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Google’s 10 cent deals – Day 10

android app giveaway

Well, this is it! Today is the final day of Google’s ten cent paid app deal on the Android Market. We’ve compiled the final list of apps that can be yours for only a dime. We know most of you are focused on getting your Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Verizon sometime today, but we think your shiny new Android 4.0 handset would be pleased if you purchased a few new games to show off its raw power.

You know the drill. Leave a comment below with any recommendations if you’ve used any of the listed apps. Once you make your final purchases, let us know how many ten cent apps you’ve purchased over the past ten days.

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  • zyphbear

    While I was a little disappointed in the final day of the 10c apps (especially with some repeats again), I ended up finally getting Camera Zoom FX.

    Did everyone else get what they were hoping would be in the list?

    • amgala

      I agree, it was an underwhelming finish to this promotion. But I still got a lot of apps through this deal, so thanks, Google!

      • Thomas Biard

        I feel like it was a bit of a bummer, but I think as Android users we have gotten used to big reveals on the final day, big launches, or fantastic surprises we didn’t expect so that contributes to our feelings of let down. Looking at the 10 days as a whole…I can’t complain

    • Steven steve19137

      Yeah, I was disappointed as well. I was hoping they would do something really awesome like put 20 apps on sale or repeat all the apps one last time. Oh well, I got Minecraft for 10¢, so I think I got a good deal :D

    • desean

      Quite disappointing but Camera Zoom FX is still quite a decent app.

      However my final $0.10 purchase tally is a whopping 26 apps!

      • desean

        Correction: my final $0.10 purchase tally is a whopping 29 apps!!!

        • tmihai20

          I thought I bought about 3 apps until I checked my bank account today (there are 6). It was not so bad after all. I regret buying only one app (HD Widgets, it has less options than my Fancy Widgets Free).

          • Bhavik

            I bought a whopping 55 apps :D

    • Legend

      I got Camera Zoom FX too, nothing else really interested me. I do hope they do the 10 cents for 10 days deal again next year!

    • BiGMERF

      I expected more too. But hey, now lets get to 20 million. So we can get 20 a day for 20 days

      • ben

        do you mean 20 billion?

    • Futureboy

      For anyone on the fence, Camera Zoom FX is a really nice camera. I’ve had it for quite a while. I only mention that because I can tell you that the dev is constantly working to improve the app. It has changed a lot from when it was first introduced and it keeps getting better. This version is nice and clean. It gives you a lot of features like a digital zoom, stable shot, timer, voice activated, burst mode, collage, time lapse. Plus it gives you a bunch of effects.

      This is EASILY worth the 10 cents.

    • Jimmy13

      I got the same app as you the camera zoom

  • wwJOSHdo

    The TileStorm HD one is pretty awesome! I’ve been playing it all morning! Since it’s the last day, I just bought all the ones I didn’t already have! I was really hoping for Swiftkey Table X and Grand Theft Auto 3. OH WELL!

    • pcon

      I knew that GTA3 wouldn’t be on there (it would have been awesome if it had) but I was hoping for Swiftkey Tablet as well.

    • Futureboy

      TileStorm HD is a pretty good game. For anyone who hasn’t picked it up yet, it’s essentially a sliding square puzzle game where you have mixed up tiles in a grid and have to slide them around into the proper configuration (like the old number puzzle with 1-15 and a blank so that you can slide the numbers – however in this game, you’re making a path). The graphics are nice and it’s a well done game. It’s by the dev JAKYL who also did Spirit HD that was offered earlier in the week. Spirit HD is a great game, and in the TileStorm HD description the dev notes that during the 10 cent celebration (read: through today), all their HD games are on sale for 99c/79p. Although it’s not 10c, it’s better than the regular price of 2.99.

  • stenzor

    Shine Runner is pretty fun.. just good fast action

    • B2L

      Shine Runner is awesome! I was extremely happy to pay only ten cents for it.

    • Steven Nutt

      (as I said on Android Police thread in G+)
      Shine Runner was the one that rejected my credit card…

      Google really need to change the Market so that you can add a bunch of apps to a basket then checkout for all of them, it would cut down on these rejected card issues by a lot (especially when the purchase is under £1/$1)…

      p.s. Guess Adobe didn’t want it’s apps in the promo, hope they do a sale, otherwise I guess I’m gonna have to pay full price for Photoshop etc…

  • mrmrchris

    Not the best day, but I’ve really loved this deal! Thanks Google. :)

  • drauks

    Too many games for my personal taste but you can’t really complain about these cheap deals.

    • levigarret

      agreed, Camera Zoom FX was a nice pick up. Think Ill take a shot at shinerunner and apparatus as well.

      i guess now we wait for 20 billion downloads

    • Azaurath

      Did anyone else hold off on buying apps just to see if they would show up for 10 cents?

