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Android Market sale Day 3, get your 10 cent apps right here!

android app giveaway

Google is back with Day 3 of their app sale to celebrate 10 billion app downloads and today they have several must-buys. Google still hasn’t updated their promotion page, but several of our readers emailed and tweeted us the apps that are on sale. Read on for the full list.

10-cent apps for day 3 include:

Out of all the apps, I’d suggest ADWLauncher EX which is one of the more popular home replacement apps and they just released a major update. The latest version features a new unified dock bar, more user friendly folders, use of hardware acceleration on specific features when available, and better support for ICS devices like the Galaxy Nexus.

When it comes to games, I would recommend Homerun Battle 3D, Can Knockdown 2, and Reckless Getaway as my favorites. Some of these titles are over a year old, but they are definitely worth the 10c if you have yet to play them.

Let us know your favorite apps in the comments below. If we left any off, just drop us a note and we will update the list.

p.s. If you missed out on yesterday, it looks like Day 2 apps are still on sale for $0.10.

Source: Android Market

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  • bruce080


  • mrmrchris

    Woop! Me love you longtime, google. :)

    • mrmrchris

      Why did I get thumbed down for this?!

      • TJ Mir

        And now you got thumbs upped twice…thereby equaling your total to +1

  • stenzor

    Tetris! Yesss.. time to get my T-Spins on

    • WarDrake

      i wanted tetris too, but it’s incompatible with my device… :(

      • stenzor

        That’s terrible :( Tetris should be compatible with all devices, it’s a classic!

  • bolski

    Anyone else experiencing really SLOW response from the Market, whether it’s browsing or downloading? I’ve tried Amazons market and it seems to be fine.

    I’m wondering if the Market is just getting hammered because of the 10 cents sale?

    • itzxdjx

      Yeah i believe that is the case.

    • mrmrchris

      I did last night. Probably because the market is seeing so much action with these insane bargains.

    • alxrock

      I’ve noticed a major slow down since the 10 cent promotion started. I usually have to stop the download and redownload to get it to work.

  • Petru-Mugurel Lingurar

    Great collection of apps.
    Keep it coming Gooooooogle!

  • Adryan maldonado

    Yeah im prepared to buy most of those apps. The talking tom cat doesnt interest me. But hot dang cant wait to get my read on with kids learn to read preschool edition. Jk. But seriously loving these deals.

  • mothy

    Sweet thanks, this is much better than the Amazon crap, since well actually get updates

    • Adryan maldonado

      My thoughts exactly

    • WarDrake

      Amazon gives you updates, it just never tells you that they are ready to be downloaded…

  • JAGDrummer

    What’d I tell you about ADW Launcher EX yesterday? Bow to my superior knowledge.

  • EightBitJoker

    I’m not sure if I missed it somewhere, but how many days is this sale again?

    • Futureboy

      This is day 3 out of 10 days.

  • james bricknell

    I managed to find them this morning lol. Been playing homerun all day

  • Repminister

    How many days will this last ?

    • WarDrake

      10 days of 10 apps at 10 cents.

      • chuksy

        for another 10 years – i wish

  • Patricio Acuña

    not titanium backup yet? bummer im wating for that app =O if not a christmas present to me later

    • dnar56

      Quit being a cheap azz and go buy it to support the devs that actually give a hoot about the Modding community.

      • Patricio Acuña

        haha i know, i know it will be my christmast give this year as i said at the at the end, love their work

  • Clark Wimberly

    I bought Tetris months ago, very solid title.

    • stenzor

      It really is great.. played it all the time on my iPhone.. now I’m happy that I can re-buy it cheaply for Android

    • james bricknell

      Amazingly its the first app not available in the uk.

      • faun

        Then again it’s an EA game, so… not so surprising. (See all the angry comments about EA’s dodgy behaviour in the Reviews section of Tetris.)

  • dl22

    All this (basically) free software is the only thing keeping me from going out and replacing my OG Droid with an 4S right now!

    thanks for keeping my android appetite satisfied while I wait on the GN!!

    • Futureboy

      Space physics is a pretty good game if you are into puzzles.

