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All signs point towards Galaxy Nexus release date of Dec. 9, but still nothing official


Most of us are sick of all the rumored release dates for Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Nexus, but all the stars are aligning around a December 9th launch for a price of $299 with 2-year contract. Just last week we were told the Galaxy Nexus pre-orders would start November 29th and the device would launch on December 8th, but now a new pair of leaks appear to agree that Friday, December 9th is the big day.

First we have Eric Ravenscraft of RootzWiki who posted several internal documents from an authorized retailer (appears to be Best Buy) that states stores will receive shipments of the Galaxy Nexus today, December 6th, and employees are not allowed to display or sell them until December 9th. The note also says that each store will receive a minimum of 15 units.

Next we have Terrence O’Brien of Engadget who posted an internal email sent to Verizon employees. We already know that retail units are making their way to Verizon stores, but the note states that in-store marketing material will arrive on December 8th. The source says that merchandise will be rolled out after stores close on the 8th and the Galaxy Nexus will go on sale the 9th.

The official price is still expected to be $299 with 2-year contract, as reported by the Wall St. Journal and many other sites. This price is for the 32 GB model and we don’t know yet if Verizon plans to also sell a 16 GB model at a later date.

You would expect Verizon would send out some kind of press release with the launch this close, but that still hasn’t happened. For all we know there might not be a press release or pre-order program and the devices could just go on sale the morning of December 9th.

Whatever happens, I’m likely going to wait in line at Verizon this Friday morning. I’ve long bean a T-Mobile customer, but I’m off contract with them and I also have a Verizon line for my 4G LTE modem. T-Mobile has been great to me, but their future is still uncertain and I’m in need of a network with greater coverage area when I travel for work.

Hopefully Google or Samsung will release some more information about the unlocked GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus after the Verizon version goes on sale. No details have been shared on how long Verizon has an exclusive on the Galaxy Nexus in the US, but hopefully we will see the unlocked GSM version appear in retail stores like Best Buy and Radio Shack in the coming weeks.

Is anyone else planning a switch to Verizon for the Galaxy Nexus or will you continue to wait in hopes of an official version for AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile?

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  • GUI_Center

    Guess we will find out in 3 days, lets hope its not disappointment because that is all it has been so far

    • stenzor

      Start the countdown!….again…

      • ArticulateFool

        Hang the nexus in front of the geeks and we will forever chase it to the amusement of Verizon. :-(

        • Homncruse

          This visual amuses me. Carrot on a stick while running on a treadmill!

      • kevin charliethesuperturtle

        By the time verizons announces it officially, the next nexus would of came out :(

        • GUI_Center

          At this point I don’t think they will ever “officially” announce it. Probably just launch it without a word.

          • eallan

            But WHY. It doesn’t make any freaking sense!

        • David Matthews

          I hope you US guys get it soon! My UK version exceeded my expectations. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like on verizons LTE. Saying that I did upgrade from a HTC Hero! Yeah… big jump…

          • David Matthews

            Not trying to rub anything in btw! Haha

    • goncalossilva

      I think we would know more if it was really happening in 3 days. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Patricio Acuña

    this is like the tale of the kid and the wolf, and ITS GETTING OLD

    i just want some ICS goodness pretty much in any device i started to give a heck about the nexus thanks to verizon and this game


    Please dont get me started !

  • james bricknell

    i cant believe they still haven’t cemented a date. so badly handled by google and VZW shocking

    • NegativeOne13

      VZW is all pushing their Droid line. The Rezound wasn’t branded Droid… see how much marketing that got. Same with the GN…. not a Droid phone. 75% of the marketing you see from VZW is for the Droid Razr. VZW wants the Razr to win…. but has failed.

      • Homncruse

        Agreed; Verizon is 99% behind the “Droid” line. I can’t say I blame them though, given how much marketing and licensing fees they’ve put into it. It’s a double-edged sword: on one hand, “Droid” is what made Android popular with the masses; on the other hand, now the masses think that every Android device is a “Droid” and doesn’t understand that Android devices that don’t say “Droid” are, in fact, Android devices.

