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SEGA and NVIDIA bringing Sonic the Hedgehog 4 to Tegra devices in 2012

Sonic_The_Hedgehog_4_-_Episode_1-_Wallpaper_-_(2) Image via: Wikia

Sonic the Hedgehog 4, episode 1 has been one of the funnest games I’ve played on PSN. Sonic 4 stuck to the tried and true 2D nature of Sonic games, allowing me to relive the glory days of my youth. Sadly, episode 1 skipped Android when it made its way to mobile platforms, with only iOS users being able to enjoy the game.

Today, SEGA has announced they are hard at work on Episode 2, and will be launching the game on NVIDIA Tegra devices early next year. Like many of the other Tegra-exclusive games being released of late, there will be a souped-up, graphically-intense version coming to quad core Tegra 3 devices that take advantage of NVIDIA’s improved architecture. Currently, only the ASUS Transformer Prime features Tegra 3, but we expect a barrage of Tegra 3 devices will be unveiled at CES 2012 in a few weeks.

As resident tech geeks who came of age in the Sonic days, we’re obviously excited to check out the latest installment of the Sonic franchise for our Android phones and tablets. We’ll be sure to let you know when you can get your hands on the release. In the mean time, watch the trailer video below (via Droid Gamers), and if you’re a big Sonic fan you should probably check out Sonic CD (if you haven’t already).

Show Press Release

Get Ready to Run in the New Year! SEGA Announces Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II


New Entry in the Smash-Hit Sonic 4 Series Speeds onto Consoles and Mobile in 2012


SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON– December 30, 2011 – SEGA® of America, Inc. and SEGA® Europe Ltd. today announced a new year’s resolution that’s sure to please gamers worldwide: the iconic blue hedgehog will be making his 2D return in Sonic the Hedgehogâ„¢ 4 Episode II in 2012. Following the award-winning success ofEpisode I, which took the world by storm in 2010, Sonic will continue his journey through the epic Sonic 4 saga on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®Network, as well as mobile platforms including the App Store, Android Market and Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone 7.

Fans have been eagerly anticipating the next episode in Sonic’s new side-scrolling adventure, and SEGA has been listening closely to their feedback. Armed with all-new character animations and a completely reworked physics engine, Episode II will expand the Sonic 4 storyline with new areas to speed through and new challenges to face. For a sneak peek at what’s in store, including the arrival of a certain high-flying, twin-tailed pal who’s sure to be of assistance, check out the all-new teaser trailer here.

“After twenty years in action, it’s clear that Sonic hasn’t slowed down one bit,” said Haruki Satomi, Senior Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA of America. “The first entry in the Sonic 4 saga was a major success. We’ve listened to the fans and been hard at work making sure we recapture that same spirit of fun in Episode II. We hope the fans will enjoy it.”

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2 will support Android mobile devices powered by the NVIDIA® Tegra® mobile processor. It will be available on the Android Market and featured on the Tegra Zone app. In addition, SEGA and NVIDIA are working closely together to develop an even more enhanced version for Tegra 3, the world’s first quad-core mobile processor.

Source: Vertical Wire

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    sweet…. the more games the better, always loved sonic

    • BiGMERF

      the day i see mario coming,especially mario cart.. I will loose it

      • Anthony Domanico

        yeah, Nintendo has “better things” to do than to bring their IP to Android.


        • LukeT32

          thats to bad… I really wish they would bring some of the classis out…

          • Jorge Eslava

            Zelda anyone?

      • EwanRGR

        Nintendo has nothing to gain at this point by making any of their titles available for iOS or Android. Once you can get Mario on either, the 3DS becomes even more of a niche product, and the new Wii loses one of it’s major cool features.

        Much more likely to see Nintendo continue to cultivate an “unofficial” market for the NES emulators out there to keep their tech folks current in case market shifts require them to make a quick switch at some point.

    • stenzor

      Yeah, I was a Sonic junkie too

  •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile Rahul Singh

    Now this will be a fun game to play..

  • Steve Heinrich

    I remember playing Sonic on my GameGear. This is definitely making me want to get a Tegra 3 device.

  • damambt

    Watch your back Dr.Robotnik

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    I was a total Sonic addict back in the day. Good times!

    • stenzor

      Me too.. I even used to read Sonic comics haha.. good times

    • honourbound68

      yep. Sega ruled back in the day.

  • aconner22

    Can’t wait! This looks awesome.

