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Google’s 10 cent deals – Day 5

android app giveaway

Day five of Google’s 10 billion app celebration is here, bringing with it ten new paid apps for only ten cents each. By the time we checked the Android Market this morning, Google had updated their app promotion page to today’s apps – a bit surprising since they have typically waited until around noon to do that over the past few days.

Today’s 10 cent apps include:

As always, there are a few great apps included in today’s list, but we’d encourage you do download all of them to show your support the developers who spend countless hours working to make our phones and tablets better. Come on, we know you have a full dollar to spare.

Source: Android Market

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  • Taylor Wimberly

    Age of Zombies is my top pick, but Drop7 is an awesome puzzle game.

    • alxrock

      I just got Age of Zombies. Looks awesome. Is it compatible with bluetooth controller (like Wii remote or Zeemote)?

    • Futureboy

      I’ve been on the fence for a while about Drop 7, but the 10 cent promo sealed the deal. Just played it and I have to agree that it is a pretty awesome game!

    • latouffe

      Same here. I think Age of Zombie is the best one.
      Now im waiting for Jetpack Joyride for Android by halfbrick ;)

    • stenzor

      Age of Zombies is sweet. I’ve been missing it ever since i switched from iOS.. Apparatus looks hella fun too

    • charliethesuperturtle

      I like asphlat :D

    • MJM128

      yeah and for 10c a piece you can download them all :D (like I have)

  • thekaz

    my wife used to be crazy into The Sims on the playstation… is this mobile version any good? worth 10 cents, even?

    • B2L

      Yes definitely! I bought this one for my wife as well. She is a huge fan of the Sims, and this is just like the others. I wouldn’t hesitate paying ten cents for it. (Just like I did today.)

    • TJ Mir

      Come on! Don’t be that cheap! Try it out for just 10 cents!

  • ramenchef

    Why repeat apps like paper camera and asphalt 6? First day was definitely the best day so far. Were there just not 100 apps available for this promotion?

    • Anthony E

      Why not? I’m glad asphalt got repeated. One of my friends wanted it and missed his chance. Now he has a 2nd try :D.

      • charliethesuperturtle

        Me too ;D

        • itzxdjx

          Yeah my buddy was waiting on his phone and now he gets a chance to get it!

    • aantoine87

      They repeated paper camera but they had 11 appspotchat yesterday so I just shrugged it off but today asphalt HD is repeated and no extra app


    Its like Google knew I missed Swype on my Galaxy Nexus and gave me Slideit for 10 cents.. SAAAAAWEEEEETTTT !

    • sdtrinity3

      Yeah, I missed SwiftKey and wanted to look for a keyboard replacement. SlideIt is perfect!
      I’d want more utilities than 2 wallpaper apps.

      Pano looks really interesting.

      • sdtrinity3

        Looked into Pano, but the fact that you have to upload to stitch is a deal breaker. Downloaded Photaf instead.

        • jj14

          Hmm… I read that on the reviews at market too, but I downloaded and installed it on my EVO 3D, and then, turned wifi/3g off and took a pano picture – it stitched those together into one panoramic picture just fine. (I didn’t see my 3g or wifi turn on by itself during that time either)…
          What am I missing?

      • Deeds

        Doesn’t the Galaxy Nexus and ICS have a panoramic mode in the camera?

        • Patricio Acuña

          i remembered this and i forgot about pano, ICS does panoramic pictures with the stock camera app so sorry pano, =(

          but a friend got it and he liked it

        • itzxdjx

          Yep and the SG2 has it built in there camera app

      • Dan Jones

        Yeah, that’s the only one of this list that sounded interesting that I didn’t already have. It’s not very stable on my Droid 2, but when it does work, it works really well, and I like it a lot.

    • Ceppm

      Agree, and I’m so fed up with Swype’s distribution model (e.g. They deactivate swyping when the app is out of date) than I’m not going to bother with it anymore.

  • mr 1338

    got myself Sims3 and SLideIt
    gotta love these discounts :D

  • alxrock

    Is that right? Asphalt 6 was from day 1!

  • desean

    I thought the 10th app is supposed to be Mojitomo? link: (

    Mojitomo is appearing as a $0.10 app in my local currency. That’s odd. Maybe because it is not in English maybe so they replaced it with Asphalt (again)?

    • mr 1338

      this seems to be a reasonable explanaiton. instead of scaring western folks with japanese (or chinse, sorry i don`t know which language it is) they repeat other apps for the discount

      • desean

        Mojitomo would be a Japanese app :) I believe it is like an Japanese version of wordsmith

  • ArticulateFool

    Awww, First day where I don’t need/want any of the apps. :(

  • MrMrMan

    I think this is the weakest day so far.

  • Alec Waddelow

    About to give Slideit a try, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed swift key since i picked it up in the day 1 sale.

    • itzxdjx

      Its worth it!

  • Clark Wimberly

    Pano for a dime is the steal of the day.