  • Jim

    I’m with Taylor on this one.. I’ve been a long tried and true tmo customer.. but the coverage just isn’t there. the only thing that worries me is that the next nexus phone may be on another carrier.. and I won’t be off contract with vzw yet.. :(

  • NegativeOne13

    Thank you for confirming the 32GB. One of my friends just dropped a nice coin on the GN unlocked CDMA.

  • Nate B.

    They’re going to launch this thing real sneaky like, oh, yea, the Galaxy Nexus is available now. we forgot to mention that. I honestly can’t believe such a product was handled like this and Google does nothing about it. I honestly don’t think you can blame the carrier alone. Google is powerful enough to get things going. Being open doesn’t mean you have to let people BS you products and not control a little here and there. You can still be considered open by doing so. Google is silent about this as if it’s all Big Reds fault and not theirs either. Personally, I don’t care to much about this phone anymore. I’ll wait to see if the next Nexus will do the trick. Sorry.

    • Black Kristos

      I see your point, but understand that Google will never say anything about the handling of the release in public. How they treat Verizon in the meeting rooms and conference calls is how it will go down. So, either Google has decided to change the way the Nexus brand is viewed/used, or you’ll never see Verizon handle another US launch.

      • Jeb

        This has been one giant CF from beginning to end. I don’t even know if I want to get this phone anymore.

      • rkd7777

        Agree to a point but VZW is BIG RED! They are the largest carrier and are throwing their weight around. Come on VZW stop it!

    • Alex

      Oh you were looking for the NEXUS Prime? Why didn’t you say so? We have that right here! If you had clarified in the first place we wouldn’t have sent you all those Transformers movies!

  • kazahani


  • Black Kristos

    As I’ve stated in other posts, I am right with Taylor on my switch to Verizon. There is no way that I am going to sign a contract with T-Mobile at this point.

    • Futureboy

      The nice thing is that you aren’t required to sign another contract with T-Mobile unless you want a subsidized phone. In the long run, you may be paying less money buying your phone outright and staying on T-Mobile, no contract. There are places that Verizon has better coverage, so if that’s a factor, it’s a clear decision, but given relatively equal coverage in your area, make sure to do the math.

      For example, on an individual plan (as per each carrier’s pricing pages):
      T-Mobile (unlim. mins., unlim, txt, 5gb data) $90
      Verizon (unlim mins, unlim txt, 5gb data) $140

      That’s a $50 difference per month, which means if you stayed on T-Mobile and bought the Nexus at $700 off contract, after 8 months, that extra $50/mo is going in your pocket.
      (It’s 8 months because you have to pay $300 for the Nexus on Verizon with a 2/year contract, leaving a difference in phone price of $400. At $50/month, you’re even after month 8 – or fewer months if the off contract price is less than $700).
      So in 2 years on T-Mobile, you will have pocketed around $600.

      Now the big variable is what is going to happen to T-Mobile. Well, in my opinion, there’s no real need to jump ship – yet. Since the AT&T deal doesn’t look like it’s going through, it will probably take at least another year at the earliest for something to happen. By then, you’ll want the next Nexus phone and you can sell the Galaxy Nexus for a decent price, giving you a nice down-payment on the new one.

      • Black Kristos

        I did the math as well, but my main motivating factor is coverage. I LOVE my cheap monthly bill, but I don’t expect T-Mobile to ever roll out HSPA+ in my area in either 21 or 42. This leaves me on 3G, which literally only covers about 20 sq. miles where I live, and it’s really shotty outside of about 10 sq. miles from city center. To top that off, if I drive 20 miles north, the rest of my state is either EDGE or no coverage at all. Keep in mind, I am speaking strictly data; I’ve never had issue with cell coverage.

        When I got my MT3G in August of 2009, my area had only gotten 3G the month before. If the AT&T deal does not go through, I’m betting DT will be looking for the next buyer out of the gate, or worse consider bankrupcy. Personally, I just don’t have a lot of faith in T-Mobile expanding in my market in either case.

  • Kimbo

    I really did consider switching over to Verizon for this phone, until the Google Wallet crap happened. That’s one of the main draws of the phone! That plus the bloatware has really turned me off to Verizon, and it looks like I’ll just be ordering one from overseas. Yes, I realize that there is the capability to remove the bloatware, and to add Google Wallet, but it’s the principle of what they’re doing to a supposed pure Google experience that’s turning me away.