  • Alan Reboli


  • hiswordsinred

    This actually borderline ticks me of…it frustrates me when a developer makes a game exclusive to phones with a certain kind of processor. I bought the Droid Bionic in gold faith, understanding that it was the latest, greatest phone of it’s time. I never dreamed of having incompatibility issues just because the phone has a TI processor and not an Nvidia one. If developers are going to continue releasing exclusive titles like this then the phone manufacturers need to start advertising what processor the phone is using instead of some action-packed movie-like sequence that tells you little to nothing about the phone itself! Curse yoh Motorola! :P

    • cxandroid

      Quite a number of titles get released for non Tegra devices after they have been out for a while, there is hope.

      • hiswordsinred

        I know, but I want Sonic now! :P It’s just a waiting game at this point :(

    • Bpear96

      Chainfire 3D works pretty well, require root but what ever lol. I have almost all the tegra 2 games on my galaxy s ii, but they should work on any phone with a 1ghz single core+ according to chainfire

      • CJ LaFleur

        none of the gameloft games work on my transformer prime! is there any way i can get them to work? i’ve tried sideloading but that didn’t work. if i could find the tegra 2 version would it work on a tegra 3 device?

  • Futureboy

    It’s nice to see some of the classicis being brought to Andriod. This article prompted me to check the market for some of my old arcade favorites just out of curiosity. I was surprised to find both Crazy Climber and Dragon’s Lair are available in the market!

  • Marc’us H.

    This is actually great gaming news. I appreciate SEGA going back an reintroducing Sonic after pretty much killing his image he had up until the Dreamcast. The 2.5D games are fun.

  • cxandroid

    Sonic gameplay and awesome graphics? WIN.

  • alxrock

    If games like this keep coming, I’m gonna need an Xperia Play II

  • hiswordsinred

    You know what sega needs to bring to Android next? Crazy Taxi! Maybe it’s just me, but that game was AWESOME! I’ve kept my Dreamcast for many a year now just to relive that classic!

  • uknowme

    This made a crappy day better. I can’t wait. I’ve been playing Sonic CD lately. Let’s hope Sega does the right thing and bring some other classics back. Columns anyone?

    • Angie Wimberly

      I loved Columns!

  • staryoshi

    I can’t wait to see this game and many other classics remade and displayed in splendor on Android’s Tegra and other mobile platforms :)

  • MoSDeeb

    Just hearing the sonic music takes me back.

    I had a second hand sega with nail polish splattered on it for some reason, memories haha

  • Sean-Franc

    I was never much of a console gamer in the 90′s. I sucked at Mario, but Sonic was my best friend! I eagerly await this game for my transformer prime. I’m gonna hook it up to the television and slap on a bluetooth controller and be a kid again.. thanks SEGA!

  • Dustin Earley

    I’m excited for this because I thought Sonic 4 Episode 1 for PS3 was pretty meh. And apparently, the folks behind it have been working hard to improve Episode 2.

  • David Gomez

    my friend is gonna love this he’s a big sonic fan

  • Adam Clark

    I’m hoping they would release Episode one later on.

  • pmex83


  • DroidSamurai

    So, it won’t work on the Galaxy Nexus?

  • BigCiX

    So if a apk file is downloaded on my TI OMAP phone it won’t work/

  • zyphbear

    This is pretty fantastic! I can’t wait to have a Tegra device and try this out!

  • TaoRenCe

    Any word whether this Sonic will use “blast processing” or “lock-on technology”? XD I still love Sonic in spite of all the now obvious marketing garbage.

  • Jorge Branco

    Well that settles it. I’m getting the transformer prime

  • Joel Bird

    As someone who grew up with Sonic, I found Sonic 4 to be a horrible mess. Graphically it was impressive, but there was no momentum, so it felt nothing like the old Sonic 2D games. I’m not sure how anyone could have enjoyed it, unless you had never played the originals. The levels past the first were also quite uninspired. Hoping the feedback from the first is listened to by the devs for the sequel.

  • Hall Lo

    Impressive trailer! :) Another reason to get a Tegra 3 tablet! xD

  • Danny Calderon

    Always loved Sonic, can’t wait, have Ep 1 on xbox 360 and recently downloaded Sonic Cd in my Dell Streak 7

  • http://Note Uncemister

    The android user with the sonic fan character icon enjoys this :3

  • Billy

    I was always a Sonic fan. Exciting, awesome and more!!!

  • vahid