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Android name generator gives manufacturers a helping hand


I’ve spent my fair share of time poking fun at the crazy, ridiculous names manufacturers come up with for their Android devices, but I’ve never claimed to be this efficient at it.

An Android phone name generator has found its way online that makes even Samsung’s potential Galaxy R III Pro Plus LTE seem reasonable. With the simple press of a button, names from previous Android devices are jumbled together to make Frankenstein names ranging from sensible to insane.

My two favorite names that’ve come up so far are the HTC Galaxy Incredible Plus Pro G1 and the Motorola Nexus Black. The latter of those two would actually make a really good name for the next Nexus if anyone is out there listening.

To give the Android phone name generator a shot, just head on over to (easy enough, right?) and let us know what you come up with. We expect to see some crazy combos in the comments!

Via: Daring Fireball

Source: Android Phone Name Generator

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  • IntlGrizzly

    Hah! That’s awesome!

    • BiGMERF

      HTC Dream Prime S G1 ? wth?

    • levigarret

      “Access Denied” . . . %$!# you network administrator!

      • LukeT32

        Yeah my work blocks all the good stuff too.

      • Sean the Electrofreak

        Not all of us who admin networks are too stupid to know how to counter that. :p

        • A

          Yes, but I think if you’re smart enough to circumvent the block, they (the admins) should let you, and give you cookies too!

    • latouffe

      Well im using a Samsung so i tried to generate something with “samsung: P
      “Samsung MyTouch Slide 3D E”

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      LMAO, I got “Sony Ericsson Nitro Optimus Prime Plus One”.

      Sorry folks, it only comes in a red and blue theme. :p

  • myandroid99

    wow people are losing heir creativity

    • robertlwalters

      That they are

  • myandroid99

    wow, people are losing their creativity
    i got Acer Hero Vibrant X Plus One

    • Mark Thompson

      You’re Acer Hero Vibrant X Plus One isn’t even 4g. What is this 1986? My Sony Ericsson Defy Touch 4G+ X get’s like 46-49 GB/s downloads.

      • Alex

        I’d like to see the ads for that phone haha

      • kevin charliethesuperturtle

        well my Samsung Magic Optimus 3D Pro Amaze II XT MyTouch Epic Plus 4G+ gets 30-40 TB per second download, did i mention my has super 3d? your sony erricson defy touch 4g+ X is so 2098….

    • faun

      Fair enough these kinds of phone names aren’t too creative, but I still prefer this kind of naming convention to the old days!

      I could never keep my Nokia 3210′s separate from my 3350, or the 3310, or…. you get the picture.

      • Nickedynick

        Completely agree. I have no idea why Blackberry still insist on doing this too…

        • moelsen8

          no way, i’ll take a number over these ridiculous names any day. at least numbers don’t carry that snobbish inflated ego stigma.

  • GUI_Center

    Nothing like jumbling up phone names at midnight! :D

    • GUI_Center

      Motorola Legend Touch best one I got so far

      • stenzor

        The Motorola names need more Zs Vs and Xs!

        • Alex

          Don’t forget the Ys!

  • Peter Dowling

    Oh the lols. Seriously, maybe thats why the iPhone keeps selling. Maybe we need a gPhone. Thats why the Droid was so good, because the name was simple, not Galaxy S II touch 4g…

    • IntlGrizzly

      LG Aria Vivid V One G1 is simple right?

      • Dustin Earley

        Anyone could remember that!

        • Ivan Todorov

          I can but still, very stupid :)

  • IntlGrizzly

    Acer MyTouch Touch 2 Z Plus

  • Kenneth Ohonba

    This looks pretty neat.

  • tengo

    Plus + plus + plus….

    Samsung Nexus Plus One Plus 4G+

  • MonsterSports

    LG Nexus Slide is the best (practical) one that I’ve gotten so far, and I like the name.

    • Dustin Earley

      Is this a sign that LG will make the next Nexus, and it will have a keyboard?

