at my office complained that the “crooks” at apple made her pay for a replacement as the least expensive option. Not for the battery but for the device. In fact the average user doesn’t know shit about batteries and leaves them to charge overnight. 40$ for a replacement battery definitely beats the alternative.

            I knew about video out for those Apple devices. It’s the fact you have to buy a dongle for it when super cheap third party mini hdmi cables are readily available. Dongle this, dongle that. It’s the fact that Android phones support standardized cable formats that makes it better.

            You’ve never responded to price. Features + Potential + Flexibility, again, all while undercutting the iPhone’s price. OOOOoooOOo the smoothness. Shut the hell up. Honeycomb and gingerbread are good enough, sometimes even froyo. Furthermore Ice cream sandwich will be available for some mid-range devices and most flagship devices. At that point, which is soon, your mouth will be zipped for life.

            The purpose of Android being open is so that consumers can pick what mosts fits their needs, and one of those things to take into account will always be budget.

            And I said operating systems. Apple’s been doing that since 1984. Even then they stole the GUI idea from PARC.

            Sure i’ll agree with you on the consumers as a whole part. Which was the original argument to begin with. But it’s still the fact people are short changing themselves when buying an iPhone that bothers the hell out of me.

            As if I didn’t reiterate this the first time; you’re on an Android site complaining about his Android device because of framerate issues. You sound like one sour prick.

    • jason

      4g, HUGE screen, fast on paper processor. Common sense should tell you that maybe those features are not as important to other people as it is to you.

  • AsakuraZero

    idk if it converts or not iretards but its damn hilarious i like the message of “why waiting if the good things are already out there”

    apple is doing it wrong ,even the Ios5 updates are having flaws, and the phone,.. their tech… they are falling behind its kinda sad

  • Gr8Ray

    Would I wait in line for a Galaxy Nexus? I guess that really depends on how busy Costco is that day.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      I may be a huge nerd, and I definitely get excited over some devices. I would never wait in line THAT long, though…

    • Eric Rossman

      I would wait in line for the Galaxy Nexus. Then again we would actually have to get a release date.
      That 720p super-AMOLED screen is what is selling it for me, I can put up with delays for a bit longer though.

      My second choice:
      I am also looking into the Galaxy Note (for the screen as well), even if it does not get ICS this year.

  • OGDroid57

    Once again… IPHOWNED by the gs2

  • Ironzey

    My favorite line, “I could never get a Samsung, I’m creative.”


  • Sean Riley

    Wait, isn’t 4S more than 4G? Now I’m confused.

    • Clark Wimberly


  • Dee

    lol @ the guy
    “if it looks the same how will people know i upgraded :( ?”
    so much can be inferred from that line lololol

    • BrandonJD

      That is so true! So many people who have iPhones upgrade so they can be seen with the latest iPhone. It’s a status thing. And I know more than a couple iphone people like that, they arent upgrading because no one would be able to tell they upgraded.

  • Steve

    I recently upgraded from the iphone 3GS to the 4S because of the User Experience with iOS. I have always been a PC guy because I like picking my own hardware. I agree most android phones have better raw specs, and in some cases (though not many IMO) a better user interface, overall iOS just works smoother and more naturally. Things work the way you expect them to, and consistently. I would love an HDMI out and a 4″ Screen but for now I’m sticking with apple. If I was to get an Android phone (and I’ve come close a few times) it would most likely be a Samsung.

    • Steve

      Also I didn’t wait in line like an idiot. I just called AT&T and pre-ordered it, took 5 minutes and it was delivered to my door at lunchtime on launch day. I don’t understand why anyone would camp out or wait in line when all you have to do is call.

    • OOMatter

      You are aware that you can pretty much have your UI however you want it on Android phones right? They’re called launchers. Check out MIUI or GO launcher, they’re very iphonesque, and you can put them on just about any 4″ screened android phone with HDMI that you like best. You wouldn’t even have to root it to use GO launcher.

  • Andy

    As an iPhone customer, I find this ad to be very funny.

    • NegativeOne13

      Soooo….. does that mean you won’t try a Samsung device?