    • ken

      Shut up.

  • Tony

    Personally, I got tired of waiting on the Galaxy Nexus and saw the penny deal on the Razr on Amazon so I jumped ship from T-Mobile then and haven’t been happier.

  • cheeseasaurus

    I wont lie, if its out in 3 days ill be surprised that they managed to keep it unofficial for so long. I’ll also just plain be surprised, with the way we’ve been waiting. Now just to cross fingers for other carrier variants and unlocked gnex at beat buy.

    • Andromedo

      LOL @ Beat Buy. What a perfect description.

  • Ben Rodriguez

    Why isn’t Google branded on the back of the device?

  • turing

    This device is a disgrace to the Nexus name. Stupid exclusives, carrier bloatware, blocked apps, Nexus my ass.

  • Dan13

    It still baffles me how much Google is letting itself get pushed around with this phone. It’s a NEXUS for crying out loud! Google’s Nexus phones are supposed to stand for pure Google, not mostly Google with some Verizon thrown in and features disabled. Verizon, as great as your coverage is, you are just really messing things up.

    • Alex

      Amen. Whatever happened to the pure Google experience that was available to all carriers? (Or maybe this launch is to make up for those Verizon customers were kept waiting with the N1)

  • Canterrain


    I posted this question in another article minutes before you posted this article, and my question seems much more appropriate here considering your comments about leaving tmobile for verizon.

    About a year ago you wrote an article detailing 7 reasons you were leaving tmobile for att to get the atrix. But now your tag line says you are still with tmobile on the nexus S, a phone that doesn’t have some of those biggest reasons you listed.

    Have you thought about a follow up article? The reasons why you didn’t go to/stay with att/atrix?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The Atrix was a nice phone, but I ended up buying the T-Mobile G2x. After playing with the Atrix and lapdock, they just didn’t live up to my expectations. The G2x was a huge disappointment so I just kept my Nexus S which I’ve been happy with.

  • JLishere

    Verizon is completely ruining the Nexus name in the US. Bad choice of partner for Google, in my opinion. While other carriers in Asia and Europe have had no problems (even Canadian carriers, OMG!), Verizon still can’t commit to a date. Meanwhile, so many people are making purchasing decisions ahead of the holidays. VRZ already missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday. On top of this, they are frustrating potential customers by adding bloatware, modifying the packaging and blocking Google Wallet for ‘security reasons’. Ugh.

  • Kevin Amundson

    I hope each store has more than 15 units. Else the heartbreak may be unbearable for those who have to work early Friday.

  • thekaz

    finally, I can check this out and decide on my new phone.. and my daughter can get her MP3 player, in the form of a Droid Eris…

  • Richard Yarrell

    This will be mines on day one….This Friday…

    • squiddy20

      How intelligent you sound…

      • Richard Yarrell

        Same old sad hater.. I will be laughing on Friday morning as I will be purchasing my GNex at 9:25am at my favorite corporate Verizon store. Not even your stupidity can slow this happiness down. Guess it’s pretty sad in your world we all know you won’t be able to purchase this device with a ten foot pole. Maybe you should rush into your nearest Verizon and go play with one because that’s as close as you will get to this beast. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

        • squiddy20

          You call me out for being “stupid” and yet you can’t even spell a sentence correctly? The way you have used “mines” is completely incorrect (mines are the things we dig in for gold, coal, diamonds and such) and citing “day one” as well as “Friday” as the day you will supposedly be getting the Galaxy Nexus is completely redundant. Please, before you insult me about my “stupidity”, make sure you’re not guilty of being as “stupid”, if not more than, me.

