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Video: Samsung Galaxy Nexus versus the Apple iPhone 4S


The wait for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is nearly over. We’ve shown you the specs, the Android 4.0 highlights and even a few of its closest Android competitors. But how does the Samsung Galaxy Nexus stack up against its main rival, the Apple iPhone 4S? We’re still waiting for Samsung and Verizon to send us a demo unit of the Galaxy Neuxs, but it looks like the folks over at T3 have had some hands-on time with the phone and have decided to share their thoughts with the world.

Spec for spec, we all know the Galaxy Nexus is light years ahead of the iPhone 4S. The Nexus’ 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED Screen with 720p resolution, NFC support and 4G LTE connectivity give the Galaxy Nexus a clear advantage over its competition, but specs don’t always show the full picture. Finding the perfect phone often comes down to how comfortable you are with the OS or how the phone feels in your hand.

Check out the video below to get T3′s unbiased opinion of how the Samsung Galaxy Nexus compares to the iPhone 4S. Do you think T3′s conclusion is spot on or is there something they overlooked?

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • OGdroid57

    IphOWNED by the nexus (=<

    • homodroid

      iPhone 4S was better, gaylaxy nayxus was buggy, fragmented and is a typical phone for homosexuals!

      • Paxmos

        Now, this is one classy and educated comment.

      • OGDroid57

        All i can say to that is.. don’t be hating!

        • AsakuraZero

          its not hate honestly apple is NOT EVEN TRYING to beat the competitors via making better phones or producs

          AND that will be their downfall, because even Windows machines are getting more reliable with the new advances of the windows kernel, apple should try harder to REALLY improve and let the mark which they started the smartphone boom to the retards i mean users (sorry just being the IT im :P)

          • AsakuraZero

            oh shit, wrong side of the hate, but yeah the hate comes from the butt hurt of those apple fanboys which cant get over the suckyness of the IP4s

      • Sam G

        What’s wrong with homosexuals?

        • iLuvCock


      • AndrewCow

        I completely agreed until you got to the gay bit……I have a 4S myself:)

    • Postal Jim

      Apple will continue to lose ground and Android will continue to grow through advancements. When will Cupertino learn, resting on your laurels will not spurn growth? Hopefully never.

  • guest

    I’ve never heard of NCF is it similar to NFC lol

    • thel0nerang3r

      It stands for National Canadian Football. Go tell all your friends!

  • E

    With no doubt hands down the nexus has my vote so much I’m considering moving to vrz just for this alone but I hate that at the end of the day people won’t recognize it over this over hyped outdated tec called the iPhone but I’m glad Android will always have a future and will continue to stay on top and 4.0 will secure that victory

    • endone

      what difference does it make if ppl recognize it or not? as long as you know you have the best in ICS, let them think they have the “best” with their iphone

      • akl

        Wow, I couldn’t have said that better. Actually it’s what we – android fans- already all do with our phones, joking inside of course.. It will be only better with the Nexus since they will start to doubt about their so godly phone, oh wait, they’re iSheeps, they can’t!

      • Postal Jim

        Giving Appleheads credit for actually thinking is outrageous. I demand you edit this comment now!

    • Carlos N

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Android 4.0 all the way

  • Mark

    Is this a joke? ICS is far more advanced than iOS, it’s not even funny.

  • Richard Yarrell

    This is no comparison Iphone 4s does nothing compared to the current Droid Razr, Htc Rezound, or other android devices. The Galaxy Nexus STOMPS the iphone 4 and iphone 4s HANDS DOWN..

    • snowbdr89

      dick actually made it to a trusted comment? what happened to sprint an the evo3d?

