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Nielsen report shows Facebook is most popular Android app, Angry Birds popular with elderly


You would think that the most popular Android app would be one of Google’s own, but a recent report from Nielsen shows that Facebook was the most used app in the U.S. during the last 30 days. Facebook was found to be the most active app among usersĀ 18-24 and 25-34, where it rack up an amazing 80% usage.

When it comes to app stores, Google’s Android Market topped the charts with usage rates of 89-95%. This should come as no surprise since it comes pre-installed on most Android devices. Amazon’s Appstore, which debuted this year and must be manually installed, made a strong showing with usage rates of 14-24%.

The most popular game was Angry Birds, which ranked highest among the older age group. Usage rates by age were 22% for 18-24, 29% for 25-34, and 35% for 35-44. Zynga’s Words With Friends also ranked highly with usage rates of 21-25%.

Check out the chart below for the full break down. Which results are most surprising to you?

Source: Nielson

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    Im not going to lie, I used it.. But since I got my Galaxy Nexus I have moved to Friendcaster, Mainly due to syncing contacts. I have tons of family and friends that just refuse to move to gplus.

    • Sturoid

      I find the contact pics still look crappy using Friendcaster even with the high res option :(

      • WarDrake

        YEah, they do… but it’s better than no pictures at all with the broken fb app sync…

        I agree with BiGMERF tho… i’m calling shenanigans on that… the fb app has always been broken and ugly… while there are plenty of nice replacements… unless of course, they counted all fb connections and not just those made from the official app.

        • LukeT32

          All my contacts sync with the default app. The photos load 90% of the time with my droid running cm7.

  • Anthony Domanico

    sooooooooooo angry birds is for old people?

    • mr 1338
    • ranwanimator

      Consider that it is puzzle based and so helps keep the mind sharp, plus it doesn’t require button mashing or quick reflexes.
      Angry birds is for everyone, but old people love it for those reasons.


      I think the bird’s temper keeps their spirits high. :D

    • lxgeorge

      It wouldn’t surprise me; my dad plays it all of the time haha

    • stenzor

      I knew it!

    • CTown

      So… who here likes Angry birds? You guys also up for some tapioca?

      • Samar

        Angry Birds just released new levels for the Holidays…

  • mr 1338

    this is no surprise to me since no human with internet does not have facebook

    • James Conley

      Nope. No Facebook here lol.

      • lxgeorge

        Google + ftw

        • stenzor

          I really wish it becomes more popular and people migrate… I like the design (visual and the framework) much better than Facebook’s

          • Futureboy

            Agreed. G+ is so nice, clean and well integrated with gmail. The problem is that FB people are so entrenched because G+ came so late after FB.
            But… remember back when the iphone had the jump on Android?
            So… I just keep hammering away with posts for my friends and family. It will take a steady, persistent campaign but hopefully G+ will gain momentum.


      I think so too. Most people nowadays has a Facebook on mobile phones, which I think is a great way to keep your friends updated while on-the-go.

    • WarDrake

      plenty of friends who refuse to open a facebook here too ^_^

  • goncalossilva

    Wow, they fooled me. I was under the impression Angry Birds was more popular than even Facebook. Guess I was wrong!

  • ranwanimator

    I hate Facebook. But most sheeple use it so what are you going to do? I really wish Diaspora would get cranking on their system. If there was a functional, non-intrusive alternative, I imagine that people would flock to it.

  • Thomas Biard

    i was surprised when I saw all the Google apps on there like Gmail, Youtube…I thought those were part of Android so they wouldn’t count. I guess I want to see a longer list since the top slots shown were taken up by mostly obvious results IMO

  • Trinhbo

    It’s disturbing how many people are still using Advanced Task Killer Free. They should spend some more time educating themselves…perhaps by reading more articles from this site! :)

  • keridel

    Facebook is really shit. i’ve never liked the app at all.

    but unfortunatly it is still better than the g+ app..

    • Samar

      G+ needs to feed off FB’s weekness to gain strength.

  • thekaz

    as if the grey hairs, aching back, trouble hearing, and annoyance with “kids” wasn’t enough, now I have Angry Birds to finally confirm the fact that I am now “old”…

  • jamal

    I guess with all its 800 million users it would make sense that it would be more widely used.

    • Sturoid

      I would love to know what % off that 800mil are fake profiles haha

      • Samar

        Gud One.

  • zyphbear

    I am very surprised that Yahoo Mail is so popular on android, but also very surprising that there were not Twitter or Multi-client social app in the list either. Also what seems to be missing is any type of IM client.

  • ramenchef

    No wonder people complain about Android battery life. The facebook app absolutely destroys battery life due to how poorly coded it is.