          • Richard Yarrell

            What is so strange is WHY ARE YOU HERE in these forums your not purchasing this device Friday or whenever it finally makes it out. WHY ARE YOU HERE we already know your only into being the number one androidandme troll and the funny part is they thumbs up your constant TROLLING that says alot. Do yourself a favor go buy a life and leave this site as well as all the others you troll at people HATE YOU that’s pretty clear and I do to. In the real world you would’ve been bitch slapped where I come from. Your a Internet coward plain and simple go play with yourself LOSER

          • Richard Yarrell

            Tell me how much it hurts squiddy20 not being able to afford the fun things in life. Technology is a man’s game your a boy faking to be smart someone with BMW taste with a dollar budget. Can’t help but laugh at you your pretty feeble a total clown. With all the devices I have on the many networks if you need a loaner device hit me up I believe in helping the needy…

          • squiddy20

            1. “your not purchasing this device Friday or whenever it finally makes it out. WHY ARE YOU HERE” Let’s get several things straightened out. A) If you think for even a second that this website or these articles are exclusively for people buying Android phones, you are sorely mistaken. These websites are for anyone and everyone who is even remotely interested in Android. You’re little more than a child if you think otherwise. B) I’d just like to remind you that if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here at all. Think back a few months ago when you “reviewed” the Evo 3D. At the time, you very egotistically and selfishly posted links to your “review” all over other Android websites, such as Android Central and Android Police, as you put it, to “bait” me. Well guess what Dick? It worked. You have only yourself to blame. Again.
            2. As I have said many many times to you before, you CANNOT “buy” a life. You CAN however “get” a better one by going to college/taking vocational opportunities. Something you clearly need to work on based on your lack of spelling/grammar.
            3. You say people hate me, but you also stated most of my comments get thumbs up. If people “hate” me, why am I getting thumbs up? Answer me that, smart one. Your arguments make absolutely no sense. Children could do better.
            4 If I’m a “boy faking to be smart”, then how is it I correctly answered jrdulog’s question about a phone I’ve never owned, while you gave him some BS answer found riiiiiight here: ?? How is it that I have proved you wrong on practically all of your outrageous comments? Riddle me that Dick.

        • Steven Klopsch

          “Tell me how much it hurts squiddy20 not being able to afford the fun things in life. Technology is a man’s game your a boy faking to be smart someone with BMW taste with a dollar budget. Can’t help but laugh at you your pretty feeble a total clown. With all the devices I have on the many networks if you need a loaner device hit me up I believe in helping the needy…”

          You’ve been kicked out of almost every Android site because you’re hypocritical, insulting and deliberately nasty to people. I think your yarrellray Disqus account has been banned from almost all, if not every site you’ve commented on. You call people bums. You cost The Bowery Mission (the very people who helped you) literally tens of thousands of dollars (possibly in the six-figures now) annually in donations because you insult everyone and yet, you think it’s hilarious. You stated yourself that “The Now Network” and HTC are the kings of Android. You stated that Verizon is the Devil, that Verizon is useless, that Verizon would NEVER have a Google Experience phone or a Nexus. Now here you are, on Verizon. By the way, it’s past 9:45am Friday, how’s that Nexus working out for you? You admitted yourself that you never owned a smartphone before buying an Evo, you don’t even know how to root a phone, which wouldn’t matter anyway, since rooting is for 2-year old phones, according to you, yet you try, quite vainly, to speak as if you know what you’re talking about. I could post literally dozens or even hundreds of links where you contradict yourself, insult others only to be proven wrong (as always). You’re not smart enough to spell, use punctuation, or even the correct word – it’s “whether”, Richard, not “rather”. Are you truly so screwed up in the head that you actually enjoy being the village idiot, constantly (and quite justifiably) mocked, laughed at, and ridiculed because of the asinine things you post? Do you enjoy hurting the people who helped you when you were homeless? You talk about your Evo and Evo 3D as if they are priceless treasures. You don’t “roll big” with a $400 smartphone, it says “EVO 3D” on it, not “Patek Philippe 5002P”. The more you keep up your nonsense, the more people I find who donate to The Mission and show them what their money is going to. I hope your happy and proud of yourself. I’m sure your parents are just bursting with pride.

  • ArticulateFool

    I gave up and bought a GSM unlocked version. I really hate how Google and the carriers keep screwing up the nexus phones by keeping them mostly in the dark to the general public.

  • ndub21

    Why is it so hard to announce a release date or communicate at all regarding the Galaxy Nexus? It’s just gotten to be ridiculous.