      • IntlGrizzly

        Hopefully we will be spared from this

      • Mark Thompson

        I think it’s about time for a nexus slider.

      • stenzor

        No it’s a sign that LG’s next phone will be so smooth that it will literally slide on the ground

        • Alex

          They’ll probably time it with the release of Android 6.0 “Knife Through Butter”

  • RootMe

    Pretty cool but its just not the same without a device to inspire.

  • Matthew Reynolds

    lol thanks awesome

    • Matthew Reynolds


  • bigpar

    Motorola Bionic Vibrant 4G One Z …..baahahahahaha….what a great time killer!

  • Adam Jones

    I found my next phone: Samsung Dream Optimus Plus Prime

    • Jonny

      Shame about the “Plus” a Samsung Dream _Optimus Prime_ would be a good phone

  • Patricio Acuña

    hey motorola and verizon use this haha, that xyborg name its kinda … forced

    • Patricio Acuña

      Samsung Legend Incredible, i got that =O

  • Adam Jones

    Now this is just ridiculous: Motorola Mesmerize Plus 2 Plus One

    • Futureboy

      “Even if you were right, that would be one plus one plus two plus one, not one plus *two* plus one plus one.”

      ….Just injecting a little “movie trivia game” into the “name the android game.”

  • Jaguwar

    ROFL It only took two tries to get this gem:
    “Motoroal Bionic Vibrant”

    Gotta love it!

    • Jaguwar

      Motorola*, of course. Crossed fingers… darn these digits!

  • Briareos

    Acer Wildfire Vibrant sounds pretty plausible, actually.

    Sony Ericsson Liquid Slide 4G Z is pretty hilarious. :D

    • Jaguwar

      Not to mention one heck of a mouthful! LOL

  • spintrex

    Motorola Moment Neo

    • spintrex

      Lol just saw ‘LG Motivate Touch V’

  • ahsatar

    I got acer rezound epic s 4g

  • mdcykkk9

    I like when people are creating simple creative fun apps …

  • JhonnyQ

    Got a great one!!! Motorola Droid Bionic!………… wait…..

    • Diaeko


  • psipher

    LG Amaze Optimus Prime Pro G2
    I’d buy it just for the name.

  • Jeff

    You have to admit, Xyboard is probably one of the dumbest names I’ve ever heard. I do like the sound of “Nexus Black”

    • stenzor

      I hope the Xyboard has a Xylophone app pre-installed on it

  • Trinhbo

    LG Magic Touch S V 3D

  • spintrex

    Found one for Mr. Smith from the Matriz…………HTC Defy Neo ……

  • AndroidJunkie

    ehh, not much generated here, just scrambled existing names.

    would be more entertaining if they tied in a dictionary that gave new names.

    we need an Awesemo-4000 for this job.

  • Oscar Ortega

    I got HTC Moment Incredible V Pro S , then i tried again and got Samsung Infuse Vibrant Z G2 S
    and then some super power phone called Samsung Sensation Neo G2 4G 3D lol

  • laosgurllynn

    Oh wow. The names are getting longer. We need short names to make it easier to say and get the word out.

  • traicer

    nice one

  • Ruben Rivera

    LG Dream Slide

  • dandroid4g

    HTC Nexus Z 4G

  • PrinterPaper

    It’s true, android phone names are often weird mishmashes.

  • Billy

    Samsung Galaxy Flat Black Rectangle with Round Corners

    • Bryan Stoner

      OOOoo that’s a good one. Samsung Galaxy Green Octagonal Brick just flows a little better off the tounge though.

    • Homncruse

      I bet this is a misnomer for the actual device. It’ll be a pink polka-dotted trapezoid with razor blades for edges.

  • WarDrake

    LG Hero Black S
    i vote someone makes this one ^_^

  • Louis Atu

    Samsung wildfire optimus, Acer Bionic Touch S lol

  • Monkeyman364

    Motorola Liquid Incredible Prime G1

    Samsung Nexus Black X2 Pro – This is probably in the running for the next nexus lol

    Sony Ericsson Atrix Optimus Plus One Pro <—O_O Long Name is Long….

