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Video: Samsung VP shows off Galaxy Nexus for FOX News; still no release date or price info


Still building hype for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the manufacturer and Verizon have told us nothing about the official price and release date. We’ve seen the phone in action and know about its awesome features. Its cases are already showing up in Verizon’s stores, but it seems we’ll have to wait a while longer to know when we can get our hands on this device.

Samsung Vice President of Prduct Planning Nick DiCarlo made a brief appearance on Fox News recently. DiCarlo left the hosts awed after showing off the face recognition unlock feature and the voice recognition capabilities. Eager to know when the iPhone’s major competitor would be released, the hosts asked about price and release date details.

Not much of an answer was given. Nick’s response basically let us know we’d just have to wait for Verizon to disclose such information. The answers were simple (and vague); all DiCarlo said was, “Just a little bit later this year,” (in regards to the release date) and “Well, hopefully Verizon will let us know very soon. It’s their phone, they know” (in regards to the price).

The most recent rumors state that the device should be going for $299 on a 2-year contract, and will be released later this month. Maybe the 17th or the 21st. Such information is not official, though, and we would love to be sure, Verizon.

Time is passing, and many of you have probably been losing some hair from the stress (or from pulling it). Let’s hope this enigma is resolved soon and we see an announcement of the price and availability. Until then, check out the video, and let the waiting continue.

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Source: motodroidlife (YouTube)

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  • kkloster

    anybody else worried that he said “later this *year*” instead of “month”?


    • AppleFUD

      At least he said “this year” and not next. So, we should be seeing it within 50 days at the latest lol

      getting comical. . . this gNexus release is.

  • @BiGMER F

    I saw this video the morning it came on couple of days back(tried to tell you bout it).. things do not look promising for this month , especially for the gsm variant

    • @BiGMER F

      by the way it is very obvious how he beats around the bush….. its a shame cause i am seeing alot more people saying screw the Nexus, Im going to wait for CES and see what new devices are announced. I cant blame them

      • Brandon

        The Bionic was announced at CES…and didn’t come out until September…

  • Dee

    im starting to think it will be a VZW exclusive and their the ones witholding the info on the release date and etc.

  • DroidSamurai

    Thank god, Samsung came out again to promote the phone (as always, if Google is to market the GN themselves, it will be another disaster.) And, as I’ve been suspected, this is not just a Nexus phone, it’s also part of the Galaxy family, otherwise, Samsung won’t have much incentive to promote it (look no further than the Nexus S.)

    Now, Google, if you are not going to make your own phone, can you please expand the Nexus program? I would be really happy next year if we see not only another Galaxy Nexus, but also a RAZR Nexus, Xperia Nexus, Optimus Nexus, all coming out at the same time with the next Android OS.

    • Dee

      thats a serious fantsy land you live in.
      honestly i dont think google should promote this. VZW should. VZWs promotions has done wonders for branding. maybe the delay is because their shooting the commercials lmaoooo

  • G-strang

    I’ll still wait for this device to come to T-Mobile.. I speculate that it won’t be until April/May maybe even longer until we see another manufactured device to come with stock Android 4.0 since it’s all about TouchWiz and Sense dominating these android phones as of now…

    • TMoGalaxyNexus

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  • Starship

    Well screw this noise. All this beating around the bush has convinced me that my droid incredible is good enough to wait for the next generation of phones in March. I’m spending my money on a warm winter jacket. At least that will last me more than a phone will.

  • Mark

    This is just laughable. Google/Verizon/Samsung have the country’s attention and instead of giving out specifics, they give out more vague answers. They could have easily won over some non techies who were on the fence about what phone OS to go with. smh.

  • Gr8Ray

    It’s a good thing his name is Nick, and not Neck, because he doesn’t have one.

    • kazahani

      I lol’d!

  • jlix

    this is a joke. I have waited and waited and i think im just goin iphone! What gives? I dont understand all this hype and not even a date? For all the smack talk i read on this site about apple all i can say is that google has their fair share of hiccups too!

  • donnieace

    Just watching this guy flash the phone in our faces and avoiding to release the price/carriers is driving me nuts!!!

    • kkloster

      This is driving me nuts too, they flaunt the phone around but refuse to give any info on release date, carriers (aside from Verizon), or pricing. It just seems to be getting pushed further back a little at a time.

      At least the facial recognition unlock feature worked this time, unlike at the debut in Hong Kong. I guess it was easy to recognize that this guy didn’t have a chin.