      • Richard Yarrell

        After seeing for myself a total of 2days how fantastic verizon and it’s LTE service was I made the best choice to terminate my sprint contract and sell my Evo 3d for 250.00 to a fellow sprint customer who owned a black berry. I also sold my 32gb micro sd card for 100.00 to another android faithful so the whole sale is over. I ported over my sprint number and currently using a Lg Revolution a fairly decent LTE device until my Galaxy Nexus arrives hopefully buy November 25th. The reason for this was consistent 85ms ping download 7735kbps and upload 2793kbps on LTE I have seen the most download 15578kbps and upload 7962kbps that’s just plain remarkable in it’s self. The real problem was a tower in my area which remained unfixed since August 2011 that effected my 4g signal where I was only able to use my EVO 3D on 3g at home and put up with this for 3months where I was only able to use 4g only work enough was enough. I was reduced to using my evo 3d on 3g and with all the other devices on sprint’s 3g network ie iphones, feature phones and not to mention all the other devices from boost, virgin mobile, and other small carriers the 3G network on sprint SUCKS ROYAL EGGS. I wish sprint well regardless and I hope they come out with that LTE EVO that must be quadcore in 2012 meanwhile it’s my turn for a pure android device my very first on the best network money can pay for. I will not let anything stop me from the Galaxy Nexus even if it comes out after November 25th and I have to add a line that device will be mines on verizon.

        • Mark

          I can’t believe my eyes. Yarrell actually dumped Sprint. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

        • Tico4674


        • inviolable

          Pics or it didn’t happen

        • bpear

          Richard, im proud of you :D!! , finally opening your mind to new things and companys, Now dont you see that there are better things then sprint and htc, not saying either are bad, but there can be something better. GALAXY NEXUS ON STRAIGHT TALK FTW

        • @BiGMER F

          Rich I love ya man.. But please do not praise Verizon in every post like you used to about sprint. although I am no Verizon fan due to there overpriced plans I will agree there service is great. Glad to see ya happy man

          • Orion78

            Wow this guy is on here too? LOL This can not be the real Richard.

        • YNWA

          This is the closest we will ever see to an apology for all the Sprint shit he talked. I guess we will have to take it. lol

          Glad to see you are still writing in ALL CAPS randomly though. Otherwise I wouldn’t believe you wrote this.

        • Nick Gray

          Nice to see you come around. I know you get a lot of crap around here, but it all adds to the fun. Did you not consider getting the Rezound?

        • Androidcrazed6


          okay, i have a SUPER OUTDATED PHONE(samsung rant)!!!

          i was wondering to get the nexus if and once it comes on sprint or to get the samsung galaxy s 2 or wait till next year for a quadcore phone, which in my opinion might be a little to long of wait since i really want a new phone. and i can also get the iphone but it is toooo expensive cuz i am getting my phone without contract!

          o and by the way, i have a friend with an iphone 4 and he brags bout it all day..SO once i get a new phone with a 4″in screen or bigger with ice cream, he will shut up and i will be the one to brag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANDROID IS AWESOMMEEE!!!

  • Dee

    “the iphone 4s now has a notification system to rival android… ”
    I laughed at that section.

    • luiek20

      Yeah i laughed at that one too! It should’ve read “the iphone 4s now has a notification system stolen from android…” Androids notifications is still better IMO.

      • James

        Really? I think iOS notifications look better actually..

        On a plus note, only 4 days ’til I get my Galaxy Nexus! Woooooo.

        • riper

          iOS doesn’t even have notification icons so how would you even know something has happend?

          For example, let’s say I’m in a meeting and after it finishes I check my phone and see 4 different notification icons telling me what happend. If the same happend on an iPhone I would look on my phone and see nothing. I would have to drag down the notification “area” to see if something has happend. Very bad user experience!

          • Alpha

            Actually the lock screen has a list of your notifications so you would know…… Also I like the iOS feature where you drag the icon across the notification to go straight to it. Android should have thought of that first! But that’s about the only thing I like about the iPhone. Android kicks the shit out of it.

          • masterpfa

            I had this argument with an iP4s owning friend.

            She was adamant that the iP4s notifications on lock screen were sufficient, I explained that when I’m at work for example, without needing to activate or touch my phone I can see I have a notification unlike the Apple which would require the screen to be activated first.

            Yes you guessed it she calls hours after missing my call or txt because she hadn’t activated the screen.

            That aside I do like the format of the iPhone Notification

    • inviolable

      I didn’t laugh, but a huge grin went across my face

  • endone

    This video makes me even more excited for the google announcement next wednesday… hoping the GSM version is released to t-mobile the same day +some sort of google music thing :)

    one can hope, right??

  • mike

    iPhone 4s GPU smokes pretty much anything out there…the sgx 543
    but that’s about it on iPhone end

    im not impressed with either device im keeping my nexus s till something more innovating comes around like quad core
    im running ice cream beta aon my nexus s and for being a beta its already allot quicker than GB was so it will breath new like in my nexus

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      The irony is that game developers are going to produce iPhone apps for the lowest common denominator, which is the pretty weak SGX535 in the 3GS and the run-of-the-mill performance of the SGX540 in the iPhone 4.