  • Adryan maldonado

    Well im on verizon already so well see. Im really hoping it comes out soon as i would greatly recommend it to my brother who got a revolution( i dont know why) so he may have time to return it and get this beast(although he might incur my great envy and jealousy)

  • ArticulateFool

    You would think the “shame me once” rule would apply here.. Google’s marketing department just missed their third shot!

    If they don’t swing at the ball next time, they may never hit the home run.

    Hmmmm. If only I could come up with more analogies.

  • Billy

    Yay. I hope!

  • Diaeko

    OMG still tnot out in the US?!?!?!
    and 300$ whit a contract?! pfff
    every big electronic market over here sell one of those for 520€ (thats about 700$)

  • Mike Hanel

    lets get this thing on T-Mobile!!!

    • ArticulateFool

      I would assume that Verizon exclusivity is at least 60 days. That means you either wait 2 months or import one.

      I just imported one for just under $700 shipped, and the phone will likely cost $650 unsubsidized from T-Mobile anyway. $50 Is a small price to pay for 2 months use and no bloatware.

      • slimx30

        where did you order it from? cheapest on amazon is $759. you think that is to much?

  • Vipitus

    Eh, I want it in Europe…

    Google and Samsung, pleaseeeee! :)

  • jefmes

    I’m considering dropping my Atrix on AT&T, moving the remaining contract to a new Samsung 8.9 tablet there, and then adding the Nexus to my Verizon account. Mostly out of bad AT&T coverage on a recent trip, and seeing how frikking awesome LTE is on my Xoom. I’ve blown a lot of $$$ on Android devices this year, I figure what the hell. ;)

    Really though, I was going to go Droid 4 because I wanted my old Droid keyboard goodness back. So we’ll see…I think I won’t be able to decide until I have them both in my hands to try them out.

  • p0di

    You would think there would be a huge marketing campaign preceding the launch. Im getting tired of waiting. But i suppose its gonna be worth the wait!

    • Bryan Stoner

      With enough hype from techies like us the hype has been created for them ;)

  • spintrex

    At the last minute they’re going to push back the date by a month

  • seven2k

    No NFC no thank you!! NFC on my Sprint Nexus S 4G is awesome.

  • CJ LaFleur

    every time i read these articles it depresses me to see how horribly google and vzw have handled this. its a complete mess.

  • endone

    I just hope the HSPA+ version comes out the same day…… All this stuff for Verizon is making me anxious

    I’m with T-Mo and have never had a problem.

    Anyone remember the time when the N1 was sold? Was it only through google at the beginning? ( Just wondering because there have been no rumors/shipments to even best buy, the one place i was hoping to get the hspa+ model!)

    • Black Kristos

      Yes, the N1 was only through Google in the beginning and only on T-Mobile in the US. It did not become available for AT&T until over 2 months later. It was never available for Sprint or Verizon. The Nexus S was released for AT&T & T-Mobile at the same time, but Sprint didn’t get it for another 5 months.

      A lot of folks are upset at the way that Verizon is handling this (and in some ways, rightly so), but as far as availability to multiple carriers, it’s pretty standard. I imagine the GN will make it’s way to other carriers soon.

  • tequilya

    I’m sure Verizon is on the verge of giving us our tasty ICS dessert any time now. I mean, there’s no way they’d blow all the great buzz this phone has generated and delay it for months and months until it becomes an irrelevant, average phone.

    Oh, wait… Is that what the Droid Bionic hopefuls were saying around the second month of their sadistic Verizon delay-for-reasons-unfathomable waiting game? Crap! We’re screwed my brothers; we have another four months to go if history is any indication :(

    This cycle of taking a flagship phone, generating buzz and then delaying it until all potential customers are frustrated and have moved on makes no sense at all unless Satan himself is running Verizon… oh… Big Red… nvm…

  • Marcus Nolasco

    I wouldn’t doubt it if the phone was released this Friday. I really hope they are selling a 16GB model for a cheaper price… I feel like $299 is too expensive.

  • itsbrunog

    Picking mine up this Thursday. $159.95 CAD.