  • jiggybyte

    Well…I guess I’m going to have to break down and buy Tasker or Locale. :-(

    Anyone here have any recommendations on one vs the other? Or a third option that is better than both? Basically to start with I want to be able to automate simple things like ringer volume based on location, or wifi when plugged in and charging etc. I’ll probably get more detailed once I find more uses for it. At least that’s the plan.

    • artesea

      I’m using Tasker, it turns Wifi and Audio off when I get near work. Disables Auto Sync during the night (no more ping when bacn arrives in the inbox at midnight). Turns on the CamerAlert when using Navigation and even got it to send a text message to my dad with the Irish Lottery results after each draw.

    • Futureboy

      I highly recommend Llama for the types of tasks you are looking for. It has controllable actions based on conditions or location. Location detection is based on what cell (and I believe wifi) signals are around you, not by GPS so it’s less of a drain on the battery. You set up profiles (what you want to happen), then add conditions (location, state i.e., charging, low battery and more) and actions (change ringer volume, airplane mode, etc). The app has a ton of actions and options, but is not the most intuitive app to use. It’s not bad, but after you spend a bit of time with it, it makes a lot more sense. In all an awesome app and on my must have list.

      Llama Free:

      Llama Donate (install llama free, then donate. as of this post is $1.30 USD and well worth it)

      (I have no affiliation with the app, it’s just an awesome app!)

      Here’s a little tip that’s not really in any settings or menus. I actually found it by accident and it’s a great feature. If you long press a profile, you can lock it for a specified period of time. This is very convenient when you are somewhere that you don’t normally go. You can’t simply turn down your volume because Llama will keep checking where you are and reset your phone according to your profile specifications. For example, if you’re at a client site, or movie theater you don’t normally go to, if you don’t have that location programmed in, Llama will see that location as “unknown” and reset itself to your “normal” setting. So instead of having to go through the steps to program that location in, you can simply lock in your “silent” profile for the length of time you will be there and it will automatically revert back when the time ends.

      • Futureboy


        Llama Free is the FULL FUNCTIONING version.
        Llama Donate doesn’t give you any additional functionality. Instead it gives you good karma.

    • jiggybyte

      Thanks for the replys!

  • Kaote

    Was hoping for a few extra special apps on the last day, but did pick up a few nice apps during this promotion, thanks to Google.

    • DjKarras

      Well, I was disappointed. I didn’t find that many apps that were actually useful. Too many (big) games and too little productivity…

  • poke50uk

    Apparatus <3

  • YMS123

    Thats the last of them, THANK YOU GOOGLE for the awesome promotion, and congratulations on ten billion downloads!!!

  • Tipika

    The promoted apps of today are disappointing…

    • Tipika

      You know what? Maybe Camera Zoom FX it’s worthy

      • Tipika

        Bought. Thanks Google!

  • theJP

    Apparatus!! YAY!! I wasn’t planning on buying any more apps. But that one got me.

    • Tipika

      Anyone knows how to replace the stock app with camera zoom fx?

      • Tipika

        Got it, just press menu inside the app

  • mikesuds

    Whatever, not disappointed in the least. I love getting next to free apps. Got them all for .10 and am quite happy with my purchases…

  • dpleus

    Picked up about a dozen of the apps. Specifically out of today’s apps I picked up Shine Runner and Camera Zoom FX. I keep debating on getting Star Chart, I don’t know if I would really use it, so if anyone has gotten it, please let me know if it’s worth the 10 cents.

    By the way, I had Heavy Gunner on my old iPhone, so I know it’s a good game. The graphics are decent and the game play is fun and challenging. If you want a good quick and dirty shooter, give it a shot.

    • artesea

      Star Chart is worth the 10p if your phone has the space. Nicer graphics than SkyMap, but wouldn’t have paid full price.

  • ArticulateFool

    Im not dissatisfied with this sale. Bravo Google!

  • David Hughes

    Sad to see these deals go away, maybe we can do it again at 15 billion, but all sadness will be wiped away today with a new galaxy nexus

  • Anthropic

    Not too bad, plenty of light entertainment, pity no apps like docs2go, but still not too bad, certainly can’t knock cheap apps at all when I picked up a dozen of them at least.

    Wonder when we will see music store deals too!

    Well at least a music store in Australia AT ALL would be nice…

  • mavensage

    I went and bought Camera Zoom FX. It looked interesting. There were two games that interest me. One I already have, Sentinal 3, while I decided not to get the other based upon the reviews and my previous experience of the developer.

  • mclarensr

    Not the best apps, but liked the 10 cent deals. Thanks google.

  • azswift

    Thanks Goolge!

    Will it be $0.05 when they reach 2 billion?