    • tmihai20

      I wanted to buy Pano, but I read that there are issues with licensing when Internet connection is not available. It kills the fun if you have to be online all the time in order to use the app. Can someone comment on this? I don’t want to have a unusable app in my Market library.

    • Futureboy

      Agreed. I love that it lets you take up to 16 photos in your shot and doesn’t limit you to an arbitrary three or four.

      16 makes for one hell of a panoramic shot!

      • Futureboy

        Plus, if you keep your subject in the center of the shot, you can do a nice “time progression film strip.”

        Consequently, you can also do this with Clark’s slick Photo Booth App:
        And Photo Booth gives you the choice of making your strips, horizontal or vertical (with a white photo border), plus size and basic reordering options.

        You can decide if you want to pay the 10 cents for Pano, but Clark’s app is free so definitely go get it!

        • tmihai20

          Thanks :) I was looking for a panoramic camera.

    • J-Man

      #Begin Gloat

      No need since the G Nexus has this built in. ;)

      #End Gloat

  • minimage

    Sweet. I missed a couple of the days, but of the three I’ve caught, this day has been the best. I actually got seven of the apps.


    Apparatus is definitely real cool. I like these type of games where you have to think and build stuff. I am a math and science major after all! Go “nerds”!

  • xfaith

    I heard that Amazon App store is matching the prices on the Market.

  • Legend

    Pano is quite useless for phones that will get a ICS upgrade no?

    • Futureboy

      Yes, but there are many phones and tablets that will not get the ICS upgrade. And even those that will get it, it may take a while.

  • Adryan maldonado

    Technically its only 9 new apps. They already promoted asphalt 6 adrenaline HD on the first again technically speaking its only 9.

  • Lewis McGeary

    SlideIT installed. Swiftkey is good but I definitely prefer sliding keyboards these days.

  • Petru-Mugurel Lingurar

    Your order has been cancelled. Have questions? Contact Kittehface Software.

    Dec 10
    Kittehface Software has cancelled your order. You won’t be charged.
    Reason: Other (describe below)
    Comments from Kittehface Software: “Order canceled due to internal error in Market.”

    Dec 10
    You placed an order with Kittehface Software on Dec 10. Google Checkout sent a copy of this receipt to ………………

    This is becoming so fckin annoying :(
    What’s up with google screwing things so badly?

    • Anthony E

      Buy the app again if it’s still on that day. If you don’t get a chance to buy the app, Google will give you a copy of the app for free. You should get an email saying that they’re going to give you all the apps that you didn’t get as a result of checkout screwing up, free of charge as a one time courtesy.

      HOWEVER, if the screw up was caused by your credit card then don’t expect anything.

  • poke50uk

    Apparatus acquired <3

  • Patricio Acuña

    looks like im spending a few cents today too =3, better tahn buying junk food or other crappy things in which we spend our money

    • Patricio Acuña

      age of zombies and apparatous damn those games are amazing

  • R.S

    I too downloaded SlideIt. It’s not perfect but so far, I’m liking it. Downloaded the black licorice skin too.

  • spoon201

    Thank you Google for being awesome that is all.

  • danyR

    <3 you Google.

  • danyR

    But yeah, it’s getting pretty annoying this slew of games and live wallpapers, actually wished they would balance it a bit more, like the first day’s selection.

  • thechad

    How come none of the awesome racing games work on the HTC Sensation? Like Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD

    • thechad

      i have missed out on all the cool games all week.

    • titaniumwombat

      Yeah, I wish there was a means to purchase these even if I dont have a supporting device. Frustrating looking down the barrel of the Gnex and not having a way to grab these apps before hand with this screamin deal…

    • Nick D

      It’s a bit of work, but I got Asphalt 6 on my Captivate by editing the build.prop file in the system folder. I recommend saving a backup of your build.prop first. You have to have root and read/write access. Once you can edit it you change just one line – “ro.product.device=GT-I9100″. The GT-I9100 can be any device you like, that’s just what worked for me on my Captivate running CM7. Save the file, clear the market cache and data, and reboot the phone. Once I came back online it showed on the market and let me download no problem.

      I’m currently downloading the 525MB(!) of extra files to try it out.

      *standard disclaimer – if you nuke your phone it’s your fault, not mine* Not sure how you would, though.

  • zyphbear

    I jumped on this! I got Sims3, Pano and Drop7. I have been wanting to try Drop7 for awhile and love it! Give it a try if you can!

  • Hall Lo

    Well I dun really want any of the apps, but still thanks Google for this promotion :) hope they will have some better apps on sale later days :)

  • keridel

    this is the least used one for me. I only downloaded apparatus.

    dont need pano i have that natively. and the other games just dont interest me..

  • Kenneth Ohonba

    I wish they would bring out other game loft games other than asphalt 6 but I’m grateful. Thanks Goog!

  • hurric

    finally what i was waiting for. bought slide it keyboard and asphalt 6

  • cristian cristiandonose

    Not so good package. I bought Asphalt 6 back when it came out.