      • stenzor

        Naw, he’s a barista

  • OOMatter

    If I have to go to a store to buy something other than food or prescription drugs I consider that to be a failure on the part of the product vendor. I’ve never found the retail experience to be particularly enjoyable, I greatly prefer to do my shopping online. Spending a day or whatever in line waiting for something like a smartphone that is supposed to allow me to be productive on the go seems like idiocy. If I had that kind of time to waste I wouldn’t need a smartphone, I could just sit around on my butt at home and use a computer with a decent sized screen.

  • Androidcrazed6

    Can anyone tell me how can you get the Samsung Galaxy s2 in white like the ma’am is using in the video? Also does anyone know if the Nexus is going to be released on Sprint anytime soon?

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    All I gotta say is.. ouch ;-)

  • Ariff Bham

    I waited in line for the Galaxy Nexus. First time I have ever done so, and it was totally worth it. Best phone I have ever used. Upgraded from a SGSII and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

    • mabroid

      Where in bham can you get device? I’ve looked everywhere

  • Mike

    Let’s see:
    Simple interface.
    Better and more games
    Better and more apps(not as much junk apps/malware) and most apps and games will work on all iDevices. Where Android varies from device to device.
    This is why I choose iDevices over Android. But I do love Android as well. I have had several Android phones and I do have a tablet. But I also have had every iPhone version.

    The problem with most users is they are bias to the OS’s

    • ihatefanboys

      Let’s see:

      Simple interface


      Enough games for a telephone

      More and more IOS apps appearing on Android, ICS unifying tablets and phones so all APPS work.

      Yes I’m talking about every Android phone…..the oldest phone the G1 had the simplest of interfaces….

      The problem with most IOS users is they are biased to their own OS, while finding flaws in the one they dont like.

      I’m sure while enjoying their games and simplicity, lol, i’m sure most Iphone fans wish their phone would actually be able to make a phone call, consistently… which i heard is quite difficult sometimes…..

    • aj

      Dude you must loaded to have so many different phones and a tablet

  • Big Mike

    Lets see:
    Simple interface
    More games and better games.
    More apps and better(not so much junk/malware) you can play most games and use most apps on all the iDevices. Where it varies when it comes to Android. That is why i use iDevices over Android.

    I do enjoy both OS’s I have had every iPhone and a few Android phones as well. I had the Atrix, Captivate and I just gave my son the Infuse and I still think the iPhone 4 works better on the quality of the oS and functions.

    The problem with people they are Bias to the other OS. Not as many have had use of both oS’s. The video was good though.

  • Big mike

    How do you figure Apple is doing it wrong???? One of the most successful companies out there!!!

    Instead of trying to find flaws and things you do not like about Apple/iPhone/iOS to make you feel better about your device. Why don’t you mention features you love about your device.

    • ihatefanboys

      successful because of marketing does not equal success in quality or specs…..a movie could have a horrible script but have tons of special effects and explosions and make $1 billion….success and yearly grosses are not a measure of how good a product is, its a measure of how much marketing convinces people that its a good product…so APPLE is a great marketer, it doesnt make the IPHONE better than anyone else…

      Locking down the iphone so that if your device freezes(yes they do) you have to take it to a licensed Apple store just to have some schmo surgically remove the battery for a fee is ridiculous. Having to pay for the same apps on the iPhone that are offered FREE on Android… SD card slot……and worse off… 4G…you can spin that however you want to, its lame.

      The outrageous prices for 4 yr old tech that iClowns pay year after year for the same thing in a slightly different casing, or with a different # is the most embarrasing thing of all….not sure how apple fans rationalize it…..its that magic cult kool-aid……has to be….

      also Mike you should do research, Apple essentially lost already, the world market share anyways…..Apple must be having deja-vu of the PC vs MAC war…

      • 666

        4 year old tech? I guess that’s why the A5′s GPU is almost 33% faster than the Tegra 3′s.

        • Dale Bebeau

          So, what your saying is, a dual core processor running with 512 Mb of RAM is 33% faster than a penta core processor running with 2 Gb of RAM?

