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Free Friday Android game, Paper Zombie from Wildbit

Paper Zombie

Today the guys from Wildbit Studios released their popular iOS game Paper Zombie for free to the Android Market. We get dozens of these types of press releases every day, but I went ahead and downloaded Paper Zombie to my phone and found it was a lot more fun than I expected. The easiest way I can describe the game is sort of like Fruit Ninja, but with zombies.

Fernando Rada, CEO of WildBit Studios, shared his thoughts on the release by saying, “The game captures the imagination and conjures up images of spooky zombies, yet without the gore and flesh that is inappropriate for children. Ultimately, it delivers strategic and humorous gameplay that is suitable for the entire family.  We are excited to finally deliver Paper Zombie to the Android Market, which represents the most enthusiastic gamers in the world.”

If you want to kill some time this weekend then go download Paper Zombie now and once within the game, enter the code word ‘GOLD’ in the zCode section to get free in-game cash (so you can unlock the chainsaw right away).

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Source: Paper Zombie (Android Market)

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  • oddball

    Thank you for the tip and the code for cash

  • mikeyDroid

    Love me some zombie action – giving it a try now!

    • WowoW

      While playing this, the song ‘Thriller’ from Michael Jackson keeps replaying itself inside of my head.

  • james bricknell

    it doesnt work on the galaxy nexus or the transformer :( dissapointed

    • BiGMERF

      darn i was going to just give it a try.. smh :(

    • uizex1

      lets hope it works on the transformer prime.

    • J-Man

      Very disappointed a lot of apps and games don’t work on the Galaxy Nexus yet. Hopefully they’ll add more resolutions etc to their apps to support the newer big boy in town.

      Even Swype doesn’t work with it, what’s up with that?

      • BiGMERF

        that the devs taking there sweet time … swype said dont expect nothing until next year on there forums.. that was sad to see

        • J-Man

          Wasn’t gonna hold my breath with Swype to begin with.

      • kazahani

        I think it’s still a bit early. Source for ICS was only released a couple weeks ago, and there isn’t even an ICS device out yet in most markets. As more devices become available, more devs will support it.

        • J-Man

          Sure, I didn’t mean it in the sense that it has to be instantaneous, however, developers did have ample time to at least figure the resolution in. Once ICS becomes a more predominant OS some time next year, it’ll be more even across the board. Just a shame that a load of apps and games coming out very recently don’t support the G Nexus at all.

      • GUI_Center

        Have a feeling as soon as verizon releases it there will be a huge demand and update it. Although the devs would be smart to have it ready before release so there is no wait time which leads to finding alternatives…

    • charliethesuperturtle

      It doesn’t support tablet sized screens, it shows the size you’ll see on a phone

      • Alex

        Damn, I would expect a bit more from a developer such as this.

  • mikeyDroid

    Haha, pretty buggy – few FCs at weird times on the Razr, like when running out of ammo.. cute animations..

    • xkfrat

      It’s working on a Galaxy S (with MIUI).
      But the song… oh my!

  • Mighty_O

    awesome! going to download now!!

  • TheTurkAtTheCoffeeShop

    First Birds Went Angry and Now Zombies Go Paper – Great concept, zombies made out of paper on touch screen, accompanied by great music and challenging strategy

  • spintrex

    Just took a try at this game, pretty fun game but it seems it would take a bit of time to build up money to buy new weapons. I SHALL KEEP IT

    • TheTurkAtTheCoffeeShop

      I entered GOLD in zCode and it unlocked good amount of game money!

      Also if other gamers enter in their zCode your unique zCode, you get more money. Smart of them to encourage players to invite others to install the game and pass their zcode.

      • spintrex

        Yea I entered GOLD and already used it all up lol

  • AsakuraZero

    downloaded and loved it =3 its going to be on all my android phone for now on

  • TheTurkAtTheCoffeeShop


    Here is what I discovered.

    1) Enter GOLD in zCode in the game (you probably did this already)

    2) Signup free to get $50 worth of it for free at


    Wish this worked on gnex

    • SphericalPuma

      Same here.

  • SphericalPuma

    “This app is incompatible with your Galaxy Nexus.”


  • james bricknell

    my flatmate was playing it earlier and it has a dubstep version of the phantom of the opera. pretty cool :)

  • psipher

    Thanks…it looks like a fun time killer.

  • Derrick

    Installed this game, I love it already.

  • royes

    Not available for the Galaxy 10.1

  • Dirge

    Not available for HTC Rezound. :(

  • beatrixasdfghjk.

    Okay, thanks (:

  • akareem89

    looks interesting

  • intel8140

    Everyone loves the word free. :)

  • msgnyc

    Nice, looks like a fun way to kill zomb….er time.;)

  • bdub

    MannnnnnN… really want the Nexus to show up… installed on my OG and made it through the menus but failed at level load :/

  • eioous

    yay…free games

  • Luke Haviland


  • kentrburton

    Will have to give this game a look. Looks like it has got some positive comments.

  • sgb101

    poor game! but works on HTC desire CM7

  • minimage

    Seems to work fine on the Motorola Photon 4G. My fingers, on the other hand, don’t work so well!

  • mmsr5

    Cool.. I’m going to download this. love zombie games.

  • rmcsc

    The theme music is bad ass.

  • nmoline

    The music is nice; but the overall gameplay was more complicated than I had hoped for.

  • mugurelu

    hehe cool game, tx!