      A lot of that GPU is going to go to waste… personally I found it odd that Apple would go with an 800 MHz Cortex-A9 (meh) and an SGX543MP2 (omgwtfbbq).

      • tetracycloide

        I’m sure when the iPhone 5s comes out in 2013-2014 iOS devs will appreciate being able to take full advantage of the SGX543.

        • kazahani

          By then we will all be playing Modern Warfare 4 on our quad core Android phones and continuing to laugh at the iphone crowd.

          • Mike

            sgx543 is more than capable of putting out a quality cod game
            the game runs on a game engine that quake 3 ran on back in 99 “id tech3
            and quake 3 pc port runs great on current mobile GPU

          • Chris

            Modern combat 3 on iphone…holyshit looks good

            they could esly make a COD game for mobile GPU

          • Chris

            BTW this is on the 4s that would explain on why it looks so good and plays so smooth
            sgx543 has ridicules performance and adds anti aliasing

    • masterpfa

      I would like to hold out for Quad core but with delays etc. I think I’ll get onboard with the Galaxy Nexus and if the rumoured phones surface, consider a change then.

  • wasim

    i had an unlocked iphone for Tmobile about a few months before the G1 released, and the reason i had the iphone was cuz it was the best at the time and my entire family and their mothers owned the iphone! i decided to be a rebel and went for the G1 simply for the fact that i could use Tmobiles 3G… ended up being the best purchase ever as it made me completely loyal to ALL the amazing things it can do over what the iphone can do! Ive owned the G1, mytouch 3G, Nexus One, G2, and now the G2X, and will be getting the Nexus Prime (i like this name better :p lol) when it releases for Tmobile or is available to use their hspa+ bands! I KNOW ill have the best phone while everyone else in my family can THINk they have the best phone even though ive time and time again proved otherwise with my demos on my Androids vs. their dam iPhones! lol! ANDROID FTW! havent looked back since ’08 baby!

  • Sway_212

    Have to say,appreciate the unbiased review the people over at T3 conducted. I’ve seen sites such as Engadget do such reviews and they are very biased at times towards the iPhone. Glad to see some people value the truth over popularity and market share.

  • @BiGMER F

    one area where the IPHONE wins hands down , is the ability to launch correctly !

    • Dirge

      We get it. You’re jealous of Verizon getting this phone first while T-Mobile hasn’t been mentioned at all. That doesn’t mean the phone sucks. The original Nexus One was technically a T-Mobile exclusive, same with the Nexus S for a while. Now it’s Verizon’s turn. Just be patient.

      • @BiGMER F

        i did not say it was a shitty phone.. patient i am not sir.. I will have the GSM version in my hands probably before verizon users..

      • kazahani

        I think the big beef here is simply that the Nexus still hasn’t launched AT ALL.

  • luiek20

    Either way i wouldn’t be caught dead buying and iphone 4sucks, even iphone 5 or 6!
    Android is where it’s at and without that thief Steve Jobs running the show, apple will fade
    just like it did against windows back in the day. I was a HUGE iphone fan back when it was first released. all the way up to the iphone 3gs (unlocked for t-mobile) because at the time it was either that or a blackberry. Then when the g1 came out i failed and waited to see what this new challenger OS was gonna be like. Then the Mytouch 3g was released (my first android :D) And as soon is i booted up that little bad boy i felt like a man released from a life sentence to the free world! Free of firmware locks constant hassles just to get from 3.3.1 to 3.3.3. Now i have a mytouch 4g running stock GB and boy am i ready to jump on that GSM Galaxy Nexus even if i have to import one from EU just to have that mechanical embodiment of pure sex in my hands!

  • trdrsacer21

    @ the end of the day people will buy apple why cause its well known they market there device good. People “idiots” don’t care they just want an iphone.

  • Kevin

    one word. Wood!

  • Mattheo

    do we need to make the comparison between these two? even galaxy s II make iphone looks like a telegraph -,- , galaxy Nexus all the wayyy ! :))

  • Dirge

    Finally, something unbiased!

  • charliethesuperturtle


    • thinktwice

      That is the most idiotic comment I have ever read on this site.