    HTC Amaze 4G (Lawl)

  • xfaith

    Most are crazy ones, currently like this one : Acer Liquid Incredible… Guess it could be for a tablet or something.

  • Aaron Neyer

    If you look at the source code you can see the list of possibilities to pick the names from. Just grabs a random manufacturer, a random name, a random adjective, and then throws a few suffixes on there. Boom done.
    Genius process :P

  • Emmanuel Rodriguez

    Sony Ericsson Moment Epic Prime Plus 3D.

  • Hershell Tidwell

    I’m more a fan of shorter two name devices

  • Michael Ian

    Lol I hope no one gets the idea of naming their offspring after this.

    • Torrance Barber


  • levelm

    Too funny.

  • Hall Lo

    Nexus Black sounds sexy ;) but i got HTC Liquid Optimus == so messed up lol

  • Rob Vermeij

    Well atleast most Android devices get a name instead of a anonymous model number. People will talk about it much more when they know a name of a device :) Maybe this generator is something for all those Chinese manufacturers who aren’t so creative :P

  • dfmckay

    Just heard that the next nexus device will be called “Samsung Nexus Epic 4G G2 3D”….. though I think it needs a few more acronyms tacked on imo.

    • beatrixasdfghjk.

      You missed LTE…

  • Jorge Eslava


  • Adam Clark

    i got Samsung Hero Plus.

    well i googled it and guess what? it does exist! in India at least. not a android phone tho.

  • Tyler Speidell

    Sony Ericsson Thunderbolt Vivid V Prime 2, anyone? Of course, we’d have to see the Sony Ericsson Thunderbolt Vivid V Prime first, but I think the sequel could be an even better phone than the original.

  • zyphbear

    I got “HTC Magic Black II Prime V”, and with the way the Prime name got thrown around before for the Galaxy Nexus, this one is totally possible!

  • beatrixasdfghjk.

    ‘Acer Thunderbolt Optimus G2 3D XT’.

    I see a lawsuit coming…

  • Zeratoda1

    Hmm I’ll look into this when I decide to make phones :D

  • Astria

    Motorola Nexus 2 Plus…

    i lol-ed…

  • Mark Thompson

    HTC Prime Incredible Prime Plus Magic X Prime S 3D 4G+

    Love it.

  • Jorge Eslava

    Is any one else having issues leaving comments?

    • Dustin Earley

      What kind of problems?

  • Almog Ben David

    The end of creativity in devices names.
    No there will be no connection between the device to his name, like “HTC incredible” (at least for the time he was out :) ) for example.

  • mukul.modi

    Samsung Vigor Black X…sounds legit as does LG Touch Neo

  • mukul.modi

    Acer Nexus Plus anyone?

  • gi

    Motorola Desire Motivate Plus

  • oddball

    Sony Ericsson Mesmerize Plus G2 4G V

    Now if it comes with stock 4.0 it will me perfect

  • MJM128

    The Sony Ericson Captivate Vibrant….yeah that’ll sell well.

  • gorwin

    Samsung Sensation Epic V G1 3D


  • Futureboy

    Acer Dream Vivid II has a pleasant ring to it.

  • Andy Thomson

    Motorola Legend Slide 2 Z Plus

  • jamal

    Acer Liquid Vibrant Pro Z One

  • r1ch

    Motorola Vigor Plus Plus 3D E V
    Sony Ericsson Thunderbolt Incredible Pro Prime 4G+?

    Yeah, I don’t think so. Great site! xD

    I’m a big fan of two-word names – HTC Desire, Motorola Atrix etc trips off the tongue well, can be thrown into conversation and doesn’t need to be written down to be remembered (you know what some of those iFans are like).

  • David Gomez

    ooo nice

  • jamal

    Sony Ericsson Devour would be a good one because of Sony’s buyout of Ericsson lol

  • professandobey

    The Acer Magic Plus has a nice ring to it, but my favorite is the Samsung Nexus Optimus, as the Galaxy Nexus should have been called the Nexus Prime.