  • nwilliam3

    I’m not getting my hopes up anymore. I’ve been burned more times than I can count by Verizon lately. I started months ago waiting for the Bionic. By the time they finally released it, the Nexus was rumored to be just weeks away. So I waited and here I am 2 1/2 months later still waiting. I’ve basically been waiting since June.

    Now I’m at the point where I can’t give up, because then they win. It is clear that Verizon doesn’t want to be selling the Nexus, they just didn’t want anybody else selling it during the holidays either. They want me to buy the Razr, but I’m just going to keep rocking my OG Droid until they either release the Nexus or I say “Screw It” and leave Verizon all together!

    • F1apjacks

      I hear that. I’m feeling the same way. If it’s not out this week, I might just wait for a tegra3 phone…even if it won’t be a “pure” google experience.

      • Bryan Stoner

        You have a point. The nexus will be an amazing device but next generation devices are right around the corner. It will be a tough call for a lot of us.

  • Deeds

    Why can’t they just make it official already?!

    • stenzor

      And now it’s official.

  • dbf

    I’m making the same move from TMobile. I understand the $ differential, but Tmobile hasn’t kept up. Still no 3g where I live and ATT and Sprint have poor signal. Tired of the botched launch by Verizon, but looking forward to the phone.

    • nwilliam3

      I don’t think the launch was botched as much as it was intentionally sabotaged. I look at my options every time my contract is up, but in the end it is all about the coverage and you just can beat Verizon.

      If other carriers had the same coverage as Verizon they wouldn’t be pulling this crap with Nexus that’s for sure.

  • VZUnlimitedDataPlan

    I am able exclusively offer “True” Verizon Unlimited Data Plans
    I have a few left that I can get. If you are interested email me cipherfx0 @ gmail. com

    • TAN5150

      Just moved from the iPhone 4G to the Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket. Been great and will just wait for ICS update. I grew tired of Apple ” and just one more thing” and Verizon is starting to sound like Apple but in a bad way. I hope the Nexus turns out to be a game changer but sounds to me the device isn’t as much as ICS will be.

      BTW great information, thank you A&M.

  • Oscar Ortega

    Im waiting for a tmobile version

  • Chris Lewis

    Is anyone eles planning on getting a replacement back cover from the UK version to get rid of that VZW logo??

  • Nathan D.

    But the real problem is that we are still waiting for the dam thing.

  • Tal

    On one hand, its ludicrous to behold this release doing everything possible in the wrong way.
    On the other hand once its open for pre-orders, it should also say: “CarrierIQ Free” :)
    Should be enough of a reason for people to consider the move.

    As for me … here in Canada its coming pretty soon too I think. But personally I am more interested in the Note.

  • Slith

    This combined with Amazon pushing my Transformer Prime to after Christmas is really making any rumor hard to believe.

  • Bryan Stoner

    I talked with a guy at the Verizon store last weekend and he said “they are here, they just haven’t been shipped out yet” The 9th seems like a winner to me~

  • Marc’us H.

    This is getting out of hand… Beginning of November, Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Black Friday, December 8th, December 9th … This is becoming the Bigfoot of phones.

  • Ilyse Rose

    Verizon seriously needs to get their act together with this release. It’s ridiculous.

    • nwilliam3

      I think this release is going exactly how Verizon wanted it to go. My guess is the people in charge of the release will probably get big bonuses. Verizon wanted to ensure that this phone was not on the market anywhere to compete with their more profitable RAZR and Resound handsets during th peak holiday buying period. Now that the peak period is in the past they can release the Nexus with minimal damage to their crapware filled favorites.

  • humidity

    Please let this be the date! Preorder available?

  • Jarrett

    I can not wait!!! i have been waiting since January to get a phone… that was when the GS2 was supposed to be released for Big Red and as soon as I found out about the Nexus…. I can not stop following it and cant wait to get my hands on one!!! if there is only going to be 15 per store I will definitely be first in line!!!

  • mclarensr

    Will believe it when I see it and then patiently wait for the GSM version with, yup you guys guessed it, about 3-4 months of rumors.

  • Louis Atu

    So we’re waiting and hoping the best phone of 2011 is gonna be released in three days without the carrier even saying anything about it. Forge you verizon.