    • brewstermax

      That has to be the dumbest, most homophobic thing that I have ever seen. Please, learn to spell correctly and be more sensitive and open-minded, and then you can be allowed to have an opinion.

    • charliethesuperturtle

      That lady at the library always does this

    • masterpfa

      Let’s just keep it to these two phones and their qualities

    • Nick Gray

      I know we all think iPhone users are a bit odd, but lets keep things civilized around here.

  • Bob

    The Galaxy Nexus is clearly the better phone. But, there are more to look at than specs. For people that read this site and other tech sites, won’t see the same as the average user.

    But perception is reality to many.

    Where the iPhones all excel is in simplicity of use. There’s not the fragmentation. “I have an iPhone” is enough for most people to hear as an answer. You may need the follow-up “The new iPhone, the iPhone 4S”. But, with all Android phones, half the people out there think they are ‘Droids” (copyrighted by Verizon Wireless.) They don’t even understand that all Droids are Androids, but, not all Androids are Droids, and then think Android is less than Droid.

    Look at the fragmentation of the OS’s within Android. You may or may not get an update. New phones come out weekly with ‘special events’ to try to build excitement, but, they get lost in the shuffle of the five other ‘special events’ that month. Apple events are noteworthy in that they don’t happen every other week.

    Will your Android get the latest update or not? When will I get it? It may be weeks or months after other phones/carriers get it. How do I update? Apple updates their software once a year or so, and so much is run through iTunes it makes it easy for people to manage their content.

    Again, for those who read these types of sites it’s a moot point, however, for the casual/average user, it’s different. My wife switched from her second iPhone to an HTC Android early in 2011 and likes it much better than her iPhone. However, I am there to do some of the things that she doesn’t know how to do. She isn’t a techy person.

    Android needs to get some consistency and stop trying to ‘out show’ Apple, because they will never be able to top their hype machine. They need PC based applications that emulate iTunes to make file management.

    • AsakuraZero

      bob honestly android really suffers from the fragmentation and Google must keep enforcing things to reduce and fix that problem (like making the OEM and Carriers to push faster the updates of the OS).

      But i came from the black berry world, and Nokia Symbian, i got android for the mere causality of getting a touchscreen phone (and in a budget price), then i got my X10. the point is, BB sucks at giving out updates i had to go and search for the lastest firmwares and OS updates from other carriers or getting the Beta versions of the OS just to get a stable OS

      Nokia… well 5800 was a nice phone but no ota ,no way to know if i could update it(never found out just when i read the wiki page of the phone).

      Google must copy that way of pushing an update ALA Apple making whistles and bells, doing videos and what nots, like they are trying to do with ICS.

      making the plataform MORE HUMAN.

      hence why i love more ICS its way more human more intiutive, damn i cant wait for February phones im ditching out 600 in a good phone in those days…

    • NotRelevent

      Saying there is no fragmentation in the iPhone world is a complete lie. If you think so then tell me this: Can all iPhones run iOS5? Also do all iPhones have the same hardware?

      I think you will find the answer to both questions is No. I think you will also find that that is the very definition of the so called fragmentation in the Android world.

      • Daniel

        What a silly comment. That’s like saying Windows is fragmented because they upgrade their OS every few years, but Linux is no more fragmented than that even though it’s splintered off into a complex network of unrelated distributions and development teams. WTF? Are you kidding me?

        Android is fragmented because there are hundreds of designs: each with different screen resolutions, screen size, different aspect ratios, different hardware keys, different battery capacities and hardware specs.

        iOS is much LESS fragmented because there are exactly 5 designs over exactly 5 years, they all support EXACTLY the same screen size and aspect ratio. All but the first one have GPS. All but the first two run iOS 5. If you expect a five year old iPhone 1 to run iOS 5 but not a 5 year old Samsung phone to run Icecream Sandwich, that makes you a hippocrite. If you don’t understand the difference between fragmentation and successive generations of device evolution, that makes you a stupid hippocrite.

  • Nate B.

    I still think the micro live wallpaper is one of the best.

    Both are great pjones but Android just Leta you interact with the phone a lot more. Its more in depth but not so much your confused.

    Just said Google failed with getting this out to all carriers at once.

  • Capibaro

    Not very believable review. They set out to compare phones, then they only focus (and fall back to) specs and in the conclusion they compare Android to iOS. i’d expect than that they’d take user friendlyness into consideration, but they don’t. It’s like watching an old PC review all over again.