    • charliethesuperturtle


  • ffff00

    I already have Apparatus from when it first came out, great game.
    I ended up buying Age of Zombies today, can’t wait to try it out after this exam.

  • J-Man

    The Sims 3 doesn’t support the Galaxy Nexus. The little child in me wept a little. But SlideIT really recovers me from my need of Swype!

  • vid500

    The best ten days ever :) Think I never bought that much apps. Amazing. Waiting for the next 10 apps.

  • Marcus

    is it just me or does it only show 8 apps in the market?

    • Lewis McGeary

      Think it’s just you!

    • titaniumwombat

      Just means your device doesn’t support 2 of the sale apps… /my guess

    • Ceppm

      Mine shows only nine, The Sims is missing bit if I go to the market on my PC it says it’s not compatible with my Galaxy Nexus.

  • James Conley

    I already bought all of these I want lol.

  • aakash

    asphalt, always on my top list!

  • eioous

    Google, Why you gotta be so awesome and do stuff like this???

  • Chris Lewis

    haha my bank sent me a new credit card because all the 10 cent apps I have been buying looked suspicious

  • Samar

    This is nice.

  • humidity


  • LJAllTheWay

    I have to admit, I’ve been on this site a ton more since this this google app promotion started.

    • tmihai20

      Well, I discovered the Tegra promotion and the Market App promo has made me come here every day.

  • Himal Limbu

    asphalt 6 seems pretty good deal.

  • zippyioa

    Got Asphalt 6, cracking game :)

  • dutow

    Theese apps are weaker day by day – there are still a few good ones, but most of today’s deals are apps i wouldn’t pursache for more money.

  • Aleksandar Simov

    niceee :))

  • jdawg334

    I got the SlideIt Keyboard which is better than swype because you can turn it off when you do not want to use the swype thing.

    • justabamajammer

      So true

  • ordio

    Thanks as always for the updates… seeing this reminds me to look at what is 10 cents :)

  • lufy0000

    need to have apps such as POWERAMP and DICEPLAYER…….need more tools rather than just games

  • Rob Vermeij

    Too much games and too few apps :-( Also, was asphalt not already in the sale a few days ago?

    • ddmart

      I was hoping for some more apps I can use as well but it seems they are promoting similar types of apps, Shazam/Soundhound, or in some cases the same one on a different day :p

  • ddmart

    Wish these would update at midnight

  • dx_xbeck

    Age of zombies is awesome!!!

  • cesararv

    I need to spend a couple of dollar on this deal :)

  • King Chris Scott

    I love these .10 apps!

  • behzadbayat

    Got the slide it keyboard and live it. Not so much fan of games and most of the apps on promotion are games.

  • sztupy

    SimCity Deluxe is also 10cent!

  • Tom Murphy

    Loving it!

  • HoLfElDeR

    Day 5 here i come

  • HoLfElDeR

    They shoud have more lowernig the price like this :D

  • ToonPanda

    This is why I love Google =)

  • jeebus99
  • Brandy4777

    I downloaded the zombie game for my son, but I seem to be striking out on driving games. Most of them aren’t compatible with the Iconia I guess. :(

  • thechoephix

    These 5 days I felt real bad that I have a weak tablet. I see a lot of these apps that I’d really like but the market doesn’t let you purchase if you can’t run it. Still an awesome move though, also I installed a great keyboard :D

    • itzxdjx

      Try downloading on the website!

      • thechoephix

        I usually do. But it doesn’t help, if you click “purchase” it shows a list of your devices that can run the app, which in my case is replaced by a message that I don’t have any and I cannot proceed. Which would be smart for saving them trouble with people buying apps they can’t use, but I think the 15-minute-redeemer fixes that by itself enough.

  • azswift

    Sims 3 is very addicting.

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    Can’t say I’m too impressed with day 5′s offerings. Hoping day 6 will have some apps that are more my flavor.

  • Trinhbo

    Apparatus is a very well done puzzle game but the difficulty ramps up very quickly. Be prepared to visit YouTube for solutions. ;)

  • Robert Whittaker

    been picking up loads of bargains. Can’t wait to see what’s next

  • cabrone

    I come here for the updated lists because my market is a bit buggy on the updates

    • phaet2112

      It is more the updating because of pacific std time, I believe, with the new apps going live at 9 am PST.

  • Tony Torres

    Awsome. Can’t wait to try some of these out. Google should have something like this more often!!

  • akashwani

    Wonder when are they gonna have Tasker on sale :)

  • Alexandra Sedlack

    loving it!

  • Coltsfan74

    These apps are great. Be sure to pick up a couple. Support these developers.

  • Lord1337

    I like cheap apps but i would love free apps!

  • Martjn2

    Suck it apple fanboys! market>app store
    like if you agree!!

  • euio

    i like the snowfall live wallpaper a lot.

  • Omar Santiago

    spent a whole dollar on these!! well spent if you ask me!

  • sgumer

    so many cool apps and i wont go broke if i get them all.

    • ordio

      Completely agree with you on this one!!

    • donger

      so so true.