  • Dan13

    It’s funny because it’s true! XD

  • darkhorse166

    I’d line up for an HTC Epic 4G II Galaxy Touch HD XE Bionic. Absolutely.

  • SBoots

    Acer Bionic Neo 4G+ 3D

  • olen

    haha neo 1 2

    Samsung Moment Neo One II Prime

  • Repminister

    Acer Desire Plus 4G+ Prime Pro
    HTC Moment Vibrant G2 Pro E

    got to love that names :D try to explain that kind of names to the non tech people :)

  • jenskristian

    That is actually funny. The names (especially in the US) are getting pretty crazy. What’s up with Samsung Epic 4G Touch? Does every cool feature have to be in the name? “Hey, it has a touchscreen and 4G”.

  • benben

    Motorola Motivate Plus Plus One
    HTC Devour Touch E G1 II
    Motorola Magic Vibrant G2 4G G1

    • benben

      Ha! And this just came up:

      HTC Captivate Optimus Prime Pro

      Love it!

  • MarkT

    My new “Sony Ericsson Mesmerize Fallopian Higgs-Boson Ultra (No MSG!) Neo 4G G1 One” has 8 cores and a flexible display!

  • Carlos Moreno

    I got Sony Ericsson Charge Vibrant Plus G1 E. More like dildo name generator.

  • hirschtec

    From here you finally draw inspiration from the manufacturers :)

  • donger

    HTC Liquid Black 4G+ lol

  • Bryan Stoner

    Acer Defy Slide Pro. That’s not bad. Now let’s see one in stores soon xD

  • Said Tahsin Dane

    How can I increase my points?

  • Calcimicium

    HTC Aria Vivid Prime G2 II

  • Jan Moisen

    Motorola MyTouch Epic X2 Plus G2

    i think this name will make a lawsuit

  • Fabio Rojas

    HTC Galaxy Incredible Plus Pro G1
    this will be the remake of the old good G1

  • KatSelezneva

    Motorola Liquid Incredible S 3D Prime :) I do believe it’ll come true once! The most unusual smartphones

  • eyesparky

    Someone in the Android world needs to go back to basics with a simple clean name. ;)

  • dafi81

    Sony Ericsson Devour Epic G2
    ohh I got a Sony Ericsson – and I’m always hungry

    • dafi81

      Acer Aria Black
      no comment

  • behzadbayat

    The name should make sense not just given by a machine!

  • SigInTheHead

    This reminds me of all those name generators of old, would me nice if you could seed the name some how. These are the best two I’ve had so far. Sony Ericsson Magic Black E Pro 4G+ and LG Evo Optimus Prime Pro

  • sockeqwe


  • szwedi77

    Motorola Infuse Epic Prime Plus

  • b4b4.4l1

    Sony Ericsson Fascinate Optimus V 4G+ Plus

    What a long name it is :s

  • Mohsin

    Sony Ericson Evo Epic S

  • mrbill187

    Type R +10HP!

  • poke50uk

    “Sony Ericsson Rezound Slide Plus Pro E” is quite a mouthful.. but
    “Samsung Galaxy Incredible G1 X2″ sounds awesome :p

  • theysaybrent

    I got Samsung Nexus Epic. Pretty tame name and I would probably buy it.

  • Merridus

    That’s awesome, I like how “Sony Ericsson Thunderbolt Epic E 3D G1″ just rolls off the tongue.

  • Aaron Kemp

    This is just silly, Sony Ericsson MyTouch Touch, what kind of a name is that. Its fun for about 5 minuets then its time to read more AndroidandMe news.

  • DjKarras

    HTC Bionic Vivid Prime. Forget fragmentation, this is the real Android problem.

  • megahexs

    Galaxy S XE 4G 2X

  • tmihai20

    I discovered the site yesterday and I already found a possible name :) Motorola Dream Epic One

  • Kris Isaksen

    I got the Acer Liquid. Sufficiently dull name.