    • mustybooks

      It’s a billion downloads a month now so probably not! :)

  • azulpiscina

    The best day was the 1st.

    I thought the last would be better…

    But its ok! :D

  • Azaurath

    Definitely thought they would go out with a bang on day 10. But I’m happy with what was offered throughout this whole promotion.

  • sap 26

    So I didn’t come out with 100 extra apps, big deal. I’m grateful Google did this great promotion. Congrats on the 10 billion mark, Google! Hope to see some more promos like this in the future.

  • mustybooks

    Shine runner is excellent.

  • humidity

    Was hoping to see Plants vs Zombies or GTA on here! Oh well, decent apps still.

  • pekosROB

    I really dig Sentinel 3 but it just EATS up my battery!

  • Briareos

    More games with a couple token non-game apps. Sigh. I think games made up at least 2/3 of all the apps they offered. Would have been nice to see some actual productivity apps mixed in there. You’d think Google would have used this opportunity to showcase how Android can be used for more than just gaming on a phone…

  • jefflarkin

    Oh well, all good things must come to an end. I’ve spent more on apps this week than I have in the past several years, I think.

  • Lewis McGeary

    What, no GTA?
    Not too much in past few days, but can’t be too disappointed, got a few good apps throughout.

  • OutofPlace

    I grabbed camera zoom FX more for the full resolution editing than anything. I hope it works as advertised. I’m really looking for great things out of the image stabilization too. The G2X gets blurry quick and the flash really blows out the colors in almost every pic.

  • HoLfElDeR

    Again too much games, i was hoping the last day will be with more useful apps, but i was wrong. But still it is ok, and i hope Google will have more like this 10cents-events.

  • spintrex

    Bah humbug was hoping for some big shots on the last day!

  • Jason Hernandez

    AirSync and Camera Zoom FX made the 10 days worthwhile. I did purchase a few other but mostly games for the kids. I must admit that I’ll miss checking for the new 10 cent apps every morning.

  • Aneesha

    Same here, Camera Zoom FX is the consolation prize I got

  • Diaeko

    ohh no the 10 days are over
    hopefully they will do something like that again

  • desean
  • Trinhbo

    Today’s apps probably aren’t the best out there but I’m glad there are some decent ones that my toddler can enjoy.

  • Kris Isaksen

    There are too many games again.

  • YNWA

    Wow I just got like 30 or more games and apps for just a few bucks. I am happy with that promotion.

    Now my new Galaxy Nexus will have plenty of games to run. Perfect timing!

  • frmorrison

    I picked up Shine Runner, because the screenshots looked good. I am glad Google did this promotion.

  • Jaz

    I dont know how many I got but its about 20 or more. It was definitely worth it. The best apps are the learning ones for kids, like the spanish one and the animal ones. I can’t wait to install android on my hp touchpad so I can let my kids go at it and so they can stop messing with my phone. I’m glad I have a seidio active case on my phone to protect it in the meantime.

  • rekaviles

    Too many games, but added lots to my Galaxy Tab. I made the most out of this sale, thats for sure.

  • Jaz

    Oh,forgot to mention, with all these apps I’m gonna need a 16gb card or maybe 32 just to install some of them. I ran out of room on my 8gb and my 1gb phone memory. I wish the nexus was here for sprint.

  • staryoshi

    It’s awesome that Google ran this sale, but I only ended up with about 6 games/apps… and nothing in the last two days :( I was hoping against hope that something like shadowgun or quickoffice would show up on there :P Oh well. I got to buff up my app library for $0.60, so I’m happy :)

  • Blake Britton

    I’m fortunate that I haven’t run out of room yet on the PRIMARY memory of my Droid Bionic.

    I hate it though that some of these apps are repeat customers though… Why not give some of the small upstarts a HUGE leg up? Some of them that were free… try charging 10 cents for a day or so and see how much it helps the small people.

  • Jeb

    Sentinel 3 looks awesome!

  • eliander mendoza
  • EwanRGR

    While there are a couple of apps I wish had been available, I did manage to still add several to my Streak 7 :-)

  • Rajesh Narayanan

    Congrats and a big thanks to Google. There are some really good things that came out of this kind of celebrations:
    - Kids got a lot of games which parents might have been hesitant to purchase given their price.
    - App developers have probably realized that having this kind of cheap sales might probably be highly beneficial to them after all (not sure if there is any minimum price limit setup, I am assuming not)!
    - Everyone enjoyed the suspense/ surprise awaiting them each day. Probably some were disappointed due to lack of “apps”, but a larger crowd must have had fun.
    - Google probably had the best deal out of ‘em all – playing Santa :D

  • revs1

    camera fx is great
    min reson i love it is bc my stupid sensation does not come with a dedicated camera button and its difficult to take self shots through the rear camera ff quality sucks
    so camera fx has voice activated commands that takes the pic when you say cheese or somthing like that

  • pritams

    Zoom FX and Apparatus..all other are crap..

