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Google’s 10 cent deals – Day 9

android app giveaway

Today is day nine of Google’s 10 Billion Apps promo. While yesterday’s list included seven apps that had already been featured for a dime, today we have nine new apps for you to enjoy with only one repeat.

If you were hoping for a good variety of useful apps, you may be disappointed (again) to see that the list is dominated by games.  If you’ve used any of these apps, leave us a comment below and let us know which ones you recommend. Are any of you planning to pick up all ten  apps?

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  • David Hughes

    I am looking forward to today games, thanks for the updates!

    • faun

      This promotion has left me with a nice little folder of games – and still one day to go!

      Was never much one for gaming on my phone before, but this has convinced me to try some of them out, and I’m finding they’re great to have lying around for when I’ve got 15 mins to kill on the bus.

      • TWiT Commander

        We need more camera apps.

  • alxrock

    I can’t believe there’s only 1 day left. I hope they go out with a bang tomorrow!

    • Donald Williams

      one day? Its been 9… WOW im going to miss the deals.

      Im with Merf on this one, not much screaming BUY ME.

    • YMS123

      I hope so too, I started a “wish list” Shadowgun, World of Goo, Riptide, Battleheart, Madden 2012… These are all well worth the full price, but I’m holding off, just in case


    not to much that interests me today.. hope tomorrow is better

    • YMS123

      Don’t miss Sleepy Jack, its easily the best game today

    • goncalossilva

      ezPDF Reader is very useful :)

      • Aladdin

        Yes it’s one of my favorite apps

  • ramenchef

    Today is the least amount of apps I bought during this promotion. Is it just me, or has the selection gotten worse over time. Not purely due to repeat apps either. I kind of wished google reached out to more devs for this promotion as I know of a few devs who wish they got in on this promotion.

    • Adam Jones

      i don’t know i just bought 3 for my kids to play. I guess I’d have to agree with you if i didn’t have young ones.

  • Deeds

    They need to come through tomorrow because this many games annoys me

    • stenzor

      Dude, Google is giving you 10 cents apps.. let me repeat… 10 cent apps!

  • GE 918

    Bah humbug!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlesbrown79

    Bought HD widgets yesterday. It’s pretty awesome. Maybe there’s a gem here too.

  • ArticulateFool

    I hope to see the big guns tomorrow too.

    Either way, it has been a fun sale!

  • keridel

    Love to see rhem do some full on expensive apps like photoshop.

    • stenzor

      The whole Adobe suite for Android would be great to have

  • Justin Shapcott
    • goncalossilva

      Thanks for the tip!

  • zyphbear

    While there are a nice amount of games, I was still hoping for no repeats.
    But get SwiftKey if you don’t like your keyboard, I do really like how it helps you type based off of your other typing patterns.
    Let’s hope there will be less repeated apps in the few days left.

    Though to note, if you download the free daily app from the Amazon App Store, Zenonia II was offered for free awhile ago, now you can finish the collection with the first in the series.

  • Anthony E

    Tomorrow Raging Thunder 2 will be on sale, can’t wait to see what else..

    This sale was awesome!

  • theJP

    I would have liked to see more app than games in this offer. A few games would have been ok but I think people use apps more than games on their phones, maybe I’m wrong though.

    • Ray

      You are wrong from the study that was posted the other day. I dont play many games myself either but i guess majority rules!

  • ajonrichards

    I use ezPDF reader nearly every every day both on my phone and my Nook Color and I highly recommend it, both at $.10 and full price. It does everything a mobile pdf app should do – the annotation options are out of this world – and the devs are constantly updating and making improvements. It’s one of the rare Android apps that are vastly superior to their iOS counterparts.

    • Futureboy

      Aside from SwiftKey which has already been featured, this may be today’s diamond in the rough. I picked it up and it looks pretty nice. If it wasn’t for your mini review I would have passed this one up. Thanks!

  • raichleb

    I’ve been using Swiftkey X on my OG Droid for quite a while. I’m very impressed with how quickly it “learns” what I want to type next. Saved me many keystrokes. Well worth the investment at full price – a no-brainer for a dime.