  • slimx30

    no way I would switch to verizon from tmobile. I rather buy the phone unlocked on amazon for full price and pay month to month. end up saving way more money that way anyway.

  • Bigwavedave25

    I will be at my local VZW store Friday… time to hand down the DINC, renew and enjoy my bday/Christmas treat!

  • Ari32

    Please let this be true! I’ve waited long enough, it’s time to put my OG Droid out to pasture and start a new love affair with the Galaxy Nexus… I’ve been tempted by numerous phones since my upgrade came but I’ve held out this long. Give me some Ice Cream Sandwich loving already!

  • IntlGrizzly

    Can’t wait to walk into my verizon store after school on friday and pick one up

  • Hall Lo

    Finally! But I still have to wait because I live in Canada…. ;(

  • jst4tim

    One sexy beast of a phone. The suspense.

  • rkumarfun


  • Steve Beaulac

    Canadian won’t have to wait either, eh!

  • Michael Ian


  • tmljunkmail

    Ok….so I’ve never in my life commented on one of these posts but given all of the speculation I thought I would share what I learned today.

    I was in a VZW store in Michigan (Farmington Hills) and was asking about the Nexus. During my conversation with the assistant manager, a woman walked over and HANDED ME her Nexus (complete with VZW branding and all) saying “Is this what you want to see”. It turns out that she is the Samsung rep for that particular district and just happened to be at the store demonstrating the phone to the store manager, who was going to be the store “expert” on the phone. It was fully functional (fast as hell) and she let me play with it. She would NOT let me take any pictures (actually grabbed it back out of my hands when I tried). She DID confirm that it will be released on friday 12/9.

    Obviously, I too am skeptical that this is accurate but for three things. She actually HAD the phone in her hand, the manager of the store confirmed that “if she says friday….then its friday”, and the manager of the store confirmed that she had just been delivered today 15 large boxes with specific instructions to not open, inspect, or inventory the contents until instructed to do so by corporate on thursday.

    So…..take that for what its worth….but after having the darn thing in my hand….I’m a believer.

    Good luck all!


    • corexian

      I hope you’re right. Still seems like a bizarre way to release such a prominent phone though.

  • gorwin

    Who cares about Verizon, I want to hear about Sprint!!

  • anthony

    Was waiting for this but after whitnessing the build quality of Samsung devices decided I would wait and makes the next nexus as I believe their build quality to be superior to all others. I love my rezound and my thunderbolt and.ones.guarenteed 4.0 the other ill just have to flash it too ;)

  • donger

    please come out for tmobile.

  • xoluvsdance12

    If it’s coming out in two days shouldn’t Verizon have announced it already?

  • oko loko

    Wonder when it will be available in Europe…

  • golfpedaler


  • Darknight42020

    When one gets released for T-Mobile then I will get more into the hype over the device. I want to be as excited as a kid in a candy store too, but that’s kinda hard when I know I have to wait longer and have no clue to how much time would have to lapse before might excitement can start to build. To me it’s as accessible as an overseas device. Possible, but too many hoops to jump through.

  • B2L

    This whole launch has made me hate Verizon ten times more. Good thing I’m with Tmobile, time to import.

  • LukeT32

    Good thing my plan is up in Jan. I will pick one up then. :)

  • Richard Yarrell

    What does a 5year old laptop and useless Samsung Moment equal???? It equals… Squiddy20 the daily androidandme troll. What a joke he is in this space can’t help but laugh at this clown..

    • squiddy20

      Ahhhhh how little you know. Now I REALLY know you’re grasping at straws. My laptop is less than 3 years old and my “useless” Moment can do pretty much everything your Rezound, Incredible, or whatever phone you’ve got with Verizon now, can do. What a joke. I’ll keep laughing at your pitiful attempts to make yourself feel better.

  • cvette83

    Taylor, I’ve also been a loyal Magenta customer for several years and the uncertainty of T-Mobile/AT&T has me thinking about my options. Even though the Nexus is the phone I’ve been waiting for, I’m not out of contract just yet. For now I think I’ll impatiently wait it out some more to see how it all plays out. Running MIUI is keeping me satisfied with my Vibrant for the most part but some true ICS on a Nexus sounds so much better.