          Yeah, you’re totally right, the A5 is MUCH faster! #sarcasm

          • Matt

            hmmm i think he didnt even know what is the word “processor” means . . .

          • 666

            You lack reading comprehension. The A5′s Power PowerVR SGX 543 is about 25-33% faster than the Tegra 3′s GPU. BENCHMARKS prove this. The A5 was released early this year, almost a year before we see a Tegra 3 Android device.

            Now the Tegra 3 DOES have a superior CPU but we’re going to get a look at the A6 CPU in just 2 or so months with a release in about 3. If the GPU is already faster than the Tegra 3, what do you think the A6 will be like in the GPU department? A CPU upgrade, most likely to a quad core is also likely.

            Like it or not, current Apple iDevices aren’t years apart from Android devices, and in some ways still even surpass it even when they’re months old.

        • Eric R.

          @666 “I guess that’s why the A5′s GPU is almost 33% faster than the Tegra 3′s.”

          Tegra-3 CPU is out yet?

          I love when people spout iOS vs. Android-OS “hardware benchmarks” as if they have any validity. Until you can run the EXACT same OS and benchmark software on the devices you are comparing, then you are comparing apples to oranges (literally and figuratively). The two different OS’s handle operations very differently, and handle resources in very different ways. So a bit of script that is written to run on both platforms will perform differently.

          Did your source port iOS to a prototype Tegra-3 platform? ……… no
          Did your source port Android OS to the Apple A5 platform? ……… no

          I give this same jabs to my friend Anand LaI Shimpi (who should really know better) for every cross-OS “hardware” benchmark he adds into the iOS hype machine.

          So how does one compare cross-OS devices? Well my friends at Apple will defend hardware-based challenges by telling you it’s all about the customer experience. I think they are right. In other words, as long as it delivers a great customer experience, no one really cares about benchmarks.

      • ihatefanboyswhopretendtheyarenot


        This is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard… if the new iPhone freezes, you just reset it with the two main buttons. You never have to take it into a store, and if you do: they fix it for FREE. Learn your facts before you run your mouth. You know all of your tech spec talk and info, but you clearly know nothing about the functionality or customer service.

        Also, most apps in the Android market start at $2.99, whereas on iPhone the vast majority start at $0.99. And they both share most of the exact same Free apps, with the iTunes store actually containing more. I work for a mobile sofware company, and I work with both platforms everyday, all day.

        Both have their pro’s and con’s, and all it really boils down to is personal preference: depending on what you want your phone to do and what suits you best.

        The best part about all of your rants is your name… Because you are clearly the biggest fanboy in here. Get a life. Take your !supertotallyawesomecoolandroid! outside and play or something… #Irony #Owned

        • ihatefanboys

          Feel better ? i love android, but im not a “fanboy”…..fanboys write long insulting paragraphs like u did defending an outdated, aged, OS ecosystem that is dying a slow death. IOS has more CONS than PROS, much more.

          My friend had an IPHONE that froze, did the maneuver u suggested and it didnt work, then he took it to an apple store where they charged him to fix it, because it was off warranty…

          Try to actually go to the Android Market …..Angry Birds on Android=FREE…..Angry Birds on iPhone….. .99ct….. that pattern repeats itself over and over.

          There are better websites for the mentally challenged like yourself where they love the crap that is the iPhone and love people like you…. its called Todays Iphone..they even have a facebook page…either that or engadget…

          This is an Android Fan Page so youre in the MINORITY here… dont go away mad, just go away.

  • Nathan

    Lol! that for the lawsuit apple =)

  • rodrigo caruso

    Not using android because of malware is just like never having sexual relationship because of STD. Safe but lame. You can’t download multimedia content. I can’t pay to be imprisioned. I want a device that works without a deaktop, not a desktop shadow device. The iphans can stay locked in their stability bubble in a jail.

  • Rashad

    PWND! I love everything about this ad. Android is all about choice, cutting edge phones are coming out monthly so chances are the right one for you is out there.