  • TAN

    I gave up and purchased the Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket… Love it!! I had been an apple iphone fan boy now I understand what all the talk has been about. Droid, just works…

  • Richard Yarrell

    We are not to far from launch cases have made it out to some stores here in NYC. I was in a jammed packed verizon store on Prince and Houston street Manhattan and not only where they giving a live demo of the Motorola Droid Razr but they had cases that were being sold to cutomers for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I was very surprised to see those cases but I was even more surprised at how nice and light the Droid Razr was man talk about a slim device and a large crowd of people I have a funny feeling that 11/11/11 at 11:11am is going to be a special day at many stores out here in the New York City…

    • squiddy20

      As much as you’d like to deny it, the world is bigger than New York City, Dick. Get with the “real world” for a change.

      • Richard Yarrell

        You sound like a FOOL. The world is NEW YORK CITY last I checked the money capital of the world no place compares. Leave it up to you to make a crass statement like that but what should we expect. If you came out here We’d probably place a size 12 up your butt anyway.

        • squiddy20

          1. “The world is NEW YORK CITY… ” Ummm no it’s not. Have you looked at a map of the world lately? NYC is a tiny little spec compared the entire USA. And the entire landmass of the USA isn’t even a third of the total landmass on Earth. So much for me sounding like a fool. Go back to grade school and learn your geography little child.
          2. If NYC is the “money capital (it’s “capitol” dumbass) of the world” then why do you have so many homeless and unemployed living on the streets? Seems to me that a city with soooo much wealth *should* be able to clean up the streets.
          3. I’ve been to NYC and haven’t had a “size 12 up [my] butt”. Not to mention that it’s pretty dirty.

          • Richard Yarrell

            Your a cock…

          • squiddy20

            And you insult me about having “no life”? Haha. You sir, must have no life to have the time to go searching through the Android and Me articles back *6 months*. Such a timely response. You’re only proving my point(s) with your stupid comments.
            Not to mention, how mature of you. Instead of even attempting to debate my comment, you come back with “your a cock” (by the way, it’s spelled “you’re”). Haha okay. Whatever you say dumbass. You again only show how immature and childish you are. Congratulations.

        • Steam

          Good lord, you’re f*cking retarded. I’ll leave it at that since you would’nt understand anything else I say, and have probably never been outside of NYC. Stop with the “size 12″ you don’t have a size 12, so stop lying (more). You’re a dirty, filthy little shit with (if you’re lucky) a size 8. You’re about 5’6″-5’7″. Well, maybe in “Richard’s World” you’re 6’3″ with a size 12, but not in the real world. Mangy little twit. Stop using the Mission’s computers for nonsense. June is almost here, Richard :)

    • snowbdr89

      Wasn’t dick totally bashing big red about two weeks ago? What a fake

      • Richard Yarrell

        Yes I have spent years BASHING Verizon no doubt but regardless of that rather I like it or not I will have LTE and my GALAXY NEXUS on Verizon. I opened my line on Monday and will have a Lg Revolution shipped to me Friday which is November 11th which lines me up squarely for the Galaxy Nexus launch that will take place either November 21st or November 25th. Either way as long as the Galaxy Nexus lands before November 25th I can return my Revolution for the Galaxy Nexus and will be happy. I only opened my line and was given this Revolution from a Verizon associate for the fact that Verizon had the double the data offer so I took total advantage of that. I now will have which would have been 5gb of data for 50. dollars now will be 10gb of data for the same 50 dollars the only thing better than that is unlimited which doesn’t exist on Verizon unless your a past customer. Since I am use to unlimited on sprint and never use more than 3gb monthly I will be living large with Verizon and my Galaxy Nexus in the coming days…Don’t hate brother participate….Plus my EVO 3D is still large….

        • snowbdr89

          Been with vzw for 10 years you stupid fuck an I have unlimited hotspot and on my phone so neener neener assface. : )

  • jyd99

    I believe all us Verizon subscribers and would-be Samsung Nexus ownersx should blackball Verizon, Samsung, and Google. ATT and iPhone here I come. At least you seem to know what you are doing and who pays your salary.

  • Louis

    I have said this before and I will say it again, google needs to do a “house cleaning” in their marketing and management department because some people on there clearly should not be there.
    This is lovely phone with the great ice cream but if this thing is gonna be pushed past November, I will say fuck it!! Absolutely ridiculous!

  • Postal Jim

    That quote sent chills up my spine. “It’s THEIR phone,” wow. I hope it’s THEIR phone to announce THEIR release date. Please don’t just leave it at: “It’s THEIR phone!”

    VZW is trying hard to get me to convert.

  • pritams

    Nice ….