    • tequilya

      I’ve been suspecting this for some time now. My battery life on an OG Droid is bad enough already, but every time I put Facebook on for a few days it seems to deteriorate noticeably. I just uninstalled again this morning after a particularly crappy weekend for battery life, we’ll see if that was the culprit…

      • WarDrake

        There are plenty of culprits, many apps are not really optimized, but Facebook certainly takes a heavy toll on your battery.

        • Samar

          Ohh does.

  • zacinator

    I love that people aged 35-44 are considered elderly!

    • Samar


  • tequilya

    LOL – So much for increasing health and longer lifespans leading to “60s being the new middle age”. A&M has informed me that I’m now elderly at 45. Oh crap! I’m so old they don’t bother gathering statistics for me. I’m supposed to be dead!

    Thanks for a good chuckle.

  • ArticulateFool

    I guess I am one of those older folk. And here I thought I was still young!

  • James Conley

    Old people are still playing angry birds cause the rest of us already beat it.

    • Geraldo Riviera

      Actually, I think you’re onto something there… Trends spread more slowly across older groups of people because those people are less closely knit than those in high school or college. I think the angry birds trend already extinguished with the younger demographic leaving the older generation just now reaching it’s fill with the franchise.

  • kusine

    While I use facebook to keep up with my friends and family, I won’t be a slave to it. I almost never look at it on my phone. But I know plenty of people who do…

  • KeithG

    Wait … What?!?! 35-44 is “elderly”? How old are you 7?

  • sleepycat

    Since when is 35-44 elderly? WTF?! Nielsen didn’t use that term in their article.

    And I totally agree with the FB app killing battery. I stopped using and access FB on a mobile web browser and my battery life has gone up a lot.

  • HoLfElDeR

    This was espected, as they updated and ade now function to the Fb app, the app is more useful, more amazing and it is so good

  • Mike Hanel

    sometimes i think my phone is just a facebook device that occasionally calls people….

  • humidity

    Guilty of having FB.

  • YellowDucati


  • slerms mckenzie

    am i the only one without facebook, twitter, google plus also am i the only one that finds these social networks useless

  • inerdtia

    Your screenshot is not current. That’s the old ugly-as-hell user interface.

  • Marc’us H.

    I can’t even count the amount of times my friend’s parents raved about Angry Birds Seasons. My own mother asked me about getting her a phone that she could play it on. That game knows no age range. It’s great.

  • Louis A

    Well, most people just leave their facebook app on all the time so getting accurate usage in a way is a little tricky.

  • Chris Lewis

    I find the positive correlation between age and amazon app store downloads interesting. I would expect younger people to be more aware of amazon app store and its free app of the day.

    Can anyone tell I have my business statistics final tomorrow morning? lol

  • raichleb

    I can’t seem to find the 55-64 age category. Am I the only one in it or do I need to up the strength on my reading glasses?

  • Marcus

    Angry Birds is for old people? Haha. And why do people like Facebook so much? Before the update, it was honestly not that great

  • Lewis McGeary

    Not too surprised about Facebook though this is no indication it is a good app. Recently installed again after getting rid of it a while ago, a bit better, but fires up my GPS unnecessarily all the time

  • Anthropic

    I’m surprised Google Plus didn’t make the list, I love it way more than Facebook, although admittedly I have both.

    • Samar

      Well…All r gonna have both anyways.. :-)

  • classic_hero

    I think those are just about the only apps that i use

  • Nathan D.

    Well I barely us FB, I only use the widget they have and there syn (kinda).

  • laosgurllynn

    I dont use the Facebook app. for some reason it doesnt update regularly like it should on the site.

  • Hall Lo

    lol really? I haven’t used it since the notification system wasn’t working…

  • behzadbayat

    Previouslyi was able to tag photos while uploading but now it does not let me to do so. Also the apps needsa redesign for tablets.

  • flip3547

    I don’t use the facebook app all that often but my wife on the other hand is on it all the time. Even when I wake her phone it wakes on the Facebook app. Some people are way too involved in the Facebook world.

  • xProteus

    ATK? really? just goes to show how much people are uninformed about how their devices work… :(

  • Ilyse Rose

    The Facebook app is pretty much garbage, it’s a miracle it’s number one.

    • Samar

      So, what does that tell about FB addicts !!

  • levelm

    I’m absolutely amazed at how many people are using a task killer!

  • zippyioa

    Some interesting stats! But I’m amazed that browser apps don’t feature in the top 10??

  • Samar

    No surprises there.

  • Anthropic

    I wonder if it differentiates between versions of Angry Birds… you’d think that the other versions would be almost as popular.

  • donger

    not surprised at all.

  • sgumer

    i dont find it surprising, but i think that twitter will take over soon.

  • ManiaX

    I rarely use the Facebook app, just for the fact that is full of bugs!When i start the app, almost everytime it stops working!:\