  • ihatefanboys

    Best part about that commercial is that it doesnt mention APPLE or IPHONE, but we all know it is anyways…lmao.

    But I’m sure thats how iSheep would react when presented with a better product, like “wow I never knew there was better”

    Sure iFans, the IPHONE OS is smooth, if ANDROID kept releasing the same phone in different packaging but slowly tinkering with the OS like Apple has been for the last 4 yrs , it would be “perfect” too….ANDROID prefers to bring innovation to the customer NOW, not 4yrs from now..

    will a person occasionally get a buggy phone ? sure….its not the OS, its the phone….problem with too many ANDROID fans is that they wont acknowledge that it has nothing to do with the OS and everything to do with the handset maker…..thats the main reason I will never stray from HTC…

    The only other problem with people that get the defective phones is that they apparently never bring back the glitchy ones and prefer to complain about it on the internet, while keeping the same phone that “constantly reboots”

    those people need to get a clue.

    • Broub3

      Thanks for entertaining me. Iol

    • Broub3

      Snap!! Lol

  • spintrex

    Apple fans kind of contradict themselves, which is why this commercial is hilarious, they stress to catch up with the latest tech yet… the latest features that are marketed on the iPhone have been on the Android for quite some time… BUT ITS OK!!!.. its ok… Siri makes it worth it, how else would I know where to find hookers on the go?

  • JIW

    I can’t wait for the iPhone 5 to come out. Which will likely tout a ‘huge’ 4-inch screen as it’s big innovation. I better get in line now….

    • ihatefanboys

      LOL right, or an SD card slot, which of course they “invented” and will be the “first time on a cell phone”

    • Jason

      Screen size of a phone is not inovation

  • Richard Yarrell

    Great commerical pretty entertaining and very true. The sad part I was in verizon the other day when swapping my Lg Revolution for my Htc Rezound and I heard a iphone customer telling another person how the 4g service on his iphone was so bad he could’nt understand why??..We all just cracked up and had a good laugh for at least 10mins it got to a point where that person just walked out of the store feeling exactly like the dummy he was..Imagine standing in some hopeless line for X amount of hours for some silly little 3.5 inch screened device that the best feature is it plays music. Nothing more than a over priced glass music player. I have said it before and will always say it to the end of my days you couldn’t give me any iphone not even for free… I expect the normal apple fanboy’s or just plain haters/trolls to respond to this comment and before you do just know I could care less about your response..

  • charliethesuperturtle

    You spelled it wrong. Its “ishit” not “idevices”!!!!!

  • xProteus

    I wish I was a barista too… :p


    This commercial is truth. It needs to come out on tv.

  • Tom

    love this

  • Dirty_Azkals


    1)My first iDevice was a 2nd gen iPod Touch and my first smartphone was a EVO 4G. Having already spent an assload of money on iOS apps and games I was not prepared to rebuy crap again because I now have an Android phone. One you sucked into one App ecosystem foolhardy if you buy a lot of apps.

    2)It’s the Apps stupid! At this point iOS still has the better quality games. We may like choice but not the programmer who has to ensure compatibility with literally +50 types of phone hardware from the low end to flagship.

    3) iPhones are always obsolete to Androids in terms of hardware but why are their games better? Just now these Tegra 3 games look like Infinity Blade released one year ago.

  • Dirty_Azkals


    1)My first iDevice was a 2nd gen iPod Touch and my first smartphone was a EVO 4G. Having already spent an assload of money on iOS apps and games I was not prepared to rebuy crap again because I now have an Android phone.

    2)It’s the Apps stupid! At this point iOS still has the better quality games. We may like choice but not the programmer who has to ensure compatibility with literally +50 types of phone hardware from the low end to flagship.

    3) iPhones are always obsolete to Androids in terms of hardware but why are their games better? Just now these Tegra 3 games look like Infinity Blade released one year ago.

    4) IT’S JUST A DAMN PHONE! Is it because all these technologically superior Android phones are still getting beat by a year old phone with just a camera and processor bump. It’s not like you paid for their iPhones. It’s like the South Park episode that dealt with smug people, just replace George Clooney with rabid Android fanboys.