      • Futureboy

        Whoops – the above wasn’t supposed to be a reply to dl22. Damn this early-morning hand-eye un-coordination!

  • rutgers2k

    ADW is best launcher and these guys really know what they are doing.

  • ndub21

    I wish Google did this everyday year-round (or at least weekly). I think the problem I’m going to run into is that after 10 days my phone is going to be overloaded with apps and I’m going to forget what all I downloaded. But for 10 cents it doesn’t even matter!

  • dacatalyst41

    Stoked! I wanted this 3D Homerun game! Android has conditioned me to pay less! LOL

  • zyphbear

    I really wanted ADWLauncher EX, i’m glad it’s on sale, so I went for it! Thanks Google!

  • crunchybutternut

    I’m gonna be all over ADWLauncher EX!

    • WarDrake

      Seems to be the most popular app download so far ^_^

  • jiggybyte

    I’m hoping something like Locale shows up in one of these lists. Games are great and all, but truly useful apps that will make my life easier would be even better! I’ve been wanting to try Locale for a while now and just haven’t pulled the trigger.

    • Ilyse Rose

      I’d love for Tasker to pop up, too.

  • ArticulateFool

    I finally tried out adw launcher ex. I love it! I think I will go donate to the developer because this app is worth way more than 10¢.

    • frpst9

      I’m tempted to try it. I’ve used LauncherPro and GO Launcher exclusively. Worth a shot for 10¢!

      • WarDrake

        It can do pretty much everything GO launcher can and a few things go launcher can’t.
        also, it has like a million themes more than go launcher does :P

  • WallaceD

    Again, a very nice selection. Good job, Google.

  • Sean BillyMaysHere

    AWD. got it!
    cant wait to see the other apps!!

  • Nescafemix
  • Shadowlore

    Happy to see that Google is working with multiple developers to get a nice wide variety of apps each day.

    While the children’s apps aren’t for me (and my daughter is well beyond the stage of needing them) it’s good to see they are there as an option for people who DO have younger kids. Oh, and to stop the ‘who the heck would trust a child with a $600 device!?!?’.. if you start by teaching kids while they’re young to take care of electronics, you won’t have problems with them later on.

    I can’t get my daughter to clean her room, but at least she keeps all of her electronics well cleaned. (heck, she asked me to show her how to keep her room fan oiled up properly the other day… *boggles at the notion*… )

    Also, one thing to note for the CM7 crowd, be prepared for the fact that ADW Launcher EX to not properly replace the CM7 ADW. Still, the money is still well spent.

  • core123

    i love these deals. getting some very good apps on the cheap

  • Ilyse Rose

    Just bought ADW, even though I use LP+. It’s just nice to have an option if the LP+ rewrite never ends up happening.

  • ArticulateFool

    The sky live wallpaper is amazing too! It doesn’t even lag my phone like others do.

    • itzxdjx

      Yep im loving this sale!

  • spintrex

    Only downloaded Reckless Driving, was hoping for more than just games

  • Charlesbrown79

    So many games have come out since Tetris, but how can you not love it? @ $.10, I wish I could buy it for all my Android brethren.

  • McLovin

    I thought it was the women that bought stuff “just because its on sale”, not because they need it.

    Man, I feel like a woman!


  • Josh McAllister

    Haha! I have a four year old daughter, so I bought all of them so that she can play them on the HP TouchPad! She loces

  • Donald Williams

    I purchased Home Run @ $1 and it was worth it then. Now its $.10. WOW google has gone mad (good way) with these apps. Thank you google.

  • oko loko

    Great! Cannot wait what will be offered tmrw.

  • Billy

    Yay for 10 cent apps! Love you google and the developers that participated!

  • thechad

    Freakin Awesome!

  • thechad

    again i say Freakin Awesome!

  • booyootoo

    Lol, was trying to get to the promotion page all day, only to see the old promotions… Finally got Launcher Ex and can knockdown. I dont play games much, but for €0,10 cant hurt to have them.