    I develop for both iOS, Android, Blackberry and now also WP7, but the ease of use of iOS is still unparalelled. Also apart from iPhone and maybe WP7 phones (wel’ll have to wait and see) non of the OS’es keep up to date after you’ve bought a phone. As soon as the os get’s an update, your BB and Android falls behinnd. For Android developers is is mere impossible to develop an app that works on all devices across every past Android OS.

  • Alex

    Look, I am not going to engage in any Android bashing or say that my phone is better than your phone. I come to this comment without any biases because I the only smartphones I have ever owned have been Blackberry’s. That being said, after doing tons of research, I decide to upgrade to an iPhone 4s. As I said, I have nothing against Androids. I have never used one. The new Razr and Nexus Prime look like very nice phones, and I was tempted by them, but I still chose iPhone because of its sheer reliability, easy, smooth interface, Siri, iCloud and so many apps. I am not interested in customizing my phone and when I tested the Android devices in the Verizon store, I found the interface lagged and the screen froze. The iPhone did not do this and was as smooth as butter. So, for all you Android fans, I respect your choice. Please respect mine.

    • masterpfa

      We respect all decisions as they are always personal choices made to suit individuals requirements. Many here just don’t have time for people being biased and or self-opinionated on a product they haven’t even tried.
      I too would like a UI that does not lag at all and as smooth as iOS appears to be on the iPhone. If Android had this smoothness and reliability straight out of the box, us Android fans would be so much happier.

      • btc5472

        Some android phones do lag. Almost ALL MOTOROLA phone lag ALLOT. Because of the RAM intensive MOTOBLUR. So NEVER get MOTOROLA. my experience with the BIONIC, DROID 2, DROID 3, Droid X2, Droid x, they ALL turn off Ramdomly. HTC and samsung are MUCH better. Go to a Sprint Store and play with the Nexus S. Its old, but NOT laggy. that is because its Pure android fresh from google. and samsung or HTC or Motorola or LG dont put crappy clunky software and apps all over the place. Google really needs to set some restrictions on what companies can do to the ANDROID OS. Most people who get Motorola phones usually never go back to droid and always complain. Its slow its crap, its big, its ugly, its confusing I HATE ANDROID. that is what people say. and its completely wrong. Its ALL Motorolas fault. I said this because i own the Droid X2 and i HATE it. it turns off EVERY DAY. im going for the nexus prime

  • z10m

    One thing is way better on the iPhone.! Touch response.!
    I hate how delayed touch response is on my galaxy s II
    typing the keyboard on s II big screen is way more difficult than on any of my iphones. 3GS, 4 and 4S.

    • thinktwice

      I’m using the ICS sdk port on my Nexus S and I have to say, I’ve never come across such a wonderful keyboard (and I’ve owned every iPhone up until the 4). Trust me, the ICS keyboard is amazing.

  • Nate B.

    You honestly can’t compare the two. Android has went beyond what the iPhone does as far as interaction with the Mobile OS. And they’re both very different when it comes to how its handled.

  • Marcus Nolasco

    The Galaxy Nexus completely destroyed the iPhone. I looked at the comments on the video and its crazy how many Apple fanboys there are. They have no idea how ahead Android is compared to Apple.

    • Daniel

      How bad is your memory? Or are you like, 15?
      Do you even remember what mobile phones were like in 2007 before Apple launched the iPhone? They had no idea what a smartphone was even supposed to look like. And as for your vague ‘they are so far ahead’ comment, what does that even mean? In what specific area are they ahead? NB: “in every way” isn’t an answer.

      The truth is they are currently incredibly close. They offer similar features at a similar level of speed and management. Some people (like myself) prefer a very consistent, well thought out user experience that isn’t radically overhauled in each succestive OS generation with the promise of “okay, THIS time it’s good. Sorry about versions 1-3″. Android has a level of ecosystem instability doesn’t appeal to the sort of people that buy into Apples mobile phones.

      If you’re the beta-testing type, and you like to be a gimp for Google’s half-baked operating systems, then you may well prefer Android. It’s true, features like face recognition could be described as “cutting edge” and “industry leading”. However you could also call them experimental, untested and potentially flawed. Don’t believe me? Here’s a thought experiment: what would happen if someone took your phone and showed it a photo of your face? Or took a video of your face and showed it that? Do you really think the phone would know the difference?