  • azulpiscina

    Samsung Galaxy Epic XT Pro

    Epic name is epic.

  • Matic Krmec

    Samsung Galaxy Black Pro S lol

  • oko loko

    This more for fun than serious thing.

  • Mykhaylo Tkachuk

    Worthless news.

  • Deeds

    Ha ha, I got Acer Evo Black E V. Carriers and manufacturers should take some advice from this.

  • smwinn7

    Motorola nexus xe pro

  • Dylan Friedman

    I really like the sound of Nexus Black

    • Kevin Amundson

      Motorola Nexus Black All the Way!

  • Brian Horstmann

    Acer Liquid Incredible Z One Prime

  • Bpear96

    My favorite so far, Sony Ericsson Hero Touch Plus G1 G2

  • Albert Altman

    soon they will run out of cool names, and then we will see the first Prime 3000 and other ridiculous cartoon gadget names :)

  • frankthgr8

    Acer Fascinate Vivid S V XT all the way!!!

    • frankthgr8

      with the # of Androids out there growing every day, a simpler naming scheme would be something I appreciate

  • jiggybyte

    Nice….HTC Xperia Vibrant 3D S Pro

  • Ilyse Rose

    Acer Dream Black XT.

    Ehh, not feeling it.

  • mikesuds

    I used to be confused by car names… but phone and gadget names are considerably more confusing at this point!

  • droilfade

    FInally my dream of making a Galaxy Transformer Xoom Prime Tablet can be a reality!!!! I will take over the world!!!!! Muahahahahahaha!

  • Aleksander Avsnes

    I remember he good old times when Ericsson had two letters and a number… good times! I believe the makers of phones need a couple of full-time employees to come up with the names! :)

  • B2L

    What a terrible phone name. It gave me

    Acer Infuse Neo One V Plus

  • james bricknell

    Sony Ericsson Sensation Neo E Prime S
    sounds amazing!! would be crap!
    Sony phones suck

  • vid500

    Haha, funny. Now they will have to make the boxes for phones twice as big to write the names of devices on it.:) But hopefully no company will use this, becouse I’m not quite sure if I’d like to call my next device for exaple “HTC Sensation Vivid 3D One Plus”.:)

  • sully5059

    Samsung Droid Incredible. That’s even less likely than some of the crazy names that it has suggested.

  • dpleus

    That site is epic. Lots of fun. I’ve included a few of the ones I got below.

    Acer Magic Touch X2
    LG Galaxy Touch Plus
    Samsung Motivate Incredible Prime

    And, for what it’s worth, I actually like the name Xyboard, but I get a kick out of linguistic tricks like that. Hello, Kindle Fire????

  • kest009

    Motorola Atrix Touch Prime

  • HoLfElDeR

    wow this is great, but it would be nicer to add some your one word you like
    Sony Ericsson Thunderbolt Touch One S
    Samsung Atrix Touch Plus

  • Wayne Winkler

    Motorola Wildfire, that sounds like a good one to me. But I really do like the name in the article for the next nexus.

    Nexus Black could package it as some black suit government thing.

  • Ray Tchoulakian

    This is hilarious!

    Some good ones I got:

    Sony Ericsson Thunderbolt Optimus Prime Z (pretty bad ass name if you ask me)
    Samsung Devour Vibrant Z E
    Motorola Bionic Black Z Plus
    Acer Mesmerize Vivid One Pro G2

    • HoLfElDeR

      The SE name is sooooo gooooood, they should use it

  • Diaeko

    HTC Motivate Optimus S 4G Pro
    HTC Nexus Incredible 2 E G1
    ..and my favorit-> HTC Galaxy Incredible Magic Nexus Plus Pro S…but thats my creation XD

  • alxrock

    Samsung Evo Slide G2 3D S

    Now that sounds like a Nintendo phone! lol

    ….Now I seriously want one.