  • Darknight42020

    Good looking out Androidandme. Picked up ADW EX since I was too cheap/poor to get it before…lol just couldn’t bring myself to buy it before but can’t argue with 10¢

  • alxrock

    I grabbed Beautiful Widgets, already had ADW EX, but I’ll be hoping Widgetlocker gets thrown in the mix.

  • Kris Isaksen

    I’d only ever bought one app ever till now. Best promotion ever.

  • Oscar Ortega

    sounds awesome more apps for everyone!

  • Thomas Biard

    Is it bad that I tried out a couple $0.10 apps and still got a refund because I felt that it was completely unnecessary?

  • Peter Dowling

    Ill take this over Amazons free app of the day, because these are actually amazing apps. Minecraft, ADW EX, Beautify Widgets… sooo much better than what Amazon puts up for free every day

  • ariesness

    Always wanted to try ADW Ex and now I can finally get it for 10 cents :D Can’t wait to see what other awesome apps will be on sale in the coming days!

  • rashad360

    ADW here I come. Thank you Google!

  • chuksy


  • HoLfElDeR

    10 :D

  • Varemenos

    Today is kinda disappointing (except ADWEx).

  • marcustg

    The yesterday list was cooler :(

  • donger

    woot woot day 3.

  • Six8Six

    The app launcher in ADW EX is so unresponsive, have to press it multiple times before anything happens… And im confident its not my phones screen as the stock SE launcher has no issues, nor does Go Launcher… Anyone else have this problem?

    Glad they included Homerun Battle 3d, love that game!

    I cant see my self playing tetris much these days, but for 10c, why not! :p

    • ben dover

      see my comment below yours. it’s almost opposite the issues you’re having. haha

  • ben dover

    I was a launcher pro fan for the longest time. But after having more and more issues with it on cm7 and the dev not updating it, I switched to GO Launcher and loved it!

    After a month I was wondering why my phone was having so many random issues. Turned out to be GO Launcher…

    Switched to ADW EX and with the new update, it is SOOOO much better than any launcher I’ve ran!
    That wasn’t the case when it first launched but it has become a great launch now! For $.10, it’s totally worth it!

  • eggwolio

    The Amazon store is matching the prices on Tetris and Space Physics. It doesn’t look like they have the others in this list and I didn’t think to look yesterday or the day before. I know most people prefer the market over Amazon, but it’s nice to see the competative pricing.

    • ben dover

      at least those with a Fire can enjoy some of the $.10 fun!

  • rashed rab


  • Hall Lo

    Thanks Google again for the Christmas present ;)

  • James Conley

    ADW EX is amazing!

  • Fabio Andrade

    Well I went ahead and purchased two apps and got receipt from google stating they were 10 cents each. Unfortunately i find out AFTER THE FACT that if you use an AMEX card when purchasing these apps you get charged $1.10 and not 10cents. Wish they stated that before hand or I wouldn’t have purchased….lesson learned…..

    • phacyde

      Same here with a french credit card.
      My bank say it’s just to secure the transaction and will be not withdraw but I better be worry than sorry, so I take only very interesting apps.

    • eggwolio

      As the previous response said, the one dollar transaction is just to make sure your card is valid, like when you use it at a gas pump. It’ll be there for a day or so and then disappear.

  • sylar

    Hmm a couple that I would like but I’m not sure that I would ever really use them. Hmm decisions, decisions.

  • Jamie

    Woot. Keep em coming!!

  • MoSDeeb

    Ive only grabbed minecraft so far. Some apps had been purchased previously

    Cant wait for updates to the game and the release of the galaxy nexus to play on its large screen

  • issac4760

    Day 2 was better… but i can’t wait too see the rest of the others days

  • Bhavik

    I missed out on the other days, wanted soundhound and swiftkey x

  • humidity

    I can’t get enough of these amazing deals!

  • KatSelezneva

    I love Talking Tom Cat! It’s incredibly funny and entertaining. My Top-10 Android applications

  • smisa27

    I’m loving these discounted apps! Especially ADW EX!

  • ramenchef

    ADW Ex was a nice app. I don’t understand the obsession with talking tom cat, though. Seems like a dumb app.

  • txbluesman

    Thanks Google!

  • pmex83

    I got adw launcher