    • mimogear

      Quality over quantity. I’ll wait a few months for new quality games and cherish the ones i’m playing now.

      Just a damn phone my ass! A smartphone today could easily beat a Pentium 3 desktop from the year 2000. And let me tell ya those things were HUGE and EXPENSIVE!! With that kinda mindset why even bother to read androidandme.

  • mabroid

    Doubt this ad is genuine. The fact they actually show the iPhone during the ad is a give away.

    Let’s face facts, the iOS is smoother than Android. Why? Because Apple have been doing it for decades. They are a tech company. Google is a software company that is venturing into tech and still learning.

    I love my android device and I’m sure deep down the reason the majority of us have an android device is because the iPhone is too expensive for what you get, and is rigid with customization.

    The ad is funny though

    • ihatefanboys

      I may be wrong, but I think you just said we like Android because their phones are “cheap” compared to an IPHONE…… ??

      Dude, a top of the line android phone, like my G2, off contract costs $400, so not cheap at all…..low end models from boost, or metro pos, are cheap and perform that way…

      • mabroid

        Not sure where you got the quote “cheap” from as I can’t see it in my posts?

        If I want a free iPhone 4s on the contract I want its £60 a month, galaxy s2 I can get same contract for £35 per month. Those are hard facts in the UK. I can’t really see you point?

        I love android so don’t (as you American chappies put it) “hate on me”

        • ihatefanboys

          o ok, didnt mean to “quote” that but it seemed you were heavily implying it…..go Android !

    • ihatefanboys

      Also, the ONLY reason IOS is smoother is because its technically the same exact OS they’ve had since 2007. If android forgone the new versions of their OS and simply tweaked the same OS for 4 yrs then it would appear “smoother” too…..but for the record, in my opinion, Android has always had a smooth OS……and I’ve seen that since my first Android phone …..the G1, and that was a first-gen, first ever, Android phone… had high functionality, and lots of extras. People that call android complicated make me laugh.

  • AnthonyRyan

    wow this was funny i just showed my dad an iPhone user and laughed as well.. and told me he hates his iPhone 4 and doesn’t want the 4S because its the same thing but will get the 5 …fail

  • AnthonyRyan

    I’ve converted 2people in my house into Android devices i just need to convert the iPhone user and the Blackberry user as well and then my mission will be complete

  • RobBull75

    I just wonder why Samsung used a hipster looking guy for this commercial.

  • Alexandria

    Samsung is making fool of Apple fans in its new ad?! That’s hilarious! You gotta watch it!

  • cheeto

    What funny is Apple heads just because they own a iPhone they think that they are creative. Shhhhht, I can can’t even distinguish one iPhone home screen from another. All Android home screens look different, not one the same. They are like pieces of art, our blank canvas. If you ask me Android is true individuality, true creativity and the customization is endless. Android fans are the creative ones in this phone game.

    • spintrex

      I was thinking the same exact thing but then I thought of Apple as not necessarily being only for those that are creative but instead it’s this sophisticated band of intellectuals that you become apart of with any of Apple’s products. The apple logo acts as an emblem of everything that encompasses all that they believe in, simple, minimal, and sleek. I mean damn they congratulate and praise you if you buy their product which boosts anyone’s ego. So the idea is that its abstractly creative more so than being physically diverse. BUT if you’re able to look passed that then I think Android would prove to be a better way to utilize your creativity.

      And that is comment. The End.

  • Tankfantry

    I like the approach that Samsung is going for but as a current iPhone 4 user the 4G thing doesn’t really entice me. I live in Houston where we have great coverage with AT&T so it’s never been an issue, that and I’m grandfathered into unlimited data. Once my Motorola Atrix 2 gets here (Thank Radio Shack for the free phone) I will try test out the Motorola OS and if I like I will convert….for now.

    But I digress, the commercial was pretty funny.