  • Darknight42020

    This engine doesn’t seem to come up with anything worth while for me… More of a regurgitating engine than a creative when I tried it. Seems to me car manufactuers had something along these lines some time ago. Hmm, need to jog my memory on that…

  • Pedro


    Acer Thunderbolt Incredible One 3D 4G+

  • ramenchef

    I agree manufacturers are releasing new phones way too fast with very little changes now. This is a bad and unsustainable business model.

  • JC005

    I just get a list of all the phones I’ve owned. lol

  • Danerisms

    HA! Samsung Nexus Vibrant 4G+ Pro 3D That is a mouth full!

    Or… Sony Ericsson MyTouch Vivid G1

  • tokra

    HTC Magic Epic – This will definitely be my next phone!

  • deucex

    This is great!

  • BJ Beier

    Samsung Evo Epic One II

  • ZRod

    HTC Fascinate Touch One 3D

    Well at least it tells you how to operate it and what they want you to do to it. =)

  • Clint Haynes

    Wow, this thing is spot on.

  • Thomas Biard

    Motorola Incredible Magic Epic Plus One….
    Guess it is RSVPing for a wedding….

  • desean

    Wow, I got this incredible long name.. “Sony Ericsson Wildfire Incredible 4G+ G2 Plus”. I think I shall just call it SE WI4GP :)

  • RzR

    HTC Galaxy Optimus Prime Pro 4G

    Meh, I’ll just wait for the Samsung Megatron LTE

  • koorsr

    Sony Ericsson Legend Black Prime G1 S. The commercial basically writes itself:

    Neil Patrick Harris (Barney): “I hear it’s legend…wait for it…dary.”

  • Andrew Foister

    LG neo prime 3d

    Sounds like a matrix in 3D sequel

  • seven2k

    They should of asked me…heres one the HTC SniperXL

  • DroidSamurai

    As funny as this is, it highlights how bad Android makers are when it comes to naming their phones. The original “Droid” name was genius. After that, it just keeps going downhill. It seems that the ODM/Carriers only know one thing — diluting their brands to a point that it means nothing.

  • txbluesman

    Generator is pretty cool.

  • Steve Heinrich

    - HTC Dream Neo XT Pro V… gotta get me one of those.
    - Sony Ericsson Xperia Epic Plus G2… pass.
    - HTC Liquid Plus One G1 X2… made by a robot?

  • theicebergx

    I spent .70 cents today

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    Samsung Amaze Incredible 4G+ Plus Prime

    Or for short the SAI 4PP

  • chuksy

    Watch out for Apple’s patent lawyers

  • ranwanimator

    Motorola Legend Vibrant Prime Z

  • Chazzers

    Samsung Galaxy Black One Plus… what?
    Motorola Devour Touch Prime 3D G1

    I’ve always wanted to take five minutes to shoot out random, proprietary code names.

  • Wilson Lara

    Motorola Liquid Black V

  • Homncruse

    I generated “HTC Desire Incredible Sensation”.

    …Yeah, okay. I’d buy that.

  • lanza_david

    Thanks for the laughs!

  • myslef

    yes: Galaxy S Touch
    Basically it’s an Galaxy S..Just now they use a touchscreen.

  • classic_hero

    haha: “Motorola Hero Plus One”

  • pekosROB

    by far the best:
    Sony Ericsson Thunderbolt Plus Prime Plus Pro

  • classic_hero

    or “HTC Droid Black” actually sounds interesting

  • Kenny

    HTC Vigor Touch Pro. Sounds enticing.

  • aranea

    HTC Mesmerize Optimus Prime One
    Go Transformers!

  • Alec Waddelow

    haha LG Charge Epic S Pro Plus

  • sean897

    LG Captivate Optimus V Prime E. I really think LG should do an Optimus Prime!!

  • Fr354N3SS

    HAHA! This is freaking awesome and fun to play with. (Motorola Aria Touch Plus G2)
    I would totally buy a phone that has that name.

  • Jason Hernandez

    Motorola Defy Super Saiyan Prime

    Not bad, eh?

  • John

    Sony Ericsson Galaxy Vibrant 3D 4G X2

  • sylar

    This is crazy, :) Sony Ericsson Galaxy 3D Plus Lite.