  • classic_hero

    Downloading now

  • mvndaai

    Yay another game that actually looks fun enough to share when others are around.

  • neskasi

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • papakyriazis

    Great Game! thanks for the code :)

  • latouffe

    Thats great! im downloading it right away :D

  • Kevlan

    The game was actually quite fun, the code is great, thanks!

  • papakyriazis

    Maybe It’s my phone (htc desire HD ) but this game crashes all the time :( shame because it looks great.

  • vedran70

    Funny game!!

  • Repminister

    I really like the game, It is quite fun.

  • Gir

    Not bad, not only is it free but the animations are funny good, stuff love killing me some zombies.

  • KaranO

    Whoo Thanks For Sharing That Was A Cooool Game!

  • Darknight42020

    Turned out to be more fun than I thought it would be.

  • desean

    Thanks for mentioning the code. Helps alot and increase the fun :)

  • basketfullofdroids

    not is quickly receiving quality games , can’t wait to see the day developers release their game for different os on the same day like their console counterparts

  • Flight777

    Thanks for the tip :-) Downloading right now!

  • judochop

    woot! love free stuff.

  • deivs001

    This is my NEW favorite game for some period of time.

  • fede77m

    Thk for the info, nice game!

  • HoLfElDeR

    so good, nice one

  • SuperAndroid

    Great distraction while the family are round for Xmas

  • lekky

    Cool game, thanks for the code!

  • Fabio R

    Hey guys u can do your own paper zombie at

    cubeecraft dot com :)

    there allot of designs

  • donger

    fun game, great for phone, needs to come out with one for tablets.

  • rishabhbhatia36

    Great game, give it a try

  • JC005

    It’s pretty fun, get some zombie paper cuts and don’t hurt grandma in the process.

  • ijonb

    That was fun! Thanks for the tip!

  • damambt

    did anybody get spammed after downloading this? 15 min after my download i started seeing some activity in my junk mail inbox

    • minimage

      Not noticing much in the way of extra spam

  • mikesuds

    Will this work on an OG Droid? :(

  • Scottm

    Works pretty good on my Samsung Fascinate. FC’d once.

    I do like the yo-yo tool. Nice!

  • justmeandher

    looks cool

  • zylor

    looks cool but very repetitive :\

  • tequilya

    My poor original Droid doesn’t seem beefy enough to run this one. Verizon, where is my nexus already? C’mon man!

  • Chrislewissd

    fun game! Thanks for the tip

  • titaniumwombat

    Nice! Looks like a riot!

  • enyce36

    Zombie killing and chainsaws whats not to love about this one :)

  • dfmckay

    Thanks for the tip, looks like a fun game.

  • Mighty_O

    Well my take on this while its fun, it always force closes after every level i beat :o..i have the htc G2.

  • cheeseasaurus

    Another game that won’t boot on my g2x :-(

    Guess I’m waiting for the improvements that should come with the partial source NVIDIA is finally releasing

    • cheeseasaurus

      I managed to get it to run, few stability issues, fun gameplay though. Nice for passing a few minutes.

  • ndub21

    Why would they not support tablets with a brand new game that they put all of this hype into? Dumb.

  • wild

    Nice game

  • cxandroid

    Very nice!

    Btw, android and me Rocks!

  • Aakash

    loving it! the game is awesome :) thanks AAM.

  • mrbill187

    Everyone loves a good zombie killing.

  • goodevilgenius

    Looks fun, can’t wait to try it out.

  • humidity

    Looks interesting enough to give it a try!

  • ccn_cristi

    Ha ha nice one ! Downloading now, thanks for the tip.

  • ageesaman

    Pretty fun on my Inspire but I wish it worked on my Transformer.

  • BillyMaysHere

    good time waster

  • mingchan06

    I love this game and i already have it……awww

  • mimogear

    GGggrrr not compatible with the Asus Transformer. Oh well. This game looks so coOL!! I liked the music they had in the video too~

  • bdyc731

    too bad, not compatiblewith my transformer :-(

  • honourbound68

    Nice looking game. Wish I had a tablet instead of my phone but it’s still good. And thanks for the tip

  • uknowme

    Thanks for the tip and the money!

  • Vipitus

    Looking really nice, will try it on my Galaxy S :)

  • sylar

    It is nice looking, Guess I will have to try it out one of these days.

  • cabrone

    Loving the music in this game! Reminds me of the Gorillas music and video!

  • Rovex

    This is pretty buggy. A few force closes and it lags on my Galaxy S2. No excuse for that since its pretty much the most powerful phone out there. eEven with Chainfire 3D it lags, no settings help. Its a lazy port.

  • Aaron Kemp

    Went and got this game for my Nexus S straight away after reading this post and love it. It’s simple and challenging and looks great. Another Zombie fix to keep me happy.

  • arvin1983

    im excited to be part on android world. im stuck with bada :|

  • racer25x

    Loved the game . . hated the interface. Every time I try to enter a zCode an ad pops up and I have to hit the back button a thousand times to get rid of it . . which almost always overshoots the code screen and pushes me back to the menu.

    Uninstalled in less than 15 mins due to the frustration factor :-(

  • Ivan Bigazzi

    Pretty nice! Runs smoohly on my Samsung Ace!

  • Ilyse Rose

    That looks super cute.

  • Zagdroid

    Awesome. I will download.

  • Marty Android Fan

    Downloading now, thanks for the tip.