  • kinderdm

    I am an iphone user and I have seriously considered switching to an android many times due to not liking the closed architecture of the iphone but there are two main reasons I don’t. First of all is that I don’t really relish having to re-buy all the apps for a different OS or trying to find similar replacements for things I use on a daily basis. The second is that, as attractive as android looks to me, I have seen far too many people with iphones switch to android, say they love it, and then 3 months later be complaining about how much they hate their new phone and ultimately end up switching back to iphones (seriously I know 5 people this has happened to and 2 were at least as tech savvy as myself). Seeing them hate it after switching makes me really reconsider making a switch as I’m much more likely to trust someone that has tried both for long periods of time rather than those who have never used an iphone (or just played one for a limited time) telling me why android is so much better. I would never try and tell anyone why iphone is better because ive only played with androids for a few days.

  • triangle

    With millions of iphone users, it’s hard to make too many generalization about them as a whole. That’s why this commercial is great. It really does capture some of the attitudes that some of the die-hards have.

  • Soharang

    In the AD, Samsung put the selling point into big and clear screen and 4G speed. Then I prefer LG Optimus Nitro HD to Samsung Galexy S2. SGS2 has super AMOLED pentile screen while Nitro has True HD IPS. It overwhelms SGS2′s in point of clearance of screen.

    • Chris

      I like IPhone’s screen. Pentile is fake.

    • bpear

      The sgs2 doesnt use pentile, hence the word amoled “plus”. the oringinal super amoleds did use pentile, also the sgs2 is 800×480 the old standard. the Galaxy nexus on the other hand, does use pentile but has a res of 1280×720

  • Rodz

    really cracked me up when he said “im creative” haha…

    • bwmanx

      I know! It’s amazing how “creative people” flock to the iPhone, where there is little customization options..

  • Michael Lopez

    Let’s be real, most of the phones people were waiting in line to buy on Black Friday were Android devices so assuming the price is right Android fans are willing to wait. that fact is one of the biggest selling points for Android, demographic flexibility.

    but not to get too muddled down with which device (or device/operating system in androids case) is better because simply put there is no straight answer. I think the best smartphone for a person should be decided firstly by factors like user’s personality and lifestyle, and then by features.

    Speaking of, anyone want to pay me to be their personal tech advisor?

  • awesomellamas57

    My favorite line, “I could never get a Samsung, I’m creative.”


    One day the world will realise that iOS isn’t that great and that android is the phone os of the future.

  • amassingham

    My Mac friends did not get the joke.

    • awesomellamas57

      mac’s not the problem (i have a mac), it’s the crazy ones who think that something’s going to happen if they leave an apple store for 5 minutes

  • mcfar45

    Interesting slight of hand at the iPhone. Personally I like the ad but they could have made more of a mention on the other aspects of the phone like the camera, the speed and how it feels.

    Nonetheless, I hope they make similar ads for their next phones!

  • phssthpok

    Awesome, awesome ad. For many Apple users the most important thing isn’t processor, network speed, whatever, it’s that they have an Apple product. Poor phone with no noise cancelation? Hate AT&T? Dropped calls? No cell coverage? Only *2G* for your phone for a year or two? Details, details. They have something with an Apple logo in their hand and that’s worth a lot. Apple folks will complain and moan but they’ll lay out the cash. (Remember when Apple “invented” laptops with SD slots and the 2-button mouse a couple of years ago? And they’ll invent the 4″ screen, turn-by-turn, and maybe 3D in 2012 just like they invented voice control this year. It’s only important if Apple has it.)

    In our family we have a fruit phone and an Android and both are fine. I can use either and somehow never manage to have a religious experience and I can say no phone has “changed my life.” Birth of my daughter, yes. Using a phone, no. I sure wouldn’t wait in line for one.

    Despite Apple’s supposed ease of use, I don’t think either are any easier or harder to pull out of the box and get going. Android is certainly *much* more customizable but that’s not everyone’s thing. Personally, I don’t want to be an Apple lemming and boxed in by what they think I should do, but I can see people that never want to really do anything to their phone and for them the fruit phone seems fine.

  • Dan

    Apple cannot release a 4g because the wireless carrier networks will crumble, they simply do not have the capacity.