    • pekosROB

      I bought this for $2 on my tablet. It’s just too awkward to use Swype on a tablet for me, I much rather have the split thumb keyboard from Swiftkey X.

    • ososxe

      I agree with you on that. I got mine when Swiftkey made the 50% off promo some weeks before Google’s promo, and I can’t complain. Is worth the full price.
      The rest of the apps today, including games… not interesting for me, I hope they surprise me tomorrow.

      • Futureboy

        Agreed. Some have mentioned that they picked up a few games for their kids. However, I don’t have kids, so to me this list feels a little like digging through the clearance bin at the local big box store.

  • levigarret

    ive bought nearly everything they’ve had . . . and then subsequently uninstalled most.

    I figure for 10 cents they are all worth having around to try out again later one day when im bored! Awesome promotion in my opinion

    • Nick Gray

      I’ve done the same thing. I actually am running low on memory due to all the games that I’ve downloaded. The last time I counted, I had downloaded nearly 40 apps with this promotion. I think I’ll probably hit 65 by tomorrow.

    • civy76

      Me too. I guess I’ve bought almost all of them. I wonder how my credit card statement will look like?

  • Jan Moisen

    ezPDF Reader is the only one i looking on buying

    it¨s looks like this campaign is really bad planed, it should not be so hard to find 100 good apps to give away, if its not possible the is something wrong on the android market

    • goncalossilva

      The developers have to “agree” with it, since Google isn’t covering the price reduction (at least according to AnderWeb). I believe that’s why it seems so “hard”…

      • Futureboy

        I can’t help but think that developers are hesitant to agree, especially with the the poor way Amazon treats developers and doesn’t pay them anything for the free app of the day.

        Very interesting article:

      • Rajesh Narayanan

        You manage to sell 10 for $1 a day or 100+ for $0.10. How difficult will it be to decide! Of course not all apps will fall in this category, but a majority would

  • pekosROB

    I love the way Swiftkey X looks.

  • desean

    Swiftkey is a must buy imho. This is the “second chance” for those who didn’t get it the first time!

  • jiggybyte

    Grrrr……enough games already. They are fun and all, but I only have so much time to play games on my phone. REALLY hoping tomorrow is a fantastic end to this and we get some good APPS.

  • HoLfElDeR

    Again too many games, they shoud add more useful apps

  •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile rahuly2k7

    Google needs to add more productive apps instead of these time wasting games..

  • nsnsmj

    This sale is great. I wish Minecraft was still $0.10 though.

  • aakash

    guns and glory…. yay :)

  • azswift

    They should have run all the voice actions type apps, get a bunch of Android user’s running around talking into their phones all day. “Of course my phone can do that, it’s been available for ages…”

    Make all the previous generation owning Apple fans wonder…

  • Kelsey Judson

    I’m tired and I kept re-reading the title on my RSS feed, trying to figure out what this had to do with Starcraft… god I’m hopeless.

  • hurric

    I didn’tb buy swiftx and chose slideit but finally gave in and got swiftx too thinking about ezpdf but reviews nit good

    • ndub21

      For 10 cents you can’t go wrong…

      • hurric

        yea i got it… :/

  • ndub21

    I’m like everyone else, hoping Shadowgun makes the cut tomorrow! Sleepy Jack is a cool game, I just bought it a few weeks ago when it came out.

  • Jimmy13

    Come on good stuff on day ten :)

  • Rob Vermeij

    Google thinks that kids are mainly buying apps via the market? The games get more childish every day and less and less apps :-(

  • NamelessTed

    Yeah, I am getting sick of this random selection of games, especially when most of them look terrible.

    Although, ezPDF Reader is a good addition to my useful applications.

  • Trinhbo

    I’m in the same boat as a lot of the other users here where I don’t have a lot of times to play games. However I just buy the high quality ones to “hoard” them just in case I ever get a tablet one day and have some free time on my hands. Picked up Sleepy Jack, Tank Riders, Deer Hunter 3D, Collapse, and MX Moto for myself and Zoo for my kid.