  • Hannu Leinonen

    iPhone 5SG… Wait, wrong generator!

  • ToonPanda

    Haha that site is simply awesome :)
    Good for laughs!

  • kimminer1


  • humidity

    LG Infuse X2 4G+ Pro lol

  • antfelici

    This is awesome

  • nsk1621

    Samsung Desire Vivid X. Actually a feasible name!

  • tpulu

    I got HTC Nexus Neo Prime Plus 4G…. sounds good to me lol

  • moelsen8

    i want to see an android/street fighter 2 name generator combo. that’d be awesome.

  • Glenn Falvey

    very cool

  • philippegee

    This is incredible!!!

  • Anshu

    It is amazing!!!
    Please do visit my blog:

  • marcustg

    Thats gonna be my new phone: Sony Ericsson Moment Epic Prime:D

  • WallaceD

    That’s pretty great.

    I can’t wait for the Samsung Nexus 3D Plus!

  • Sean BillyMaysHere

    Acer Nexus Neo One

    ya know Nexus Neo doesnt sound too bas

  • Krisis

    This would be the best phone name ever: LG Moment Epic

  • CheekyBroad

    Very similar to name anagram generators which are the best. When I put my first and last name in one I got “Amoral D*ck Nerd”. Sweet.

  • nawatsgirl

    Acer Sensation Vibrant G1 S

    Sounds WAY dirty and like maybe something other than a cell phone.

  • eliander mendoza

    Samsung Nitro Touch One V 3D EPIC LTE 4G
    Wait what???? what the heck, this is really long name for a phone… isn’t that generator a bit i don’t know… no really i don’t know. If you know the word i am looking for please don’t hesitate to reply :)

  • seansin

    Acer Devour Touch S Plus

    Sounds like this phone is going to eat me up. Haha..

  • michaelrango

    Samsung Nexus Epic.. inneresting!! :-P

  • Marko! L

    Motorola Nexus Vibrant II Prime Pro i expect a release date of 2 years/.

    what would be really impressive is if someone could tell you where each of the name parts come from

  • jimmy_bones

    HTC Dream Neo G2

  • jimmy_bones

    Sony Ericsson Galaxy Black

  • Cody Hilton

    LG Rezound Black Prime

  • Pai

    Sony Ericsson Sensation Incredible Prime Plus Pro

  • hirschtec


  • Samar

    I came up with “HTC MyTouch Prime V “….nice. With so many devices coming out with a gap of < 6-7 months, it only made sense for this kinda tool. LOL

  • jerkyshore


  • eioous

    HTC Nexus G1 Plus G2….that phone has to be a BEAST

  • kimminer1


  • Martjn2

    Sony Ericsson Dream Optimus One Prime 4G LTE Plus
    HAhahah LMFAO!

  • renn9420

    Wow try to say that three times fast. Lol Are you guys sure its not a tongue twister generator?

  • Navjot tomer

    Samsung Hero Neo Prime

  • Cody Hilton

    LG Droid Epic

  • Ilyse Rose

    HTC Vigor Epic Pro Prime G1. Sounds pretty epic to me.

    • Ilyse Rose

      LG Magic Epic G2 G1 E.
      Too many letters.

  • zippyioa

    Fun idea!

  • Maurizio Bonelli

    funny :D

  • HoLfElDeR

    Haaa this is not so good, there are just word throw in and they make some name
    but some of the words are patented so other cant use them
    ex.Motorola Xperia Black
    Motorola cant uste the word Xperia beacouse Xperia is a trademareke for Sony(Ericsson)

  • DroidPower

    haha this is awesome. here’s what generated on the site for me :

    Sony Ericsson Sensation Optimus Prime 3D X2

  • awesomellamas57

    my favs

    Samsung Magic Touch G2 Prime G1
    Acer Amaze Epic Pro V Prime

  • sonicshorz

    A Great name would be tracker… Ciq could carry it!

  • sonicshorz



    Ha that’s a good one!