      Apple look at these technologies and think “great idea, Google! Now go beta test it for us”. In a race between the tortoise and the hare, it’s not always the headstrong hare who wins the race.

  • Nathan

    We all know that the nexus is better but will the general public know? I don’t think so.

    • thinktwice

      Which is probably a good thing. I’m glad all the cool kids at my school have iPhone 4s and 4s’s. Yet in my possession is this Nexus S that not many people have, and I love it much more because of that.

      • apay

        I have to say it’s the same and it’s one of the reason why i wanted to switch for android : everyone got an iPhone, i’m French, and in the metro, i saw thousands of iPhone every day. But even with their precious iPhone, it’s always fun to see their looks when someone near them take is Galaxy SII ahah.

        • masterpfa

          Same in London, I enjoy the “What you don’t have an iPhone” look and watching the heads rise as they realise I can do just as much as them.

          • bpear

            Correction, “i can do more then them” :P

  • Reggie

    Android has no games, but flash, lots of pathetic fragmentation…..mediocre crap

  • counsel

    ??? I wish you would summerize their conclusion(s)…

    • Nick Gray

      Where’s the fun in that. If I tell you everything they cover in the video, why should i even post it?

  • apay

    I had an iPhone since my iPhone 3G and last year decided to change when the new nexus will arrive, i never imagined something this great. The iPhone 4S looks completely ridiculous beside the Galaxy Nexus.

  • asifriyaz


  • charliethesuperturtle

    Why are they comparing an iPhone 4 to the nexus?
    oh wait there the same …

    • Postal Jim

      Wow. What do you say to this fool?

  • KatSelezneva

    No doubts, my sympathies belong to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and ICS. In general, I find Android OS more usable, convenient and customizable than iOS, and ICS is just the culmination of all these features. As for new technologies of iPhone 4S, e.g. Siri, I think, they need improvement: iPhone 4S: the most amazing phone or the greatest disappointment?

  • Sway_212

    Wow…huge support from the Android community on this article! Just look at all the comments and all the thumbs ups! Android FTW!

  • Semi

    So what im gathering is that the real comparison will end up being the Galaxy Nexus VS. the Galaxy SII??(once it recieves ICS)

    • Nick Gray

      It’s fine if you want to compare those two, but it’s not even a fair fight.

      • semi

        Why not? aside from the OS. arent they very similar? And aside from spec vs spec battle. It always boils down to how they perform on day to day usage.

        All in pure speculation though, b/c I already know Im coppin the GNexus on the 21st. Yes, i do believe its dropping on the 21st. ;)

    • Postal Jim

      With Sam’s Club selling the SGS2 for .96 on Black Friday, I may have to pass on the Nexus and get a phone with an SD card. Have another upgrade in Dec. Maybe Nexus, maybe wait for a Tegra 3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

  • Orion78

    This shouldn’t even be a debate. Nexus destroys these puny little phone. It’s like comparing ….well ice cream to dog shit.

    • inviolable

      what a compelling argument

      • Orion78

        Thank you for your compelling complement. :)

  • sota767

    I wish I could have listened to that review, but that woman’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

  • Postal Jim

    The best is always taking cheap shots from the competition. Not sure if I should call the 4S competition, though. Seems as if Apple just competes with it’s previous version.

    • Daniel

      Correct. Apple do just compete with their previous version.

  • ex_spy_guy

    Lost me at “entirely plastic”

  • BOB

    fail comp, galaxy nexus not even out. how do they know the GN doesnt have bugs ( and it will trust me)

  • K4J98

    Did they compare the screens? I don’t know a whole lot about the Galaxy Nexus’ screen, but I know that the iPhone’s is the best there is on the market (currently).

  • Alvin

    Oh god people boasting about how Android stomps iOS on an Android forum. What a surprise.

  • Androidcrazed6

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    IPHONE 4S VS SAMSUNG NEXUS VS SAMSUNG S2 VS HTC EDGE (or other quadcore phone)


    PLZZZZ AND THANK YOU!!! (sorry for yelling but need HELP, lol)

  • Louis Atu

    It’s a no-brainer, galaxy nexus wins.

  • hirschtec

    iPhone 4S? pfff :)

  • pritams

    ha ha ha ha ha…….