  • kain452004

    Would love to have bought Collapse! and others but I already have got them from Amazon Market as a Free App of the Days.. On Deer Hunter 3D seems interesting to me.. How about another racing game like, oh I don’t know, maybe Need for Speed Hot Pursuit?? *fingers crossed*

  • md91180

    Too many games …

  • rmcsc

    People get dissapointed by seeing the list is mostly games but… isn’t this made up of apps from the best selling devs out there? If you look at the numbers, isn’t it like ~50% of apps sold in the Market are games? You created this monster. Now deal with it.

  • Ilyse Rose

    If I didn’t already have ezPDF and Collapse those would be the two I got today. Otherwise, ehhh.
    Tomorrow better be an awesome day with no repeats, that would be the best.

  • Blaw

    Can’t believe this promotion is only 1 day away… I bought more than 50 apps so far. Of course, my poor old OG Droid can’t take ‘em… I’ll just keep them there till VZ decides to let the Galaxy Nexus out!

  • Fabio R

    ezREADER is the only worthy one

  • amgala

    Nothing for me today, but this deal has been great so far! Looking forward to tomorrow’s deals!

  • rashad360

    Boo!! The only saving grace of today’s deals is giving people another chance to grab SwiftkeyX if they missed it a few days ago.

    I can only hope that Google will be bringing out the big guns for the final deal day

  • Jeb

    zenonia is pretty fun.

  • Aleksandar Simov

    Terrible selection… I believe tomorrow there will be 10 new applications/games that are carefully selected.

  • Aleksandar Simov

    Too much games. Only SwiftKey X Keyboard I think is interesting and I’m gonna buy today.

  • calihawki

    I already have a million games that I don’t play LOL! I want more apps!

  • yogi

    Can’t beat $.10. Will grab Zenonia for sure.

    Anyone play this yet? Any comments about it?

  • mclarensr

    Nothing interests me there. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

  • itzxdjx

    Yes swift keyboard and ezpdf FTW. I thought was never coming!

  • cherrytree

    Really liked the games, but i would like to see some nice tools tomorrow insted of games!

  • Thomas Biard

    Download ALL THE THINGS….again!

  • lufy0000

    Need to have TEGRA version of the games…..whats the point of tegra devices if you just install regular versions of the apps

  • Adam Clark

    I only brought ezPDF Reader, Sleepy Jack, and Zenonia.

  • securifirm

    ezPDF Reader for sure…and Zenonia just cause it reminds me of the classic SNES games

  • Hall Lo

    Games are good… but I really want some useful apps as well… but anyways thanks Google becoz I got another 5 games today!

  • richoid

    Buying some games for my kids, may not play them but will taking advantage of the discounts

  • eliander mendoza

    I have all this apps except the games excluding Zenonia I do have this one ;_)

  • vid500

    They really shuld put in some apps, not just games. Ok, but I still love it. Maybe tomorrow, surprice me Google.

  • Anthropic

    Yay, ezPDF reader, love that app, now my wife will too :)

  • megatec45

    Haven’t seen much worth buying, mostly games :(

  • Lewis McGeary

    Have only taken ezPDF today.
    I feel like I should buy the games because they’re cheap and if I get a tablet in future I might want some on there, but nothing jumping out as a ‘must have’ today.
    Already have Swiftkey X and now using that as my main keyboard, switched back from SlideIT which seemed a bit sluggish.

  • donger

    freaking sweet.

  • thechad

    Love it! Got them all whether I use them or not.

    • Joshua Melling

      Yea there so cheap so why not! rotflol

  • minimage

    I found six that tempted me. I already had the repeat. Wish they’d offer up LogMeIn Ignition on day 10!

  • ruhrohs

    Wasn’t Imperio part of the $0.10 same at some point? Also, Sound hound? I missed both those apps and want to purchase them now.

  • zippyioa

    Had guns n glory for a while now, it’s quite addictive at first, bit I found it got boring quickly :(

  • Gazos

    Who wants to see Photoshop on here???

  • sgumer

    some more amazing apps. i cant believe they are doing this. it is awesome.