  • McLovin

    I got all of them, except for one’s I had previously purchased earlier. One app did require Android OS 3.0 or higher and the Market would not allow me to download it. I later learned that if you have a rooted device you can fake out the Market to think you have a different device.

    Some of these I bought twice for my 13 year old’s Christmas present Kindle Fire. Not all the apps showed up in the Amazon store, but some did, maybe less than half. My 13 year old’s Kindle is not rooted yet and I had the device registered under their name only so my Android Market apps wouldn’t transfer to the Kindle. After I root it maybe then.

  • Ilyse Rose

    Apparatus is awesome, though I’ve already got it I would recommend it to all who like physics puzzle games that are pretty hard.

  • calihawki

    Bummer! All the good apps I already purchased at regular price…

    • Xandr00

      I’m sure the developers appreciate it though. People like you drive the community and further development!

  • Anthony E

    I got my cousin to buy an Android device last night, and man was she happy when she heard about the 10 cent sale.

    I loved this promotion, and I’m glad it helped my cousin save on getting a couple apps and games so she could enjoy the awesomeness of her new phone.

    +1 million hugs to all the devs who participated in this promotion. There’s a reason why you guys are the top devs on the Android Market, and +1 million hugs to Google too!

  • goncalossilva

    Bah… in the end I bought a bunch of games :D

  • criddar

    New to the Android OS so this excited me…

    So I just bought the Star Chart app for a dime using my desktop browser, selected my device, and it installed it automagically even though my phone is over on the charger.

    That rocks.

    • Xandr00

      One of my favorite things about the android market. It also works with music, books, and movies too!

  • moelsen8

    this promotion was awesome.. hopefully it got some people more excited and comfortable with buying stuff on the market. i bought everything i didn’t already have haha!

    can’t wait to see if they release the numbers behind the sales!

  • honourbound68

    No moat games!!

  • Andy Thomson

    Really enjoyed this promotion. Bought quite a few apps over the last ten days, most with my future tablet in mind.

    I don’t care if I bought a couple of stinkers when they only cost 10p. It’s a good deal and I have really enjoyed getting a few bargains!

  • Xandr00

    I bought Camera FX, it’s actually a fantastic camera replacement application.

  • DjMeas

    I always thought Shine Runner looked fun but the negative reviews about it being an “over glorified demo” always turned me away. Take my dime, now!

  • Hall Lo

    Wow throughout the whole promotion I got so many new apps! For a total of under 5 bucks and I got over 40 new apps! Thanks Google :D

  • minimage

    And now they have Christmas songs for 25 cents! is this their way of trying to cheer us up, as their 10-cent promotion ends?

    I picked up Camera FX, Majesty, Star Chart and others. I didn’t bother with the kiddie apps.

  • Peezy

    That was an owesome sale. Bought a few apps. My favorite is SwiftKey and fx camera zoom.

  • securifirm

    Got Camera Zoom FX (although it seems to have issues with my Evo 4g running cyanogenmod). Crashed once and had to reboot the phone to get the camera working again. Think it had to do with the zoom settings. Also got Shine Runner. Anything else worth it?

  • tequilya

    Thanks for an awesome promotion Google! Just in time to load up my Google Nexus, woohoo!!!

  • aranea

    Camera FX and Apparatus. Apparatus reminds me The Incredible Machines. If that one was ported on Android I’d buy it.

  • Aleksandar Simov

    The only interesting and new app this day is Camera Zoom FX

  • Nizam

    Thanks for the sale, Google. I missed out on the first five days, but I managed to get some good apps for the rest of the sale.

  • Silver

    Darn… I wished Poweramp would go on sale but they never did. I see repeats of software (which is a good thing if you missed stuff before) but never did I see Poweramp. Oh well… Thanks for the sale though!

  • lokidokie

    Thanks big G. As I said before, they need to think up excuses for more of these. I think it’s great for the users, devs and Google ecosystem as a whole… Win win win

  • Steven steve19137

    I gotta say, I’m really gonna miss waking up in the morning and not seeing the daily Android And Me article in my Twitter feed, ready to tell me today’s discounted apps. It was pretty much the highlight of my Twitter feed every morning for the past 10 days.

  • donger

    awesome promotion/ sale. let’s have a another one please.

  • Daniel Hakimi

    NOooo! I’m getting a Galaxy S II today. I tried buying some of these 10 cent programs, but it wouldn’t let me, because I don’t have an android device yet. And now I’ve missed every 10 cent deal. Nooooo!

  • goldenboyrb

    thanks google…. got about 77 apps =P