  • donger

    good commercial

  • hirschtec

    I also have my phone Samsung Galaxy S II, and it would not change …. :)

  • Mike

    Classic, love the ad love the line “I could never get a Samsung i’m to creative” classic Apple fanboy line.

  • Arieru

    I normally don’t respond to these arguments, but hey, I’m eating breakfast and have nothing better to do…

    I have an iPhone because I have different priorities than people with Android phones. There are 5 things that matter most to me in regards to phones:

    1. Style – This has to do with the UI and the exterior of the phone. I am a techie, but that, to me, is secondary. I have to love the look of my phone or I don’t want to bother with it. Now, Android has some fantastic looking phones. I just saw one from Sony that is coming here from overseas that is gorgeous and looks so slick, but there is no subsidy, so it costs twice what the S3 does. The S3 is nice on the outside, but it doesn’t “strike” me, so to speak. I’m not saying the iPhone is gorgeous as is, because it isn’t, but what it does have is a million and a half manufacturers making every case known to man for it. This ability to customize brings back its style factor. I already like the UI’s appearance, so the whole system just works for me.

    2. I don’t have to fight with it – I am a techie, but moreso with computers than phones. Fighting with a new phone system annoys the heck out of me. I have used so many different systems over the years, and every time I have to take time to learn how to use the doggone thing. I’m done. I work 12 hours a day at my main job and my side company and I have a social life. I need my phone to work the way I expect it to immediately. Just getting the next iPhone means no need to learn anything new, I can just get on with my day. Also, I run the telecommunications department at both companies. We have a technology-related company, but like me, these techs have their aspects of technology they care about and those they don’t. A new phone system means teaching everyone all over again. And I don’t have time for that.

    About a month ago, a coworker brought me a Samsung phone he had forgotten the password to so I could wipe it and sell it and get him an iPhone upgrade. I called Samsung, and there was even an automated message saying they couldn’t help me unlock a phone. I even spent over an hour researching a solution, but nothing worked. It made me so ticked. Same thing happened when I tried to reset an old iPhone, but all I had to do was enter a false password 10 times and it reset. I like that aspect to the iPhone. Anywhere you feel “stuck”, there is always a solution.

    3. Resale value – I know that if I sell any version of the iPhone 2 years after I buy it that I will get $350 for it. Meaning, I can sell it and upgrade to the next version, get the upgrade fee, and have $100 left over to go towards the cell phone bill for the upcoming month. If I get an Android phone, it varies greatly. Predictablity is important to me because I also have to budget our telecommunications.

    4. In store assistance – I live 20 minutes from an Apple store. As I manage a fleet of phones, we have had our share of problems. I just bring in the phone, they give me a new one, I tell iCloud which backup to upload, and the new phone has everything all set up like it was never switched. Some of our problems have even been user imcompetence like getting the phone wet, but Apple has still given us replacement. I’ve researched what I’d do if I had an Android phone with a problem. I’d have to drive about double the distance or mail in my phone. I don’t like driving and, as said, I really need my phone.

    5. I’ve already purchased apps – I’ve spent hundreds of dollars in the App store.

    I think the argument in a lot of these other comments is based around the belief that everyone wants the same things in a phone. That’s simply not true.

    I look at a lot of the stuff posted on these comments, and it bothers me. I have only ever heard the thing about not getting a Samsung because I’m creative online or on tv. I’ve never, not even once, heard that come out of the mouth of anyone in real life who has an iPhone. And I know about 40 people with them. That line is kinda just silly anyway…

    Based on the comments, it seems like the consensus is Apple users are stupid because we don’t buy the “best”. But, maybe rather than the phone with the best specs, we want the phone with the best overall experience. A phone means different things to different people, and that’s ok. To me, a phone is more than just its specs and capabilities, it is also its appearance, its dependability, it’s ability to be easily repaired, its abundance of solutions online, it’s resale value, its popularity among my friends and family… And, to me, that experience is what the iPhone has.

    I hope I’ve explained a bit, and hopefully shown why iPhone users do actually think. Just because we think differently than Android users doesn’t mean we don’t think. So, live and let live. All this competition is good for both sides anyway. :)